Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough: After devastated theaters, Transformers back again to destroy everything in your living room. This time, the Autobots and Decepticons will compete for the possession of the Dark Spark, an ancient artifact that can grant its possessor control of the universe and its inhabitants, no less.

Fortunately, DTG Reviews is there to support you in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. You will find the locations of all 14 chapters of the game as well as explanations for the Achievements / Trophies most prominent. But this is not all because our solution also reveals the location of all the hidden audio logs in the game.

"At first, it's cheep, cheep! After they discuss and Boooom, and then Zaaang paaaf! And end Crrrrrr, tatatatata, baaaaam!" From a screenplay by Michael Bay.

Chapter 1: Uptown - The Dark Spark
Chapter 2: Ruins of Crystal City - The Lost Vault
Chapter 3: Scarred Lands - Getaway
Chapter 4: Kalis Canyon - Possession
Chapter 5: Sea of Rush - Hustle
Chapter 6: Gates of Kaon
Chapter 7: Infiltration
Chapter 8: A desperate plan
Chapter 9: Ascension
Chapter 10: Jungle Hunted
Chapter 11: Survey
Chapter 12: Ambush
Chapter 13: Extinction

Chapter 14: Ending
Audio Logs

Chapter 1: Uptown -The Dark Spark

For this first foray into the world of Transformers: The Dark Spark, start by joining the objective marker and then use your special skill to neutralize the 3 Decepticons. Then retrieve a weapon in storage before destroying the tank located a little further.

Also destroy 1 billboard which is just to the left of the tank and then advance in the next section. After passing enemies on the bridge, continue on your way into the channel and then transform into vehicle to save time, then destroy the obstacles blocking your path. A little further, using the acceleration and jump to cross the chasm, then get rid of the enemies that attack you.

Under the clash, destroy the tank above you and climb on the ruins. Once at the top, destroy the second billboard located on the roof of the building to your right, you can then rush into the tunnel.

Inside, fight your way through enemy robots then go push the car into the small opening on the right. At the end of it, out in the yard and turn around to see a third panel on the roof of the building. It destroyed, move in the opposite lane and look at the roof of the building to the right to find the fourth billboard. From there, it will get rid of all enemies in the area before continuing progression to the next section.

There, neutralize a new wave of enemies before destroying the fifth panel on the roof of a building on the left. This done, get in the box below and disable the robots, then enter the underground garage at the bottom.

Down, disable the Decepticons then proceed through the tunnel at the exit of it, look on the roof of the building opposite to find the 6th and final billboard that will allow you to get the Achievement / Trophy "No mercy for the cookies". This goal accomplished, cross the area in ruins to reach the point of falling Dark Spark, there, it will eliminate the enemies as long as the field strength is fading. Then you can get close to the artifact to finish this chapter.

Chapter 2: Ruins of Crystal City - The Lost Vault

At the beginning of this chapter, neutralize the Insecticons and step onto the platform to the left to cross the chasm. Before you reach your companions, go left to find the first audio log Savant. After downloading, join the door to continue the level.

Inside the complex, cross the hallway and use the Dash to reach the platform in front. Once there, go activate the lever to open the door, then you switch to sequence the orders of another Decepticon.

After you get rid of Insecticons, cross the hall to confront Hardshell. Stay away to face this opponent and if the need arises, do not hesitate to turn you to use your rockets. After removing the first enemy, you will still get rid of Kickback and Sharpshot before going further.

Back in the skin Soundwave, look on the right side of the bridge and drop down onto the pipe, then you can jump on a second pipe to go get the second Log Savant.

Back on the bridge, approach the door and release Laserbeak for it unlocks. Once this accomplished action through the opening and use again your driving companion to open the second door.

Advance now in the corridors until you reach a large room consisting of acid blocks. Here it will be to get closer to each block and used to disable Rumble. This fact, join your companions and follow them, then you will destroy more turrets to progress in the hallways.

Once in the sanctuary of the Dark Spark, get rid of the guards being careful drones whose attacks are fatal.
After the battle, approach the back door to take control of Shockwave.

From there, turn it into an airplane and go to the hole in the top left of the door. In the hallway is there, you can retrieve the third newspaper Savant.

This done, return to the main room and go through the opening on your left. Then Eliminate the enemies that attack you in the hallway before joining a large open area. There, you will fly to each generator and eliminate the enemies in order to disable. Again, be careful with drones that can be simply fatal.

After you take care of all levers and appointments in the central part of the area to disable the central generator, the latter brilliant action then will end this third chapter of Transformers: The Dark Spark.

