Destiny: Learn to get ammo for free

Destiny is the most anticipated game of the year, developed by Bungie Studios , creator of the series Halo . The FPS was released for PS4 , Xbox One , PS3 and Xbox 360 and innovates to merge single player to online multiplayer in a way never seen before. Learn now how to get ammo for free when you're in the middle of the battlefield.

There are some ways to get ammo in the game, is chasing the packages that slaughtered targets leave behind or buying in the markets of the cities. But there is another way to get ammo that will not cost anything to the player.

This tip is very useful when fighting against hundreds of enemies. Once you have the low ammo (need not be totally reset to zero), both in their primary weapon as the secondary, just stand still and wait about 30 seconds for a reload occurs on ammunition. Just this.

Destiny Walkthrough 

As you can see in the montage below, only to be stopped by the ammo of primary weapon was reloaded with time. After that, you will be able to run across the battlefield and get those ammunition thrown on the floor.