Call of Duty: Heroes (iOS) review

Call of Duty: Heroes is the latest installment in the CoD game franchise from Activision, release for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This time, the dedicated shooter misses the FPS genre and adventure along the paths of "casual" strategy, with a very different proposal for your franchise. Check out our review below:

Visual nothing cuddly

Call of Duty: Heroes is a weight release in the genre of games that consists in building and attack bases. As it may seem and sound like the Clash of Clans and the like, the game puts aside playful and cute things.

The look is fully three-dimensional with the ability to rotate the screen to choose the best view of the attacks or just see how it's getting its base. The graphics are very pleasing looking for a more serious strategy game. While not a game FPS genre, it is still possible to see the effect of light and shadow. Demonstrating that Activision did not neglect the graphical part.

The game's audio calls attention to the intensity, especially during combat. It is worth highlighting that the distance the camera action, the player can see how the audio changes. When approaching the camera, the player may notice an increase in the "sounds of war" as explosions, gunfire and more.


The game begins with an attack on enemy units. In this battle, which serves as introduction to what is to come, Activision shows that there is a lot of "Call of Duty" in the game. In addition to sending troops to the scene of the attack, as in most games of this genre, the player can also send missiles and even command a machine gun atop a helicopter.

The subtitle "Heroes" is not for nothing. During the first fight, the player will control one of the classic characters from the Call of Duty franchise. He is much more powerful than ordinary units, and beyond to better resist attacks of enemy defense units, has extra weapons with great destructive power.

During the attacks, the only character that the player can control after placed on the battlefield will be the "heroes". The rest, as in all games of this genre, will automatically behave, seeking out and destroying enemy targets.

Clash of Clans with steroids

After this first battle, which serves more as a presentation, the game returns to follow to the letter the primer Clash of Clans. First, the player must build and evolve your base, building structures that will feed the base with resources, especially oil and gold.

After that, the player must build deposits of gold and oil, a training camp and some defenses like walls and weapons. In training camp, the player can recruit soldiers for combat. At first, the player will fight against the only game in missions where you must invade enemy bases. After a period of two days, the primary shield is disabled and the player can attack bases of other players, so it may also be attacked.

One of the differences of Call of Duty: Heroes are just heroes. Several characters are taken from other games in the Call of Duty franchise. Besides being more powerful, the heroes of the previous Call of Duty games have Killstreaks of systems that allow evolve and unlock new skills, becoming more powerful.


Call of Duty: Heroes add much to the genre of quick strategy. Although it may appear with Clash of Clans, there are characters with great attack power, many units air strike and more frantic combat. The beta sin in some things like not reporting on enemy attacks your base, among other things, but as it is a beta, it will probably be corrected to the final version.