Chapter 3: Scarred Lands – Getaway

In the skin of an Autobot, join your companion then climb upstairs, away, get rid of Insecticons Ironhide before hoisting your level using the grapple. It will then repeat this process until you reach the top of the elevator shaft.

In the next section, follow Ironhide then, when the door closes before you turn around to interact with activation button. From there, you will get rid of enemies time unlocks a door on the side of the corridor.

You are now facing a big gap you have to cross using the grapple. So look for anchors in front of you and go towards the objective marker. After a while, you wait half way and will see weapons storage in a hallway.

From this position, approach the edge then go left to find a secret passage. You can then let you down below and get the fourth newspaper Savant.

The recovered item, retrace your way then look anchors below you. Follow them to join Ironhide engaged in a fight with a giant Insecticon.

To defeat him, wait for it to load and dodge it, then you will have melee attack to hurt. Repeat for the second enemy and follow your mate, before joining in the box below, enter the small opening at the bottom and turn right to find the fifth newspaper Savant.

This-fact join Ironhide and pull the bottom of the platform so that you can both join Optimus station. There, head to the bottom area and go upstairs to find the activation subway system. Immediately after calling the train, look to your right to see the sixth and last log scientist who just appear.

From there, join your companions and turn the turret, then you must defend yourself the time a second train arrives at the docks. Once that's done, approach you to put an end to this mission.

Chapter 4: Kalis Canyon – Possession

For orders Sharpshot follow Shockwave Ironhide then compete in single combat. Under confrontation, follow your companion again to reach outside the box.

There, you will transform you to protect Shockwave, but before you deal with enemies, go to the right and look behind the pillar at the bottom to find the first newspaper Veteran.

This fact, destroy the specified targets to enable Shockwave forward. A little further, repeat this operation and then remove the two gunners attack you before you head out the door.

After the cutscene, go grab the fuse floor then go upstairs to reach the generator where you have to place.
This is done, go for the second fuse and will insert it into the generator located in the room that you just unlock.

Join now and get a third Shockwave fuse, then you will reach the area flying platforms through the floor. From there, you have to jump from platform to platform to reach the generator is in the back room.

Once this operation done, join the objective indicator and scroll down to the lever. After it is enabled, go back and join Shockwave front of a pile of rubble, it will do more than put an explosive charge to release the track and thus put an end to this chapter.

Chapter 5: Sea of Rush - Hustle

At the entrance to the Necropolis, down towards the goal, but before activating the lever, will you put on debris located just opposite. From there, jump and use the Dash to join the mound and get the second log veteran on the side.

This done, go pull the lever then browse the area to activate the other three tags. When you'll succeeded, join the objective marker and eliminate all the enemies that appear before you.

When you are able to get rid of the autobots, pull the two tanks specified by the objective markers to destroy the ship and open the way to the end of the level. So follow your companions on the floor and then, once the next door unlocked, jump towards the opposite building to retrieve the third newspaper veteran.

Now cross the canyon to reach the area bridges, from there you have to move under cover to avoid being eliminated by the many snipers. Before joining your mates down the slope at the end of this section, go to the end of the bridge on the right to find the fourth newspaper Veteran.

This fact, join your acolytes down the slope and past the corridors to reach the next section of the level. It will then cross the discharge while getting rid of enemies to reach Cliffjumper. Once in position, you must get rid of the Autobot to put an end to this chapter. If you want to win the challenge in this fight, you will defeat your enemy without destroying tanks indicated by the red targets.

Chapter 6: Gates of Kaon

At the beginning of this level, select an explosive weapon in storage then approach the window, then aim for the red pipe above the giant robot to explode at once. Now go to the bottom of the box and pull slightly above the second red hose on the left to destroy the second robot.

This done, cross the bridge and get rid of enemies to reach the third and final robot, then destroy it in the same way as above, that is to say, by pulling on the red hose nearby. This operation completed, go to the end of the area to find the fifth newspaper veteran front of a locked door.

Now go back to Shockwave and destroy all enemies that come through the bridge, when you're able to get rid of the Autobot Gunner, the back door opens and you can continue your progress.

In the next section, disable the autobots then move on bridges, then go along the left wall to find the sixth newspaper veteran at the end of the path. The recovered item, get rid of Titan and join your companions at the gates of Kaon.

You then take control of Bruticus in this form, your goal is to destroy all the bridges indicated by the markers and to resist against the onslaught of the Autobots. Once you have shot your last enemy, a cutscene will mark the end of the sixth chapter of Transformers: The Dark Spark.

