Dark Souls II - Crown of the Sunken King (DLC) walkthrough

Table of Contents

Shulva, Sanctum City
Dragon Shrine
Dragon's Rest
- Elana, Squalid Queen
- Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon

Cave of the Dead
- Ancient Soldier Varg and Cerah the Old Explorer

Shulva, Sanctum City

To access the city and other areas added by this additional content, you will first have to defeat Carrion, the boss that lurks in the depths of the Black Ravine after crossing the dump, and make sure you be in possession of the Greenhouse Dragon, automatically added to your inventory. Once done, go to the Prime-fire behind the boss room to find a sanctuary to be activated. Open the doors, walk without fear at the moment, and you will soon reach the famous city-sanctuary. Go under the dragon flies up feeling approach, enable the first fire in your way and be ready to commence hostilities continuing straight ahead.

First decrepit soldier rises indeed ahead. There are several variations, the most common uses a broad mass two hands soaked with poison. Others were armed with spears and shields, like the royal guards of the Forest Giant dead, and all can potentially unsheathe a bow if you stand away from them. The first soldier removed, get ready to have to slay seven of his peers just a little further to get there, lure them one by one preferably, make use and abuse your bow if necessary and beware of enemies apparently lifeless that will not deprive themselves from rising. Down the road, eliminate the soldier patrolling on the road below remotely interested then you light the pillars that you met.

These, when you hit them, will indeed make them rise or fall of the pillars around, one of which will bring with it another decrepit soldier armed with a sledgehammer. Therefore, made up a column, hit again the same pillar for the return and slide quickly in order to go lower than if you had just dropped. On the ledge, look up, pull up the visible pillar and go for the long bow +7 on the body now within reach. Stand on a corner of the platform to be able to target the pillar height and back, made a clean sweep on the way before going down and eliminate the archer between the two buildings once upstairs.

Then clean the room on your left; mind the corrosive gases given off by pods and insects hanging from the ceiling, go to the left after picking balms golden fruit, hit the pillar on the right to enter and remove the soldier Sleeping Beauty that awaits you. Climb to retrieve a ring one bite poisonous, retrace your steps and enter this time in the room just right. Hit the pillar in the corner on the outside to form a bridge early, eliminate arc turtle carrying the statues down the stairs to the base and the soldier accompanying, finish your gateway hitting the pillar below the first and hit the new pillar and accessible.

Clean full of insects and corrosive pods now accessible rooms, pick up the fungus Elizabeth on the left of the ledge and turn back to go down the stairs before secure. Beware soldier that lurks in the corner on the left, then abuse your bow if necessary to dispose of three archers positioned along the path that lies before you. Finish the last enemies as befits you best, get the magical 30 tiles left on the body, eliminate the soldier waiting in the left corner of the room up stairs, pick up the dried root on the ledge, grab the mass of the sanctuary down the road that stretches right standing out, do hands on the glittering Titanites down the road and destroy the statues with red eyes on the other side of the chasm on the right to be able to draw on a pillar hidden.

This will create a gateway to a large strain a little strange that if you beat the thorny whip found beside her, repair your equipment. Pick out the promise of appeasement before leaving, hit the pillar behind the building and do the same with all other cross along the way, including those located on the cliff side and therefore require some arrows.

Then climb the ladder in the building and jump from one column to achieve a very useful intermediate fire.

Then let yourself fall on the right side of the ledge, then turn left, take the skin to both hidden on the left after the first gateway soldiers and do the same treatment to two lancers on the bridge in front of you by luring.

Recover 10 rusted parts in the room not far away, yet useless, break the pots before crossing the bridge to get the concentration of Souls spell the end of the ledge, then move straight ahead to reach the Dragon Shrine.

Dragon Shrine

Go down the stairs and watch the visible ghost in the room to the right: you will notice a strange reddish cloud emanating from the grave before him. These ghosts, which mark the sanctuary that will cash only minimal as you will not destroy the tomb that matches its damage. In this first part, the two tombs obviously correspond to the two ghosts destroy them so primarily to be able to deal with enemies, loot chests without fearing any trap or other mimic, retrace your steps and shoot an arrow in the symbol on the wall that was to your left to access some items.

Go back into the room of two knights, go to the left to be confronted with haloed soldiers poison that will not deprive themselves to infect you in contact and eliminate their peers staying on the mezzanine taking care the black witch below, who will not hesitate to send you evil. Eliminate the remote and pick the ascetic in the trapped chest before going down, pick up the human effigy in an alcove, eliminate the archer stashed behind the wheel and rotate it by shooting three times in a row in the symbol ground to pass.

