Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited walkthrough

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is an adaptation of Disgaea: A Promised Unforgotten released in 2011 on PS3, adding a few additional items. In this tactical RPG, you follow the adventures of Valvatorez, a vampire obsessed with sardines.

Our hero, aided by several companions, seeking access to the President of the underworld in order to make him give up his desire to eliminate all Prinnies, small penguins that Valvatorez servants must train in combat.

Even if you are a large consumer of sardines, it will not suffice to overcome the many hours that make up the adventure. Therefore, DTG Reviews promises to guide you to the last chapter of the game. We will also provide you with various services available in your database, we will write a guide to help you quickly increase the levels of your characters, we will add explanations of the World of Objects and finally detailed information about classes. And do not forget Rule No. 1 Prinnies always finish his sentences with "dude"!

Table of Contents

This Database
Chapter 1: Insurgents Hell
Chapter 2: Prinnies War
Chapter 3: Ultimate Weapon
Chapter 4: Emizel's Death
Chapter 5: Angel of Avarice
Chapter 6: A virus
Chapter 7: The Tyrant vs President
Chapter 8: Champion against Champion
Chapter 9: On behalf of the moon and Earth
Chapter 10: Links deeper than the Darkness
Drivetrain: Mount Initiation
Dark Live tonight!
Seeking members for a new party!
A demon named "Tyrant"
Fuka and Desco Episode
Episode Bond in time

This Database

Let's take a moment to review the various services offered in your database. Not all are available from the beginning of the adventure, but they are unlocked as you advance in the story.

Meaver, dimensional Guide
At the top of the base is Meaver. It is to her that he must come to launch mission scenario.

Mathilda, Nurse
If your characters are injured at the end of a fight, ask the nurse to treat you, for a fee. Not only will you regain all your points, but you can also get rewards.

Estelle Treader object
Estelle gives you access to the World of Objects. By choosing an item from your inventory, you can access a series of randomly generated map you have to cross. When you get to the last card, you can enhance selected early, making it much more powerful object. See the page on World of Objects for details.

Pleinair, Concierge Cam-pain HQ
Speaking with this character you can access the electoral HQ. You can then open a meeting to offer your claim, place the ungodly on the map to help you in combat or create new characters symbols.

It is with this character that we must turn to learn new special abilities and spells in exchange for accumulated at the end of the fighting mana. You can also improve your abilities and spells with Takehisa.

All sellers regularly renew their stocks, so feel free to check out their store often. Fukuzzo will sell you all kinds of weapons and Pamela sells you armor.

Just in front of these two vendors, talk with Lawrence to purchase various items, including healing items.

The butterfly that spins down your base includes all information about the objects you've collected a list of classes that you have already unlocked the special ability ... It is very useful to know where you are one, if you want to complete the game 100%.

Hall of sequences
Here, you can review the animated scenes of the various chapters of the game.

Cheater, cheating Shack
The cheater offers to increase or decrease levels of experience, Mana and Hells you earn in battle. You can also change the power of the enemy if you find them too feeble. Finally, you can adjust some things for multiplayer.

Chapter 1: Insurgents Hell

After a short introduction punctuated with a healthy dose of humor, followed by a presentation of your new warriors, you are free to move in your database. Take the opportunity to go around to open two safes and chat with the characters present. When you finish your stroll, go all the way up to talk with Meaver, dimensional Guide. Select Chapter

Basic Controls and to learn the intricacies of combat.

Basic Commands
In this first mission, you will learn the basics of the game, namely travel, group attacks and combos. After following the instructions, you will simply need to eliminate the four Prinnies to win. Nothing complicated at the moment of course. Following this brilliant victory, stores of weapons, armor and database objects are accessible. Enjoy it for so check it out and equip yourself properly before continuing. The hospital is also available, but for now you should not need it. Return to Meaver to continue.

Special Abilities and Defense
The second step of this tutorial regards special abilities and Defense. Follow the instructions and put into practice what you have learned to subdue three enemies present. Fenrich teaches you subsequently use Hexes and informs you that the Spiritualist is now open if you want to buy.

Lift & launch
The next mission will teach you how to lift and throw objects and enemies or your companions. As always, you complete this mission by eliminating enemies on the screen.

Geo Effects
Here is your final lesson: use Geo blocks and Geo panels. At the end of it, your faithful Prinnies are caught before he could enjoy delicious sardines.

Lost Souls
It's time to get serious and apply everything you've learned with a real fight. You must face the Regent of Hell Axel with a few allies.

After your victory, election HQ opens. This is where you can expand your influence, to pass laws and create new characters.

After the scene, you find yourself having to defend against Axel men Brigade execution of the President. You can get two chests on this map by wearing then throwing one of your characters on the remote platform.

After this short turnaround, Axel will join your team but will not be available during fights. Before you embark on the rest of the adventure, try the shops to optimize your equipment a bit.

The albatross nest
For this mission, you will encounter a new enemy: Emizel, the head of the enforcement of the President brigade. Of course, you'll have to fight.

During the confrontation, you'll learn how to use the morphing power to get boost your characters. Take advantage of this struggle to transform the red soil in blue, so you get a treasure to the death of your enemies.

Every man for himself
After a short scene where Axel is a martyr, you must fight Emizel, two trainers and four fighters. No worries so far, if you can start by eliminating the trainers before getting rid of the other, and then finish by Emizel which cause you any problem. If you feel a bit feeble for this fight, quit and repeat previous fights for practice.

Then you release your true Prinnies and decide to go up the straps. But then a young lady appears and causes. Who is she? This is what we will discover in Chapter 2: Legacy of Prinnies.

Chapter 2: Prinnies War

You need to find information about the mysterious girl who has produced earlier. Do some shopping in the boutiques, learn new skills if you can and do not forget to open the two new boxes that have appeared in your database. This done, talk Meaver to continue.

Tutoring on Geo blocks - Attacks grouped
For this card, just run the red geo block isolated on another red gathered above. This has the effect of nullifying all geo blocks in a chain reaction. Get rid of the last remaining enemies to finish.

Tutoring on Geo blocks - Damage drop
Here, just run the blue geo block front of the blue wall. As before, finish the enemies to complete this little card.

Tutoring on Geo blocks - Use
For this last card drive, collect the three geo blocks to square one, and place them near the corresponding geo blocks. Finally eliminate the enemies to move on. Fenrich will then explain how to use the symbols ungodly via your election headquarters.