Chapter 7: Infiltration

Go through the tunnel and join Jazz at the intersection, then continue your journey to find yourself in front of a door. Before you close and open it, go to recess on the left to get the first newspaper Conspirator.

Now go down the door on the other side of it, destroy the ventilation system and then let you down below. Go forward down the hall and smash the door to enter the recirculation zone of the complex.

There, get rid of all the enemies then head to the door at the bottom, then enter the room on the left to find the second conspirator newspaper on the floor.

This done, head to the terminal indicated by the objective marker and activate. Now continue your progress towards recycling pits, and once arrived there, destroy the terminal to lower protection zone.

From there, it will be for you to enter into the great room and eliminate all the Decepticons there. When you will have managed, approach of vents and destroy them in order to get to the other side. Then continue your journey down the corridor to the right to permanently leave the recirculation zone.

Later, go to a storage unit and move arms a bit in the hallway, you can then retrieve the third newspaper Conspirator behind a box on the left. Once this is in your possession, will open the door at the bottom and pull the generator in front of you to disable the laser barrier.

From there, go around the barrier of background on the left and pull the generator to the bottom. You can then go to the right and turn off the generator located there and go upstairs where you will find the fourth newspaper Conspirator on the ground.

From this position, pull the generator located at the back of the room and eliminate all enemies. Wait now that Jazz consult the terminal then go through the door that just opened behind you, down the hall, go into the room and listen to the message of Megatron, you will then get rid of all the enemies before resuming your journey.

A little further, you finally reach the cell Cliffjumper before you get there, go to the right and grab the fifth newspaper Conspirator is behind a crate down the hall. You can then go down into the area below and start getting rid of the Decepticons. The mission will end when you finally managed to release Cliffjumper from its shackles.

Chapter 8: A desperate plan

Through the tunnel at the beginning of the level and head to the door below, then you turn into a robot and use your special attack to destroy. Iron Jet mode to reach the second door above you, after crossing, go towards the ventilation system and destroy the gates.

Cross a new tunnel and then get rid of the enemies in the small room. Once quiet walk in the door and, after the briefing, begin to eliminate enemies nearby. When you get rid of the first waves, head to one of the mechanisms to enable.

From there, a Titan will appear in the center of the area, so destroy it before you go to deal with the second lever. This is done, go upstairs and pull the last lever you clear the way, then let yourself fall into the area below and start down the hallway.

Destroy the door is at the end of it then cross the succession of tunnels to reach a new room. There, take care of the turrets before entering the corridor that takes you to the control room of the weapon system, then you will direct you to two objective markers and use your special skill to destroy terminals.

This is done, go to the central platform and activate the system orbital shooting, it will then be entering the tunnel which has been opened for you to flee the area. You press for a countdown will be activated soon and you must escape before the complete destruction of the complex.

Chapter 9: Ascension

Return to Optimus orders, head to the destroyed platforms in front of you and use them to reach the floor.
Once at the top, smash the door and get rid of all the enemies in the great hall.

Advance now in the corridors until you reach a terminal to destroy with an explosive charge. This done, head to the next room and go destroy the generator accessible from the top of the right ramp.
This item destroyed, go to the right and open the gate by destroying a second generator. Then go activate the terminal before you get to the stage in order to eliminate all the enemies and turrets.

When you'll succeeded, destroy the last generator on the left to reach another terminal. The next step is to eliminate new enemies arriving in the area before interacting with the central computer.

This operation performed through the door that just opened behind you and go upstairs from there, go down the hall to find the sixth and last log Conspirator. This element in your possession, get rid of the enemies and turrets then smash the back door.

On the other side of it, remove the enemy Titan before continuing your journey through the corridor which is in the upper left. It will then lead to the position held by Megatron to defeat him, first get rid of the robots that take under its control.

When your enemy finally take part in combat, attack and wait for it is at the center of the room, at this moment, destroy the four generators before repeating the previous operation. The battle will end when you successfully destroy the 4 generators feeding the Dark Spark.

Chapter 10: Jungle Hunted

Head towards the objective marker and eliminate the enemies that attack you in the tunnel, then cross the bridge destroyed by walking on the right border. On the other side, follow the path to the right and destroy the door to continue your progress.

Behind it, go grab the sniper rifle and start to cover Drift eliminating enemies below. Once rid of troublemakers, use the grapple to move to the other side of the chasm and reach the second observation point.

When you have eliminated the Decepticons, join the marker next target and eliminate the enemies in the canyon you wary of snipers take position on the walls. This done, cross the bridge and go destroy the system to activate the elevator to allow your partner to join you.

