Rogue Legacy PS3, PS4, PS Vita, PC and Mac review

Rogue Legacy is a fun game in 2D run attack-style die-continue that surely gives you hours of fun. In the game, you can choose which will be your heir to continue your adventure, always looking to evolve and improve your characters. The game was released for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, PC and Mac Check out the full review of the game below:

Rogue Legacy makes you explore random castles very similar to what is present in Symphony of the Night, not just on your map and exploratory style but also used the concept of combat, feeling of movement and also the different types of enemies.

You will jump and attack the way through the maps in 2D with a sword and a variety of secondary weapons, fighting skeletons, floating skulls and dark knights with giant guns and thick armor. Over time, you will get several skills that will assist you throughout the game, greatly increasing the playing time before dying, allowing many to get all the existing castle vaults.

The game is not easy. In the beginning, you will only last about 30 seconds before dying in desperate to get collect coins in the castle to level your character attempt. But do not get discouraged. After dying, you can choose your heir who will continue with your mission.

Graphics and gameplay

Rogue Legacy uses simple graphics, but well designed to amuse and entertain. The characters are well drawn and despite the simplicity can do his job well. The running pose with the sword above his head is humorous.

Gameplay also follows the pattern of 2D games as well, with different intensities of jumps, blows and spells. Enemies come from all sides, so that standing still is the same as wanting to be hit. Players can have fun and count room to maneuver and dribble if they want to not only go right and not to engage in combat with enemies. The map is open for exploration so that you can go and back as many times as you want within the castle.

To play just use the arrow keys to walk, the "D" button to attack with your weapon, the "W" key to special attacks and the "A" key to special abilities of your class. What the player must rely even is in his armor and hit points, since these are parameters that will dictate how long you can stay in the castle before having to spend his inheritance on.

The heirs and their particularity

In the game, you can choose from three options heir to continue his legacy and venturing into numerous castles that exist. However, each heir has its peculiarities, as spells, classes and even problems. Yes, they are glorious warriors, but they also carry some traits somewhat disconcerting.

Ever played with a Hero who suffers from vertigo or OCD? Then how about someone who is color blind or has Alzheimer's? How about dementia or some problem in the gut? Yeah, the list is rather long and fun too.

Avenge their ancestors and venture castles

Even not playing the same character forever, you have the ability to always be stronger because the coins are passed on as an inheritance to the next character. That way you can level up your attributes and be stronger every time you play.

Despite the castles vary randomly, there is also the possibility to lock in a castle just exploit it to get better, even after death, and even venturing into the rooms from the bosses through teleportation. Use the engineer to get this option, most know that it will cost you 40% of all the gold you get.

Heads and level of difficulty

Besides the great initial difficulty of the game, bosses are something out of the ordinary. It will take a while until you get a boss face as equals. Until then, players will need to evolve their characters enough, another collecting and uploading.

The difficulty can be one of the low points of the game, but with time you get used to it and gets stronger. The trick is to give it time and do not get discouraged. With the evolution of his castle and his skills, many new possibilities of skills and spells will be open to your character.


Rogue Legacy can provide several hours of fun at a very cheap cost. Considering cost-effectiveness, the game is something to be bought without hesitation. However, will struggle to please gamers who like more style evolve and advance more quickly. Despite the different abilities of the various characters, the game does not provide much variation in their mechanics which can be a bit boring for the public.