Azure Striker Gunvolt: Unlock the Secret Ending

Azure Striker Gunvolt has a secret ending to please the players who were disappointed with the first version. By collecting the secret jewels by scenarios and receive a gift from Joule, the alternate ending is released. However, unlock it is not easy, and a lot of patience is required, since it is practically necessary to play any game again. Learn how to access the final secret of the game.

Gathering the Jewels

Randomly around the scene of the seven bosses in the game are the Jewels - Jewels in free translation. Each Jewel is characterized by being a green ball is floating through the scenery. You must collect all seven for Joule, his companion, make her a necklace with them. However, it is not easy to find them, and some quick thinking is necessary. Check out their locations:

Subaquatic Base: the stage of the boss Merak, Area 2 - one where everything starts to get flooded - while you're climbing to escape the water, the jewel will be floating robot behind a missile launcher.

Datacenter: the Jewel of this phase will also be in Area 2, when you're walking the tracks that make Gunvolt levitate when using electricity. The last kick of treadmills, use Electrocute Gunvolt to stay afloat. The jewel is at the end of the road, on a small platform, soon after passing the "ladybug robot".

Stratacombs: when you are in Area 2, and the end of it, before finding the three blue, green and red switch you must activate simultaneously, the jewel is blocked by a red laser at the beginning of the ramps leading down to the bottom of the sector.

To reach it, you must first activate the red switch and climb the ramps again. The Jewel will be on a small distant platform, you will need to use the dash to reach it.

Media Tower: the jewel of this phase will be well at the end of Area 2, just below the hexagonal barrier. Will be needed down the platform and activate electrocute. The electric ball will float you until you reach the platform, left the scene.

Biochem Plant: is without doubt is the most difficult to achieve Jewel. She is in Area 2, after you defeat the miniboss on the rails. You will see many boxes stacked in front of him, blocking the way.
Check the first three and destroy them, with great care not to hit the red boxes. Tip: use a weapon like Naga Cerberus or by having more accurate aiming and shooting.

After that, the front will be one of two black box then fragile blue boxes at the base of the stack.
Pull the black box and use the Electrocute to destroy the first blue box. After that, position the center of the black box and the blue and destroy using your pistol. That done, shoot once against explosive box and exit the blast radius, the boxes above it will explode, but that keeps the jewelry will be intact.

Finally, you will have an enhanced blue box holding two explosive boxes above, and with a black box on top. Shoot the blue box reinforced while jumping toward the jewel. When the box is destroyed, you will have some few seconds to cross the space left and get your gem. It is a fact that you will lose energy in the process, so be sure to have some energy. Failing the puzzle, return to the last checkpoint and try again.

Pharma Lab: logo in one area of the game you will find the jewel. Once you reach a path where there are thorns all over the floor, there will be some platforms made of gray trunks, which will be permanently destroyed if you electrocute them.

Soon after this path will be the jewel, below a robot plant that releases several small balls from his mouth. If you destroy the platform that it is, do not worry, the thorns will not kill you immediately, so worth the risk.

Sinner's Row: this is quite easy to find. The Jewel is above the red siren that plays before starting a fight between multiple enemies. You will need to return to your left, jump onto the platform that moves vertically, use the Dash to pick up momentum and use Electrocute to float to the top of the siren.

Delivering the Joule

After collecting the seven jewels, go to the side menu by pressing the L button and select the "Talk with Joule" option, symbolized by a speech bubble icon. Talk to her until she gives you a necklace.
Team this necklace in Gunvolt and do not remove it. After this, go to the last stage of the game: Firmament New and defeat the villain once again to unlock the secret ending and the final boss.

The true end

Warning: SPOILERS below the game's story will be shown.

By defeating Nova, a cutscene will appear again and Joule Gunvolt being attacked by Asimov. After Asimov Gunvolt shoot, the shot will hit the collar, but leave him badly injured. To save him, Joule will attach to Gunvolt, granting him unlimited power.

Follow the path back ignoring all enemy ninjas to reach the hexagonal barrier. On the next screen, you will find Asimov, which after a quick dialogue, fight against you.

Fighting Asimov

Thanks to the power granted by Lumen, Gunvolt can use his unlimited power, and can jump incessantly and give Dash in midair.

Like all bosses, Asimov will have three stages, with powers and more lethal attacks as their power wanes. At first, he will simply shoot a sequence of three black balls toward Gunvolt.

If hit by this attack, Gunvolt momentarily lose their ability to Electrocute, getting vulnerable to Asimov. While he is shooting, jump without stopping to the balls do not hit you. When you finish your attack, he will advance toward Gunvolt in an attack very similar to Electrocute. Use Electrocute to prevent it go and disable it momentarily. This will allow you to shoot electric charges and electrocute him.

On the second point, Asimov uses two types of attack: first it will trigger a sequence of spheres that will follow Gunvolt throughout the scenario; the second attack, he throws a ball toward Gunvolt and a small device in the center of the screen.

This device will trigger other black spheres arc upward and downward. To dodge the first attack, keep jumping in the air and using the Dash without stopping in order to dodge the balls; in the second, position yourself in the left corner of the stage not to hit by the attack. You may need to give a little jump to dodge.

In the third and last time, Asimov uses his special attack. It will cause various streams appear on the scene, and soon it will electrocute them. If Gunvolt get caught by the attack, he will die instantly. Not to be hit by electric charges, we need to find a gap between current and stay there until the special finish. Usually the gap is at the top center of the screen. Repeat the process until you defeat Asimov.

Helpful Hints

- You can only see the true ending after beat the game by alternate ending.
- Asimov is immune to destructive special as Luxcalibur and Astraphere. Use your skill points in the ability to recover HP Gunvolt.
- When collecting a jewel, you need to quit the stage again fighting the boss, but the item is lost.
- The only time you can hit Asimov is during the overload of it, when the shock of electrical balls.