Go down the stair set and collect the powder repair on the left , jump over the hole, pull the symbol at the bottom of the notch on the left, remove the lancer soaked in poison lurking on the left the passage and open and attract to yourself other dogs down the stairs on the merchant slab trapped just after for punching everywhere. Descend without stepping on said slab to retrieve all valuables contained in the two chests, turn back and shoot the symbol at the bottom of the cul-de-sac in height to open the door between the two previous chests and recover stone blade.

Retrace your steps to let you down in the hole, do not approach the moment of the silted full of peaks and instead make the household on the other side, arc zone instead, to destroy insects and corrosive pods . Equip ring feline to let you down safely, finish cleaning the room dislodging corny glued to the ceiling and collecting items scattered on the ground, then climb the ladder to get the ring in the trunk Flynn . Drop down twice to return to face the silted area, eliminate the black witch perched on the far distance, then get ready for a wild race.

The following area is indeed probably the most difficult of the sanctuary: a string of knights ghosts awaits you in every corner and peak ground will slow you down a little extra damage to your equipment. All the tombs of the knights are further combined in a single room, where three knights you more ready and waiting. To triumph here, not so secret: you have to be fast, accurate and especially mobile to dodge the constant attack of ghosts chasing you. Here is the way forward.

Sprint first along the right wall, turn right as soon as you can and sow the ghost waiting for you at the turn to quickly climb the ladder on the far left. Cross the bridge, turn immediately right onto the next one and go down the stairs to reach the room tombs. Here, destroy as fast as possible all the graves dodging repeated until the knights have all attacks made palpable, eliminate them or Retreat to return to the beginning of the area. Attention because in their tangible form, the Knights can use crossbows.

All the knights are now vulnerable, do some cleaning on every floor and get flawless Key eternal Sanctuary in the room tombs. Back at the beginning of the area, locate the icon that shoot a pillar, grab the Dragon Rock in the trunk and revealed, go upstairs to cross the bridge again and pull in the symbol on the right to create a shortcut (note the trapped chest). Turn on the longest bridge and look at the ceiling to find another symbol which take to get rid of the peaks to the ground, then do mine down the stairs at the bottom of the zone.

Turn around halfway to shoot the symbol right behind you, go up the ladder and jump into the opening to enable a very useful fire and recover the bow of the sanctuary at the end of the passage. Finally, to end this zone, drag the icon you can see through the wheel by changing positions to get the clear shot until you can go and collect the miracle Disclaimer. Take then for good dilapidated stairs, beware of the knight who awaits you on the right and continue driving until interrupted by the ghost of Thomas Jester.

The latter, rather leathery, employs powerful pyromancies and is stronger than it seems, so do not hesitate to use poisoned weapons to empty his life bar and equip good protection against fire. Then go safely misty portal below, which takes you into a new area filled with bipedal reptiles. Try to draw the monsters one by one to avoid making you literally trampled, beware the shock wave caused by their projectiles lightning and turn them around to avoid their shots jaw. Take some distance when these animals jump to crush you, then go activate the fire prominently at the bottom of this large area.

Turn around, then go to the far right beyond the stalagmites to climb out of the water. Ignore the stele at the moment, go for swordfish Drakesang down the road and hit the pillar to activate a lift that will take you close to another lift to the first traffic Shulva. Then go put the Stone Dragon in cross stele previously to lift a bridge in the distance, take the elevator aforementioned and stand on the front steps before you. Drop down to the right, walk the dilapidated stairs and drop down with a vengeance on the bridge below to find you in the heart of the chasm.

Jump again after the broken bridge, eliminate the drakesang knight in the room across the street (beware, these enemies are as vivid as red ghosts), do the same with hidden behind the left road height knight then turn the wheel right to release no less than four blue lizards full of rare materials. Get out, go to the end of the mezzanine to let you down again, follow the stairs before you pick up the evil urns on the body in the hall straight ahead, take drakesang cuffed zip down the stairs in ruins and attract other dogs waiting one floor down one by one with an arrow or two to dispose.

Prospect in the hallway near activating the middle of the wall to find a very useful once again hidden fire, down one floor and go look around the room under fire in question to find empty coffers and more importantly, the full panoply of Knights drakesang. Ascend to the top floor, you drop again after the bridge broken, then go to the columns to land further down on the edge of the chasm. Kill them one by one both drakesang waiting for you to firm up in the hallway of the bottom to be able to recover the precious items they were guarding, jump to the center island and end your descent.

Dragon’s Rest

This area is in fact limited to two successive arenas, containing as many bosses willing to cut you to pieces. If you are human, summoning two brands available, one for Benhart Jugo down between the pillar and the other for Ellie Heart Steel-near the fog. Behind it, a first boss against which it is best to call at least one player or NPC ally reinforcements.