Dormitory lepers
Here you have an appointment with the mysterious girl, who once again will cause you. Battle your way to the girl by effectively using geo blocks and eliminate all the enemies to win. Prefer magical attacks upon the blobs to get rid of quickly.

At the end of the fight, the World of Objects is available. By choosing a subject you are transported randomly generated maps and in which you have to fight various enemies. It's a good way to get new items, experience and money, but you have to overcome 10 cards or use an emergency exit to leave.

Contaminated raw
The girl is still there ... still annoying. For the next battle, you have to get rid of four zombies, four nemeses, two magicians and two warriors. Try not to scatter your men anyhow. Indeed, the green floor prevents you from ranged attacks and reverse blue ground your VPs and your PCs. Therefore prefer to send your warriors in the green zone and your ranged combatants / pictures in blue. Once you have killed everyone, follow the discussion with the girl.

Forest corpses
Ready to take you a little head with geo blocks? On this map, you start on a small platform with geo blocks four different colors. Two bridges geo blocks until you arrive, on which are positioned several zombies. Close access to a deck with a warrior, and then pass the four geo blocks between your characters to destroy the second bridge. It'll just remove the remaining zombies.

Whispered curse
You find unbearable girl accompanied by her secret weapon: Emizel. You'll have to beat him again. The son of the president is accompanied by several enemies. You can use geo blocks to start life a little enemies if you wish. Beware of pet peeves and their fire spell that can kill a character a bit feeble in one shot.

Ploy plague
The battle on this map can quickly turn into a nightmare depending on your actions. You notice quickly that the blue boxes covering almost the entire floor. Avoid placing your men over because they will teleport to a random box. Prefer to place your men on mushrooms on each side, then let the enemies come. Try to make your way to the red geo block next to Fuka and destroy the blue ground to create a chain reaction. With any luck, it may be that you are very close to the teleport geo block, which greatly helps.

The altar waste
After putting a small roust to Fuka, the girl ends up in trouble. You now have to save her. Fuka is now available as a companion for use in combat. You can finish this fight pretty quickly, but it means to inflict a lot of damage to your allies. Just bring two people closer to the green or red geo block and start a character on the other side. Then destroy the cube and see the chain reaction. Complete the remaining enemies and you're done.

After the bout, Fuka agrees to follow you. So you think it's all over, Axel returns from the dead and inform you of the new trick he prepares. Visit the Chapter 3: The Ultimate Weapon for the rest of the adventure.

Chapter 3: Ultimate Weapon

While we thought that Axel had passed away, he is back and better than ever! You can now count on Fuka to support you during your next battle. The aim of this chapter is going to be once Axel find and put out of harm's. Following a brief introduction of this chapter, Fenrich explains a new feature of your HQ: the restructuring.

As soon as you can move, walk around your base to pick up the contents of the three new chests that have appeared. Do not forget to heal and do some shopping before contact Meaver to continue.

Deadly maze
By entering this episode, prisoners fall on you under the command of Axel and Emizel. The enemies are numerous, but the fight does not mean difficult. For starters, you can stay at the blue floor to enjoy the boost of attack and let it come the first waves of enemies. Then advance to the tamer.

Sweet death
You still cross once prisoners who want to eliminate you in exchange for freedom. You start the battle surrounded by enemies. Try to eliminate your opponents on the colored boxes to obtain additional rewards. You can also destroy geo blocks all over the map if you wish. In all cases, neutralize everyone to win.

After the fight, you attend a conversation between President Underhive and a mysterious figure. A new enemy on the horizon?

Channels judgment
The battle begins immediately, with no small skit. The card on which you will develop this essentially paths where one character at a time can circulate. In addition, the green boxes you deal damage every turn, so avoid as much as possible to stay on. So choose carefully the order in which your heroes prefer to send your characters first in hand-to-hand with a good defense, followed by magicians and ranged attackers.

Path of Vengeance
You will find the duo Axel Jester / Emizel and some prisoners. Following the discussion, you must take up arms. This card comes with symmetrically on each side of a red soil increasing the defense, a green reducing the attack and finally a blue ground that boosts your allies. In addition, three geo cubes are arranged just at your starting point. The idea here will be to transform the red soil into something else, just to make enemies and allies at the same level, and to start life a little of your opponents. So stack geo cubes then destroy that which touches the ground to cause a chain reaction. Then just to defeat the enemies to win.

After the fight, Axel is preparing a new bad shot, but our brave heroes are ready to fight against any enemy.

The satanic altar
For this new card, you are in the presence of several attacking enemies at a distance. And history of spice things up a bit, these enemies sit proudly on red boxes providing them care and increasing the number of attack. Split your team into two groups with fighters in hand-to-hand combat, mages and possibly a healer in each. Advance training to the other side of the map trying to eliminate as soon as possible snipers on the sides.

Before you can continue the adventure, you need a level 10 sword. Fenrich so it gives you a common sword and strongly suggest that the increase in the world of objects. Talk to object Treader in your database and select the common sword. You must then pass through the different maps proposed eliminating all enemies, or simply through the dimensional gates. All 10 cards, you must choose a fork to continue. Remember that in the world of objects, the maps are randomly generated. Once your new sword acquired, talk to Meaver to continue.

Cell prohibited
Now that you have your item level 10, you can access the forbidden cell. Axel and Emizel will then deliver the ultimate weapon: Desco, which is self-proclaimed "final boss." Before reaching Desco, you must cross a red zone that prevents you from using ranged attacks, followed by a blue that spreads damage and finally a green that you can not cross. Of course, everything is dotted with various enemies. Locate the skulls on the side, throwing them close to an enemy, you lower level: this is something practical to cross. So Walk with your characters in hand-to-hand, and then as soon as you can, use the red Geo Cube to remove the blue area. Get rid at last of the green zone with blue Geo Cube or just follow the path to reach the boss and kill. If you removed the red zone, you can also attack from a distance.

After the fight, Desco joins your team. Chapter 3 ends, but one of every newspaper talks about the death of the only son of the President. How Emizel going to handle this? This is what we will discover in Chapter 4: Emizel's death.

Chapter 4:Emizel's Death 

Valvatorez plans to continue its war against the president, but something puts it out of him, the news agency dared to write "Blinnies" instead of "Prinnies!" This is unforgivable! So our heroes decide to go to the Agency for the damage. This is great because Emizel wants to take the opportunity to show the world that he is still alive, he is going to help you get in.

Three new boxes have been opened in your base, do not hesitate to use. When you are ready to continue, talk Meaver to trigger a small scene between Fuka and Desco. Then select the episode Coming of God for the rest of the adventure.

