Nintendo reveals the list (Amiibos) and price of raw figures!

Revealed at E3, the release of Amiibos is one of the biggest news this year from Nintendo. These figurines will be compatible with Wii U and all the 3DS, which will be included in games, including Super Smash Bros. will be the first to benefit. Big N’ has unveiled the first 12 figures that will be available at launch:

- Mario
- Peach
- Link
- Samus
- Yoshi
- Donkey Kong
- Pikachu
- Kirby
- Fox
- Marth
- Animal Crossing Village
- Wii Fit Trainer

If the figures will be recognized on new 3DS and Wii U with NFC, it will be an external device, scheduled for 2015 on 3DS and 2DS. The figurines will released together with Super Smash Bros. and each of them will cost 12.99 euros.