Revolution 60 - an adventure story with original / dynamic controls

An adventure story with original, dynamic controls and several alternate endings (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)

Revolution 60 is an action adventure game starring a group of savvy heroines and strong personality; it brings a rich history in well built dialogues, extremely unique gameplay and all visual three-dimensional animations produced by the Unreal engine. Check out our review below:

Combining dynamic commands, and extremely suited to touchscreen, with RPG elements and a dynamic tactical battles, the game features a sci-fi plot that has several lines of development. They are determined by the performance and the player choices.

Developed by Giant Spacekat, independent with a team formed exclusively by women, Revolution 60 company took three years to produce but brought an immersive universe and that will probably bring sequences.

According Brianna Wu, head of the company's development, "there is a huge gap in the market right now. The players are willing narratives. And technology is advanced enough that we can deliver them. When I think about the most exciting experiences I had playing, always had to do with the character and the story. "

A Mission with Multiple Alternative Endings

With an engaging storyline that blends science fiction and espionage, Revolution 60 is set in a possible future in which nanotechnology has developed greatly and the United States and China compete for supremacy in the world in a new cold war.

The four special agents who star in the game are members of an organization known as Chessboard, and will have the challenging task of achieving an American space station N313, find out why is drifted and restore your contacts base.

Developing the story through the perspective of the Holiday killer, the game also places the player in the coordination of movements and attitudes of squadron leader minuet, the aerospace engineer and pilot Amelia Val, who is seriously injured so the game begins.

However, in Revolution 60 the plot of the game is extremely affected by the choices that are made. It starts from the delivery of clues found by Holiday until the answers in dialogues and performance of activities undertaken by other actors.

Although the game has certain linearity in a few moments, the developer Giant Spacekat reveals that there are more than twenty-four different endings. They are determined by the evolution of the relationship between the characters as a dangerous and mysterious antagonist presents.

Graphics and Sound Quality

Featuring graphics completely structured by the Unreal engine, Revolution 60 is developed through a perspective that resembles a movie, which makes the experience of their matches a mixture of combat and tactical sci-fi thriller with interactive animations.

With immersive and quite unique scenarios, Giant Spacekat managed to build a game with a rather unusual look. Their environments graphical models worked extremely well, with a look that combines features of noir style and 60s.

The Revolution 60 characters possess an aspect that somewhat resembles anime. But the extensive repertoire of speeches of his dialogues can give strong credence to their personalities, further highlighting the choices Holliday coordinated by the player.

Virtually no male characters, Revolution 60 brings athletic heroines distinguished by aspects that resemble Japanese anime and mangas. But the biggest feature of the game is in the dialogues between the protagonists, who are well constructed and voiced to perfection.

The game appreciates quite the evolution of the relationship between the squad of spies, developing games for immersive enough prospects.

In addition, the game also has a modern and well shaken and musical score that blends well with its varied repertoire of sound effects. It characterizes very well the numerous fights Holliday and challenging interactive activities of its characters.

Interactive Commands and Tactical Engagements

Rescuing the very dynamic of old adventure games, Revolution 60 will put your player in a different genre of today's games mechanics. It focuses more on the story and the characterization of its heroines, but also with its novelties that make gameplay more exciting and avant-garde.

Just like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, the game has an interactive dialogue system in which the choice of answers enough influence on the morality of the characters, directly affecting the relationship between them and driving history.

The exploitation of the Revolution 60 environments, at times, also follows this systematic choices. This allows the player to freely coordinate the camera while the characters walk and dialogue, allowing medical kits and clues are found by their scenarios.

The controls of the game vary between different interactive on-screen commands, requiring agility and quick reflexes to accompany them, rewarding the player with points of competence that will also influence the development of the plot.

Featuring various struggles against different enemies, 60 Revolution often places the player in a dynamic tactical battles in which Holliday will be coordinated in a dynamic board, which is necessary to attack enemies and dodge their shots and multiple shots.

The mechanics of these fights is determined by time markers to trigger the attacks and abilities of the character, while the location in the scenario influence the realization of shots with the gun or hit with a bayonet. However, throughout the game, these struggles can become repetitive.

In addition, Holliday has a power bar that can trigger powerful combos, which also develop through interactive instruction across the screen. At the end of the battles, the character will receive experience points, unlocking ensuring and improving their defensive and offensive skills.


Revolution 60 is a game of action and adventure with a creative and compelling story, and develops their matches by animations of the highest quality and an interesting mix between different dynamic gameplay. With a very rich network and can evolve in different ways, the game combines a great sequence of dialogues between its characters, voiced by an excellent team of professionals, with numerous interactive activities and tactical engagements, which are fun and become progressively more challenging.