- Elana, Squalid Queen

Relatively physically resembling Nashandra Elana not sharing with the final boss that his affinity with darkness and strokes halberd. The lady teleports indeed constantly all over the arena and his evil will be projected linearly or as dam: so adjust the direction of your dodge depending on it and walk away from it when it raises his hand above his head, a sign that AoE is about to be launched around her. This hand gesture, Elana will also do when called for reinforcements, whether in the form of some skeletons or more dangerous, a shadow sharing traits Velstadt and its devastating attacks club. Whether alone or together, make the elimination of this shade a priority when it appears and when you will be entitled to the skeletons, let a alive as long as possible to prevent Elana launch another invocation. Throughout the fight, also be very careful to spell available to the explosive boss who created a fireball that explodes static moments after: escape to whatever happens to its range otherwise find yourself ground.

Victorious, you see the wall sculpture open, giving you access to a fire always enjoyed serving checkpoint before the next confrontation for which you can invoke the Transcendent Edde. Without further ado, here is the fight against the dragon that you have already had the opportunity to cruise at Shulva.

- Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon

Unlike its peers, you could face in the area of the Dragon, Sinh will be very mobile and vivacious throughout the fight, just like in the first Kalameet Dark Souls. You should therefore also show you mobile and quick to dodge its multiple attacks, ranging from simple shots to the jaw and tail explosive fireballs through devastating attacks by dive. Sinh not lock until it is on the ground and you are in position to attack: otherwise, always stay free camera power sprinter at your convenience, which will prove of crucial relevance to react fast enough. When the boss on the ground, picks up on its two hind legs, run away from him preferably behind or to the side to avoid his fiery breath, feel free to use items reducing the flow of poison to avoid being poisoned by clouds that Sinh leaves behind. By not releasing not your focus, you can overcome the reptile and ask for your personal crown of King Engulfed that appears on the ground.

Also pick up the ring Yorgh a little further on the left, and if it is not already, have to wrestle the proposed additional content that final challenge: the Cave of the dead.

Cave of the Dead

To access that area, return to the entrance of the Sanctuary of the Dragon and use the Key of eternal sanctuary on the door on the left. Remove the two black witches behind, loot all the chests without fear, climb to two successive scales and cut to pieces the three insects that fall from the ceiling in the hallway without you rush to the bridge. Go up to the third level, get the shield in the trunk of the sanctuary before returning and get involved on deck.

Send some poisoned arrows or spells of your own ghost that you load from the other end, finish the work in contact, then go turn on the last fire associated with the area Shulva before hitting the pillar to create a shortcut to the bridge leading to the entrance of the sanctuary. Take this elevator, but drop down to the side halfway: you can fetch the fate of Swordfish Dark in a safe. Return fire, enter the mist at the bottom and you finally reach the cave itself.

Drop down without fear, invoke one or two spectra to help you let down a level to take care of the first three soldiers waiting for you further. You will notice quickly that the statues with red eyes around you spit liquid petrifying the figure: just know that, below, dozens of these statues await you, in addition to the half dozen soldiers soaked in poison and turtles who still bear most of these statues and patrolling the room. To avoid a violent death, so it is best to prune some actual targets while remaining at the top: use to this elegant skulls, some bombs and a bow or spells to attract enemies in range and eliminate.

Once ready, jump into one of the holes, then run down the hall where a petrifying turtle patrol. You'll know you're going in the right direction if extinguished torch comes in an alcove on your left. Turn it on the way to be able to see you better in a possible future transition, drop down to the floor below, draw the soldiers waiting off one by one to have, do the same with the turtles and beware of the giant worm that appeared on the left. Behind the mist await three friends all eager to meet you.

-Ancient Soldier Varg and Cerah the Old Explorer

Much to say right now, if you came alone in this arena and you do not have a shield that could block 100% of physical damage, then you're already a carcass. Your three opponents will indeed stalk you relentlessly to the four corners of the arena and you will be unable to dodge everything between the sledgehammer of the soldier, the incisive attacks robber and large arrows Explorer, you will the ground if you do not scrape. However, be careful of the wind-guards that your enemies will throw you if you keep your shield up too long. To top it off, the arena has a flooded lower level that will slow you down greatly if you fall within: identify passages bringing you back to the mainland will be an absolute necessity if dropped.

Start anyway, as far as possible, focus your attacks on the grave robber: his warmest assaults and bleeding that goes with it are indeed a real nuisance and choose between him and the soldier dressed all Havel you will come to the end much faster. This first slain thug, always pay attention to the arrows of the explorer and watch for the opportunity to place an attack in the back of Mr. Havel, who will leave you no respite and will chain attacks as if there was no next day. Finally, if you manage to kill the soldier, conclude this long battle by the skin archer in contact.

Victorious, skip the few statues that separate you from the exit of the cave and get the flowery skirt in the trunk before returning to the familiar land Shulva.