Metro: Redux (first-person shooter video game) review

It's refreshing to play. Non-Western games as a lover of films it is wonderful example art house watch. Following all standard Hollywood productions this also works in games. Besides all the great shooter violence of Call of Duty or Battlefield hot, it's nice to be able between the Ukrainian Metro started: Redux.

Metro: Redux provides for bizarre little money (already on sale here and there for 35 euros) two top shooters previously released: Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Both games are characterized by a post-apocalyptic world, as a result of a nuclear disaster, in which protagonist Artyom was born in a dungeon in Moscow. That tunnel system is not safe because of Dark Ones walking around, monsters that you regularly attacks.

Oppressive atmosphere

The story of two Metro games is extremely fascinating to follow. Metro 2033 is based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky and knows how to put down. The oppressive atmosphere Drab dark environments in every corner, a sample may emerge. Although Metro 2033 is primarily a first-person shooter, the gameplay does regularly reminiscent of a survival horror game.

It also offers the Redux version is now the option to play, which is an extension of Metro 2033. Playing style as a horror Surival All lovers can also opt for a more action-oriented style, which in turn more suits Retro: Last Light. So the choice is yours.

Following the books

Metro: Last Light is the direct sequel to 2033, at least for gamers. Author Glukhovsky wrote namely besides Metro 2033 also Metro 2034 Last Light. The game takes place in terms of story between these two books off; a partnership where the author has been involved. Although both games follow the books well, there are adjustments made. One sample in a book is exciting, but for a game too little. So does Metro: Redux enough enemies.


The levels in both Metro games are gray, often with a dark color palette. That makes sense, because the life of Artyom's a hard life. He needs to survive. He did so in his childhood though - because who is now born into a subway system underground? And we have that again. Yet the best man not gloomy. Sometimes he lets out a cry for some light the harsh conditions in perspective and like a true Russian, he is not averse to a drink. Cheers!

Even when they drink in cutscenes, because the gameplay itself naturally turns to the real thing: shoot! The weapons are partly based on real weapons and some imagination. Either way, they serve fine piece by piece. The addictive aspect is also customize your weapons and buy more new things. And all that is needed. The Metro games are not always easy and ammunition remains scarce. So nothing is so important to just have some good stuff to carry.

Infinite corridor systems

Though you'll comb, many current systems, there are also pieces on the surface level. There you need a gas mask otherwise you will die. As with the bullets it holds that filters are scarce. It is mainly a tip to the games good comb, because it could be something useful anywhere. Incidentally Metro: Redux not just a remake. To give an example, you could wipe your mask in Last Light, which you can now also perform in Metro 2033.

And there is more compliments for developer 4A Games, which is not something quickly ported to cash. Not only the graphics have improved, there are many (small improvements). Thus Redux runs at 60 frames per second, some levels of 2033 which extended down all weapons and DLC Load Set in 2033, and improved options Last Light reflected in Metro 2033.

Fine, some non-Western game

This means that two Metro games in this Redux version do even better justice than previously was the case. It's a shame to see how two top shooters like these two actually been a few years don’t get quite the attention they deserve.

The atmosphere is - to not to Redial the one where you 'U' to say. A hard world, but most non-Western. The voices may indeed be in English, in everything you hear a Russian accent and that is genius.

Furthermore, each location contributes to an authentic feel. The environments are totally filthy. If you just look somewhere an environment and a sink that looks dirty and shit, you really think: "How the hell can anyone live here?" And remember that you live there so all nations. Of course, it is not really all, but it feels really when you go as a player.

Added value

Find especially the notes that are hidden in all levels. They have added value. Artyom it shares his findings and thoughts, especially the latter, he will not say it out loud. In the beginning of Metro 2033 for example he goes along with a smuggler. Only when you read his note that he does not trust this man, your interest in the game even more aroused. It's the little details that add to the unique setting.

For linear

The only unfortunate thing is that the games are very linear anyway. There’s no much freedom. You must play level after level. Sometimes you can even comb some corridors, but when you come to places with more people, especially don’t expect that you can do, or have. Entire conversations side missions a missed opportunity.

That is how a port to be!

For the rest it is mustache with Metro: Redux. If you are looking for new shooting equipment, go for Metro: Redux. The games are unique and deserve more attention. Moreover, they are now nicely bundled for a very reasonable price in stores. And we say one thing: that you should not miss.