Zelda II: The Adventure of Link walkthrough, Secrets, Unlockables

Released two years after the first game, this sequel is a turning point in the series with horizontal scrolling and insane difficulty. It is precisely to compensate for what the complete solution of Zelda 2 with you in delivering the dungeons complete path and secret locations such as containers of heart and magic, bags of experience points to reach the faster rank 8 in all categories, dolls Link lives with, or an accurate description of the complete equipment and spells.

Table of Contents

Secrets and Unlockables
Hyrule Castle and Rauru
Parapa Palace
Ruto and Saria
Death Mountain
Maze Palace
To the Hidden island
The Island Palace
Nabooru and Darunia
Building the Labyrinth
Water Palace (Ocean Palace)
Hidden Town of Kasuto
Three Eyes Rock Palace
Former/Old Kasuto
Great Palace and Dark Link (Final Boss)

Secrets and Unlockables

Find out in this part of the Zelda II The Adventure of Link solution: a complete list of facilities and locations of containers: heart, magic, experience bags, Link dolls and spells.

Heart Containers
Magic Containers
Bags of experience points (XP)_
Dolls Link

Heart Containers

Heart container # 1

Go south of the palace Parapa at the beginning of the game, along the beach to find that first heart container.

Heart container # 2

Once the grip on the hammer, go into the cave to the south of the town of Rauru.

Heart container # 3

By going to the palace of Water, you have to walk on water with the boots off the dock east of the town of Mido. Instead of continuing east to reach the dungeon, go north to the precise location then east when Link is blocked. This will make you reach a box above the dungeon...Receptacle ... leading to heart.

Heart container # 4

The last heart container from Zelda 2 is located on the beach just east of the palace of Three Eyes of Peter, towards the end of the game. Walk on the box to access a secret area containing object.

Magic Containers

Magic Containers # 1

Go south of Hyrule Castle to find a cave containing the first vial of magic. If it is not necessary to take you to the candle available Parapa palace to reach the vial, it is still advisable!

Magic Containers # 2

After crossing the terrible Mountains of Death, you can find a rock south to destroy with the hammer. Walking on the square where the rock lying, Link falls into a hole leading to the receptacle magic.

Magic Containers # 3

This container of magic is in the labyrinth located east of the town of Darunia. Walk on the box to achieve the object in a secret basement.

Magic Containers # 4

In the hidden Kasuto city, talk to the old lady dressed in purple for it opens the door of his house containing the last container Magic Zelda 2. This only works if you have the previous three receptacles.


Name Description Place of acquisition
Sword  Injure enemies Starting equipment
Shield  Protect yourself against attacks Starting equipment
Candle  Illuminates dark areas  Parapa Palace
Trophy  Teaches how to spell Ruto Cave north of Hyrule Castle
Hammer  Breaking rocks in Hyrule Coming out of the cave
Death Mountains
Elixir  Lets meet the old man Mido to learn a lot Cave in the swamps northwest of Saria
Gant power  Allows the sword to break the block Maze Palace
Raft  Used to use the pontoons to cross the sea The Island Palace
Kidnapped child Must be returned to his family in Darunia to learn a lot Labyrinth Island
Boots Walking on water Building the Labyrinth
Flute Black Spider scares in Hyrule
appear the hidden city of Kasuto
and the Palace of Three Eyes of Stone 
Water Palace
Magic Key Used to open all the doors locked.
Makes small keys obsolete.
Kasuto Hidden City 
Cross Makes the ghosts of the former Kasuto visible Three Eyes Rock Palace

Bags of experience points (XP)

Experience # 1 Bag

Early in the game, you find a secluded forest in the box is the Hyrule Castle offering a bag containing 50.

Experience # 2 bag

It is in a secluded forest in eastern box city Saria. It is worth 100 points.

Experience # 3 bag

Explore the cave southwest of the town of Rauru, north of the swamp to find the bag worth 200 points.

Experience # 4 bag

Arriving on the continent of Hyrule in a remote forest southwest of Box City Nabooru. The bag contains 500 points.

Experience # 5 bag

Walk along the beach continue eastward from the town of Nabooru to find the secret entrance to this bag worth 500 points.

Experience # 6 bag

In a cave south of the town of Nabooru. The bag contains 500 XP.

