Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) movie review

In this summer's action-race we have seen galaxy guardian, mythological demigods, earth conquering monkeys, Tom Cruise in the time loop, transformer robots and more Michael Bay than what is useful. To the end of the season are now drawn correctly out of the sleeve - can I get to be a quartet reborn ninja turtles?

It's called the reboot at the Hollywood language, this will breathe new life into a franchise, a fictitious phenomenon associated with movies, magazines, apps, toys and so on. Pure business terms, really. It remains for the creators to give life to this industrial process.

In this case, the producer is called (again) Michael Bay. This means groovy 3D action, two-dimensional shapes and clean factory product. Our green friends look really advanced out and the story of how it all began is good but otherwise, maybe in the hunt for a young audience, it's flat. Actor Megan Fox (charmless heroine), Will Arnett (okomisk sidekick), William Fichtner (tired villain) and Whoopi Goldberg (I do not actually know what she's doing here) embarrass themselves.