Coming of God
The entrance to the News Agency is heavily guarded by ninjas and dog species. In addition, the colored areas on the ground blocking your progress. Battle your way to the green geo block and destroy it to cancel the blocking effect. Continue forward and destroy the blue geo block with a ranged attack. Do the same with the red geo block and clean the house to complete this card.

Rotten Heart
You are now in a hallway of the Agency, and safety falls on you. After an ... interesting Emizel speech, you must fight. Nothing complicated about this card, you simply remove the 12 employees of the news agency. There are no geo cubes nor any colored ground.

The dark tower
You will have to once again confront the employees of the news agency. You notice they are perched on stacked geo cubes that make them invincible. Use geo cubes near the starting point to destroy the basis of geo cubes stacked. You can then easily lift and throw ninja on another box to kill them. Recover the remaining geo cubes, then use them to bring down the other ninjas of the card. Do not overlook Alraunes just walking around and eliminate everyone to be able to move on.

In this map, large walls geo blocks prevent you from moving forward. You quickly locate the geo cubes isolated. Start by taking the blue Geo Cube on the blue wall to pass. Pick up the green to blow up the green wall, and thus access to a red and a yellow Geo Cube Geo Cube. Turn back with them to destroy the other two walls. Dispose of course the enemies that are bothering you to win.

Vile manipulation
The new card may seem a little complicated at first glance, but in reality it is quite simple. You start on a light blue ground that prevent you from casting allies and enemies. You also notice four boxes in a corner, and geo cubes different colors scattered. Get out your fighters in hand-to-hand and send them forward to take care of ninjas nearby. As soon as you can, destroy the green remote Geo Cube arranged on a light blue box on the other side of the precipice and you cancel the negative effect of "throwing impossible." Then run one of your friends on the opposite side to get the four chests. Move then to simply enemies and crush them. To finally reach the last enemy, start an ally on its platform.

Ultimate downfall
For the last card of this chapter, you must fight the Director of News Agency, which is accompanied by several other enemies. At your starting point, you notice that the red soil has the trait "teleportation", which has the effect of moving randomly at every turn the characters positioned above. Enemies when they had settled high on a blue area increasing attack. You can use the light blue Geo Cube to add dodging red soil, but teleportation may still cause you problems. While this is a bit risky, start light blue Geo Cube on the blue area of the enemy and destroy it to cancel all effects. It'll just eliminate all the enemies to win.

At the end of the battle, each hero expresses his desire for the purpose of the adventure. Emizel also takes a big decision and joins your team. When the director tries to escape a mysterious girl disguised as Prinnie appeared: it is an Angel of Greed calling itself Volcano. Valvatorez seems to know, but he thought she was dead! Who is she really? Will she try to block the progress of our hero? This is what we will discover in Chapter 5: Angel of Avarice.

Chapter 5:Angel of Avarice

Valvatorez seems troubled by his reunion with the Angel of Greed. His companions wonder why he let him go without doing anything. But no time to dwell on it, Fenrich has prepared an action plan for the future: to seize the central stratum Underhive.

As at the beginning of each chapter, go around your base so you are prepared for the future and to get two new safes. Now that you are ready, talk to Meaver you start a new episode.

Coliseum of misfortune
Obviously, you are not welcome in this stratum because demons attack you just arrived. You start on a board with multi-colored box giving different effects. The geo cubes granting these effects will move at every turn, so there was a big chance that the box in which you are arrested has a totally different effect from the beginning of the next turn. Knowing this, proceed with caution to remove various enemies. After the fight, you learn more about the Angel of Greed.

Grandeur flouted
During a chat between your heroes, they are once again disturbed by demons. This map shows a pink ground which greatly boosts the enemies that are above. If you feel strong enough, attack the front to exterminate them all. Alternatively, you can access geo cubes perched on the statue and create a chain reaction to some cleaning. Finish all the enemies to win.

Honor fallen
You find Volcano, but the lady is in very bad shape. You'll have to remove her attackers to save her.

For this card, your healers will be involved. The colored stones on which are positioned some enemies gives Inversion damage effect, which results in the fact that you care for them by attacking them and inflict damage on the caregiver. So put this pursuant to annihilate the enemies on the colored tiles. You can also get close and throw on a colored box not to hurt their more traditional way. For others, a few good slaps are right for them.

Alternations putrid
On this new map, the red soil will not be used to attack distances. In addition, the green tiles prevents you from wearing and launch enemies that are above and geo blocks. Place your fighters in hand-to-hand and begin removing six bodyguards arranged around your starting point. Move then to the opponents of the green tiles to remove them. If the failure to attack from a distance bothers you, go destroy all blue geo block down the card, but it may cause some problems because the enemies are many to get there.

The Wheel of Death
While your heroes are in conversation, other demons come to disturb you. Just for the principle, let's get rid of them.

Archers are positioned around your starting point, Emissaries around the big wheel in the center and Bacciels proudly positioned on green boxes greatly boosting their stats and making them invincible. Start by eliminating the archers and butterflies to free up some space. To eliminate the demons in the center, you must firstly remove the green Geo Cube hidden behind the big wheel and remove the red in the middle of the two demons. Note that you can also run the demons themselves elsewhere, the main one being that he no longer has the status "powerful enemy".

After a very emotional scene on the past of your hero, prepare yourself in your database and run the last episode of this chapter.

Cursed ride
Will we finally learn the truth about his identity in this episode? By this time, because Fenrich uses a pretty lie that requires you to fight the girl.

The damsel is perched on the roof of the arena. In addition, it is assisted by 17 soldiers Prinnies. The hardest part of achieving Volcano. Get rid of reinforcements and use ranged attacks to eliminate the boss. Another option, roll a character on the roof to take care of the beautiful, or enjoy being has its height to swing below. Although she has a lot of points, the battle should not pose too much of a problem.

Just when you thought finally learn more about the Angel of Greed, it takes a bullet to save Valvatorez. The shooter is none other than the vile Axel, who immediately flees The vampire screams desperation, Volcano mortally wounded in his arms, wondering with rage if she is indeed sweet Altina he once knew.

But the question remains unanswered, and thus ends the chapter 5 of this adventure.

Chapter 6: A virus

Rest assured, Volcano is in great shape for the start of this chapter. Axel but still you have a problem, so we will have to get rid of him once and for all. Fenrich offers hearing to conquer the upper stratum Underhive.

As always, shop around your base to prepare for and recover the three new chests that have emerged: the first is just behind Meaver, the second behind the infirmary.

