Risen 3 Titan Lords Locations of 27 Legendary Items

Locations of  27 Legendary Collectibles in Risen 3: Titan Lords. In this solution we guide you to the locations of the all collection items. Each one is offering a special bonus to your character's abilities.

The World of Risen 3 is filled with treasures, chests and plenty of equipment. This stirs up in us hunting for prey. Diaries and written down stories that we discover on our forays, start the respective collection quests that give us clues about the whereabouts of a total of 27 long-lost objects. Legendary items cannot be sold. They are an important part of our inventory. The collection is always visible in the character screen. Each Legendary Item bestows a certain skill bonus.

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Risen 3: Titan Lords - Locations of the 27 Legendary Items

1. Blood-Soaked Cloth

Start: Taranis - During the side quest "An idiosyncratic dwelling" we explore a cave on a small island south of the pier. On the table near the entrance is the brittle diary, which starts the search for the blood-soaked cloth. At the end of the guarded by monsters complex we find said cloth lying on the ground.
Effect: Magic Safe +10

2. Glass Eye

Start: Antigua - In the tavern of the harbor town located on the upper floor a "partially rotten diary". To enter the room unnoticed, we sneak. This is also possible during the day, even when there are pirates in the next room. On Kila we'll find it in the cave complex beneath the Temple in Forbidden Valley. However, this is only possible after we have defeated Margoloth in Chapter 3: We march west around the oracle and reach the spider web. First, you go up there, then we turn left and immediately right again. In the following passage we keep right and go upwards a little to a small plateau. There we expect an iron golem, a spider trap and the chest with the glass eye.
Effect: Ranged +5

3. Glass Sword

Start: Kila - The front section of the pirates nest ship we browse the book "Secrets", which gives us clues to the whereabouts of the legendary object. We sail to Antigua. The sword is in the shallow water below the sea wall near the warehouse.
Effect: +5 melee

4. Blunt Ritual Knife

Start: Antigua - Southwest of the teleporter hinterland is the book "Traditional cultism" (1). Then it is necessary to defeat Henrik in the citadel on Calador in arm wrestling.
Effect: +10 daggers

5. Booze for Aiming

Start: Tacarigua - Southeast of the Skull Cave brings us the way across a suspension bridge to a cave occupied by monsters. At the end of the rock passage we find the book, which starts the quest. In the citadel of the demon hunter we keep right to the staircase and find the searched object.
Effect: Critical Hit +10

6. Old Bow

Start: Calador - The book "Old Stories" that we find in Smith Wilson in the demon hunter fortress on the table, we get a reference to the legendary bow. On Kila we beat through the cave complex by the pirates nest toward the southeast exit. In an alcove of the old bow is old knowledge at a blackboard.
Effect: +10 Muskets

7. Ancient Pestle

Start: Antigua - During the side quest "pirate problems" it is important to search the first floor of the warehouse. Since the steps of the building are destroyed, we get only by Parrot Flight spell there. Alternatively, we first complete the main quest "Chaos in the harbor town" and sting after the start of the task "Pirate Alliance" in the lake. Once we return to Antigua, the stairs are repaired in the warehouse. To simplify the search for the ram, we read the book "The Art of Alchemy," which is on a crate on the first floor of the warehouse. On Kila we go to the cave entrance on the east coast. A path towards the coast leads to the sought object.
Effect: Alchemy +10

8. Blue Quill

Start: Tacarigua - On the beach southeast of Puerto Sacarico is a small camp with a chest. To the right on a chest is the book "womanizer", which starts the quest of the blue quill. On Taranis leads the way to an open box at the east beach, in the sought quill is activated at Quest Search.
Effect: silver tongue +10

9. Diamond Grinder

Start: Kila - In the northern part of the pirate's nest is hidden in the eastern hut the book "Blacksmithing", with which we begin the look for the diamond sharpener. On Calador we equip Blacksmith Wilson in the fortress of demon hunter a visit and take the order, his fiancée Grace to bring on an engagement ring Antigua. As a reward we receive the Diamond Grinder.
Effect: +10 stabbing

10. Finger Bone

Start: Tacarigua - In Puerto Sacarico we sneak in Sebastiano's bedroom on the ground floor. On the table we take a look in the book "Master Thief II". In Antigua we are in the same room where the quest starts The gilt ball, found it. Lying on the shelf of the closet with the gold shell, hard to see the stray finger bone.
Effect: +5 dexterity

11. Plan

Start: Crab Coast - A narrow passage at the beach towards the west brings us to the book "Master Thief", which starts the search for the legendary object. You can find the schedule on the island Tacarigua. There we sneak out at night unnoticed into the study of Sebastiano commander on the first floor of his quarters in Puerto Sacarico. In the chest there (lockpicking 10 required) is the document you are looking.
Effect: +5 List

12. Crystal Torch

Start: Calador - In the citadel of the demon hunter we read at the dealer Connor "The power of crystals"; the book lies open on the shelf at the Western Wall. With the hint from the book, we travel to Taranis and visit the mage tower (until chapter 3 possible). In the chest at the top of the tower we find the crystal. There, incidentally, also stock an exquisite cheese that we "The Gourmet" need for solution for side quest.
Effect: Crystal Magic +10

