Destiny: Avoid Bug that prevent rise in Hunter Class Level

Players have recently found a small bug in Destiny that prevents them from rise in Hunter class level. The problem is an armor that requires an item to upgrade that simply does not exist in the game. The developer Bungie is already aware of the bug and will fix it, but see how to avoid it for now.

The bug occurs only with the Hunter class characters, specifically to buy armor from the faction Future War Cult. The problem occurs because these armors need the item "Ascendant Motes" to receive upgrades and this item does not exist in the game, there is only the Ascendant Shards.

Initially players thought it is only a very rare item, something common in Destiny. But a developer Bungie has confirmed that this is indeed a bug and there is no way to upgrade these armors. `At least not the way the game is presenting at the time.

How to avoid

The only way to avoid this bug for now is not buying armor from faction vendor - Future War Cult (FWC), since there is no fix for the problem. Bungie is already aware of this defect and will not take very long to fix it. For now, it is best to leave this seller aside.