The last chest is at the bottom of the base, next to the lava waterfall. Then talk to Meaver to get started in a new episode. Note that Volcano is now available for fighting.

Winter graves
New map, new problem. Demons will bar the way and want revenge ... but you're not sure what.

This card is great and all enemies are away from your starting point. You notice right away that the yellow soil and prevents you from advancing your enemies are installed on a purple ground giving them a boost. Pull a character can attack from a distance and place it behind the wall near your base. Destroy the red géobloc behind to cancel the blocking effect. History equalize things a bit, get the green géobloc in the corner of the card and install it on the purple ground. You can also destroy it to cancel all effects. Now head over to your enemies and slaughter them.

Earlier, Emizel was behaving strangely, and now Desco pronouncing strange sentences without realizing it, then turn Fuka! But what is happening? It's like Axel spoke through others. According to the report of a Prinnie, your men have caught the virus, which will gradually turn them into ... Axel! Of course, nobody wants to look like the blond, so you have to find a cure.

Before death
On this map you battle contaminated Virus A, and an enemy that has undergone a total transformation and strongly resembling Axel. All together you géocubes prevent any passage, but you see a blue isolated geo block and a Green inaccessible for the moment. So throw away the blue geo block near the blue wall to remove all of geo block impassable. Now bring the green block at the wall of the same color in order to reach the shooters behind. It'll just destroy everyone. Remember the magicians at the bottom of the card that does not come to you.

The law treacherous
While walking, your team is encircled by several Axel. These clones are trying to discord in your group: do not worry, they will not turn against you. There are many enemies on this map, as well as two colored zones: red increases attacks by 100%, while the blue reduced by 100% fire spells. Go immediately seek geo block blue in the corner of the map, run the red soil, then destroy it to remove all effects. By the way, you'll deliver zombies destroying graves.

Now that everyone is on an equal footing, put a roust all enemies on the screen.

After the match, the status of your friends keep getting worse ... The only way to cure everyone seems to be to eliminate the final boss of the chapter. So let's move on.

Mirage abyssal
New processed by Axel demons will attack you. This card is a bit special because the enemies on the blue floor will duplicate. The only way to stop this is to approach the yellow geo bloc down the card and destroy it. Battle your way thus eliminating most of Axel possible and blow up the Geo Cube. After the effect disappeared, complete survivors. Note that if your men are powerful enough, you can win the battle by eliminating all the enemies before they have had time to replicate.

The invaders
It's a veritable army of Axel welcomes you! You notice quickly that four points of departure are willing pink on the map: these are cases in which enemy reinforcements will arrive. The goal will be to eliminate as soon as possible enemies. If necessary, leave fighters near each square one to kill with newcomers. When there are no more enemy, you win.

Wilted flowers
This card is on many levels. On each, you find a stack of Axel geo block increasing the power of the enemies jump and cloning. However, the fight is pretty simple. Come close to each pillar, kill and destroy the Axel geo block. Do this on each level to the total annihilation of all clones of the blond.

It's time to put a beating Axel, real this time! Combat is very simple. Do not take fright at seeing all of Axel clones on the side, they are very weak. Proceed straight to the real Axel Axel eliminating false. You Strive then the Regent of Hell to beat him.

You beat Axel, congratulations! But despite losing, your friends do not seem to get better, worse, they turn into Axel! While Valvatorez begins to lose hope, Volcano watered his angelic blood to heal his companions. During the scene, Axel (the real one) took the opportunity to escape again ...

Now that you have found a cure for the Virus A, it is time to take back your original plan: access to the Presidential residence to overthrow President! But that we will see in Chapter 7: The Tyrant against the President .

The Tyrant vs President

Now that we have conquered the three strata of the Sub-World, it's time to get down to business: the overthrow President. Do not be fooled by the title of this chapter, the adventure is far from over. In your database, start by picking up the contents of the safe behind the Spiritualist.

Back at the lava waterfall to find another chest. A unit is behind the weapons and armor shops. Now, talk Meaver to access the first episode of this chapter.

Rebel Invasion
You are now in front of the residence of the President. After a nice pep talk from Valvatorez, many enemies appear. But your own army comes in to help make your job easier. This fight is actually quite simple, despite the fact that most enemies are on the red soil boosting a bit. Get out your fighters and move to the back of the card, eliminating everything in your path. Try to quickly destroy geo cubes the bottom to remove the effects of soil and also take time to recover the four boxes on the sides.

Fragment of regret
After this brilliant first win, you continue progress toward the President. But the Braves Three Underhive block the path, and you have to fight all three. They are of course not alone, and many minions with them. The colored soils show no effect. If you wish, you can install geo cubes placed right next to your starting space to put effects, but keep in mind that the enemies will also benefit from the effects if they are on the corresponding floor. You can create a chain reaction with all geo cubes on the red soil and destroying one of them. In any case, go on this card and get rid of the three bosses, as well as reinforcements to win.

Divine collapse
On this great card, you see some Chernobogs quietly installed on a green floor that gives them many positive effects. For cons, the blue ground you start has the Solitude effect, which prevents you from placing more than one character at a time. No worries so far, the aim of the game will be to place your characters on green areas, and advance green flooring green ground to destroy your enemies. If you reach the end of the card, you can also break the green Geo Cube to cancel Solitude effect.

Traces of Darkness
This time it is the Four Kings of Heaven that block the road. As for the episode Fragment
regrets, you must remove all four and the men accompanying them. Each boss is installed on a ground color that brings them improvements. On your side, your starting square is surrounded by a green area that prevents you from moving forward. Start by destroying the green Geo Cube near your camp in order to get out. These enemies are much more powerful than the Three Braves, train your characters well if you do not manage to pass.

Purge after purge
Now is the Power Rangers ... er ... pardon the Seven Generals Underhive coming hinder your progress. Do not be discouraged by the large number of enemies all Prinnies are very low and the general lack a lot of hit points. Treat yourself and your opponents swing the barrels of powder to create a chain reaction. The fight will be a little long, but it does not present a major challenge.

Examination of the Demon
The configuration of this card can give you trouble. You start on geo block causing dispersion of damage and you also inflicting damage at every turn. You need to get rid of at least the geo block skies to be quiet. Pull both fighters and run in a level platform on which rests a geo block sky. Make sure none of your allies is on the blocks around the square one before sending the isolated block destroy everything.

Now get out your fighters to distance and make a butchery in the opposing camp. You can always send more soldiers in hand-to-hand if the remote is a little weak.

Festin bloody
On the way to the last step, Fenrich is seriously injured while rescuing his master. Those who call themselves the Ten Devils appear and of course not want to let you go without a fight. Well rest assured immediately, the faithful Fenrich has not a single scratch, it simply wanted Valvatorez breaks his word.

The Ten Devils gathered on this map, each accompanied by a bodyguard. Progress slowly eliminating enemies, for they are all posted on clay floors providing them an advantage. Try to eliminate the first round four enemies before square one to make things easier. At the beginning of each turn, you Strive on one or two enemies to be sure to get rid of. Feel free to place you as your characters on the colored soil to achieve the effects.

Office of the President
That's it, you're there! You've reached the office of the President, and you will be able to overthrow the President! After the usual rhetoric of Valvatorez, the battle begins.

The President is assisted by fifteen soldiers, no less! In addition, it has more than 14000 points, but do not worry, if you have well-trained your characters, you will literally roll on all enemies. The good thing, as the last point of view is that there is no geo effect on this map. Tread carefully to the President's position by eliminating all the enemies that you separate.

Now that the President is defeated, you think this is the end? Think again, it is just beginning! A far more dangerous enemy appears: Inquisitor Nemo. This individual control Earth and expects destroy all life on the surface of the globe! Even if your goals are much the same, you have to face it ... but not right away. Direction Chapter 8: Champion against Champion.

Chapter 8: Champion against Champion

It's the return of Axel for the start of this chapter. Although he has tried to eliminate countless times, he was appointed Chairman of the sixty-second Underhive. Well, at least he will not be in your legs, which is not bad. Your new enemy is the inquisitor Nemo. Before embarking in pursuit, three new boxes appeared in your database: the first is just to the left of Meaver.

You find the second level Master Data, and the Hall of sequences. The last is placed behind the General Store. You can now get started in the new episode.

Curtain up
Following your adventure takes you to the surface of the Earth. Enemies for the occasion change: instead of Demons, you must now fight the humans combination of combat.

Do not be intimidated by the army soldiers who surround you. They are all installed on the yellow boxes increasing their defense. Destroy so both geocubes near your starting space to inflict some damage and remove the effect of defense. If you can, eliminate several soldiers in the first round for you ease the rest of the fight.

The fatal elevator
This card is pretty difficult to pass. All enemies are on a pile of géocubes which, among others, make them invincible. To get away, throw enemies outside geo block and Strive over you. Mind you, their attacks are quite powerful!

Section D
In this sector, Nemo relies clones Demons. Of course you must fight them. Purple ground heals enemies at every turn and gives them a boost. If your characters are strong enough, you can still delete them without problem. Otherwise, try to reach the red and green géocubes in the corridor parallel to your starting square and destroy them. If you are experienced with fighting, you can even set the blue GeoCube on purple ground, then just give a fillip to your enemies to kill them in one shot: however keep in mind that if your allies are also on the ground with this, they will die if an enemy sneezes next to them.

The Chaos Factory
This map shows lot of enemies. You can place an ally on each geo block, or both together geo block for a boost and attention at every turn. Of course, if you are truly destructive characters, you can rush to your opponents and destroy them in a few turns.

The G9 section
You start on a purple ground that boosts the enemy by 50%. As always, you can leave the ground and hit the waves of enemies if you are powerful enough. Otherwise, take the blue or green GeoCube on purple ground, then destroy it to reverse the effect and get everyone on the same level. Another, more dangerous, is going to destroy the enemy responsible for the purple GeoCube boost, then place the clear blue GeoCube to boost your allies.

Dragon with 2 heads
Here is a little difficult to solve map. There are only six enemies, but géoeffets make more racy things. If your characters are strong enough, you can try to eliminate the four combinations Bio-around square one. But since you can not attack from a distance, it is difficult to reach the last two enemies. Then attempt to break the round geo block stacking them to destroy them. Once there are no more than a red geo block, eliminate remote stellar Skull and discard the red block on the other side to the other tower collapse. Complete the Mage then stellar and you won.

Mission improbable
Then you just find the father of Fuka and Desco, you have to fight multiple enemies on a bridge geo block conferring attack + 50%, the Silence state, one on the road, and finally reverse the PVs and PCs .
However, there is a way to get rid of all these effects, but it is quite risky. Play a round with your characters, the highest must wear the red GeoCube next to your drawing board. Then run your characters one after the other until you can run the red GeoCube on the other red GeoCube at the end of the bridge. You just liked that you get rid of enemies to finish this card.

True Ultimate Weapon
You finally get to face the end boss of this chapter: a version upgrade of Desco named Death Z. But before you reach it, you must remove the 7 armed combinations and two sophists who protect. In addition, to access its platform, you must get rid of the colored soil that prevents you from passing. So walk towards the back of the card by eliminating combinations. The yellow and green geo block responsible for the blocking effect will move at every turn, so enjoy to spend when they stop on a color that suits you.

True Ultimate Weapon 2
Like any self-respecting true boss, you have the right to fight an improved version and much more dangerous Death Z. There is no particular strategy: use your best attacks on it to eliminate it. Although the conflict between Fuka, Desco and their father is almost settled, there is still the problem of Nemo. Indeed, it has another evil plan to rescue that reveals the retained. See you in Chapter 9: On behalf of the moon and Earth for the rest of this exciting adventure!

Chapter 9: On behalf of the moon and Earth

The new plan Nemo is to destroy the moon! Strangely, he is unable to explain how, so this means that it is someone else who will take care of, but who? In your base, three new chests are recovering: one near the cabin cheating.

The second is behind the master data. The last is placed on the display panel. Speak now to Meaver louse later.

Melancholy moon
You are now on the moon. You quickly discover that they are aliens who have been ordered to destroy the satellite of the Earth. The fight is inevitable.

For this card, there are only six aliens that block the road. However, they are quietly settled into their ship and if you can not join them because of containers and blue floor preventing you pass or achieve because of yellow soil that blocks ranged attacks. Thus destroy the wall of containers with your fighters in hand-to-hand and install your shooters on the sides of the ramp support. Once you have created a gap, squirt these aliens to move to the next episode.

The third colony
The aliens were encountered previously inform you that must be destroyed to prevent the detonator explosion of the moon, but then you might create a black hole ... Finding the famous detonator, other aliens explain that n is not only Nemo who is behind the decision to destroy the moon, but a Supreme Council gathering several planets. Anyway, you must destroy the detonator.

The purpose of this map is to destroy the bomb. You notice quickly that colored soils are preventing you from moving forward. To progress, you have to eliminate the Androids that are on the geo block of each color, then destroy geo block. You Strive then the bomb to destroy it. You are also not obliged to eliminate enemies to complete this card.

