First Hands-on Impression of Project Cars

Project Cars is the bet of Namco Bandai Games together with Slightly Mad Studios, responsible for arcade racing games like Need for Speed: Shift and Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed for debunking franchises automotive simulation success as Forza Motorsport and Gran tourism and provide unprecedented realism.


To achieve a greater level of detail, realism and dynamism developers Project Cars gathered and analyzed data from more than 85,000 pilots for this project. We observed that over a race with the applied physics acceleration from inertia, to perform hard braking, playing opponents car or spend the tangent point of a curve.

Project Cars require players a high degree of skill to get attention tame and guide the vast range of car types available such as sports, endurance, classics, prototypes, GT, and even open wheel karts and dexterity.

The game controls are already known by lovers of the genre, with acceleration and brake on the triggers and the analog steering. According to representatives of Namco Bandai, the game will be compatible with the Thrustmaster wheels and also with the emerging technologies of virtual reality, Oculus Rift and the Morpheus Project which will allow players to have new experiences for a game of this genre.

Project Cars will feature over 60 unique tracks including closed and local point to point with the various types of weather conditions circuits, something not available in the demo tested. In addition to supporting 16-20 players in multi-player mode the player can share their time, tunnings cars, pit stop strategies, replays, photos and compete in events and may become the online community.


Another strong point of the game, the graphics received a special attention to the new generation cars with extremely detailed both externally and internally, with panels and authentic wheels, sponsors and climatic effects have been entered for the player to feel like a real racer.

The game has no jaggies visible even on large screens. The whole environment is also rich in detail and gives the impression to unsuspecting that this is not just a game, but a real race.


Although it is early to say with certainty how immersive and well finished Project Cars will be based on the demonstration test, it is undeniable that Bandai Namco Games and Slightly Mad Studios are on the right track.

With cutting-edge graphics that come to approximate a realism never seen before, a highly technical gameplay and a vast content, lovers of racing games will have more reasons to celebrate and opponents will have to chase because the dispute in gender simulation and very heated. The launch of Project Cars is scheduled for release on November 2014 and will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and future for Wii U.