Katy Perry wants to record a dance album

Katy Perry continues to promote her third studio album, "Prism", having released the video clip of the fifth single, "This Is How We Do" in late July.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, who accompanied her during a concert tour Prismatic, the singer revealed some of her future plans.

"When I'm 39, I'm sure I'll be doing things differently. But age is an attitude. I think you can have that youth sensibility forever if you decide to," said the American. "There are different things that I want to do in the future: I want to record an acoustic album, I want to do a full dance album, I want to try new things."

The star has also shown her concern to stay in the music industry for long time. "I hope to be building a career, not just a stop on the road," said the voice of "Dark Horse (Feat. Juicy J)".

Watch the video for her new single “This Is How We Do” below: