Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) all Main and Side Quests guide

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) All Chapters - Main and Side Quests walkthrough: it is an RPG (J-RPGs) published by Namco Bandai Games released for the PlayStation 3 August 22, 2014 in Europe. In this direct sequel, you play as Ludger Kresnik, a candidate for the job already Spirius Corporation where his brother. After missing his input and begin his conversion into becoming a chef, he will meet a girl named Elle eight years and Jude, one of the heroes of the previous Tales of Xillia 2 from this the time that everything changes...

DTG Reviews... offers its comprehensive guide to Tales of Xillia 2, one of the most anticipated games of this season. With it you will discover how to finish the main mission of the game but also resolve all side quests and increase each character to its fullest capabilities while equipping its best weapons.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: The Cogs of Fate
Chapter 2: New friends, new debt
Chapter 3: It All Falls Apart
Chapter 4: The Monster in the Alleyway
Chapter 5:  Spyrite Goes Haywire
Chapter 6: Spirius Corp.
Chapter 7: Destroy the Fractured Dimension
Chapter 8: Melody that Echoes Across the Sea
Chapter 9: Gaius' Test
Chapter 10: Ruins of Thunder
Chapter 11: Milla Maxwell
Chapter 12: "Me" and Elle  
Chapter 13: The Promised Land Appears
Chapter 14: Ludger, Mission Complete
Chapter 15: Brothers Forever (A Brother's Wish, A Brother's Will)
Chapter 16: The outcome 

Side quests
Annexes to

Chapter 1: The Cogs of Fate

In this first chapter, you'll first meet Ludger, the hero of the new Tales of Xillia. You will then pass an entrance exam that you will eventually fail to become a chef a few months later. Unfortunately for Ludger, the first day will not happen properly and must escape from a terrorist attack to get into a car and realize that his brother has somehow manipulated ...

- Search Spirius Corporation
- Train Station in Trigleph
- Stop the train - Oscore
- Back in the lead car

Search Spirius Corporation

- Objective: Defeat five monsters

Description: My name Ludger. Ludger Kresnik. I live with my brother Julius in an apartment at Trigleph Julius raised me as a father. Today, he is an agent of elite Spirius Corp. a huge conglomerate that develops all kinds of technologies, weapons industrial products. I would follow his example, so I enrolled at the input Spirius review. The first test? The fighting ability. I'll have to keep my composure, then this is not the time to worry about the stupid dream I did this morning ...

After starting for the first time Tales of Xillia 2, you will find yourself facing an individual defying you. Whatever you do, eventually you will lose and you will wake up a few seconds later. Once the introduction is complete, you will pass the entrance to Spirius Corporation examination. You will then answer your brother Julius to see if you have forgotten or not the entrance exam, do not worry because this will not affect the rest of the story.

To pass this test, you have to defeat all-Snout tip of Spirius zone. During this first encounter, you should first of all learn to move your character: use the left stick to move forward and backward. Use L2 and left stick to move in Free Race mode. Know how to move is essential in combat. Free to browse the battlefield with Free Race mode.

Use Square to warn you. The guard reduces damage and eliminates wobbling. Press Square when you suffer violent attacks. Use Square and the left stick to make quick step forward or backward. You can also tilt the left stick slightly. This shortcut is useful to approach or recede quickly. Fast as possible not to dodge attacks.

Now that you know you move, aim the camera and protect you, we are going to attack. Use Cross to perform a normal attack. Use R1 and Stick left to change the target. Press R1 to target the nearest enemy. Use R1 and Stick left to choose the enemy to target.

Use Round to use an Arte. The Artes lower the CA (counter attack) and PT (technical points). So you will need to keep an eye on the figure to the right of your character portrait and on the blue bar to the right of your health bar.

After defeating your first opponents, you will learn that your character can later change weapons in combat. For now, you can not use the Blades Ludger: the main interest is to allow the blades to link several different attacks. They are particularly effective in combat against an enemy. You can also dodge attacks by performing quick steps simultaneously to your attacks.

We advise you in this tutorial display all the information needed to understand the handling of your character. Once the battle is over, leave on your left which found a "Circle of Memory".

When you find a circle of memory, press Cross and choose Save from the menu system to save your progress. You can also at any time Quick Backup by selecting this option in the System menu or the pause menu. You can keep only one backup file fast, so use regularly Circles memory. By touching a circle of memory, you delete all status conditions, revive and restore the character KO 50% of your HP.

Then go on the top right of your position, which found the second enemy of the cave to face. Note that you can directly see the enemy's position on the small map and generally a "Star" you will mount the destination of the main quest in progress.

Navigating the menus of the game, you will discover several critical sections. The first will be "Events": See the Events list for a summary of the story and view the current objective. You will also find details and objectives of secondary events. You can change the stated objective with the Navigation from the Events list. Note that this change does not result in the failure of the event. You can also assign the Events section to the Shortcut menu in the settings of setup menu.

Then go to the beach where two new find-Snout tip of Spirius faced. Note that two chests will be open on this beach. The first will give you a Vial resurrection KO heals and restores 60% of PV and 15% of PT during resuscitation. And an orange jelly: Restores 30% of PT.

On returning to the library by pressing the Triangle, you will see three sections:

Titles: You can get titles by completing specific tasks, such as retrieving items or defeat new enemies. Each title received grants you a number of points and get a number will increase drastically your characters.

Guide Battle: This section lists all the initiations already completed. Please refer to this section if you realize that you forgot how to do a certain action.

Archives: This section contains all your archives. Remember to compare this information with the list of titles, several objectives will allow you to retrieve items, titles and trophies.

After killing both on the beach, you can return to the cave by taking the road on your left.

Still in the game menu, you will find the sections:

Enemies: In this section, you can view information about the monsters already met. Go from one page to another by pressing Square. This feature is useful when you want to know what a monster booty left behind or how PC you are awarded if you defeat.

Objects: In this section, you can view information about all objects obtained so far. In the Objects menu, you can see all the items in your possession. You can also use healing items from the list of consumables.

Artes: here you can see a list of artes learned so far. Manual or Semi-auto mode. You can assign each key edges as desired. In Auto mode, you can limit the artes that a character can use.

It will do more then one enemy to fight at the top of the hill. Once defeated, open the chest on your right before leaving near the Circle of memory to save your progress. This chest will give you 500 Gald, the game's currency.

The Beast of the training center agents:

After fighting all-Snout tip of Spirius, return to your brother for a new event appears. A girl will be attacked by an unknown animal, whatever your answer, you have to face this monster in order to save this girl. The fight should be completed quickly if you use our online support basic attack with Cross and use the Round to launch your special attack when your blue bar will peak.

Details and conditions: different attacks match the attributes of vulnerability and strength of the enemies. Using an attack for the attribute of vulnerability to an enemy, you can turn the battle to your advantage.

By conducting attacks corresponding to a specific attribute. You can inflict on the enemy a magical disease, which varies according to the attributes of the attack. If that is your goal, choose to attack using artes spiritual rather than using martial artes. Your characters can also be victims of magical ailments if the enemy uses the proper attack attribute, so be careful.

Once the battle is over, the girl will threaten you with a knife and you will understand that this was the second event of your review: "Do not be fooled by appearances". Unfortunately for you, you just fail ... A cinematic staging she and her father will ring and adventure Tales of Xillia 2 begins in earnest!

Train Station in Trigleph

- Objective: Go to Central Station Trigleph

Description: It's been a few months since I failed the entrance exam Spirius. After a long period of job search almost desperate, I got a job as a cook in the cafeteria of the station Trigleph. I start today. Julius has always taken care of me. I want to be proud of his brother, even if a guy like me has no place in Spirius! But hey, I guess it does no good to be angry with me now. Anyway, I better not be late for my first day!

Several months have passed since the examination and you are now about to become a chef. Your brother will ask first whether or not you want incentives, do not worry because the three choices you have to make at the beginning of this day does not affect the rest of the story. You must then choose the dish you will be cooking and the gift you would like your brother give you. Whatever your choice, it will make you a present of a new tie.

Once the discussion is complete, you will find yourself on the floor of your home. Note that at any time you can use the Encyclopedia of Xillia, which is in the Library section of the menu, it allows you to access information on the characters and the world of the first Tales of Xillia if ever you are lost and have not played the first name. Go first on the right and save your progress via the Circle of memory. You will then continue your journey to the north and then take the elevator located in front of you.

If you get off at level 1, you'll meet a mother and daughter with whom you can discuss but nothing more. Go down to Ground fit your building and out into the city. You will now have to get to the central guard Trigleph. To do this, use the Square to display the map of the area, a Star indicate the destination that you need to take to continue your main quest.

On your way you will meet Jude, a physician who you'll recognize if you've had a chance to play Tales of Xillia first name. Indeed, this character was the hero of the previous game, although you can also choose Maxwell very beginning. Jude asks you to help him find his way, knowing that it goes towards the guard, show him the way or take him directly to the requested destination.

As you head to Central Station Trigleph, a small cutscene featuring her and your cat will sound. You will go again in the company of Jude that will ask you what you do in life, choose to tell him that you're a cook or not then continue your progress northwards until a new cutscene will trigger. You'll learn that an attack is about to take place ...

- Objective: talk to the station agent

Description: On the way to work, I helped a guy who could not find his train. He was full of enthusiasm, a little too well, but hey! Anyway, this is where I worked and now I better make a good impression on my colleagues! He'll have to make sure to greet them all one by one...

Now go northeast to the area and speak with the agent station with recognizable star on the head. After a quick cutscene, she asked the guard to catch you! You will need to make two choices: resist the agent or explain that the girl lied. Unfortunately for you, it will be too late and it will enter the train. Then a bomb will go off and you only have a few seconds to choose to run away and get into the train.

Stop the train - Oscore
stop the train from crashing into the Oscore building

- Objective: To advance to the lead car

Description: This is my first day at work and here I am already involved in a terrorist attack ... why this stuff does he happen to me? It seems that the attack is the work of Exodus. This group opposes any relationship with the New World recently appeared Rieze Maxia. The only good thing about this attack is that it has allowed me to meet Bisley, CEO Spirius! Maybe if I manage the situation, I am entitled to another chance! Jude and I are heading to the front of the train to try and stop the terrorists.

Upon arrival on the train, you have to choose between fight against the enemy in the wagon or visit. Once the sequence is complete, you will find Jude and Bisley, CEO Spirius. After a quick conversation, you can attend or not, but it will know in advance all information about you.

After telling him that you were going to stop this train, go north of the wagon. You'll find everything first on your right a safe giving you a regular, equip Coat to increase your defense. To equip weapons, helmets, armor and accessories for your characters, you have to go to the "Equipment" section. This menu allows you to equip your characters using the left stick to the accessory line, you will be taken to another screen with ornaments, hairstyles and outfits for your characters.

Continue your journey north to reach a Circle of memory allows you to save your adventure. You will then open the door on your right to enter the next car, it was at this time that you will attack a guard behind the door.

You will notice that you will not fight alone but with Jude. You will therefore be possible to ally with him by pressing the D-pad in the direction of an ally with which to pair to fight together. Once connected, you can get close to the enemy and take a stranglehold with your companion. As you approach the enemy, your partner will be behind him to hit him in the back.

Attack an enemy in flank increases the chances of deal a critical strike and increase your AC Once connected, your friend can defend you by covering up, the risk of having a critical hit will be reduced. Tip: You can change the behavior of your partner in the Strategy menu. Once the battle is finished, continue to move forward in the carriage, defeat the enemies on your way and open the second door.

Treatment (Jude): When Jude is your partner, you will care if the enemy you into the air. Enemies like Power are able, an affair with Jude is strongly advised against these enemies.

By attacking your character and Jude linked, you will see a bar on the left grow. Once she reaches the first bar, use Azure Edge and press R2 when the icon appears. Only by using a linked arte that the gauge can move to the next segment as the tutorial will explain if you have not deleted. By pressing the directional button for your partner to change strategy, you can choose between the free and the Joint Action.

By choosing free Action, your partner may act independently for the link. Choose Joint Action and your partner will support you. Note that pressing the up button, you terminate the connection between your characters.

Challenges: to see the techniques you have used successfully in combat, see the Challenges section of the Titles section in the Library. To improve your abilities in combat, complete challenges.

Continue your journey, go to the third car and go into the "room" Main to find a new safe that will give you a knit cap. Equip it on Jude or Ludger. In the next room, Jude will explain how Orbs Allium, which will be used in the same way as the work of Lys Orbs for those who have played Tales of Xillia first name.

First go to the "Orb of allium" menu: put in your extractor basic minerals obtained in the fight to acquire new skills and artes. You can learn artes and skills once you have checked out a number of points of a given element. The type of element extracted elemental ore depends on your extractor, as its rate of absorption.

When new edges are available, they appear in the Orb allium on different elemental lines from the outside inwards. It also applies to the capabilities. When arte or capacity reaches the yellow circle in the center, you learn. Once a arte learned, you can improve it by regaining the points required to learn it. Note: the capacity can not be improved.

Regularly check your Orb allium and change the settings of your extractor as often as necessary to optimize the effects in combat. Once the tutorial is completed, continue your progress in the car to fall on a distributor that you can buy many items to increase your power in your future fights.

Note that during your run, you can chat with your mates or not by pressing the Select button. If you talk to Jude, it will ask you which is the girl that accompanied your hero and you have the opportunity to meet him what you want. After several cars, you will arrive in the lead car where Jude will ask you to cover it. Take the stairs on your left to find yourself facing your brother ... You will have the opportunity to ask him what he did here or tell him that you have seen.

After a quick cutscene, your brother will take your new friends and you will have to act fast in saving It is "the girl" or Bisley Bakur "CEO Spirius". The watch Then she will shine, your character will launch a javelin at Julius and kill at once and you will return to the beginning of the car, where it all began ... You will again have to repeat the same process.

- Back in the lead car

After fighting your brother for the first time, you will end up back at the beginning of the process and you will once again start your journey by going to the lead car. Note that you can choose between stopping the train again or find Julius, which return to the same.

During your journey you will again talk with your team to learn a little more about their histories. Note that if you have not done Tales of Xillia 1, you will be able to browse the encyclopedia set in the game options to better know the people around you. Do not forget to go to the "Artes" section and provide different skills your hero to test shots and especially better familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

Finally, remember to fight the enemies in your path to recover enough experience to change the level of your team. You will notice on your left a bar Artes. Once the five segments of the Artes related filled gauge, use a arte bound to go into saturation mode. In this mode, your CA does not drop and enemy attacks do not make you waver. You can also launch associated edges repeatedly.

After five stages completed, will launch a tutorial if you left the active tutorial and ask you to use the left stick and the Round button to "time decay" and R2 to launch "Conquest duo." Finally, press Circle to launch Slice Azure. Start fast another arte Arte can trigger a chain linked to both.

Saturation: if the fifth and final segment of the gauge is full Artes bound when you trigger a linked arte, you spend Saturation mode for a given time. In Saturation mode, attack does not reduce your CA and enemy attacks do not make you waver. In addition, you can use the related edges repeatedly. If you break a link in saturation mode, only the character you control will keep the effects of saturation. However, if you create a new connection, you will share the effects of saturation with the newly bound character.

Keep up on the train, get new items via the distributor and open the doors to change the area to get to the lead car.

Edges of channels linked: when using a arte bound Saturation mode, you can continue with additional related edges. For this, use an arte enabling a bound when the icon appears. Then you realize a chain of linked edges, very effective to inflict serious damage to your opponents. Even if you change partners during a linked arte, it is possible to continue its string of edges associated with the new partner.

Once you arrive at the end of the train, you will find again Julius, your brother with whom you have a "fast" conversation before you come face to him. Remember to save your progress before facing the Boss closing title I, otherwise you will have to start the whole path of the train.

Fight against Julius:

Types of edges related 1: If, when you open the menu for a liauson Artes in combat, a green icon appears next to the name of an arte, you can activate the Special Ability artes linked with this partner. If you run a linked arte while no green icon appears, a single bound arte is activated.

During your fight, overuse of L1 and Cross to launch special attacks. Some attacks are more or less effective depending on the enemies. Against Julius, you will primarily use azure pressing Circle to destabilize attack. To see the strengths and weaknesses of an enemy, aim it and hold R1 button. Attack an enemy that flickers with another element to launch a super combo. Attack with Cross to wobble the Boss then press Circle to launch Azure Edge. Then you will eventually overcome the Boss in question.

It happens that the enemy attacked are left with a distinctive above his head brand, it says it can not against attack. String together the various elements to continue the combo and increase your damage factor.

Change the strategy of a partner: You can change the strategy of the character you're bound by pressing the appropriate arrow key. Consider using this technique to change your battle strategy instantly.

Once the Boss defeated, you can choose between letting Julius or kill, it does affect the rest of the story and you will be propelled into a new area hitherto unknown ... You've just finished the first chapter Tales of Xillia 2.

Chapter 2: New friends, new debt

Objective: To accept debt Reddo

Description: Apparently, I landed in the City of Duval. A medical officer named Reddo nursed my wounds and calls me a whopping $ 20 million Gald for my treatment. I ended up having to deal with this crazy debt.

Here you are now in a new area that you do not know, this is the Bar "film noir." Talk first at Man located near the front with a red jacket. You will be able to ask him where you are or who he is. In both cases, it will tell you that it does not matter and you owe the sum of 20,000,000 cursed Glad to have you saved my life!

After Jude has come to see you, you will have a discussion with her where you can ask her if she's okay or tell him that his watch up to your brother Julius. In both cases, you will keep the watch in your inventory. Nova will then appear and you can ask her if she managed to get a loan or if she's okay. In the first case the answer will be positive and in the second case you will realize that your friend remembers nothing of what happened on the train ... Bizarre.

Once the drive is complete, move to exit the bar and talk to the man with a red jacket. You will then tell him that you sign or wait to sign the contract ... will be followed by a drive where all your friends will join you and you will eventually sign. Before leaving the bar, made a tour in your inventory to find that you watch Julius and the contract signed in game objects.

Dishes in the Objects section you will find a section entitled "Food." The ready meals have special effects, such as promoting the recovery of PV or grant bonus experience for a number of combat. You can buy food in stores and use them at any time from the Objects menu.

Exit the bar and walk in the street to trigger another cutscene. She and Jude ask you how to get all this money and it is she who will offer to go to Canaan, a city "imaginary." You can then ask him to join you or get more information on this location. Anyway, the girl will join your group with you and you can open your map to see your next objective indicated by a star. This symbolizes a distributor located at the train station.

During your journey you can talk with your team by pressing the "Select" and thus learn more about Jude and She. Then move to the star located at the station and use the distributor.

After another cutscene, you will learn that you can not leave the city until you have not already paid a portion of your debt. This will end the second chapter of Tales of Xillia 2.

Description: Oh no! Ludger is left with an astronomical debt on the back! He is dead broke ... When you set aside a certain sum, Nova will call you to ask you to make a payment. You are free to refuse, but above a certain amount, it will proceed to checkout! You can also make a payment at any time by pressing L2. Try to pay off your debt as regularly as possible. Your travel will be temporarily limited, but these restrictions will be lifted gradually your debt.

Chapter 3: It All Falls Apart

In this third chapter, you will understand the operation of the game. You need to pay your debts in order to unlock different parts of the world. The more you succeed in quests and get glads and you will be able to move in the world of Tales of Xillia 2 and continue your main quest.

- 5000 Glads or Nothing
- Back at Julius and Ludger

5000 Glads or Nothing

Objective: Collect 5,000 glads via quests

Description: after completing Chapter 2, you have to recover 5,000 glads fighting monsters, completing side quests and selling various items, which will make it easier to go home.

After completing Chapter 2 of Tales of Xillia 2, you will find tasks to obtain 5000 Glad to help you pay the first part of your debt. Arise therefore begin by the station. In town, every member of your team vague about his business when the main scenario does not require his presence. Go talk to them from time to time in order to get rewards. If you leave the city, they will follow you automatically, so do not bother to collect them. Continuing your journey in a straight line, you come across a mysterious individual ...

This character will show the display panel, allowing you to recover many quests. You can win big and do a good deed at the same time, either by defeating monsters or delivering items. Note that you can talk to the soldier on the left that will remind you the basic techniques to manage your fights.

Display panel tasks: see the details of the tasks and accept the ones you like. You can support up to five tasks simultaneously. Each mission accomplished, make your report and get rewarded for your efforts.

The hunting missions, reported by the "Rose" icon, are to overcome a number of specimen of a given target by going to the place indicated. In collecting missions, reported by the "Blue" icon, you need to retrieve a number of materials that you can find in the designated area or get fighting certain enemies. Missions reported by the missions event icon "Green" are. This occurs only if all members listed in the "Team" section are present.

So get your mission and go into the area in front of you, "Grand-road Alest - Region is". This is where you will find the information in your quest monsters.

A number of tasks are to defeat specific enemies outside the cities. Since you'll have to battle enemies anyway, so kill two birds with one stone and take the opportunity to complete missions and collect the fruits. Note that in this area, you can pick up many items and ingredients on your route you can then keep, use or sell. Once all quests completed, return to the level of the display panel and confirm the success of these.

Increase PC max. : When you get capacity, half of PC needed to equip it are added to the PC of the person who acquired it. You can also increase your PC by beating certain types of enemies. The person who gets the additional PC depends on the defeated monster, then confront all those you meet.

Note that in Grand road Alest - Region is, you often find bags of money on your way.
There will be over a small cave in the center right of the area that will allow you to access a hidden safe giving you 400 Glads.

Quick steps: make a quick step forward or backward with Square and the left stick. You can also use the quick step by quickly tilting the left stick. The quick steps are effective to dodge enemy attacks. When you link quick steps, your sales drop by one point after the first quick step.

After collecting 5,000 Glads, you will receive a phone call from Nova asking you to start repaying your loan.
Accept and give Glads 5000, which will allow you to use again Trigleph Station. Note that you can continue to pay off your debt even when you go through the main storyline, so you will be able to continue to fulfill your missions before returning to the station. Once payment made, go to the station and use the dispenser for you to return to the north of the city.

Back at Julius and Ludger

Objective: take a train to go home

Description: I managed to make enough money to make a down payment and I can once again travel to Trigleph! I can finally go home!

Note that you can return to the combat zone before continuing this third chapter to increase the level of your characters but also increase their friendships. The more you play with related characters and their relationship will evolve.

Weapons, armor and accessories: When you visit a city for the first time, it is likely that the shops offer unusual amenities that will be useful for the battles to come, so consider upgrading your equipment regularly. Accessories, with specific effects, are essential for fighting against devious enemies. Adjust your equipment from the appropriate menu in anticipation of the type of enemies you will face.

Combat advantage: when you explore areas of the game, if your character hits an enemy in the back, you inflict damage on your opponent early in the fight.

Before continuing the adventure, be sure to take a ride in the "Capacities" menu. Your PC you can select the capacity that you have acquired. Capabilities are divided into three categories according to their effect parameter, action and support. More capabilities are powerful, they require more PC. You can select them as you please.

After took a one way trip to Central Station Trigleph, you will come out. Once outside, you can talk with your team but more importantly open your map to find your way and you will move to your apartment where you started the game.

Once inside the building, go north of the area and use the elevator to access the second floor. Your apartment will be located at the northern right of your starting position. On entering inside, you must choose between putting tomatoes in the meals she or not, this will not affect the rest of the script. Point your character near the kitchen and press Cross to cook for your entire team action button ...

After listening to ... the information you will find faces you had already met in the past. Bisley will inform you that you and your brother sought by police. You can then accept or reject using Bisley. Once completed this sequence, stay in the apartment and enter your room. There is a Cape in a box: Increases P. DEF and DEF A. This cloak cotton is essential to any successful trip. Rummaging through the left cabinet, you will get the pajamas Ludger.

Chapter 4: The Monster in the Alleyway

Objective: to 7000 and from glads towards Marksbourg

Description: At home waiting for me and a guy Bisley completely ravaged named Ivar. They told me that Julius was alive, but he was wanted for terrorism. Apparently I myself suspected of complicity. The only way to be cleared of suspicion is to find Julius. I was told that I would find perhaps clues to Marksbourg and center of Helioborg research. So with that I'll start my research.

Exit the building and contact Julius again Nova that will ask 7,000 glads. If you already have the money, give it to ask you to choose between unlock:

- Marksbourg
- Helioborg

By unlocking Marsksbourg, you will have direct access to following the main quest.

On leaving the building, you will meet a young lady asking you to find his 100 cats. If you find a stray cat in your travels, grab it. Speaking with this character, you will unlock the feline shipping function. Feline shipping allows you to send around the world gathered for the cats they will relate objects. Some items in the game can only be obtained in this way. A little further on your right you will find Ivar. Open the bag on his right to obtain the following items:

Galet allows the extraction of the Earth element elemental ore and refining its latent properties.

Apple jelly: Restores 30% of HP. With a good taste of apple. One of two essential to always carry.

Orange jelly: Restores 30% of PCs. As good as a fresh orange! The second of the two must always with self.

Vial resurrection heals KO and restores 30% of PV and 15% of PT during resuscitation.

Blades Spirius: blades designed by Spirius Corp. perfectly fits the shape of the body.

Once harvest is complete, go to the menu of the equipment and change the weapon of your main character. Note that you can also change her look in this part of the options or via DLC or costumes recovered throughout the adventure.
Depending on the choices you make at events and Ludger affinity with other characters can grow, as when making connections combat.

After getting all of these objects back at the station then head of Marksbourg. Upon arrival, go to the bottom left corner of the area. By opening your map you will see that this is symbolized by a yellow star. Note that you can do the quests before the sector to continue your main quest.

Once arrived at the Etoile, select the kinematics to get to know Leia, an old friend if you've played Tales of Xillia first name. During this cutscene you have to choose between you recover even the cat or let Rollo. Each chois made in the game will affect vis-à-vis relations with your allies and may at any time change during combat phases after creating a link.

Now what? Go towards the panel missions at the top right of the box. You will find again Ivar that will give you a hammer. You will then fight with your new "toy".

Hold L1 and press R1 to move the mallet. To return to the blades, press this button or hold L1 and press R2. The mallet has a very broad and is very effective when enemies surround you. It can also break the guard or posture iron of the opponent.

Taunt: each character has a provocation of its own. To activate it, use the left stick. When you cause an enemy, you are vulnerable, but part of your PT is restored. The taunt effect varies depending on the character and ability, so use them wisely in combat.

Once the battle is over, go watch the display panel missions to see that you now have access to information about the elite monsters. Elite monsters are powerful creatures that roam the world. However, if you manage to kill them, you will get many rewards.

Now go back to the station and go for "Duval Station". Once in Duval, you'll find a person to the right of the area with a star on his head. Do not waste time and talk to him in order to meet a friend of Leia that will teach you more about Spirius. Then head towards the alley mentioned in the discourse of Leia.

This lane will be located at the bottom right of the area. Once in there, you'll attacked by a group of individuals and you remontrez time again. You have the choice between letting Jude or help, which will increase your friendship with him.

Once the drive is complete, you'll have to fight against the false Rowen. The easier it is for any first use the mallet to break his custody and then send in the air with your Round attack. Once his life bar less, then you can inflict heavy combos with your sword.

Critical hits and CA: it is easier to score a critical hit when attacking enemies from behind. Critical hits inflict more damage and temporarily increase the maximum value of your CA Conversely, you are more likely to suffer a critical hit when enemies attack you from behind. When an enemy scores a critical hit, your entire temporary AC bonus are lost.

Once the battle is over, you will find the true Rowen and Gaius posing "Erston." Calling Erston, your friendship with this increase. Rowen will decide to join your group and you can accept it graciously to increase your friendship with it or insult of "Old Man". Get out of the lane and then save your progress, you have just finished the fourth chapter of Tales of Xillia 2.

Chapter 5: Spyrite Goes Haywire

In this fifth chapter, you will find an already known by the owners of Tales of Xillia first name area. Because you'll start this dungeon in exactly the same way and then fight a boss again already known: Volt.

- The main road of Torbalan
- The Helioborg Research Facility

- The main road of Torbalan

Objective: Go to the center of Helioborg via the highway of Torbalan

Description: paying off my debt is going well and I was able to lift the restriction on the research center Helioborg. I've heard that I would find some Balan who knows Julius. He might know where I can find it. Initially repay your debt will amount to 10,000 glads then head to the main road of Tobalan. By opening your card, you will see a yellow star northwest of the map. By going to this place, you can reach the center of Helioborg research where things will go next to the main quest.

If you have trouble getting money you can recover very quickly while fighting the "Elites". Most elite monsters have a posture of iron and a large amount of HP. Without proper preparation, defeat is assured. Our characters gravitating around the display panels missions have important information on how to defeat these monsters.

Move then battle the Elite Boss. Note that it may appear in different areas and disappear at the same time if you put too much time to cope. This fight will be for you a little warm-up if you approach from Chapter 5 Remember still use your control modes.

Control mode: "Select" allows you to change the control mode of the characters. In Semi-Pro mode, the character is automatically a good distance from the target to attack. In Auto mode, the attack and defense are automatic. Capacity "powerful load" when you stay in custody for 0.75 seconds after activating the powerful load capacity, you reduce by 25% the amount of PT consumed by the next arte combo. Arte is a more powerful, the more it consumes PT so be sure to activate the ability in order to make the most of the reduction in consumption of PT.

Once the Boss defeated, return at the sign of the missions to see your quest to validate and at the same time save a lot of glads.

On and off the billboard, take the road north of your position. Then you will come across Nova will give you a key item for the sequel, the sphere of objects. Now that you have the sphere of objects, the objects auto function was released in combat.

You can open the screen parameter of this function by pressing Select on the Policy menu. By selecting the objects to be used from this screen, the characters that you do not actively check in combat use of objects based on criteria you set.
However, remember to keep an eye on the number of remaining objects. You are now ready to begin the "Dungeon" in Chapter 5!

Surprise attacks: qaund you explore areas of the game, if an enemy touches your character in the back, you will begin the battle that ensues surrounded by your opponents. Please do not let yourself be surprised.

Once the 10,000 glads reimbursed, take the main road north-east of the city. Move then north then west to get in front of the center of Helioborg research.

Upon arrival you will meet Alvin, an old friend of Jude. You can then tell him that you trust them or not which will aim to increase your friendship level with that character. Then go to the north of the area and enter the research center Helioborg.

- The Helioborg Research Facility

Objective: Go to the top of the building and defeat Volt

Description: Inside a research center, we ran into a young Rieze-Maxienne, Elize who came to visit the center. She claims Balan helped his group to escape and he is on the roof of the research center. Elize, who masters the use of spiritual artes despite her young age, joined us and we headed to the roof. One question nagging me even though: what is this "Teepo" exactly?

Before starting your trip, do not forget to use your "Shipping feline" function located in the options. The more you collect cats, more likely you are to get an object to take to increase your chances. In addition, where you discovered cats will be recorded and will become available to conduct an expedition.

With feline shipping, you can get items by sending your cat on a mission in specific places. Feline shipping offers several advantages, such as allowing you to get the items you will not find anywhere else and find new cats. Every day of the week, a special bonus is offered. That is why it will be very useful to use every day expedition.

Sunday: objects obtained x3
Monday: bonus zone "Rieze Maxia"
Tuesday: objects obtained x2
Friday: bonus zone "all areas"
Thursday: reduced 15% return
Friday bonus zone "Elympios"
Saturday: reduced 20% return

Note that changes may be made via updates and the schedule in which you play the game. Exit the building by taking the door at the top right. You will be met by several enemies that you must then face.

Once the battle is over, you will find that you will Ivar guns and explain how to use it. Hold L1 and press R2 to switch to pistols. Your weapons and scroll in the following order: Blades - Guns - Mallet - Blades. Hold L1 and press R1 to scroll in the opposite direction. The guns can attack distant ridges and provide for highly mobile targets. They are ideal face to distant targets that can not fight back.

To easily achieve this tutorial, go away and shoot with Ivar Cross to touch without it could retaliate. Once the battle is over, go to the northeast of the area.

Performance Bonus: your performance in combat allows you to get bonus experience. Are thus considered:

The number of combos executed
The duration of the fight
The lack of hit points
The bonding performance of combat

Then you'll meet Elize, a former character from Tales of Xillia first name. After a quick scene, you will find yourself in a "parallel world" and you will continue your journey to the left as you enter the building on the left.
+ Advantageous battle: if you start a fight by touching an enemy in the back without being noticed, you not only inflict damage to your opponents early in the action, but they will also be stunned.

In this new building, use the elevator to the first floor 9, indeed it is the only accessible via the elevator.
You will then move to the right and take the stairs whenever you move up from floor to floor while fighting monsters that are on your way. Note that there will be two rather important items you can recover by searching the building. The first will be located in the first room of the zone: Pretty ribbon.

The second interesting trunk is found at the top of the building, upstairs 12 Enter the room located deep in the area where find a box to move. Move it to the left and to the north. You will then get on the same box and pull it in front of you. Jump on the second box and crawl to reach a chest that will give you 2,500 glads!

Special skill related edges: the edges facilitating the activation of the special competence related artes Ludger dependent partner bound and the weapon used. For example, if Ludger is related to Alvin, it makes sense to use the guns.

Go back down one floor and open the door in the center of the zone. In it you can save your progress as well as opening a door to the right of your starting position. You will then arrive in front of the Boss of the chapter 5.

Fight against Volt:

This fight will be quite difficult if you do not have the required level. In this case are back to the area, buy new weapons and fight some monsters designed to give you the experience and upgrade your stats. Once this is taken into account, we recommend you to first use your guns to reach the Boss remotely without touching its electrical balls. Do not forget to use your potions allow you to restore life and revive your team.

Finally, it will also have the tendency to shoot lightning you if you get too close and launch an attack zone when it will jump. In this case go as far as the Boss to avoid making you feel. Once the battle is over, you'll end up where she had discomfort. You will then return to the building and return to the scene of action against Volt.

A new cutscene will trigger and then you'll meet Balan who will tell you more about your brother. You will at the same time meet muzet's sister Milla. Once the cinematic is complete, you will end up at the same time the fifth act of Tales of Xillia 2.

Chapter 6: Spirius Corp.

- Objective: take a boat to the harbor of Marksbourg Aladhi

Description: I can now travel to the haven of Aladhi. Unlike Elympios, Rieze Maxia, the birthplace of Jude, thrives on the use of spiritual artes. It'll have to be careful to keep a cool head.

You start to be used but you will again pay a debt, allowing you to use the boat located Marksbourg. Perform quests, kill monsters, collect items and use your hard-won rewards to pay the debt rising this time to 15,000 glads. You then head to the train station Marksbourg using the train.

Then head to the north of the area where you have to cross Marksbourg market. Note that now, you can now craft your own items. Now you can make custom orders. By choosing custom control, you can buy items at reduced prices by consuming specific materials. Some items can only be obtained through this function. In addition to the items sold in stores, custom commands allow you to gain powerful pieces of equipment, so be sure to regularly use this feature. Tip: Do not forget to regularly send your cats roaming, you will get both single objects but other cats, so you do all the searching in different parts of the game.

Once in the last area, you should talk to the person near the gates. He will ask you if you want to join the haven Aladhi, accept. In this area, we recommend that you explore the area and make new quests available before continuing with the main quest. Upon your arrival you will find Jolyne's friend Leia giving you the ability Sprint.

You can now use the Sprint Now R2 when you move. You can run faster, even though it is harder to turn around. Also, if you crash into an enemy, you will find yourself surrounded early in the bout. Make it so good use.

You can now go to Rieze Maxia. Rieze Maxia is the country that lies on the other side of the ocean. You can operate freely in some areas, such as Aladhi haven. You can now reach some areas Rizez Maxia since haven Aladhi. By visiting new cities, new events can be triggered with your teammates and you can learn new pieces of equipment.

After visiting the area quickly, open the map of the area only to realize that the star indicating the result of the main quest will be in the Hotel on the left side of the port you will find two people who talk to advance the rest of the story.

After talking to these people, take the boat then the train to return to Trigleph. You will then move to the West. You will then arrive in front of the Spirius Corp. in which you will enter. Once in this area, talk to the lady who will be waiting near the secretariat. After a long cutscene, Bisley will teach you that you will be prosecuted by the police, but you do also formally part of Spirius Corp. Finally, you will learn more about the paradoxical faults and your brother who was originally part of the project.

Powerful icon: The icon is a powerful special unusual icon that indicates a particularly strong group of enemies. If you win a battle against opponents scored a powerful icon. You earn double experience and Glad than usual. If you trust your talent as a fighter, try the shot.

Once this is complete cinematic, take the elevator to reach the ground floor and take the second elevator that takes you directly to -10 of the building. Within this new section you will use the platform that takes you to Bisley with whom you need to talk again.

You will arrive in front of several monsters that you must conquer with your new skill. When the gauge is full chromatus, press the left stick and right at the same time to transmute. If the gauge is full chromatus you can transmute you at any time. That is to say, if you're down, if you waver or if you take shots. By chaining attacks with Cross, press Circle to launch powerful attacks chromatus specific. By chaining attacks with Cross, press Circle to launch powerful attacks chromatus. The attack will depend on the level attained by your combo with Cross. Press X, Circle to use Super spin. Press Cross, X, Circle to use Hexamanie. Press Circle and the left joystick in different directions to attack in different ways. Once transmuted your chromatus gauge empties over time or as you take damage.

Once the battle is over, your team will ask you to relax and it will finish at the same time Chapter 6 of Tales of Xillia 2. For various reasons, Ludger is now an agent Spirius. However, this does not exempt the honor its debt. You learned the following capabilities that you can use once transmuted:

- Kresnik
- Harvest rate

These capabilities increase the duration of your transmutation and effectiveness of the Orb of allium so do not forget to activate the manu and put them into practice.

Chapter 7: Destroy the Fractured Dimension

In this seventh chapter you have to first enter into a new dimension paradoxical and understand how it works. You will then search the plant Oscore then face Aska, the Boss of the area. After realizing that the devil is not in the area, you will go into the temple of Milla, an area you already know if you've played the first Tales of Xillia. Then you have to defeat sister Milla Milla then join your group.

- The Oscore Plant
- Nia Khera Village
- Nia Khera Hallowmont Monte

- The Oscore Factory

Objective: head to HQ Spirius Corp.

Description: Finally my first mission! A Great Spirit named Chronos have been linked to Julius and the "paradoxical dimensions" ... and Chronos reside in the land of Canaan. The small She reacted a little strangely at the name, so I feel it's serious ... It's time to introduce me to Spirius to fulfill my duty!

Once the chapter is finished, you will get the map of the world. You can now see the world map by pressing R3. This is where are listed the places you've visited. By selecting a destination, you can get there instantly.

You start to get used to but you will first of all give glads 50,000 to continue your main mission. Then return to Spirius Corp and talk with the secretary, who will explain how to get into a paradoxical dimension.

Bonus transmutation by activating certain abilities, you will receive a larger amount of elemental ore at the end of the fighting, in which you have transmuted using your chromatus. Ludger can now enter the paradoxical through its chromatus dimensions. Selecting Dimension paradoxical since the full map of the world map, you can enter the desired size. So press R3 and enter the paradoxical dimension to continue the main mission of Tales of Xillia 2 Then move near a window and ask to take the train to the plant Oscore.

Once in the factory, you will encounter Alfred Alvin stun a few minutes later. You will then search the inert body of Alfred and steal the key and the access of the plant code. Then enter therein. Take the left door directly and use the writing on the paper found few seconds earlier to open code. Note that during your run, you'll find enemies you can cast magic ailments.

Magic cure diseases: the magical ailments can be treated by themselves after a while. However, by making some special actions for each condition, you can speed this process. You can also reduce your chances of having these conditions in equipping you right accessories and warning you to avoid enemy attacks.

In this small greenhouse, a cutscene will start up and you have to choose between sentences: "It would have pleased Julius ..." or "dish with tomato, is my specialty". Most sentences to choose as they will only have the effect of improving your relationship with your teammates, do not therefore made if nobody reacts because it will be quite easy to increase your relationship by linking characters them in combat.

Then take the exit on the right and enter the next door on your right which found a terminal. Get close to it and update your access card.

Attributes ATT and resistance: the ATT attribute of an enemy is often identical to its attribute of resistance (which can be viewed by pressing R1). Choose attacks that aim weaknesses of an enemy, which mas also avoid undergo magical ailments linked to its ATT attribute.

Get out of the room and open the door in front of you by renewed pass. You will arrive in a circular room, avoid or battle the enemies present and open the door in front of you. In the next section, you will enter a room where you can change the culture room 2 and 3, were you running.

Camera Settings combat: If you hold down L1 while using R when the fight menu is open, you can move the camera to fight. You can choose between three settings angle and distance to the camera. You then head to the Block 2 - lane 1 of the plant Oscore, remember that at all times you will be able to view the map not to lose you. Then take the door on the far north to right into a small room where you can go into "maintenance mode". By doing this, you open the cage Aska. Get out of the room and take the door on your right to reach the center of the central Oscore.

Boss Aska:

Change weapon (Ludger): Press L1 at the same time as R1 or R2 to scroll through the weapons of Ludger: blade, mallet and pistols. Their attributes are:

- Blades: slashing
- Maillet: hits
- Pistol shooting

Choose your weapon depending on its individual merits and weaknesses of the enemy. In this case, for this Boss you will primarily use your mallet in hand-to-hand to more easily knock out the Boss. This will now go back and try to charge at you. Use your guard when you darken it and then shoot with your gun so you do not have to refer you to him.

Transmutation - 1: when the gauge chromatus is at level 1, press L3 and R3 for Ludger transmutes. Transmutation, which consumes a level gauge chromatus, improves defense and prevents you from wobbling after enemy attacks, which is very useful against powerful enemies. Note that enemy artes are neutralized at the time of transmutation. It may therefore be interesting to transmute to a time when your allies are in trouble. Special actions during the transmutation

Super spin: X, O
Hexamanie: X, X, O
Brise-edged: X, X, X, O
Apocalyptica: X, X, X, X, O
Double waltz: X, X, X, X, X

Aska Once defeated, you can choose between free and capture the beast. You then realize that the "cancer" of the fault lies elsewhere, then you have to leave the plant Oscore and return to the station Trigleph.

- Nia Khera Village

Nia Khera Village of Spirits:

Objective: view from Chronos and face

Description: It is ultimately rather logical, but in some paradoxical dimensions, Rieze Maxia and Elympios are still separated. While this idea was germinating in us, the Great Spirit Chronos appeared. She asked him about the land of Canaan and against all odds, Chronos attacked us!

Back at the station Trigleph, you will take the road to Grand Russalle and go towards the dimensional rift. You will then arrive in front of Chronos, the second boss of this seventh chapter.
Transfer capabilities: the effect of capacity also applies to the partner bound the character. This is related capacity. By choosing priority when selecting your characters abilities, they can enjoy various powerful effects for links.

Boss Chronos:

Strategy: the Policy menu lets you give specific instructions to the characters in Auto mode to control the fighting. If you're struggling to defeat a powerful enemy, for example, a new strategy may provide better results. Change care strategy can be particularly effective.

To defeat this boss, you will first of all use your special power when Chronos will perform a special attack to stop him in his tracks. Afterwards be sure to quickly switcher arms following the attacks of Boss and still make connections between your team to perform devastating attacks.

Capacity "Transparency" by checking the Transparency capacity, you can find the weak point of the enemy by pressing R1. The elite monsters have several weak points, this capability is especially useful when you need to confront.

Once the battle is over, you can give your watch or not Julius. Anyway, you will end up jumping into a huge chasm that will remind many memories if you've played Tales of Xillia 1 Your group will be dispersed and you will find yourself at the Temple of Milla ...

You will now have to move to Nia Khera. Note that in the plains visited, you happen to come across unusual Enemies: From time to time, you'll face being cuboid or a mysterious individual wearing a yellow scarf. These two types of enemies leave behind a significant amount of elemental ore or Glad when defeated, so if you cross their path, beat them before they fled.

Finally, during your journey, you have to jump several slopes. You can climb, jump, crawl and run all kinds of action depending on the situation by pressing Cross. Try to hold Cross during these actions in order to gain some time. During your journey, you'll be attacked by a horde of shows and it's Milla who will rescue you. Then open your map to direct you to safely reach Nia Khera.

Once in the village, a small cutscene will occur and you will find that Julius will teach you a little about the history of Tales of Xillia Milla 2 will then make his appearance before departing just as quickly. Once the drive is complete, go into the hut at the top right of your starting position then talk to her.

By purchasing the Glad and materials needed, you can make special items. That's the whole point of the custom control function. When you arrive in a new city and visit its stores, the items they propose to make are automatically added to the menu and the number of items you can order increases.

Moreover, it is possible to order the items on your list in any store in the world, thanks to the vast dealer network. When you have more freedom of movement, be sure to stop in the new towns and visit the shops that are there. After another cutscene featuring Milla's sister, Muzet, you will realize that something is wrong. You'll have to find Milla, it will be at the level of the spiritual path. You can find this information by talking to the villagers.

So go to the shrine, indicated by a yellow star on the map. You will find Milla with whom you will have to talk to make him understand that Muzet is not the sister that he claims to know. Once the speech was over, you will head the Sacred Mount Khera Nia. First go to the back of the hut and look at the web to find a new exit that will take you directly to the place in question that you will eventually climb.

Note that Milla will join at the same time your team. You will then equipped with the extractor, because the Orb of allium does not exist in this world. Do not forget to equip it with a stripper so she could learn artes and capabilities as the rest of your team.

- Nia Khera Hallowmont Monte

Objective: Muzet face and go back to Nia Khera

Description: Vera contacted me and informed me that I had to locate the foundations of Canaan in order to enter the country of the same name. I tried to sympathize with Milla but it sometimes shows remote. His sister, Muzet, is the most curious of the two ... There are signs me think it could be the catalyst for divergence ... Is it the fault of this paradoxical dimension? If I want to learn more about the relationship between Milla and Muzet, interviewing villagers still my best option.

After being on the back of the hut Milla, you will climb the Holy Mountain as it should. First, use all the vines to your left and then jump on the different platforms while fighting enemies that you find in your path.
Remember not to buy new weapons and some things that make it easy against the Boss to come.

Flying object (Leia): If you choose Leia as a partner, it will steal an object to enemies as you hit the ground. Leia is an excellent partner to face enemies like Magic, which makes it easier to steal the items.

During your journey, you will find an icon of power over enemies. The Power icon is a special icon indicating a scarce particularly strong group of enemies. If you win a battle against opponents scored a powerful icon, you will gain twice as much experience and glad than usual.

Once you arrive at the top of the Holy Mountain, save your progress via the circle on the right. You will then talk to Muzet will attack you a few seconds later ...

Boss Muzet:

Breaker (Alvin): If you choose a partner Alvin, when fighting an enemy that is on hold, Alvin will try to break his guard. An enemy hit by a break-guard will suffer dizziness. Alvin is a great partner bound to confront the enemies of powerful guy who often warn against your attacks.

At the beginning of the fight against Muzet you will use automatically your special attack, so you need to inflict maximum damage before the real battle begins. Put yourself preferably with Alvin in order to look at life through his fate and his break-guard against Muzet.

Muzet make two devastating attacks against your group. The first is to launch an attack Roche distance that will counter your attacks spray when you are away from it. The second will be in hand-to-hand, will Muzet area attacks your character fire that will burn for several seconds. The easiest way for you will be to move around the map by locating where his attacks will fall.

Finally, Muzet invoke a "mystic Arte" when it will have no life. So use your special attack to freeze time at that time, or use an object just after restoring life to your entire group to be in bad shape. At the end of the fight, you have the choice between saving Milla, which will increase your affinity with it or kill Muzet, which will have no impact.

Once the battle is over, you will leave the Holy Mountain to return to Nia Khera. Note that the hut, you will be able to recover Minus one hundred cats recover in the game. If ever you do not want to find them all by yourself by sending your cats feline via shipping, they are likely to find themselves. Tip: during your return to Nia Khera, you can use the Sprint option to move faster.

Sprint and enemies: Press R2 when you move to sprint. Our if you encounter an enemy while sprinting, you automatically will hire a surprise attack and you find yourself in difficult situation. Therefore, remember to use the sprint wisely, especially when you know that there are enemies around.

Fight against Julius (Option 1):

Back to Nia Khera, a cutscene will trigger and you will choose the Boss fight. You can fight against Julius or Reddo, it will influence your future battle but not the rest of the story you'll find in both cases Spirius Corp. Unlike the battle against Muzet, it will be a little easier as Julius used primarily attacks the body-to-body. Use your guard and allow your companions put the Boss ground to inflict heavy damage.

Sphere of edges: when you have the Field of edges, the number of edges that you can assign to your characters increases. Combining L1 Stick to the left and Round in combat, you can use twice as many edges as before.

Fight against Reddo (Option 2):

By choosing to fight Reddo, the fight will not change fundamentally from that of Julius. You will need to ward off the attack before any "Claw" and then use your special attack that allows you to freeze time to inflict the most damage possible. Once the battle is over, you will find yourself Spirius Corp.

You now have many teammates. All these characters are in town when you do not advance in the main story. However, when he left the city, Ludger can be accompanied only three characters. Be sure to choose carefully before you head out. You can change your teammate in any city.

Note that you can discover new treasures in the paradoxical dimensions, places you've visited in the first dimension. Could you hurry to reach your destination or take your time to pick up all the items on the way. Be aware that you will not find any cat in the paradoxical dimensions.

Talk to the secretary in Spirius and watch carefully the cutscene that will teach you a little about the rest of the story. You will then return home to continue the main quest in Chapter 7.

Totally independent of the main timeline events can occur when you talk to your teammates once in town. When your relationship is high enough with it then a red icon will be on his head and you will achieve an annex quest with it. After giving room to all your team, Milla left the group and she and Jude at the same time. So you will have to leave the building and join it or a final cutscene will complete the seventh chapter.

Chapter 8: Melody that Echoes Across the Sea

    - Objective: Go to the haven of Aladhi

Description: I received a call from Vera, who explained that Julius had fled with the milestone of Canaan! Awesome ... I love my brother, but I want to know what goes through his head sometimes! A team is already en route to the haven of Aladhi to continue, but I would find it first!

Before you start this mission, you'll first have to give the $ 100,000 glads, not a penny less. Once the cumulative sum, you will receive a call asking to choose between Julius find or talk to you Erston. In this comprehensive guide to Tales of Xillia 2, we first chose to find Julius but do not worry because according to your choice, you will see in Chapter 9 Erston or vice versa.

If you like we initially chose to find Julius, you will leave for haven Aladhi. Then go talk to Reddo that found the top right of your original position. After completing the dialog, go toward Hamil. Once in this small village, a new cinematic staging Muzet will appear. At this time you will receive a phone call telling you that a new dimension has been paradoxically found. You'll be accompanied on this adventure: Muzet, Milla, Elize and your hero Ludger.

In this paradoxical dimension, you will be propelled at Falls Kijara. Head north, climb the small rocks to get to the center of Falls Kijara which will host a new kinematics. After regaining your brother, it will attack by the catalyst.

Powerful Charge 2: Normally, you should have learned the powerful ability Charge 2 Chapter 8 When you stay on hold for 2 seconds after activating this ability, the first shot of the next attack generates Damage +. Characters that have no elementary attributes can still generate Damage +.

Boss Catalyst Falls Kijara:

All the fighting will take place as normal. Use your potions to restore life to your entire group and vials resurrection if ever the fight goes wrong and do not forget to freeze time as soon as you can. Once the life of Boss completed, Elize heal it again and you will be in a phase where you must use your new power by pressing L1 + X, X to perform a mystic arte, ending at the same time the Boss.

Once the battle is finished, it will end the Chapter 8. Note that if you make the secondary events between the main quests, you will get several bonus sequences to learn a little more about the characters, their relationships and gain even more affinity according to your choice.

With Julius, Ludger and his team recovered a new milestone. Do not forget to visit the Harbour Lakutam which will unlock once completed this chapter. You learned the following capabilities, which you can use once transmuted:

    - Kresnik 2
    - Trance
    - Harvest Power

These capabilities increase the duration of your transmutation and effectiveness of the Orb of allium, so do not forget to activate the menu and put them into practice.

Chapter 9: Gaius' Test

    - Objective: Join Gaius before the HQ Spirius Corp.

Description: Another message Erston! He wants to see me again. What does he want me yet? He seemed upset this time, so I'd better get me right away Spirius HQ!

To start this new main quest, you will first need to pay 100,000 glads Reddo then talk to Gaius that will be faced HQ Spirius Corp.

After having a long discussion with Gaius, you will leave for a new paradoxical dimension accompanied by the following team: Elize, Milla, Gaius and yourself. Once in this new area, go straight ahead to access the Highlands until you reach Kanbalar.

See related capabilities in combat: Press R1 when the battle menu is open to view the related capacity of your characters. The related capacity building is the effects of which also benefit the partner bound. This information can be helpful when choosing a partner.

Once at Kanbalar, take the door in front of you that will take you to the "residential area" then go to the right to access the castle gates Gaius. Talk to the guard and decide to fight or not to go into the throne room. Here, do not forget to save your progress from then until right before you do meet Wingul, a character you have already had the opportunity to fight if you've played Tales of Xillia first name.

Chivalry (Gaius): If you choose Gaius as a partner, you will benefit from several positive effects when you face the defending enemy attacks. Gaius is an excellent partner for fighting against enemies have powerful onslaught it is difficult to defend himself.

Boss Wingul:

The Boss can be quite difficult if you have anything in your possession, so do not forget to supply you with the merchant before the fight. We advise you subsequently bind to Gaius that will be of tremendous support during this fight and may even end up alone go fight.

Once the battle is over, you will kill the catalyst, return to your first dimension and unlock several new areas we advise you to explore before the end of your adventure to increase the power of your weapons, armor and solve several side quests to gain a few levels with your team.

Chapter 10: Ruins of Thunder

- Objective: Join the new paradoxical dimension

Description: Nova just sent me a message asking me to help. This was the urgent air, but I have a feeling she exaggerates, as usual. Anyway, to be sure, I'd better get to Drellin to see what happens ...

To start this new main mission, you must first be recovered as many as 150,000 glads, which starts to make more than a whopping. Take the opportunity to perform many sub quests to recover bonus money and buy new equipment that will serve you well for the following events. Then go and talk to Nova Drellin waiting for you in the main square.

After the quick cutscene, you will need to visit the new paradoxical dimension Heights Catamar, you move to the Ruins of Epilla then take the road to the cave on the right. You will now have to successfully find the "exit" of the dungeon that will take you to final boss of this paradoxical flaw.

Changing character: to change the character you control in combat, hold L1 button and use the arrow keys. Press the arrow key in the direction of the character you want to control depending on its position on the screen.

Ability "Powerful Charge 3": if you remain on hold for 4.5 seconds after activating this ability, the next attack (though it is not a spiritual arte) is rocking the enemy. This property is very useful against enemies with good defense.

Once in the cave, you will first need to find a way out of it by opening your card. This will bring you into a whole new section with a very sophisticated architecture. Do all around the room and enter the last door on the northeast of your position. Inside is found a "unique" enemy that will give later a very important subject ...

Artes artes and related mystics can be done after learning the Special skill. Once activated it, now Cross while performing arte bound Saturation mode to launch a mystic arte. The effects of saturation mode are neutralized once you have used the mystic arte, so choose the right time to launch it.

You just ... recover energy Unity! Now go to the place to find a huge pillar and put that energy unit on the pillar to activate an elevator that takes you to the second level.

Once in the second section, you should open your map to see a cave is accessible through a hole in the wall. Upon entering the cave, you will come to the third part of the dungeon. Inside it, you will once again borrow a cave then go down to the right of the area, opening the door.

Inside this room you'll find a single new enemy that you must defeat in order to get a new energy unit. Then take the left door and enter the last room to find a last single enemy.

Artes mystical enemies, some enemies are also use mystic artes. When these enemies are Saturation mode, they can activate their mystic artes once connected to an arcane arte. To avoid potential pest damage mystic artes enemies, try not to let them connect to their arcane artes. When you see a "!" show is that an arcane arte is imminent.

It will do just redo them and return in the second room from the beginning of the dungeon where you were still unable to activate the elevator. Here, use your energy unit to access the top floor of the dungeon. Once in this huge room, walk straight ahead .. Do not forget to save your progress before facing the Boss end of the chapter.

Principles of connection (4): when you start a arte after performing a normal attack for a bond, half of PT consumed is deducted from the total of your bound partner PT. If you perform a normal attack after launching a arte, your partner also benefits from the restoration of PT generated by the normal attack. To make the most of your PT, perform combos involving normal attacks and artes.

Catalyst Ruins Epilla:

Once rendered against the Boss, you will first need to hear all the talk going on each portrait in the room. After a quick cutscene, you will have to fight this boss. Use as soon as you can transmuting Ludger to counter his attacks.

Transmutation (2): a transmutation using two level gauge chromatus improves attack Ludger. All his attacks then receive a bonus power and it can use mystic artes at will, which is very useful in the face of difficult to defeat enemies despite transmutation. Use mystic artes once transmuted: maintaining Cross after pressing L1 + Cross.

Transmutation ends once you've used a mystic arte, then use one preferably when the gauge chromatus is almost empty.

Note that the properties of Double waltz will be strengthened.

Chapter 11: Milla Maxwell

- Objective: Join HQ Spirius Corp.

Description: Vera just told me that the last milestone was spotted. She looks even more excited than usual. So we went in haste HQ Spirius. We discovered the paradoxical dimension containing the latest milestone, but Milla of our size we prevent access from within.

At first you'll have to earn 200,000 glads to repay your debt. Then go Spirius Corp HQ and talk to the secretary who will take you directly to the top floor. Then back out of the enclosure and talk to Milla.

Talk to Gaius and Marcus will teach you a little about the course of events, you have to enter NSE Pélune. Once inside, you will have 30 minutes to complete your task. Note that you will find many people injured on your route you can save or not to get items easier for you next fight against Reddo at the end of this chapter.

- Take the right path
- Take the north gate
- Go back to your left

Then you come to a room where a guard directly attack Milla, fight the guard to see him explode a few seconds later.

Teleportation Support (muzet): If you choose muzet as a partner, it just teleports you to the enemy when you step back a good distance from it when you do a back step. Teleportation allows you to go through groups of enemies so be sure to link you with muzet when enemies are many.

Then continue your journey on the left and up the stairs to get on the pontoon boat. Here you can save your career and enter the last room where you wait Reddo...

Boss - Reddo transformed:

Just before the battle you can choose between dropping Milla or retain it. Retaining it, you will increase your affinity with that character. Anyway, it will eventually break, leaving room for Maxwell in the first dimension. You will then fight Reddo. The easiest way for you will begin by killing all his servants using your power of time and focus you against the Boss while using your gun to keep clear. Once the fight is over, talk to her, which is on the port to stop this Chapter 11 Tales of Xillia 2.

Chapter 12: "Me" and Elle

- Objective: Kill the catalyst in the paradoxical dimension.

Description: Bisley called us, he wants to meet the real Milla. She did not seem thrilled with the idea, but an order is an order. We must return to HQ Spirius. We went in the paradoxical dimension supposed to contain the final milestone. It is a world where Rowen was killed eight years ago, his body abandoned in Lake Epsilla?

Pay first 200,000 glads then go before the Spirius Corp where you wait Bisley. Once the discussion is complete, you will have to enter the paradoxical dimension with predefined team: Ludger, Jude, Milla and Rowen.

You will go to where you will learn Sharilton Rowen died in this paradoxical dimension. Cross the street and go in front of the house Driselle, where you'll get two objects: Needle terror and Crocs Spirius. Then head north on the map until you reach the haven of Spastrath where you have to take the boat leading to Marksbourg.

Starting towards the station, you will encounter an animal in a strange color, and you will learn that Jude in this world has succeeded in his mission. Then go to the station and take the train to Drellin. Once on the site, you will be that your entire team was killed and later found at a lake ... so Go to Lake Epsilla taking Heights Catamar show as the yellow star on your card.

Boss Ludger catalyst:

Once at the lake level, you will find a house you have to go. Then you will find the father she who will Ludger other than in a paradoxical dimension. Pay attention to his special attack "Mystic Arte" and use vials resurrection on your team to always be redundant against the Boss.

Feel free to freeze time in order to inflict heavy damage to Ludger. Once the battle is over, you return to your first dimension and will have to enter the hotel to rest. After several scenes, you will complete at the same time in the 12th chapter of Tales of Xillia 2.

Chapter 13: The Promised Land Appears

- Objective: to relate to milestones Marksbourg.

Description: we have recovered all milestones Spirius and asked me to bring them to Rieze-maxien port Marksbourg. We will finally enter the land of Canaan, but after everything that happened, this victory has a bitter taste.

First pay any debt 150,000 glads Marksbourg then go to where you expect soldiers Spirius. After talking to the right one, you start Chapter 13 Tales of Xillia 2.

Boss Chronos

A fight against Chronos will fire after the cutscene. You will need first of all to fight his first form leaving out his henchmen, Chronos then take his second form where he can control the weather.
The thing is very simple: fight his henchmen then hit Chronos once it alone. Once made his life at least, he will try to change the weather, so use your Chromatus and hit it to get around. Finally, you will take the station and return to HQ Spirius to complete this 13th chapter.

Chapter 14: Ludger, Mission Complete

- Objective: Go to HQ Spirius Corp.

Description: Spirius has completed preparations and I have to go there on the double! Someone has had to find it in all that time.

After paying your glads 150,000, you can access the penultimate chapter of the game and at the same time not having to worry about your debt. You will then go to the HQ and talk to Spirius Corp Reddo which leads directly to the 40th floor of the building. You will learn that you are appointed as vice-president of the company.

Fight against your teammate:
Then go to the 30th floor and talk again to Reddo. Then go to the ground floor to meet your friends. It was at that point that you have to make a choice between fighting with the choice of Jude or Milla left with the choice of right. This fight will be fairly expeditious including using your Chromatus.

Once the diversion success, you need to go to the basement and then enable the security mode. Here you have to face all the androids on your way to open doors leading you to the secret passage Spirius Corp. Upon exit, you will be overtaken by Reddo you face again.

Second boss fight against Reddo:
To defeat this boss, the easier will first face the minions located towards the outside of the arena that they can not break your combos. Once done, take on the old guard of Milla. You will go face Reddo alone hit him in hand-to-hand with swords and use your Chromatus to quickly end this fight. Once the challenge is completed, go back in front of your apartment to find Jude and finish at the same time this penultimate chapter.

Chapter 15: Brothers Forever (A Brother's Wish, A Brother's Will)

Objective: Confront or not Julius

Description: Julius told us to join the land of Canaan, we had to cross a bridge psychic ... But it required the sacrifice of a membrepuissant Clan Kresnik. In other words, Julius or me. He asked me to meet him at rieze-maxien port Marksbourg.

Go firstly to Spirius doors and talk to the audience who will explain your loan closes. Then go back to your apartment and read the letter that is on the coffee table.

Debt: You no longer have to settle your debt but you really be one to avoid your responsibilities so easily? Of course not! Pressing L2 you can continue to pay off your balance. If you continue the payment, Nova will send other rewards such as new required.

Then go to Marksbourg you wait for your brother. You have the choice between face to face or your team. If you decide not to confront Julius see the wrong end of Tales of Xillia 2, otherwise, you will open a bridge to Canaan.

Fight against Julius or your team:

Once the battle is over, if you have faced Julius, you will receive many improvements. You will learn the building: 3 Kresnik, Mutation, Harvest magic. These capabilities increase the duration of your transmutation and effectiveness of the Orb of allium, and allow you to teleport to the enemy, so do not forget to activate the menu and put them into practice.


The Events section will include all independent chapters for each character on your team. You can indeed following your relationship with the person concern, talk to him in the city outside of the main quest. The character in question can then be asked to help on a personal quest that you will both increase your relationship with it as well as learn more about Tales of Xillia 2 and the personal history of this companion .



This part of the Complete Guide to Tales of Xillia 2 will include all events of Jude, allowing you to get unique items, increase your relationship with this character as well as learn more about his personal history.

- Idealism and Reality
- Unexpected encounter

Idealism and Reality

Objective: Go to the lab from the center of Helioborg

Description: A woman named Mary contacted me. She studies the effects of spyrites under the command of Jude.
Apparently, a strange man trying to acquire control of the machine on which syrites Jude worked so hard. Sensing that there was something fishy, Jude leaves for Helioborg where Mary is waiting. it looks to me to need all the help possible, then I'm going with him.

First to start this event, you need to talk to Jude who is near your apartment. You will notice quickly with a red icon over his head. This will then launch an Event dedicated to Jude.

If you talk to one of your teammates in town while the "red" icon is displayed, you can trigger a special event involving this character. These specific stories are divided into several chapters. In each of these stories, your team consists of Ludger, the central character in the story in question and prospective members concerned. These are indicated by the "padlock" icon in the menu. You can choose other characters as you like when you're in town. If you want to change your team. It is at this point that you have to make your choice.

Once the event started, you will leave for the Center of Research Helioborg then go to the top floor using the lift. You will see on the floor # 12 an icon showing which continue after this event you.

A cutscene will then launch with a strange person trying to retrieve the machine Jude. Once the drive is complete, you may exit from the building to end this chapter serves as an introduction to the Event of Jude. You will get the same time a change of colors for Jude if you want him change clothes and friendship will be greatly increased with this character.

Unexpected encounter

Objective: Destroy the new paradoxical dimension

Description: In this new dimension paradoxical, Jude's father, Derrick, is working hard to treat victims of the catalyst of divergence. Jude ended up going to help. If I understand correctly, Jude and his father do not get along very well in the first dimension, but here Derrick keeps congratulate Jude!

First go to Hamil and talk to Jude to begin this new chapter event. You will then enter a new paradoxical dimension where you will be directly pushed into the abyss tatalien, at the ground floor. Move to the exclamation point to talk to the father of Jude.

Boss Hog bloody:

Then you have to go down to level 2 of the Abyss for conflict with the boss in question that you must overcome as it should. During this fight you will first of all use your guard when the enemy will darken over or dig a hole to come out a few seconds later. Then wait patiently to get your full power Chromatus to inflict as much damage as possible to the beast without that it could retaliate.

Teepo vampire (Elize): If you choose Elize partner as soon as you run out of PT, Elize can absorb PV and PT of an enemy and you transfer them. Elize is more likely to absorb the points of enemies when they are thrown into the air and against the enemies of such speed.

Once the battle is finished, you will be in your first dimension and Jude will get a shot of an urgent phone. Head in his laboratory in you teleport directly and watch the cutscene that will put an end to this new chapter. You will receive the Order and the hairstyle one of Xillia Jude.


This part of the Complete Guide to Tales of Xillia 2 will include all events Leia, allowing you to get unique items, increase your relationship with this character as well as learn more about his personal history.

Leia's mission

Objective: To give the letter to the employee of the station

Description: Leia is a diligent journalist, but his editor keeps refusing his articles! At his request, she went to deliver documents to the station, but the officer who recovered them made a comment on Rieze Maxia moved that shocked Leia. It must not be easy to be discriminated against.

To start this quest Character, you will first of all speak to Leia that will be in Trigleph near the building Spirius Corp. Talking to him, then you start the first chapter of this Event.

After some discussion with the boss Leia, you have to give a letter to a person in the station. So go to your right, enter the station and give it to the person at the very top right of your original position. Note that you can also open your map to find your way more easily and thus directly identify the position of the character.

When the letter is given, you will return to the previous path and give the package to your boss to finish the first chapter. Then you will increase the affinity of Ludger with Leia and get at the same time a change in colors that allow you to change the holding Leia.


This part of the Complete Guide to Tales of Xillia 2 will include all events in Alvin, allowing you to get unique items, increase your relationship with this character as well as learn more about his personal history.

Alvin merchant

Objective: help Alvin in its sale of fruit

Description: Alvin and Yurgen have partnered to sell merchandise to Elympios Rieze Maxia. They asked me to help them, but I do not know if it's a good idea. Each country has its own economy and business practices, and I think it will not be easy to do business.

Appointment first at Duval and talk to Alvin to unlock the Event "Alvin merchant".

Follow Alvin on the merchant located in the parallel street to your original position. You need to choose whether or not you find the best fruits. Note that by choosing the right answer, you will increase your friendship with Alvin. You will then return to the street parallel to continue your quest. Remember to use your card to determine where and how you direct.

Boss Ivar:

To finish this chapter, you will face Ivar should not ask too many problems. Use your priority blades in hand-to-hand and use your power allowing you to freeze time so he quickly without inflicting major damage that it could retaliate. Once the battle is over, you will end at the same time Chapter 1 and get a change of colors for Alvin.


This part of the Complete Guide to Tales of Xillia 2 will include all events Rowen, allowing you to get unique items, increase your relationship with this character as well as learn more about his personal history.

Rowen and Marcia

Objective: To find the catalyst in the paradoxical dimension

Description: A new dimension has been paradoxical discovery, I'm going to explore it with Rowen and Elize!

At first you have to talk to who will be in Rowen Marksbourg, then you should accept the event of it to access the first chapter of Rowen: Rowen and Marcia. Then press R3 and switch to the requested size. You will be required to be accompanied by Elize and Rowen in your journey. So choose well the last person to accompany you because you can not leave this paradoxical dimension before having it destroyed.

Once in this new dimension, exit the station to attend a speech by Marcia. Once the drive is complete, you will realize that his home is simply the catalyst for this paradoxical dimension. Go to the station and take the same train as Marcia. You will then cross the entire train to arrive near the room where Marcia, a speech will now launch.

Boss Cat paradoxical dimension:

After completing the ... speech, enter the car to end up in front of the cat in question, which will be transformed into a hideous creature. During the match we advise you to ally with Rowen will be a very good fighter and use your special power that allows you to stop time and thus inflict heavy damage to the beast.
Interest bonds: when you're bound and you treat yourself or cash moves, part of the points restored or damage is transferred to your partner. The longer the connection, the longer the amount of transferred PV increases and decreases the damage transferred. Recovery time magical affection transferred (burns, for example) is also reduced.

During your fight, do not forget to use items giving you an advantage over the advanced combat. Once the battle is over, you will find in your size and receive the reward change colors to Rowen.


This part of the Complete Guide to Tales of Xillia 2 will include all events Elize, allowing you to get unique items, increase your relationship with this character as well as learn more about his personal history.

Girlfriend Elize

Objective: To find the catalyst in the paradoxical dimension

Description: Bunny rage in meoment Elize and trying to get one for her! If you ask me, it's all the fault of the corresponding Elize, Luna ... It plays the role of big sister Elize and that's why it wants to do the same for her. But .. I think it's pretty cool!

To make this event all you need to talk to Elize located in the harbor of Aladhi. Once the chapter launched a cutscene will trigger and put an end to the first chapter at the same time. Once completed this chapter, you will get a change of colors for Elize.


This part of the Complete Guide to Tales of Xillia 2 will include all events Milla, allowing you to get unique items, increase your relationship with this character as well as learn more about his personal history.