13. Broken Lock Pick

Start: Kila - At the waterfall in the south of the island, where also resides Asali, we walk through the hollow trunk and keep left. Above, at the end of the path the book "Legends of Calador" lying on a rock, guarded by a warthog. On Calador we move towards dead land in the center and turn east to guard Fenn at the ruined hut. Therein lies the searched Broken Lock Pick.
Effect: +10 lockpicking

14. Breastplate

Start: Tacarigua - West of the anchor point of our boat is on the shore of the Dead country a grave close to the beach. In addition to wooden crosses is in the broken crate the book "Pirate Tales", which starts the quest. In Antigua we go to the area marked on the map position to recover the breastplate.
Effect: Blade Safe +10

15. Hardened Crab Shell

Start: Calador - From the tavern in the center of the island, we march to the northern mine, recognizable by the red flags at the mine entrance. Inside we blew them away with a number of skeletons and find at the bottom of the cave for three boxes of the book: "Alchemy lexicon". With the reference here for the Crab Coast. On the large, east coast of the island is located on the central plateau a box in which the crab shell is.
Effect: Bulletproof +10

16. Crank Shaft

Start: Taranis - A visit to the forge mage camp brought us the book "Ordinary weapons" on the counter. After searching the factory the quest is activated. However, the target area, the lighthouse is only accessible to Calador, if chapter was started 3 in the game. The Lighthouse Trail is paved with shadow beings, therefore we take a companion with. The tower is located below the crank shaft on the table.
Effect: crossbows +10

17. Small Grasping Forceps

Start: Antigua - In the western building extension at the forge in the port town is the book "Thievery II", which starts the quest. On Taranis we provide a duel with Gordon Smith in the Mage fortress. As the price of alcoholic tour we win the Legendary Item.
Effect: Pickpocket +10

18. Small Stone Tablet

Start: Kila - In the south-west to the camp of the natives, we encounter one of the mats near the campfire on the "Diary of a traveler." So we have this quest Note for the stone tablet. Now we go to the Mage sanctuary on Taranis and search mines. If we have his task to get him his delicacy is satisfied, we get it as a reward.
Effect: Rune Magic +10

19. Vial

Start: Taranis - The quest starts with the reading of the book "Magic legends", located on the first floor in the house of the magician. It is there on the table next to the goldsmiths. The vial is looking for hidden treasure in the nameless captain to Tacarigua (See Quest: The Treasure of a nameless captain).
Effect: Magic +5

20. Tuning Fork

Start: Antigua - On the first floor of Emma's house we find in the bedroom right next to the shark bite the book "Ritual practices", so as to activate the search of the tuning fork. On Calador we go to the cemetery. Behind the northernmost grave stone is the tuning fork.
Effect: Spirit +5

21. Black Cat's Paw

Start: Calador - West, in the cemetery bearing the demon hunter we sneak up in the tavern in the dormitory. There we read that "decomposed book", which helps us a reference to the desired paw. On Kila we go to dealer Bahati in native stock. With it you can buy the required legendary paw.
Effect: Voodoo Magic +10

22. Gilded Orb

Start: Antigua - In the house of Alvarez behind it is in the room on the right, the book "The Professionals", which contains a reference. On Taranis arrived, we go to dealer Agila in the Mage fortress. It provides an easy orb for sale.
Effect: +10 pistols

23. Intractable Liane

Start: Kila - In Piratennest we rummage in the upper rear part of Cunningham's cabin next to the book "The early expeditions" on that launches the search for Liane. On Calador we head west along the coast until we hit the crazy magician Tirion. After we pulled him from the market, we nab Liane lying on the ground and on top of that liberate the poor, captive held Jill.
Effect: Slashing +10

24. Tattered Scabbard

Start: Taranis - The Magician library we see on the first floor in the second bookcase on the right in the work "Sword Master". So we get the hint about the whereabouts of the object to Kila. Once there, we swim to the island in the north, where Patty is staying and bring us the scabbard.
Effect: +10 Swords

25. Target

Start: Tacarigua - On the first floor of Sebastiano's seat in Puerto Sacarico is on the cupboard the book "revolvers and pistols" that unlocks the quest. Then we go to the balcony and flutter using a parrot flying spell on the roof nearby with the broken bricks. In the open beams (1) the target lies.
Effect: +5 shotguns

26. Freddie's Shackles

Start: Misty Island - When inquisition base we sneak into the room from Carlos and read quickly the book "Spectacular prison breaks". With Quest marker is activated, we walk in the south of the island and find the desired anklet in a ruined hut on the floor in front.
Effect: Fame Bonus +10 percent.

27. Tirimia’s Monocle

Start: Calador - Below the windmill in the center of the island we take a look at the peasant's hut. There is the book "Tales from Antigua" on the table. With regard we sail to Kila. There we equip Buddy in pirate nest at noon a visit to ask him to throw knife duel. As return we receive the coveted monocle.
Effect: +10 astral vision