Madden NFL 15 lets the virtual football more perfect than ever

Madden NFL 15 takes the virtual football to a level almost flawless realism. Visually, the ambiance and especially the gameplay. This is only the first sports game of the most anticipated of the year. Still missing, for example, NBA 2K15, FIFA 15 and PES 2015. But, without a doubt, the simulation of football will fight for the trophy for the best category this year. Check out our review below:


Americans say the attack wins games and defense wins championships. And with a new marking system that EA Sports nailed in Madden NFL 15. The principle can be difficult to adjust to the new camera, focused on the player you want to control, but the difficulty is fleeting.

With this feature, attack the quarterback, stop racing and to make interceptions becomes much simpler and intuitive - which does not mean it's easy, especially in the more difficult levels. Now, marking have visual indications of direction and buttons that must be pressed.

As the user presses all at the exact moment, more easily get rid of his primary opponent and can go up on who your target really. The felled, in turn, are now divided into types: simple, aggressive and efficient. Everything varies according to its position relative to the opponent.

A simple tackle is efficient for when he is running and you have no more getting so close to give a stronger onslaught (aggressive). Efficient serves for the most novice users, it shows a kind of imaginary cone where it is possible to calculate what the best direction to give the "coup."

The way to draw plays also changed, and now shows that recommendations are more intelligent, based on the preferences of the Madden community and also the behavior of rival teams. Thus, it is much better to understand the complex system of gameplan of NFL teams.


Anyone who has been to a football game knows how important the fans in a match. Even while watching television can be noted. But the new Madden does not pass this dimension - unlike other EA Sports games such as FIFA 15 that had focused on the environment of the stadium and the NFL, with realistic fans.

Reproductions of the stadiums are amazing, the players are better made than ever (taking the polemics of tattoos that could not be used in the game due to possible copyright problems with the tattooists), and it is possible that users notice even the influence of climate on the visual.

And the quality is excellent not only in introductory videos and animations from a throw in another, as in the whole gameplay. You can see sweat stains on clothing and hair flying. Transactions are very real, lighting effects idem. If what was done in Madden NFL 25 this point already liked, is now even better.

But the crowd is really a ball out - or an incomplete pass - Madden NFL 15 Sit lack of corners, closest supporters of images (as in Fifa World Cup 2014, for example) and the climate of the NFL game. Apart from that, it recreates the experience perfectly entitled to simulate broadcast on TV.

The narrators of the American TV show, and has until halftime show, with all the stats and the best moments of the first half of the match. Furthermore, videos with players in real life are displayed when they are highlighted - and escalations are possible with actual photos of athletes.

Game modes

The defense has improved, the system call is played smarter and the graphics are the nicest to date. As for the game modes are more of the same, especially the Connected Franchise and Ultimate Team, plus the lively online matches. Not in the menus there were many changes.

Just a few more options in skills training, relocation of a resource or other mode of management teams, but that means nothing, for users who played the Madden NFL 25, a big change. At this point, it can be considered more of a "waver" EA, which lost the opportunity to innovate more.


Madden NFL 15 has everything to please the gamer football fan. It brings on what matters most, a clear difference in gameplay and in-game graphics, the current version to its predecessor. Especially in next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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