Experience # 7 bag

Explore the cave north of the marshy area. This bag is worth 500 points available after using the flute on black spider on the map.

Experience # 8 bag

On the way to the Grand Palace, go to the box to the left at the intersection to get their hands on the last bag with 500 points as well.

Dolls Link

Doll Link  # 1

Go into the swamp south of the town of Ruto and walk on the box to reach the first doll.

Doll Link # 2

Leaving the Mountains of Death , Link discovers the area southeast of the continent first. Here, walk on the beach, next to the cemetery to reach the doll.

Doll Link # 3

While you are about to enter the labyrinthine area east of Darunia, walk on the southernmost to find a Link doll with an extra life box beach.

Doll Link # 4

The last doll Link accessible Hyrule is available in the swamp after disappearing black spider with the flute. Walk on the box for it.


Fate Description Place of acquisition
Shield Reduces damage taken by two Rauru
Jump The jumps are higher Ruto
Life Restores a part of the health Saria
Fairy Into fairy to fly and reach otherwise inaccessible areas Mido
Fire The sword is launching fireballs Nabooru
Reflection The shield can return enemy magic Darunia
Secret  Reveals the access leading to the magic key Hidden City Kasuto
Thunder  Eliminate all the enemy on the screen and breaks the protection of Thunderbird Ancient city of Kasuto

Hyrule Castle and Rauru

A bag of experience and the village of Rauru You begin the adventure in Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda before sleeping. Walk out any side and once on the map of Hyrule, progressing eastward to cross an isolated case of forest. Step inside and pick up the bag of experience after defeating three bats. That done, follows the road to the southeast to find the town of Rauru.

Explore the village

In the village, you can ask the woman in red restore your life bar. To do this, talk to him, join the inside of the house by pressing the up arrow at the open door and wait a moment. This action is infinitely repeatable. Now, still in the village, go to the left-then talk to the woman in purple carrying a jar on her head and follow her to her house.

Then you meet an old man who gives you the spell "Shield". This spell consumes 24 magic points.

A heart container and the palace entrance Parapa. Now that you have all the important objects, leave the city and defeat some enemies so as to increase your life and magic of a level at least. Then find the entrance to a cave in the northeast, in the forest. Cross it and then the other side, go south.

Now walk into the patch of grass in the middle of the forest and pick up the heart container.

You're ready to face the first dungeon of Zelda 2 which is north of your position in the desert Parapa.

Parapa Palace

At the beginning of the palace, operate the lift by pressing the directional arrow down. On the lower floor, go all the way to the left to get hold of a key. It is essential to open the locked door quite right. On your way, you cross a particular Stalfoses defeat by beating while being lowered.

Continue to the right, pass first and then use the second elevator up one floor. A fairy is on the right if needed. At the top, however a first key.

You find one second behind the pitchers masses demon weapon. Note that by striking the armor, a red vial appears. It will restore your magic meter. This done, return to the elevator, go down and then back to the left to find the lift you've ignored. Get off. On the left, you look at a bridge that collapses under your feet. That said, take the time to seize the bag of experience after jumping animation to not fall.

Continue left, defeat the demon then Darknut hitting him in the face to touch every time. Behind him, Link unearth the spark that allows automatically illuminates dark caves.

Turn right, go up through the elevator and find the right. This time, go down. Defeat the Darknut, a Stalfos, a demon and another Darknut before engaging in battle against the boss.


To defeat him, jump and hit his head eight times. Once done, go to the right to increase your level and leave the palace.

Ruto and Saria

Village Ruto

The village is located northwest of the area. Before entering, get the trophy in the cave that is located north of Hyrule Castle.

Coming out of the cave, continue west to fall on the village.

In the city, you can talk to the old lady to restore your magic meter in addition to that of life with the traditional red female character. Note the character "ERROR", famous on the internet in one of the houses.

Then, give the award to a woman in red to have the opportunity to receive the spell "Skip".

Shack Bagu

That done, leave the village by continuing south to a cave. Inside, defeat the various enemies and use the spell to jump higher against the wall. If you run out of magic, go out and battle the enemies again.

Back on the map of Hyrule, you can avail of a fairy if your life is low when walking in the isolated case of forest. Also, further south, walking in the box near a rock to get their hands on a Link doll increasing your score lives of a point.

Later, walk on the box to find the hut Bagu. The man offers a pass essential in the next village to the south.

Village Saria

Cross the bridge and before entering the town, take the time to get to the isolated case of forest to find a bag of experience. Now find the village of Saria. Here, do not talk to the people at the risk of having to fight bat.

Instead go to the left screen and enter the first house to find a mirror under the table. Make it to its owner at the mansion of the first screen.

Giving him the mirror, you go to spell "Life" in the basement. Once learned this spell, it'll just go totally left in the village, talk to the guard in the little house to show him the pass and open the bridge Bagu. Link then finds himself on the map of Hyrule and accesses Death Mountain...

Death Mountain

Crossing the Death Mountain

This extremely dangerous area will put your nerves to the test as it contains many powerful enemies. Regarding the path, remember that you only have to always go east. So, enter the cave on the right and continue in that direction by eliminating all opponents on your way. Later, in an elevator, do not pay attention to it but continue on your way to the right.

During the crossing, the enemies that you will pose the most problems are the red demons who throw axes. To defeat them, try to jump stack when they brandish their weapons and against jet-attack immediately. Then, at the next intersection outdoors, continue down.

After crossing many caves, Link landed on a beach from which it is exploring a cave on the left, near a rock.
Basically, you find the hammer to break this kind of rocks you.

So, get out and use right away this tool on the rock to get hold of a container of magic.

Continue your journey now by the cave on the right and north.

Leaving the Death Mountain

Then cross the bridge and go get a Link doll south.

Now, stay on the continent and go north. You notice another rock to destroy. Realizing this, you unlock a shortcut to the area north of the Death Mountain: It is now more essential to you through them. Whew! Here you have many items to collect. Start with the bag of experience being in the cave northwest.

Then continue with the cave northeast containing a heart container.

Once all these items in hand, return to the bedrock level you destroyed then continue east until you find the town of Mido. This is your next destination.


Explore the city of Mido

In the town of Mido, go left until you reach a church. Here, use the spell to jump higher to reach the entrance height. At the back of the room, Link gets a new skill: that to knock down during a jump.

Later, an old woman asks for help to help her sick daughter. In fact, she needs an elixir that is in a cave.
So, leave the village and follow the path west to find the cave in question in the middle of the swamp.
Specifically, this area is where you met Bagu. Use the hammer on the rock to enter.

The elixir in question is at the bottom of the cave. Turn now to Mido then offer the drink to the grandmother.
As a reward, Link learns the spell "Fairy" that transforms the young fairy in Kokiri for 60 points of magic.

On the way to the palace of the Marais

Now that you have done all that was possible to achieve here, it's time to go into the dungeon. The next palace is located south of Hyrule Castle, in the middle of the swamp. To get there, go west from the town of Mido then north as if you want to return to the cave containing the bag of experience. Instead of returning to the cave, just follow the trail to the left.

Maze Palace

Journey Maze Palace

At the entrance of the dungeon, first hit the statue to find a red potion recharging the magic meter to its maximum.

Then enter the elevator and go down to the lowest floor possible. Here are progressing quite right to get their hands on a small key. This done, return to the elevator, climb one floor and pick up a second key in the cul-de-sac on the left.

Now go back to the elevator, go up another floor and continue the exploration to the left. On the way you cross Darknuts aiming to eliminate their head. The keys obtained before you are required to move forward.

Down the road, take the elevator and go left as soon as possible. Soon, you come to an area where you have to send you to reap the experience bag if you do not want it to be unattainable by the blocks that fall.

Down the road, Link unearths the glove. Once the object in hand, return to the last elevator and go down. We must now find the little key on that floor which is at the bottom right.

The object in hand, retrace your steps and take the elevator you ignored there shortly. Descend. A few meters further, you find another bag of experience that recovers taking care to melt down the two lines above the object. Finally, continue to the right and get ready to face the boss.


As for Darknuts, aim for the head to defeat the boss. Adorn his shots with the shield then jump and hit the spin to touch every time. Once the slain boss, go right to win a level and leave the palace.

To the secret island

On the way to the palace of the island in the cemetery get out of town and return to Mido Ruto northwest of the map of Hyrule. This time, the character named "ERROR" gives an important clue. He speaks of the tomb of kings and a secret passage. Turn around Mido then progress through the cemetery to the south. The tomb of kings is in the middle.

However, you can not help it. So, get out and walk on the box to find the secret entrance.

Then go right and use the spell "Fairy" to continue. Go out and finally go to the palace of the island.

The Island Palace

Journey The Island Palace

As tradition dictates, hit the knight at the entrance to collect a red vial. Then use the elevator and progress to the right until you see a key stuck in the blocks. To reach it, use the attack Link striking down. Same point to reach the bag of experience immediately after.

A little further, in many blocks, feel free to use the spell "Skip" for easier access to the output of the screen in the upper right corner. Then you cross a lift that you borrow after you grabbed the little key quite right on this floor.

On the floor below, go right. Continue in this direction while you grabbed the key on the way. Beware of sticky that can push you into the holes on landing.

After defeating a blue Darknut by blocking its triple attack against then-striker hitting his head, Link retrieves the raft. That done, turn back to the elevator and then continue to the left this time.

Do not pay attention to another lift but continue your journey to collect the small key stuck in the blocks at the bottom of the zone. Then go into creating a staircase with the sword careful not hang because enemies respawn indefinitely. Then use the elevator down. You defeat the red Stalfos before using the spell "jump" to reach a bag of experience perched high.

Take the time to defeat the Darknuts to gain many experience points as well as another bag of experience in the lower corridor. To reassemble, turn left and use the spell to jump. Now go right and get ready to fight the boss.


The fight takes place in two phases. In the first, a dark knight on Link at regular intervals on horseback. Cause damage to him, jump and do attack falling on the horse's head. You have to be precise. When hit points reach zero opponent, the knight leaves his horse to face you alone. They Fight Like other blue Darknuts dungeon.

Nabooru and Darunia

Road to Nabooru

Now that you have the raft, go at City Mido Go forth and up from the pontoon right onto the eastern part of Hyrule. Arriving on the continent, you have several items to collect before entering the city on the right. Start by exploring the isolated case of forest south to unearth a bag of experience.

A second bag of experience points is at the bottom of the cave to the south. Then go right, destroy the rock and continue in this direction up to the box. 4 Link then accesses an area containing another bag of experience points . Warning: You must have magic points to use the spell "Jump".

Once done, head to the town of Nabooru.

Explorer Nabooru

In the city, go to the screen to the left and collect the water from the fountain. Then offer it to the old lady on the right.

This allows you to acquire the spell "Fire". This allows your sword to launch fireballs wounding blue enemies of this continent. That's all you have to do here! The villagers simply offer some clues about the result of the game. Exit this village and continue north on entering the cave.

To Darunia

Now that you have the spell "Fire", you can destroy blue creatures. Leaving the cave, go left until you reach the village of Darunia.

Darunia and the lost child

Go to the left screen, use the spell "jump" to reach the roof of the little house by taking the momentum then proceed on rooftops, to the right to enter the chimney the latest household.

Inside, the man teaches you a new skill: hit in the air during a jump. Exit the building and merge the screen left. Here, an old lady tells you that kidnapped her child. Here we go.

Get out of town and work your way east to find a bridge. Before you borrow it, go to the desert box 16 to unearth a Link doll. Then cross the bridge and continue to the right up to the box.

This is a secret passage leading to the child to save. Before the rescue, Link is fighting a man-lizard. Its weak point is the same as Darknuts: the head. Turn finally Darunia and announce your achievement to the old woman to let you enter the house. Inside, a man teaches you spell "Reflection".

Off to the Palace of Water

Now that you have gotten all the elements of the village, return to the labyrinth where you rescued the boy. We must follow the path to the north at first. Then go all the way to the left and then on the box precisely to achieve a secret cave containing a container of magic.

Finally, follow the road north and then east to find the palace labyrinth.

Building the Labyrinth

Journey Labyrinth Palace

After the elevator, exit right. Along the way, you grab a bag of experience as a Stalfos. Then continue in that direction until you find a new elevator. Go down then go right at the first intersection. Once done, make a long jump and holding the key to travel the longest distance possible.

So you get a small key after defeating two knights by jumping on them. After, go back and then drop down one floor. Continue to the right.