Hideout parasites
On this map you spot the second detonator. Obviously, it is protected by an enemy armada. The good news is that there is no delay géoeffets for you, the bad news is that the enemies are numerous and quite hefty. Tread carefully eliminating your opponents, then you are focusing on the bomb as soon as it is in range. If you want to shorten the fight, know that destroying the bomb, you complete this card.

After your brilliant victory, then you'll learn more about the promise that binds Valvatorez and Fenrich, tremor moon is felt. Unfortunately, the runaway reactor following the destruction of detonators! You then decide to destroy the reactor: towards the next episode!

Learn inexhaustible
Before arriving at the reactor, you must get rid of a few troublemakers. On this map, you notice a light blue ground that provides +50% experience, state silence, a boost of 50% to enemies and prevents you from throwing objects, companions or enemies. In addition, there are three starting spaces for enemies. The goal will be to eliminate opponents as quickly as possible before the arrival of reinforcements. Move your team to the three boxes from the enemy and annihilate everyone quickly to win.

The heresy of the devil
That's it, you're finally reached the reactor. It is protected by some Androids and Cyborgs, but nothing insurmountable. Use ranged attacks to eliminate enemies on the sides, then just walk towards the generator. If the 50% boost enemy bothers you, you can destroy all red geo block after the card otherwise annihilate everyone to move on.

You avoid the creation of a black hole, congratulations! But again, Nemo has a new trick up its sleeve: it has to collide the moon and Earth. So you think all is lost, the Archangité Flonne appeared.

She brings a super robot of death that kills ... well blessed by the heavens ... well, the robot shogun Great Flongorak X! But it does not have enough energy to push the moon. Well, as a demon, he is out of the question to ask, so we will solve the problem of violence.

The end of the world
For the last fight of this chapter, you face many enemies, including bosses quite powerful. In the first round, try to eliminate the creatures before your starting space to avoid Magimorphs and Combimorphs.

Advance then cautiously toward the boss, taking care to eliminate its allies. The boss has also a lot of points, so do not hesitate to acharner at you with more characters to deal with them quickly.

Following this difficult fight, Earthlings Demons Underhive and allies begin to pray to provide the energy required to operate the giant robot. Earth and moon are finally saved! Well, obviously this is not over because you still have not settled his account at Nemo. While the latter disappears emitting grunts of pain, terrible evil aura emanates from the Earth: it is the Overlord of pangs. What is this new threat? How to stop it? That's what we'll find in the last chapter: deeper than the darkness links.

Chapter 10: Links deeper than the Darkness

It is God himself who sent the throes of Overlord to destroy the Earth! It is a device for focusing the most abject and the vilest of the universe and destroy anyone. God or not, it is your duty to save the world! Before engaging in this difficult task, made a last lap of your database to retrieve three boxes. One is right next to the arms dealer.

The second is on the giant skull flowing lava in the lower part of your base (image2). The last is perched behind the Spiritualist. Now, talk Meaver to start a new episode.

Fusion hate
For this card, you must fight incarnations of hate. You start on the ground providing géoeffet Silence, which can be a hassle if you plan to use spells. So start to destroy the green Geo Cube responsible for this effect. The other géoeffet here is Goodbye. If an enemy or an ally from this box at the end of the round, it exploded, so do not let any allies it. The explosion of a character also has a great chance of making explosives detonated near cubes, so place your characters so they are not too exposed to damage.

After this fight, you learn a little more about the inquisitor Nemo. But you do not have time to waste, the end of the world is near and only you can help it.

Devastation area
Here is a map that seems difficult at first but is actually very simple. Your starting square is surrounded by conferring geo block -50% attack, +50% defense, +1 number of attack, but worst of all, the Silence status. To finish, simply do your characters from square one. Once they launched their attack, move them to a geo block, attack with the next and so on until the destruction of all enemies.

You are totally surrounded by enemies at the beginning of this card. If you can, tackle both the enemies on the bridge and priestesses / magicians behind. Otherwise, to the end of the bridge and destroy a GeoCube to weaken spell casters. In all cases, you have to manage almost all enemies at the same time, then you bring back if you find that the battle is too difficult. You will learn the past of the inquisitor Nemo Volcano mouth Altina.

Vase satanic
You are directly facing four gigantic creatures serenely installed on geo block giving interesting effects. If you have one or more good healers, use your best healing spells on the Succubus to eliminate it. Try also, in the first round, eliminating the Spirit. Finally, destroy the Spectre. If you have trouble for this, do not panic. Strive about one of them and start some characters on their boxes to get the color to geocubes collapsing towers on which they are. The hardest part is to remove the barrel Demon, but by joining the attacks of your best fighters, you should be able to overcome.

The choice of death
Fenrich desperately tries to reason with the incarnation of hatred, but his efforts were in
vain. If this card seems difficult, do not worry, it's not just me. It is divided into three levels, and you can not move from one level to another easily. To start, quickly eliminate Archères to be a little quiet.
Next, create a staircase by stacking cubes to reach level 2 From there, you have to eliminate as soon as possible enemy targets, at the risk of seeing arise through new square one enemy.

Mental limits

For this penultimate battle, you are surrounded by very powerful enemies. They all have, among other things, a Turbo x3 enemy. First, eliminate the two guns and the shooter Demons and send a character to destroy the red geo block. Now you have to face other opponents. Use your best attacks to their great damage quickly, and have a chance to finish before the end of the round.

After the battle, Nemo appears to regain his senses and can finally see Altina. In a flash of lucidity, he decided to go along with the pangs of Overlord. But this punishment is not to everyone's taste! You decide to continue so he spends the next few years as Prinny!

Final Battle
While you explain to Nemo what he will endure to be redeemed, the pangs of Overlord takes possession of the inquisitor and you have to fight. Here at last, the true final boss fight with a true big end game! Nemo has a lot of points and is extremely bad, do not hesitate to bring back a little before facing. He is accompanied by several Androids that do not pose too much of a problem, but steadily, other enemies will emerge. Do not give in to panic, get rid fast opponents who get in the way, then attack the boss. Simply remove Nemo to win this battle.

After this tough battle, you can congratulate you for saving the world, and finished this game!

Drivetrain: Mount Initiation

This chapter is unlocked by completing the main storyline, getting 7000 mana, and then passing the law opening the Mount of Initiation.

Mount of Initiation is a series of cards that allow you to train your men. Two of these cards are also useful for the phase Levelling .

