Firefall - Free to play MMO game - review

Firefall is an MMO war and science fiction that combines dynamic action in the third person with a great FPS gameplay. Available for free from Steam platform, and offering different styles of equipment for their characters, the game leaves the player free to customize a number of details in the look of your avatar, create armor, weapons and items and develop many skills.

Furthermore, Firefall has a rich history and beautifully crafted, leaving you free to follow storylines and participate in a wide variety of missions on its gigantic player scenarios.

With a very exciting progress, the game still runs its missions through various dialogues with non-controllable characters and presents a huge variety of hostile environments with mutants, aliens and creatures rebel troops.

The re-conquest of the land in a post-apocalyptic future

Moving up in the year 2233, Firefall features a complex plot in which planet Earth has undergone extreme changes after the fall of spacecraft exploration called Arclight in Fortaleza.

Fifty five years before this event, fragments of a mysterious comet fell on the planet bringing a substance called Crystite that had incredible potential to produce energy.

After tracing the origin of Crystite, mankind built the Arclight in order to acquire larger quantities of this material. Using a powered extra dimensional energy known by the term Melding technology, the spacecraft suffered a mysterious accident and crashed on Earth.

Called "M-Day", this event has all the geography and the earth's ecosystem, making also appear mysterious aliens called Chosen and a huge population of creatures called Arhanas.

The player will control an avatar in the service of the entity The Accord, which has the primary objective to investigate ways to end the process of melding the Earth is suffering and exterminate alien threats, especially the aggressive Chosen.

Furthermore, the characters must also protect towns and outposts of colonies Arhanas attacks, groups of rebels and human earthlings animals that suffered severe mutations.
Intense scenarios and excellent sound effects

Structured by an engine called Offset, Firefall has a very impressive graphical structure, achieving load quite large and immersive environments quickly and efficiently.

However, the texture quality of your images is not as good, leaving enough artificial visual, while its mechanical online matches still presents some delays in responding to your commands and the displacement of large numbers of enemies, which can disrupt a little gameplay.

Although the graphical models of the characters prove very static, the voiceovers of their voices are excellent and greatly contribute to the development of the plot and Firefall missions.

Featuring several changes in lighting their scenarios, the game still has systematic quite impressive sound effects, significantly altering their music and ambient sounds according to the location of the player and the position of the sun or moon.

An MMO with a very rich gameplay

In Firefall, players can choose from five character classes: Assault, powerful weapons that uses short, Biotech, specializing in supporting allies, Dreadnaught, with a sturdy armor and powerful weapons, Engineer, who can build turrets and sentry to assist during combat and Recon, equipped with long-range rifles.

However, the game allows the class the avatar is changed at any time without additional costs. Additionally, you can modify a number of details in the physical appearance of the character and their equipment, but some customization options in crystite cost credits and gold.

All avatars will also be fitted for boots equipped with jets, called "jump jets", and may trigger a kind of laser delta wing, making it more dynamic movement and focusing on gameplay in third-person action.

With extremely large scenarios, Firefall allows the player to follow any PvE mission to find the maps quite meet the stated objectives and survive to get the rewards and unlock new chapters in the campaign and environments to explore.

Additionally, the game offers a huge list of small tasks to accomplish, called Jobs, where the character can purchase credits, experience points and raw materials to produce a huge variety of equipment and weapons.

Still relying on a mechanic that normally develops through their cooperative missions, Firefall also allows players to face off in animated PvP duels, ensuring experience points and prestige.


Firefall is an MMO that has a high degree of customizing its avatars and gigantic maps, leaving you free to participate in its various missions PvE player, offering a quite rich science fiction plot. Although the game has graphics with a reasonable display quality and minor delays during battles, the characters will be placed in immersive scenarios and full of enemies and can still build a huge variety of weapons and equipment in workshops and participate in fun and intense PvP duels.