Hohokum is fun and relaxing video game

Hohokum (13 euros) is one of those titles, like many other indie titles that are released by Sony, playable on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

If you start Hohokum first, then you end up in a gray world, where you have to maneuver with a snake-like creature through. This colorful snake can actually three things: send it to the left or right, accelerate and slow moving. The creature will always go forward and can not stop.

No mission, no purpose

The gray world where players are dropped, functions as a tutorial. You get the aforementioned possibilities interpret and then create blocks broken or encircle objects, so that the world gets some color. Eventually you open a portal to another world, and the game really starts.

Naja, 'real', that's a big word. Hohokum is a relatively separate game, where you have no purpose. You have no orders to carry out you have no bosses to defeat, you don’t even have enemies in the game. The objective of the game is like to let you relax and play in the worlds.

Mini Games

Hamburgers and Electricity

The game consists of seventeen different worlds, each with its own theme and minigames has. The first world you enter, for example, a kind of hamburger pitch - yes you read that right - the burgers function as bouncing balls. If you bump into a burger, you bounce from there, often resulting in a pinball-like situation.

In another world, you end up in a lively city, everywhere people are waiting to stand when you fly past them to the hose. Some people want to be dropped off at a certain place, such as the Great Key, and others jump over time just wondering. You can also fly by an electric field, which electrocuted the hose everyone and where you then can alleviate. Bulbs with If you put all the lights on then comes another snake appeared.

They are fun mini-games, but long they keep you busy. That is the biggest hate Hohokum point, you will accomplish no long sessions with the game, as there is no goal to reach. The worlds are wonderfully colorful, droll crafted and will most likely put a smile on your face, but there is not really much to do. Some worlds do not even contain mini-games, you can only fly.

Relax without challenge

The big question you should ask if you want to buy Hohokum, "Do I want a game where I have no purpose, no stress experience, but just relax and enjoy ?" The game is in fact really relaxing, the brightly colored worlds put a smile on your face and the music you doze off occasionally almost asleep. If you are looking for a challenging game, then Hohokum is not the right game for you.