The Expendables 3 review

Personally, I've found the recipe for "The Expendables" is pretty bad, but even knowing there was a story to be told, it was possible to accept the idea of resurrect some stars who were missing.

Financially, the first two films in the "The Expendables" series were not astounding, especially considering the disappointing revenue achieved in the United States. Insist on a third feature was a whim and unnecessary, but Sylvester Stallone was keen to continue the story and bring more friends to the game.

In "The Expendables 3", have much of the back gang, including Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas and Harrison Ford. The story is more of the same: rampant gunfire, stupid plot and unnecessary explosions. But not everything is bad - let's see what good can be extracted from this "magnificent" work.

Spoiler Alert

This critique contains spoilers. If you continue reading, you can learn some information that will ultimately spoil the enjoyment of the film. We warn.

A story about family

The projection already in one action-packed scene begins, in which we see the group of mercenaries rescuing none other than Wesley Snipes himself, who was part of the gang, but he was arrested for a few years. The scenes begin shooting here and don’t stop for a long time. The exaggeration is constant and it is clear that the group continues suicidal and fearless.

We're talking about a sequence involving a helicopter flying low, a train at high speed and an automatic machine gun firing shots infinitely - not bad, right? In fact, the purposeful excess has lost favor for a long time, but for those who just want to see more of what was shown in the first film, perhaps the pace (at least at the beginning of the film) is excellent.

Well, what goes next is that Stallone is an enemy (Mel Gibson) in a shootout and the going gets tough. To summarize, basically the protagonist of the story leaves the gang of old men, saying that they are afraid to get hurt (yes, now he decided to worry about the health of friends), and new calls - unprepared and represented by actors even worse - to fight the film's villain.

Of course, in the middle of the whole, something goes wrong but luckily the old friends will come back to help. After all, as they make clear in the movie, "The Expendables" is like a family that will not let cheap. Anyway, the script is pretty weak, predictable and boring. Sleep can be more attractive than the events in the feature film.

It's time to retire

Just as happened in the first film, in "The Expendables 3" we all gathered crowd showing his muscles, shooting nonstop, doing pirouettes and surviving all kinds of misfortune. There is no one stop the mercenaries, and even if the idea is to take the stereotype to the extreme, this can be somewhat tiring.

With all due respect to Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Gibson and the gang of old men who dominated in the past, the message is quite simple: the time you have already spent. It's time to go fishing, play bingo or do anything else.

The script is lazy and stretched out to the max, and there are more generic enemies than an entire season of Power Rangers. In addition, many unnecessary explosions roll (just to show that they are good to blow things up) and well heeled dialogues.

Although weak, the film does have a drop of hope in either joke, and the highlight is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who need only say "Get to the Chopper" to make everything pretty funny. Special effects also does not fall short, which can be a comfort considering the problems remaining in the film.

For those who like frantic pace and exaggerations are willing to spend two hours of life, "The Expendables 3" is a plate-full. Now, if you have better things to do, then we recommend that you wait until the film is released on DVD.