Better understand your PC games’ graphics settings

PC games can provide ultra-realistic graphics, provided they are properly configured. The problem is that some configuration options are obscure. Thinking about it, it's time to explain what each graphic option means and how it affects your game and performance of your machine. Check it out!

As you have a powerful computer, often choose the maximum setting of a game does not present the best graphics or be able to maintain its performance. Therefore, most of the games’ features the option of a custom setting, through various elements that most people have no idea what it's for.

This list provides explanations of the most common functions and that must have help when configuring your game to have the best experience possible.


Perhaps one of the most popular options and many have no idea what it's for, anti-aliasing, also known as AA, aims to eliminate the pixelated edges that you see in games.

It can be used when you can not increase the resolution of your game. Even so, it is worth mentioning that when enabling anti-aliasing, the performance of your machine should fall significantly.

It is advisable to try to increase the resolution of your screen as possible for only then activate AA and can measure the drop in game performance.


The option best known of all, it is the number of pixels that can be played on your screen. The higher the resolution, the better the graphics, though, is the option that most affect the performance of your computer.

If your monitor supports a high resolution such as 1920 x 1080, while applying a lower resolution to the game, it will have tasteful graphic as it could. If your computer is older, even with a good monitor to increase your resolution, you probably suffer from a decline in the performance of your machine.


One type of anti-aliasing, FXAA stands for Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing, acts similarly to common mode AA way, working to eliminate pixelated edges in images. The difference it is that the method used does not affect both the performance of the computer.

If you have a more modest machine, you may want to use instead of the common anti-aliasing, however, the results are somewhat different, with edges slightly blurred.

Shadow Quality

As the name suggest, Shadow Quality option is responsible for the reproduction quality of shadows in your game. If you leave downtown, just blocks will shadow that resemble an object, while higher settings will present more detailed shadows.

If you have a powerful computer, this option can be left at the most, but remember that the processing of shadows can decrease your performance because the game needs to identify the light source, the position of the object, among other factors.

Texture Quality

When the game generates graphs that display, it shows the "raw" model and apply textures on him. The lower the quality of the textures, more objects and scenarios in the game appear blurry.

In the case of performance, the part that handles the texture quality of the graphics is linked to the RAM memory of your video card. If you have a board with considerable power, it is advisable to leave this option at most.


Each monitor has a refresh rate that shows how many times the displayed image is refreshed per second. If you have a monitor with a rate of 60Hz, your screen will be updated 60 times per second, which means that you will always see 60 FPS, even though the game is generating more than that.

If you are getting more frames than your screen can handle, happens a phenomenon called "screen tearing" in which the image appears cut off and framing. To solve this problem, there is a Vsync option that helps to synchronize your monitor's refresh rate with the information coming from your video card.

When enabled, the Vsync causes the game is limited to 60 frames per second, waiting for your monitor is ready to generate new updates.

This does not affect the performance of your game, since he maintains the rate of 60 FPS in case it falls sometime Vsync breaks down the frames per second to 30, which can greatly affect the way the game is presented.

With this information, it is possible to have a notion to set their games in the best possible way on your computer.