This path leads to the boots that give Link the power to walk on water. Go back to the hole, drop down from another floor and continue the exploration to the right to get their hands on a small key.

Now, stay on this floor and go all the way to the left. Along the way, you meet ghosts throwing projectiles that you can send through the spell "Reflection". Down the road, you grab the key in breaking the blocks with the falling attack.

Since the room key, go back to the right and use the elevator to go up and back at the beginning of the dungeon. Until the first lift. From the latter, go to the left this time. Here, unlock the door, defeat the ghosts and tap the blocks in the air pocket to another small key. Use the spell "Skip" to climb. Then go all the way to the left to reach another key under the blocks and bag of experience.

Turn now to the elevator and go down. Start by exploring the hallway to the right in order to find a key. Now, turn back to the left and continue until you reach a new elevator.

Below, simply continue to the right to eventually reach the boss. Along the way, feel free to use the spell "jump" to join an experienced bag. After defeating two red knights hitting the helmet, Link is in the boss room.


To defeat him, use the spell "Reflection" and protect yourself behind your shield to fire his missiles. Once the slain boss, Link gains a level and leaves the dungeon, exit on right.

Water Palace

Off to the Water Palace

Return near the town of Mido and then walk into the water in a straight line from east to specific point.

From here, go up to be blocked and then right to reach a secret area leading to a heart container.

Finally back on your feet and join the Water Palace to the east.

Journey of the Water Palace

Get off the elevator and follow the path to the right. Quickly, Link is stuck but opens a path using the spell "Fairy". Exit right and note in passing the small key ye run to recover as soon as the Kokiri has regained human form. Continue the road to find a lift that you use to reach the bottom floor.

No need to visit the right. Thus, orient yourself to the left and pick up the small key in helping you up falling blocks at regular intervals. Make your way to the left, go down through the elevator and head to the left once down.

After passing ghosts, grab your bag of experience using the spell "Jump" and get a single floor with the elevator in this room.

On the left, another bag of experience awaits you. Proceed now to the right, pick up the small key with the jump and go out at the end. After defeating a Blue Knight, literally walking into the wall!

Continue in this direction by snubbing the elevator. Indeed, you will use the bottom one to achieve a key after three Stalfoses blue. You can now return to the first elevator met after passing through the wall and get.

Downstairs, just follow the only path available to take you to the flute. Now that you have finished exploring the bottom of the dungeon, go back through the wall, go left and use the elevator to return to the area where you picked up a bag of experience.

Continue left and then at the next elevator, make your way down. At the end of this hallway is a key, not to mention the bag of experience on the road.

This fact, take the elevator, go up one floor, grab your bag of experience left then go to the upper floor. Follow finally the only road leading to the boss.


The best technique to defeat the boss without getting hit is to jump to the left when he raised his mace against then-hitting attack while stooping. Repeat the process until victory. Link gains a level by killing the boss.

Hidden City Kasuto

On the way to the hidden village Kasuto

From the town of Mido, follow the path south and then use the flute on the creature blocking the passage. To do this, press the "B" key. On the way, you have to dodge the projectiles lizardfolk while defeating the monsters using blue spell "Fire".

Leaving the area, you see a swamp in the east. Go inside and reach the box. In the table, use the jump to reach the Link doll.

Another interesting object awaits in the cave nearby. This is a bag of experience guarded by a scorpion that will be sensitive to your attacks when he opens the eye.

Before joining the hidden village, it is possible to go retrieve a heart container on the beach southeast.

Now go back into the forest above and enter the cave. On the other side, press "A" to reveal the famous village.

Explore the hidden village Kasuto

Inside the village, talk to the old lady in purple then enter the house that opens to discover inside a container of magic.

Then go to the screen to the right and enter in the green house with three windows. Inside, an old sage teaches you spell "Secret" that can reveal hidden elements.

Exactly, go quite right in the village and then use this spell to reveal a secret exit leading to the magic key which allows you to open all the doors locked dungeons without the help of small keys.

On the way to the Three Eyes Rock Palace

Now get out of town and cross back over the cave and the forest so to reach the beach to the south. Then position yourself between the three rocks and play the flute by pressing the "B" to bring up the palace of the Three eyes of Peter button.

