Timberman: Meet the new game that is turning fever in smartphones

Timberman is a game that explores a similar to the famous Flappy Bird and gameplay that is proving successful in the outside world. According to App Annie, the game is already a leader in the category of AppStore games in eight different countries, and is among the five most downloaded in 28 nations.

In Timberman, you should embody one of those iconic lumberjack well: bearded, stocky, wearing jeans and plaid shirt. Your goal is to cut down the tree with an ax piece by piece, taking care not to let the branches hit the character.

Playing is simple: all you need to do is touch the screen to the logger cut tree. You can tap the left or right, making the woodcutter switch sides, dodging branches that make you lose all play.

As you can cut more and more pieces of firewood, the difficulty level rises and more branches are appearing. Be fast to prevent the life bar is completely empty. Otherwise, it's game over.

Unlock all Characters in Timberman

Addictive formula

The game is addictive because it does count ax you gave on the tree and not offer a second chance for players. That way you can compare the results with your friends in a simple way. Moreover, it connects to Play Games and Game Center.

The game is available in the AppStore since May and Play Store, but now it really started pumping. The success of the Apple application store is due to the fact that the game joined the select group of applications "Editor's Choice", being downloaded over a million times in just three days.

Timberman is a free game and can be downloaded for Android and iPhone. And you? What is your record?