Best Free Xbox One Apps

The Xbox One offers a variety of free apps that can be installed on the Xbox One console to add functionality such as video streaming, playback external media and even edit videos directly from the console. Check out the list of mandatory for owners of the device apps.

1. Youtube

The popular video portal from Google has a dedicated version of the Xbox One. It's app is similar to that seen in the other islands, and covers well the needs of those who want to watch content without being in front of the PC. Also gives to log into your account and accessing favorite videos, personalized suggestions and some other options.

2. Upload Studio

The Upload Studio is the application of handling video console. With it, you can edit, crop, and add effects to voice / video clips captured by the console. The app also allows users to upload files in OneDrive, site storage of Microsoft. Thus, the videos can be downloaded on a computer or gadget.

3. Netflix

The streaming service for the world's most popular signature also has space on the Xbox One, entitled to one of the best versions of the application, which is also present in dozens of other devices.

Subscribers have unlimited access to the huge catalog of movies, series and documentaries from Netflix , all broadcast in high resolution. Break, you can still use the app to control SmartGlass.

4. Skype

The program of instant messaging and video calls Skype is one of the best options for owners equipped with the Kinect sensor version. The app has a simplified interface, but provides virtually all functions of the PC versions.

The great charm is able to run Skype in the background while you play a game or watch a movie on Netflix. Thus, one can keep in touch with friends using the powerful camera of Kinect.

5. Every Street United

One of the most unknown and curious list, the ESU is the app a reality show produced exclusively for the owners of Xbox One, which can be seen directly from the console.

The episodes show the daily life of kids who dream of being footballers, and have the opportunity to compete for a championship in Rio de Janeiro, in teams led by superstars Thierry Henry and Edgar David.

6. Media Player

Recent addition to the list of Xbox One, Media Player allows users to play video files, music and photos on the console using the USB ports and external devices. Just add the files on a flash drive or external hard drive and plug in the console to enjoy the content. The compatibility is great, including the most popular formats.

7. Twitch

Recently acquired by the giant Amazon, Twitch also gained a version for the Xbox One. On app, players can broadcast their live matches throughout the internet via a link. Break even for the monitor thousands of channels, conveniently separated by games and platforms transmissions interest.