Destiny: Transfer Equipment from one character to another

Destiny, the highly anticipated shooter video game from developer Bungie was finally released. The game presents several similarities with RPGs, including the ability to create multiple characters. Although not highlighted in the game, it is possible to transfer equipment between characters on the same account.

Check out the step by step tutorial below:

Step 1: Select the character that has the required equipment and go to the Tower.

Step 2: Access the Vault.

Step 3: Open your character's inventory, place the cursor on the desired device and press the "A" button (Xbox 360 / One) or "X" (PlayStation 3 / 4).

Step 4: Exit the Vault.

Step 5: Open the inventory again, but this time change the tab until you reach Settings.

Step 6: Go to the Log Out option and select Switch Character.

Step 7: Select the character that will receive the equipment and go back to the Tower.

Step 8: Again go to the Vault.

Step 9: Place the cursor on the desired device and confirm the selection to add it to the inventory of the new character.