Nico & Vinz release cover art / tracklist for Black Star Elephant

The Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz released the cover art and the track list for their new album, "Black Star Elephant." This will be their first foray into the NA market.

The material includes the hit "Am I Wrong", which debuted at number 4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 while remains at the top of the UK singles chart.

The new album is slated for release on September 16.

Check out the tracklist and cover art for "Black Star Elephant", and watch the video for "Am I Wrong":

01. Intro
02. Am I Wrong
03. Last Times
04. Leave Us
05. Know What I'm Not
06. Miracles
07. New In Town
08. My Melody
09. Powerful
10. Another Day
11. People
12. Runnin'
13. Imagine
14. Homeless
15. Lakota
16. Thought I Knew
17. Arrival
18. When the Day Comes
19. Kokadinye