Now go into the tunnel behind you and get rid of robots, once in the courtyard, a cutscene will trigger and you will continue the adventure alone. From there, eliminate the enemies on the left and cross the passage, then join the next area and neutralize all the Decepticons in order to open the door of the factory and finish this chapter

Chapter 11: Survey

Inside the plant, take care of the three robots on the left and head towards the objective markers to destroy the security terminals. This operation completed, go into the next room and eliminate all the enemies there, then head in the third room to save him from certain death Drift.

Now in command of the Samurai, neutralize all enemies in the area and after the appearance of the giant mercenary, enter the hallway to the right to run away. At the bottom of it, destroy the door opening system and continue your progress.

Follow your companion in the corridors and destroy the opening of the main door system. Once outside the complex, let your sidekick stand height and then watch the cutscene which marks the end of this very short chapter.

Chapter 12: Ambush

Back in the "skin" Drift, fend off endless waves of Decepticons to trigger the arrival of a surprising ally: The powerful Grimlock. From there, you just have to get rid of all the enemies in the area using your devastating skills Dinobot.

This done, return to your robot form and destroy the bridge indicated by the objective marker. It will do more to destroy the giant mercenary Lockdown to put an end to this chapter of the adventure Transformer: The Dark Spark.

Chapter 13: Extinction

Blast your way through enemies on the deck then push the pillar you clear the way. After the departure of Optimus, follow the path on the left and walk until you reach the entrance of a large hangar. There, eliminate all enemies in the area before break down the door with your robot form.

On the other side, push the pillar to continue your progress and then retrieve a car on the right side using the R1 button. It will then send the device that sits on the roof you clear the way to the end of the level.
A little further on, you reach a second open area there, neutralize enemies around you then enter the stones that are on the ground to destroy the three markers positioned on roofs.

This fact, get rid of hunters before joining Optimus Prime waiting for you a little later in the city. From there, you must protect the time it opens the door that leads to the last chapter of the adventure.

Chapter 14: Ending

New to Optimus commands, open the door in front of you then move in the complex until a tank to destroy. On the other side of the opening created by the explosion, go into the hallway and then smash the door. Behind it, avoid lasers and get rid of enemies in the great hall.

After the fight, join the objective marker and sauté one second tank to continue to advance. From there, you will just have to move in the hallways to finally reach the hideout of Lockdown and compete for the possession of Dark Spark.

There, it will first of all eliminate the enemies that appear all around you. When Lockdown take a position on the central generator, walk around the area and destroy the 4 stabilizers to begin the final battle of Transformers: The Dark Spark.

Audio Logs

This section of the solution Transformers: The Dark Spark is dedicated to audio logs. Here you will discover the precise location of the 18 hidden in the 14 chapters of the game in retrieving all records, you will get the Achievement / Trophy "Someone is watching me", "Treasures of war", "Flood" and "Audiophile" .

Savant Logs
The lamentations of the Veteran

Savant Logs

Chapter 2
1/3: At the beginning of the chapter, head to the area to the left of your companions to find the newspaper on the floor.

2/3: After the fight against Sharpshot, jump on the pipe to the right of the bridge to see this record.

3/3: After the fight against the guards in the room with the silver statues, fly towards the opening at the top left to find the log in the hallway.

Chapter 3
Third: In the middle of crossing the chasm, you will reach a hallway with storage device. From this position, go left to find a secret passage at the end of it, get in the box below to retrieve the log.

2/3: Just after the fight against the two giants Insecticons, follow Ironhide but before you drop into the hole, go into the opening at the bottom to retrieve this record.

3/3: At the station, go to the train control system and activate it immediately after this action, the newspaper will appear on the floor on your right.

The lamentations of the Veteran

Chapter 4
1/1: When you need to cover the advance of Shockwave at the beginning of the level, go to the right and approach the pillar at the bottom to find the log.

Chapter 5
1/3: At the entrance to the Necropolis, at the beginning of the chapter, stand on the debris located opposite the first lever. From there, jump toward the mound to find the record.

2/3: After you have escaped from the Necropolis, jump towards the building just in front of the door to retrieve the log.

3/3: In the section of the full level of enemy Snipers, go to the bottom of the zone and, before joining your fellow down the slope, cross the bridge to the right to find this log.

Chapter 6
1/2: In the first section of the level, follow the series of bridges to find the record in front of a locked door while the bottom of the area.

2/2: In the doors Kaon constantly walk along the left wall until you reach a locked front door you will find this log.