Mont Initiation 1
This first card confronts you with several exorcists. They are all installed on a red ground giving them +50% attack, but they are actually quite low.

Mont Initiation 2
Very few enemies await you on this map, but they are much more powerful than those found at Mount Initiation 1 In addition, they are all perched high. If you do not get to spend that level, return to practice, because the Mount of Initiation 3 is even worse than this one.

Mont Initiation 3
This third test is probably the most difficult. You start on a green ground, which prevents you from casting spells and special attacks. Also, the enemies are numerous and very strong. To eliminate those right next to your drawing board, get a character, use special attacks from square one, then move it elsewhere to be able to release another. Then try to make your way to the green GeoCube, place it on the yellow ground and destroy it. Finish eliminate enemies, then climb to the top of the card to get rid of the dragon and finish this card.

Mont Initiation 4
After successfully completing the Mount of Initiation 3, 4 will seem very simple, even if the enemy has a high level. The advantage is that they are all grouped together, so your special attacks will make a carnage. Note that they are on the blue boxes that allow you to earn 100% experience and mana plus if you kill them on these boxes, very convenient to quickly increase your levels.

Dark Live tonight!

This additional unlocks history by finishing the main storyline and voting law to attend the concert Dark Live Axel.

This story begins with a Prinny who refuses to obey the orders of Valvatorez and Fenrich. The reason for his disobedience is simple: he wants to see the Super Dark Concert President Axel!

This poses problem of course, and it is out of the question to let Axel influence the way people Underhive! You decide to head to the place of his concert. Once there, you notice that a lot of demons gathered around the Dark Hero. But critics you issue really does not appeal to Demons who attended the concert, and the fight is inevitable.

Confrontation is not that hard, even if the enemies are quite numerous. Neutralize simply everyone to complete this card.

After the battle, the "fans" Axel leave, apparently not knowing why they were there. So they were mesmerized from the start? Axel then joins your team, and new battles are available in the search for new party members!

Seeking members for a new party!

In closing the ten chapters of the story, this new chapter is available. Several new battles await you to reach your goal: find members to create a new party. You will also be able to hire several characters from the game Disgaea 2.

For this first card, you must face Adel, straight out of Disgaea 2 Nothing special to say, he has a lot of points and can be very painful, but using your best characters, you should get around quickly. Adel is now part of your group.

Good manners!
It is the turn of Princess Rosalin to audition ... or a beating. Strive about it like you did with Adel and you beat them easily. After the fight, Rosalin joins your team.

Now you meet Mao, a character a little wacky. It will not last long face your characters, then adjust his account quickly to move on. As Adel and Rosalin, Mao joined your group.

Be strong
Prayer is next on the list. This Overlord seem to scare your team, but now that you have saved the world, no opponent happens to the ankle. Following the confrontation, Please join your team.

Well here's a ridiculous calling itself Red Rainbow, solitary member of the Rainbow Rangers. Set him his account so that he can join you.

The best mascot
The next candidate is Pleinair, which manages your election headquarters. After beating him, she joins your party as a fighter.

The invincible God!
The neighbor is the great and terrible, the indestructible Gig! Well, actually it is not as invincible as it will be right a few slaps him. He joined anyway your team after losing.

The women!
You will be able to hire two new characters after the battle: Kyoko and Asuka. They are not really difficult, but the fact that they are two for this fight complicates things. Start by looking after Kyoko has less PVs, and then finish by Asuka. The two women join your ranks thereafter.

The advent of the hero
You will have the opportunity to recruit a true heroine: Nisa! Fortunately, it is not really dangerous and you beat her easily. Like all other from the beginning, she joins your small team.

Your future is mine
Pram is the next audition. It is a spellcaster, so she does not have many points, but it can really hurt. Try to eliminate the first round. She joins your party.

Brace far
How about a new nurse in your group? If this is what you want most in the world, you're in luck, because beating Angela, you can create and use their talents Nurses.

Your soul is mine
The next is the necromancer Alia. It is sensitive to heat, so use it to weaken. But as she does not have many points, you should not have any trouble. At the end of the fight, you can create enchanting to support you in future battles.

A serious girl
In this episode, you have to beat Marona. Nothing so insurmountable. Marona then joins your party.

Maintenance of sardine
The next candidate is a sardine named Ash ... Of course, it'sa really a ghost, you have to fight. It is also quite powerful and has a lot of points, but it is possible with a good team to do it very badly, see eliminated from the first round. Obviously joined your fine team after the fight.

Absolute victory !!
Last candidate to audition: Pirohiko Ichimonji, which will be called Piro to make our lives easier ... It's pretty big guy, but as always, a good group, some good slaps and it's done. This annoying hero will even join your group itself!

In concluding this short chapter, you have recruited some very good fighters. It'll just train them to become real war machines.

The following battles unlocks after completing the scenario Dark Live tonight!

Master Axeeeel
A small cat named Pink insists on meeting his idol Axel. You will still have to make him an audition. Pink is not really dangerous, you will come to end easily. After the fight, she joins your party.

A new candidate is, he is a former colleague Axel: Star B. As always, you have to fight him before he joined your team. In addition, you can now create Angels.

A demon named "Tyrant"

In closing the ten chapters of the story, this new chapter is available. You will learn more about the past of Valvatorez and Fenrich.

Meet Fenrich
After some insistence of the female population that makes up your group, Fenrich is finally launching in explaining his meeting with Valvatorez. He had to actually kill the vampire, under the command of a certain Minotoros! Back in the past of our two heroes.

You will find yourself facing many monsters, but Valvatorez is overkill because at this moment in history, it is the tyrant that he should never have stopped being. You can defeat your enemies with great simplicity. At the end of the fight, the Tyrant Fenrich accept as an ally.

A demon named Tyrant
For the rest of the story, an unsavory group is attacking our heroes. The enemies are numerous and powerful enough. But thanks to Valvatorez, you will make short work. Pay special attention to spellcasters who are perched on the roof of the building. After the fight, talk about Fenrich Minotoros the Tyrant, so they decide to go to meet together.

A real vampire
Fenrich Minotoros see returns and tells him he has to kill him to get the bonus, instead of murder Valvatorez. But the devil had already planned to betray the werewolf, and tries to kill him! Fortunately, Valvatorez saves the life of Fenrich.

The fight is inevitable, and you must make your way to the exit. You can try to eliminate everyone but the simplest method is to direct you to the red soil, get rid of the troublemakers and complete the level.