Milla soup

    Objective: Talk to Milla in his adopted village

Description: She told us that she really wanted to taste the soup Milla. The latter, very proud of her cooking skills, She was eager to taste the soup, but the verdict did not seem to have really enjoyed it ... In the ranking of Elle, soup Milla came in third, behind his father and mine. Milla is now determined to win first place and I, like an idiot, I find compelled me to help! But what I did this to the world?

This first mission will simply ask you to go to the village of Milla: Nia Khera. Then go to the hut Milla and talk to him to initiate a cutscene and at the same time the end of the chapter "The Soup Milla". You will get the reward Sphere + objects that will allow you to carry up to 10 objects of the same type at a time.

Milla chef

 - Objective: Fighting Bears Milla

Description: Milla wants to get bear claws, which it believes are necessary to concoct the ultimate soup. How is it that I have to help him hunt bears? Milla and Elle seem rather happy with the idea of eating soup bear claws, but I have a bad feeling.

To begin this quest, you must first of all go to Kanbalar then talk to Milla who is at the center of the city. After a quick dialog, you should go for the lava tunnels Nala looking for the bear to kill.

Boss Bear Milla:

This enemy will be particularly corriace. Use priority to your guns shoot him from a distance until the guard finally break. At that time, skip it and get him a weapon in hand-to-hand to inflict maximum damage. Jude in your team, you can quickly return to life by putting you on hold while the Boss will ball to charge you. Once the battle is finished, it will end at the same time in this area.

 The Milla we know

 - Objective: Talk to Milla in his village

Description: Milla made efforts to break the ice with her, but it's hard to forget the other Milla, refusing outright to call him by his first name. There is not much time before the Mana released by schism is completely consumed and therefore Milla polurra longer remain in that form for a long time ... Just go talk to Milla in his tent located in the hometown of Milla to start and finish the chapter. You will get the same time a new outfit for the new Milla.

 Milla treacherous

 - Objective: Talk to Milla to destroy the catalyst

Description: At the research center, Jude was approached by Aska, who seemed to enjoy it a lot. Jealous of the relationship between Jude and Milla, he told us that the old Maxwell himself was in love with a girl named Milla Kresnik, but she broke his heart.

Go straight first talk to Milla located in Fennmont to launch this new event. You will then go to the lab to find that you have to overcome Aska.

Boss Aska in the paradoxical dimension:

Magic guard auto (Rowen): If you choose a partner Rowen, whenever an enemy attack with a spiritual arte, Rowen active Guard Magic on you to protect yourself against automatically arte enemy. When the effect is magic guard on, you can still move freely. Rowen is an excellent partner bound to confront the enemies of magic guy who frequently use spiritual artes. Once the battle is over, you will get a new Dress and Hairstyle for Milla Maxwell.

 Serving Maxwell

 - Objective: Talk to Milla to destroy the catalyst

Description: The Ivar the paradoxical dimension we learned more about Milla Kresnik. According to legend, she was the first chief of the clan Kresnik and the first human to have invoked the Great Spirit Maxwell. Tell Milla in his village and then use the card to enter a new dimension paradoxical. You will need to climb up the mountain where you had faced muzet in the main quest. Here, you will face the boss. You then get a new outfit for Milla.

 Unwavering resolve 

 - Objective: Talk to Milla then defeat the two Boss

Description: Milla wants to know more about the origins of Milla Kresnik, it is at this point that Ludger received another call asking him to go to a new dimensional rift. Milla will then be able to ask many questions to the old Maxwell ... Talk first at Milla who will be in the town of Hamil. Once the chapter started, you will need to enter in the parallel dimension with Ludger, Jude, Milla and the person of your choice. The first route to take and how to defeat both Boss allows you to stop the events of Milla.


This part of the Complete Guide to Tales of Xillia 2 will include all events of Gaius, allowing you to get unique items, increase your relationship with this character as well as learn more about his personal history.

 Meeting with Gaius

 - Objective: Tanner fight

Description: By a strange set of circumstances, Gaius and me (or say "Erston and me," I should) have intervened to save Kyle and Tanner claws Herschel. I find that the sympathetic and careful Kyle Tanner are a good team, but Tanner seems to have a grudge against Rieze Maxia and wanted to Erston!

To begin this quest, you will first need to talk to Gaius to be located near the building Spirius Corp. Once the drive is complete, go to the Port of Trigleph, enter the inn and talk to the people that you will come to save a few minutes ago.

Link battles: beware links combat. When you hit an enemy on the map to engage in combat and another enemy nearby noticed your presence, you will have to face both. Face too many enemies at once can be difficult, so look around before you go blindly attack.

You will then move to the park in front of your house to confront the person who gave you an appointment. This fight will be fairly simple because all enemies will be "classic" and will have no special attack.

Types of edges related (2): single bound edges are listed in the following categories:

    Canon bound
    Bound column
    Connected load
    Sharp bound

Use them wisely to achieve chains linked artes. Once the battle is finished, it will end this first chapter Event Gaius and you get a color variation for the same character.

 The ties that bind us

 -  Objective: Join Gaius at the hotel.

Description: Kyle is worried about Tanner, he has not seen since qu'Erston beat. When Kyle learns what happened, he gets angry and gets a turn to Erston. Both games people do not at all share the same opinion on Rieze Maxia, but they are still very good friends.

Go straight first talk to Gaius who will be waiting at the hotel. You will then use your card to jump on a new parallel place. Then go straight to the northwest to fall on two fights. The first will be the old team of Gaius and the second will be other than the catalyst of this world.

Battle against friends Gaius:
Fight against the catalyst:

Once all the enemies defeated, return to Trigleph near your apartment and talk with the individual. This will aim to put an end to this chapter and give you the Dress and Hairstyle Tales of Xillia 1 Gaius.

 Landscapes Rieze Maxia

  - Objective: traveling with Gaius

Description: Kyle and Tanner, who eventually befriended Erston, went visit Rieze Maxia. We had the support of course, but surprisingly, it did not seem to bother Erston. To thank them for having accompanied them in a long journey, they offered to Erston a camera and took a picture as a souvenir.

Talk first to Gaius to start Chapter 3 "Landscapes of Rieze Maxia". You will then go to Sapstrath, tracking the course. Engage the enemy and then return to Marksbourg requested to complete the side quest. You will get a new outfit for Hair and Gaius.

The duty of the king 

  - Objective: Talk to Gaius and accompany him in his decision

Description: Kyle admitted killing the rieze-maxien soldier. The man kept asking him questions and he was only trying to escape. If it really was an accident, he could have an easy way out with the help of a king ...

First go to Trigleph near the hotel where you expect Gaius. After talking to him, you will watch a cutscene then move to Marksbourg. Here it will do more than choose between defending Kyle or condemn. Anyway, this will put an end to this last quest Annex Gaius.


This part of the Complete Guide to Tales of Xillia 2 will include all events Muzet, allowing you to get unique items, increase your relationship with this character as well as learn more about his personal history.

Radio spirits
 - Objective: Talk to muzet and accompany environments

Description: On a recommendation Balan, I participate in an experience of Nigel, a researcher in mind, involving a kind of "Radio minds". This device is supposed to allow the wearer to hear the voices of spirits, but the one I hear in my head strangely resembles muzet.

Talk first to muzet present in the ancient city of Spyrixs. You will then go to the lab and then walk in the Mire Arkund to find Nigel and finally back to the lab. You will get a new outfit for muzet.

Tenderly, muzet

  - Objective: Go in the paradoxical dimension and kill the Harpy

Description: muzet seems to win our affection by giving us a gift. Gaius suggested he make accessories with feathers harpies, found in the caves of Bermia.

Tell muzet located in Drellin then go to the new paradoxical dimension. You will then go to the top of the zone and then face the Harpy. Once the battle is over, you will get plumes and two gifts: the Uniform and the Headdress muzet.

The Union Army running

- Objective: Talk to muzet and enter the cave

Description: In order Spirius we joined an extermination unit monsters, composed of Lisa, a soldier of Rieze Maxia, and Min agent. At first, our little group did not get along very well, but we have learned to accept each other.

Go straight first talk to muzet located in Leronde to start this quest Annex.. Once the battle is over, you will get a new outfit for muzet.

The big blow muzet

    - Objective: Talk to muzet and fight the Boss

Description: muzet Marksbourg told us that was going to be the target of an attack by monsters, but it does not tell us where she got this information ... We split into two groups to better manage the situation but if you ask me, there is something fishy in this story.

Tell muzet in Marksbourg then do you create your group. You will then face an enemy to complete the final chapter of muzet.

Chapter 16: The outcome 

Objective: Enter the gates of judgment and defeat Chronos

Here you are returned at the end of Tales of Xillia 2, go first to Marksbourg and enter the purple ball to the bridge to take you directly to Canaan. Once in the final dungeon, you should talk with your teammates to create a group of four.

Transmutation (3): a transmutation using three levels of gauge chromatus improves power attacks made with Round. In addition, all attacks made with Cross generates a shadow, doubling their impact. You are fully prepared to face the toughest enemies.

In this dungeon, you will have three paths to take, you need to take good unfortunately for you, this path will be totally random and can change every part of you. Once at all in the end zone, you have two effronter Boss in a row, so be sure to have all your skills, weapons and items at your disposal.

Boss - Chronos

As for your last meeting, you will first of all deal with Chronos conventional attacks and promotional efforts appear when his henchman. Chronos will freeze when the time who will then lots of life ... Then use your Chromatus to stop his power and end his life bar without that it could react.

Boss - Bisley:

You are now facing the Boss endgame Bisley. Face it as Chronos early in the action and feel free to use your flasks resurrection if the fight starts to go wrong. Once the first phase is complete, a cutscene will appear and then you resume the fight where you left off. You'd have to drastically lower hit points Bisley to show the third stage where you use your Chromatus then inflict the final attack him with your spiritual Arte.

Once the battle is over, you will learn the ability to: SurégimeTurbo of chromatus. She chose to sacrifice or Ludger to attend the right or wrong end of the game. Congratulations! You have completed the Tales of Xillia 2 Your data will be saved and loading the final backup, you can resume the game just before the end of the adventure. The New Game + option has been added to the title screen. By selecting this mode of play, you can start a new game by importing all the data from your final backup. Please note that only data of finished parts can be imported.