Risen 3: Titan Lords Locations of rare / special weapons

During the wide island adventure there are scattered hints found on five particularly mighty weapons. It is based on you own quest lines to get two parts for each such a weapon. Once you have both fragments in your inventory, they can be put back together in a forge. To succeed, it is necessary to train the skill point blacksmith. This talent is one of the melee skills and can at forging NPCs (for example, Wilson Calador or Gordon on Taranis) learn.

Note: Some of the special weapons can grab yourself only if you have joined a community so that new areas are accessible. This applies both to the eastern part Caladors behind the lava flow and the forbidden valley on Kila behind the Great Wall. In addition to the special weapons we already offer you here Guide to 27 legendary items.

Risen 3: Titan Lords - All Locations of Special Weapons

In Risen 3 you will find some powerful weapons. Per weapon you will find two parts, which are then combined at the blacksmith,


There are two versions of how the quest line to start. In both cases, this involves a dispute over inheritance between the two brothers Flynn on the island of Antigua and Quinn on the island of Kila.

Quest: Shattered heritage

Option 1: We first travel to Kila and speak to Quinn. He is proposing a business, which we'll cover. Thus we start the quest "Shattered heritage". Now we sail to Antigua and equip Flynn in the warehouse visit. Flynn's proposal to get him the heirloom of his brother, we reject and get the blade of the sword. Back at Quinn we beat out the second piece of the scoundrels. Now we can forge new wound tearer.

Quest: Fragile legacy

Option 2: On Antigua as we free the first storekeeper Flynn from the magical barrier and do the hounds of hell. In the dialog we select the option "Do you have anything else to do for me?" So we get the quest "Brittle legacy" that leads us to Flynn's brother Quinn in Kila. The scoundrel stays there in the pirate camp. We get from him the sword part, but don’t go there on his proposal to get Flynn's heirloom. Back to Antigua, we report Flynn of our success and get the second fragment. Now can restore the wounds wound tearer.


The handle of the weapon is hidden on Taranis on the northeastern beach. We will visit the Mage Academy and head to the forge of Gordon. Our path leads through the dormitory of wrought-cultivation and the local back door. We follow the narrow path and climb over the rocks down to the beach. It appears too dangerous to climb, even the much longer path to the beach can use via the north exit of the Academy. From the coveted handle the weapon separate us quite a few monsters at the destination wakes up a fat Leviathan on the prey. The blade of Maras reputation is also on Taranis. To get them, we have to swampland west of the South Island monoliths. There want us especially Lizards to the collar. Behind the small camp of natives Shax is situated on a large rock the blade in the water.


Start: Calador - In the demon hunter’s dwelling we strike them through to the western area of the ruin island. As we should expect plenty of resistance there, it is advisable to have a crew member there. On the way we can take still winter demon hunter who has set up camp at the entrance of the ruins. Together with him we eliminate the shadow creatures in the ruins and at the end the Shadow Lord. The three of us go against the Shadow Lord and his conjured minions. As a reward for this challenging battle beckons us the blade of the coronation sword, which is located in the north of the battle space. Now we just need more of a suitable handle. To this end we go with parrot flight spell equipped in the northern ruin on Calador. First, we go into the destroyed building as far as it will go and then look to the north-eastern tower. Now we fly over to the tower and grab the handle from the tower chamber. The return flight is outside of the tower conveniently a voodoo doll with magic flight ready. The Calador’s coronation sword can recreate that distributes 45 to 90 points of damage at a smithy.


After the third chapter of the eastern part of the island and the area behind the lava flow is available, we walk to the mine area and strike them. Just before the rock basin, where the entrance to the Skull Cave is located with the portal therein, branches off a narrow path in the direction of lava flow. Right at the foot of the Lavafalls the blade of the spheres mandrel is abandoned on the ground. To get to the handle, we will travel to Tacarigua. We also need the ability thieves "Monkey Trainer". Once on Tacarigua, we go to Puerto Sacarico and walk to the small tower building right on the northern edge of the settlement. The annexe is located between the boxes on the northwest corner of a loophole through which we send our-trained monkeys. Besides some gold coins and a ring you will find also the handle of the spheres mandrel.


In the third chapter we get to Taranis access to the crystal cave behind the Mage Academy. Jump into the first large cave dome and we climb through the valley towards the north east. Ahead of us is a narrow chasm, which we can cross by parrot flight spell. A little further into the aisle is the grip of the octopus eye on the ground. The second fragment is located on the island of Kila. Here we go to the forbidden valley, which is also accessible only from chapter three. Our goal is the temple in the north of the valley. In front of the entrance there is a small path heading south winds down. Once at the bottom, we discover a pool area, and an alligator. After we killed the beast, we rummage, looking north a small alcove with a broken statue on natives. Directly at the statue of the desired blade octopus eye is in the water. Now you can joint the new weapon.

Sword of depth

Even if there is no quest for this weapon, we guide them because of its good value at the special weapons. After fighting Margoloth we return to the temple back to the point where we have fallen through the floor. In parrot figure we flutter to the chest in the alcove opposite. To open the box, we need lockpicking 100, as a reward there's the sword of depth, which causes 45-90 damage!