DS II: Crown Of The Sunken King (DLC) - get ready to die again

Get ready to die again, twenty times in a row. The first expansion to Dark Souls II takes us into the depths ... Check out our review below:

198 hours. How much time have we spent so far in Dark Souls II. Although we already sweating our way through the main adventure at least four times, we see no end and with the new expansion Crown Of The Sunken King feels like Christmas came very early this year.

Crown Of The Sunken King is the first part of a trilogy of additional adventures and takes place in a massive underground cave system (of course, the same dark and gloomy style that we have become used to love). Rock walls and hard rock is usually ever-present and obviously there are a lot of secret routes to take this time too. In the middle of this cave world is a maze that offers a different experience in terms of new traps and a new enemy type (which will have even experienced Dark Souls players to tune screams in frustration, at least at first). The game world offered here is very eye-catching, especially when you reach a certain bonfire a bit into the adventure and can look out over the whole playing field and peeking at the terrifying challenges that lie ahead.

One thing is certain - Crown Of The Sunken King directed entirely to the most hardcore players. The enemies are more difficult to face than in the past and they are happy in the big pack, which, together with narrow bridges and deep chasms (where each step could mean death) makes this an almost surprisingly difficult experience, even in this context. In other games, it would have meant something negative, but in this context it works of course excellent, as the challenges of this kind are deeply rooted in Dark Souls DNA. You have to memorize the hazards and apply appropriate styles of play after that. The new enemies, even the lightest, ensures that you get to think about your well-used movements in the base game and instead adapt to the new circumstances. Married or gas that degrades your equipment is the rule rather than the exception among them, which makes you really have to choose the right time to get close to the little (and big) lives. If we were to come up with a well reversible expert advice from DTG Reviews is undoubtedly download store filled to the brim with anti-medication, even if your character is already well protected against poisoning in the past.

There are of course new boss fights to tackle this too. We will not go into detail about this, as these undoubtedly experienced without any prior information takes the excitement out of focus. Something we can announce is that the bosses here are much better at spank multiple players simultaneously, so the previously well-used trick to allow another human player standing outside melee butter making, and instead attack the beasts with projectiles and magic without a scratch afterwards is now history. It's a welcome change that makes collaborative situation now feels even better. This means, however, that the bosses are much harder to hack murdered to death without human assistance on the side, which can sometimes make it all the absurd difficulty in some places for all mavericks. The severity is never absurd difficult unfairly, making the hard training pays off if you are determined to wear solo.

If you choose to play with others you can in a very generously way let other players who do not yet own the expansion, including your Dark Souls-gaming friends, anthra your session and share the experience - no extra charge for these. This is done by special statues in the game where you simply place a "summon sign" on the ground, allowing other players, with or without expansion, to assist you in your fight. This is a smart move by From Software, as both parties of the supplement benefit from it. Firstly, non-owners a fleshy taste of what's to come, and they are already attached to the Crown Of The Sunken King gets some much needed help in more steeply.

Around seven hours it took us to complete the adventure, which might not sound much, but in fact it felt like a perfect length. With better focus on co-op, a higher degree of difficulty, new environments and new enemies are Crown Of The Sunken King very easy to recommend to fans of the game series. We can’t wait for the second part of the trilogy with the release in August...