RE: The Final Chapter delayed until 2016 duet to Jovovich’s pregnancy

The Final Chapter will be the final installment in the Resident Evil movie series, and will only get you to the big screen in 2016 that's because Milla Jovovich, the lead actress, is pregnant with her second baby. For those unaware, the director Paul W. S. Anderson, who was out of all the films so far, is married to actress. Therefore, the concern is "double", and the last installment of the saga of Alice will be out in 2016.

The pregnancy was confirmed earlier this week, just before the official filming for "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter". In a public posting on Facebook, Jovovich said that long will South Africa as the opening environment. "After many conversations, we think would be of interest that the baby was born before we venture into the film. Between the division of labor with the stunt and my belly that will only grow, we believe it is not a good idea to mix pregnancy with killing zombies! "Joked the actress in the posting.

Jovovich and Anderson plan to resume work on the film in North American summer 2015, after their baby is born. Jovovich also thanked crews who were already at work in South Africa.

Originally, the new film was scheduled for release in September this year. Anderson revealed in June, still working on the script of the final chapter of the saga.

The numbers are impressive. The last film, "Resident Evil 5: Retribution" released in 2012, grossed $ 221 million worldwide and was the second most lucrative franchise long.

"Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" will be released only in 2016 and, theoretically, marks the end of the Resident Evil franchise.