Three Eyes Rock Palace

Journey of the Three Eyes palace of Peter

Go down to the first elevator and go right to find a first bag experience. On the left, a second bag awaits you under the blocks.

Reuse the elevator to reach the bottom floor and then unlock the door without using a little key because you enjoy the magic key. Then continue to the right by defeating ghosts and many knights. Note the bag of experience under blocks. Here, feel free to use the spell "Skip" to progress more easily. Ignore the next elevator and continue your way to the right. Along the way, it is essential to jump in the middle of the statues in the background to avoid falling into a hidden land hole.

By doing so, you reach the room mini-boss is none other than the mounted knight. By killing him, Link won the cross. This object allows you to see ghosts in the old city of Kasuto.

For now, let yourself fall into the hole you previously avoided.

At the bottom, go right to get their hands on another bag of experience. On the left you'll find the elevator that takes you to the upper floor you already know.

Go back to cross again two black holes in the ground. Drop down to achieve: an experience just bag below, left...

Another bag ... experience on the lower floor, still left. Then drop down again to return the display of the two black holes! Fall again and go right this time to continue the journey.

Further, in order to cross a void area, it is necessary to change into fairy. Then you find a lift to ignore for now. So keep to the right by unlocking the door. After fighting once again mounted knight, go right ahead, do not fall into the hole but reap the Link doll in the cul-de-sac.

Now drop down. Warning: you'll have to be quick. During your fall, do you turn into a fairy quickly while remaining in the first screen in order to enter into the ear right. The latter leads to the master of the house...


To defeat the dragon, stay on one of the platforms and wait for it to appear near you. Quickly jump and touch the head before dodge its response by going to another platform. Following this technique, you end up slaying and win an additional level.

Former/Old Kasuto

Using the cross found in the previous palace, Link can now see the monsters that haunt the ancient village of Kasuto located west of the Palace of Three Eyes of Stone.

In the city, enter the first house then talk to the NPC to get the latest game magic: the spell "Thunder". And now, it's all here for!

Off to the Great Palace

Get out of town and win the cemetery to the north. Until then, follow the trail from the south then west and north.
Along the way, you have to fight many lizard men in cramped forcing you to strike quickly at the top and bottom. You should also know that a bag of experience is on the box.

Finally, it'll just be guided by the only available path until you reach the latest gambling palaces.

Great Palace and Dark Link (Final Boss)

Upon entering the palace, a magical barrier vanishes, leaving you free reign to the traditional lift. Coming out of it, go left. You encounter new enemies crash fireballs. To defeat them, jump over them! On the next screen, go through the top, then jump to the left after passing the pillar to avoid falling into a hidden land hole.

Take the elevator and go to the right. Cross the bridge, remove a red eagle and use a different elevator. Here, you have to destroy the blocks to advance while paying attention to the gargoyles that drain you. Do attacks down. The next lift, continue straight.

Keep going in this direction by cleaning and taking care not to fall into the void deck disintegrating. After another lift, you have no choice but to continue in the same direction. After avoiding the balls and killed the red bird, take the elevator. Use it to go all the way down. Then go left.

In the new corridor, break the blocks with the attack down to fall into a hidden in the bricks on the ground hole. At the bottom, go right, avoid or kill the blue sticky huge run on the bridge and drop down into the black line.

Downstairs, continue driving to the right and get ready to fight the boss.


To begin, use the spell "Thunder" to make the boss sensitive to your attacks and especially his head. Protect yourself behind "Shield" and finally enjoy the spell "Skip". Indeed, every time the boss, you have to jump high to reach and hit his head. After each move, step aside and watch the motion of projectiles to avoid them and against attack. At each step of life lost, the boss throws more balls. After the victory, go right to meet a new character...


Following this meeting, Link faces his evil twin. This adversary is formidable because your monkey attacks and hits very quickly. The best technique is to hammer the action button so hopefully touch. Yes, it's not terrible but there is no miracle. Also, you can pick to land from a jump with short frames during which the boss is vulnerable. After the fight, Link won the Triforce.

End of Zelda 2

Link uses the Triforce to awaken Princess Zelda who hastens to congratulate. Maybe more? Anyway, congratulations to you for completing the hardest Zelda ever!