Martin Scorsese may direct the Ramones’ biopic

April 23, 1976 will mark the 40th Anniversary of the release of the debut album by Ramones on Sire Labels, and preparations to mark the date already begun.

Among projects like reissue of discography, a book and a documentary filled with previously unpublished images, which promise to draw more attention to the Ramones’ biopic that can be directed by award-winning Martin Scorsese ("Goodfellas" and "The Wolf Wall Street").

As no member of the original lineup of the band is alive, all matters relating to the quartet are treated by the administrators of the estate of the group.

The biggest news in this area is that Linda, the widow of guitarist Johnny, and Mickey, the brother of singer Joey Ramone, reached an agreement to work together.

As of now the band is co-administered by JAM and Frey who also takes care of the spoils of Doors , Janis Joplin and Tupac. This collaboration will make sure that the name of the Ramones attached to large projects such as the biopic, for which a script yet to be written.

Watch a rare video of the Ramones recorded in 1976