Valvatorez Tyrant

Here is the last part of the story of Fenrich. Our two heroes return to headquarters to confront Minotoros.

For this fight, Valvatorez is injured, he is going to lose a lot of life at every turn. So we have to adjust quickly! Start by picking up the red GeoCube then create a tower of characters to cast off the green ground. You can now use your ranged attacks. Take the opportunity to attack enemies and destroy both géocubes each side of your square one, to remove the passage impossible. If you remain entrenched near your base, Minotoros should be close. Kill him to win this last battle.

Now you know everything about the past of the vampire and werewolf. You've even seen the beginning of their friendship inflexible. In addition, Tyrant Valvatorez version is now available in battle, but alas, it is not in 4000 ...

Fuka and Desco Episode

The DLC Episode Fuka and Desco is unlocked by completing the ten chapters of the main scenario Valvatorez. In the following pages, you will discover the path to complete the four chapters of this additional history.

Wow! The advent of burglars charming
At the beginning of this chapter, Fuka and Desco are intrigued by the color of the moon and meet Emizel at work. By understanding through what the Shinigami, Fuka decides to accumulate money out of his nightmare. And that is how he got the idea for a new bullshit ... sorry, an awesome plan: rob the plant of the Notes. Fuka, Desco and Altina, who call for the occasion Triangels, head of a firm step towards the manufacturing of the Notes.

Greed impulsive
Nothing too complicated for this card. Several Prinnies bar your way and you have to get rid of. Take the time to loot the four chests, and then annihilate your enemies. Do however be careful, you have neither Valvatorez or Fenrich or Emizel for this adventure, be sure that your heroines are well trained to move without difficulty.

Dance fatal
The first fight was a foretaste of what awaits you. On this map, the enemies are numerous and fairly hefty. Start by getting rid of Tailrings around your base, then move cautiously to meet other opponents. Feel free to take a turn to pick up the contents of the boxes, you never know what you may fall.

Forced collection
It's already time to fight a boss! Again, there are many enemies on this map, not counting the boss is just a bag of life. Eliminate the enemies around your camp and try to quickly cross the green ground to destroy green GeoCube further. You can also start your allies to prevent them from taking too much damage across the clay floors. Repeat to destroy all blue GeoCube the end and open the two chests if you have time. Once all the basic enemies are neutralized, concentrate your attacks on the boss.

Safe strengthened
Arriving at the imposing safe, Emizel appears to prevent you from opening. Emizel is alone, but he has a lot of hit points. In addition, the light blue ground on which you will progress you from using ranged attacks, and the green ground prevents you from going where you want. The Shinigami sees red soil giving it a turbo, care and gain a level in each round. Conduct a round of characters to move more quickly to the Emizel contact and try to eliminate it in a see two rounds.

In step! Extensive recovery program for Prinnies!

The plan Fuka did not have the expected success. But as she does not want to be reincarnated, she spends a market Valvatorez: if it comes at the end of intensive rehabilitation program for Prinnies without flinching, she will remain as it is.

First straightening
For this first test, you face a lot of enemies at once. They are not very tough, and the fact that they are all together will greatly ease your task.

Second straightening
The second test is a little more difficult. Your enemies are on a red ground inflicting damage you if you stay there, and the place where you start you from using ranged attacks. To fix this, you hurry to build a tower with your characters to send as much as possible the enemies. Otherwise, the very next turn, you can not get out of character. Destroy the yellow GeoCube then try to survive nine laps the red GeoCube will destroy itself. You can now remove the instructor who is normally the last remaining enemy.

Third straightening
This test looks complicated, but not that much. Play a round with your characters and send them to destroy all red GeoCube after the map. If necessary, blast containers with your other characters, and then make a carnage among the enemy. Note that you must run diagonally to the end of the container to reach the platform of enemies.

Last straightening
For the final test, you must fight Valvatorez, Fenrich and two dozen additional enemies. History to make things easier, you can use only one character at a time. But leaving one of them on the drawing board, you can use two. As soon as you can, go destroy the two geo block responsible for the effects, and eliminate everyone to win.

Episode Bond in time

The DLC Episode Bond in time unlocks ending the ten chapters of the main scenario Valvatorez. In the following pages, you will discover the path to complete the four chapters of this additional history.

The summoner and the terrible sisters
Desco has found a mysterious watch that happens to be an object to go back in time. In trying to fix it, Fuka triggers and the two sisters find themselves in a strange place. A mysterious girl asks them to eliminate soldiers.

Office invocation
The fight is inevitable. Therefore disable these early opponents to continue. Then you get to know Nagi. Once in the laboratory Nagi, search a bit to find some chests and all services provided by your base. Then talk with Nagi to continue the adventure.

You must face again soldiers. They are more numerous but no longer a problem.

Position under the ice
You'll encounter a new enemy type. They are a little tougher than the first, but nothing insurmountable. Back in the lab, sit and talk with Nagi to trigger on.

Lighthouse warriors
So you need to get rid of other soldiers, you find that Valvatorez Tyrant is not very far. Set battle by simply removing everyone to continue. Be careful, these opponents are more powerful than those previously encountered.

While reinforcements arrive, the great, the unique, the beautiful Valvatorez Tyrant appeared on the battlefield. Well at least the vampire solve the problem much faster than you. The sisters try to talk to him but the vampire is clearly not in the mood. Especially at this time, our hero does not yet know. Faced with his power, our heroines can only escape!

Meet predestined
Fuka, Desco Nagi and discuss on how to push the Tyrant if another meeting, but an alert is triggered. Demons are attacking! Before speaking with Nagi, repeat a tour of the laboratory to pick up some chests.

Bagatelle fairies
You find the Altina the past, surrounded by Cu Sith. Get rid of them quickly, but expect quick characters to cross the red soil giving you the effect -1 moving and keeps you from ranged attacks. You can also create a tower of characters to advance more quickly, and eventually destroy géocubes responsible for the effects. You saved Altina. Follow the conversation, then talk again to Nagi to continue. Note qu'Altina is now available for fighting.

Cold without thank you
For this battle, you have to eliminate the Cu Sith who attack soldiers. Launch an ally to yellow GeoCube for installation on blue ground, and to weaken the enemy. Do the same if possible with the red geo block. It'll just eliminate all these people.

Solar blast
Here's a little more complicated fight. Absolute area, understand the you can not cross, so break géocubes, or thrown, separates you from your opponents. However, a yellow ground with a cube of teleportation is available nearby. Play a round of characters to retrieve the yellow GeoCube and place it on the yellow ground. This has the effect of reducing the enemies on your side. You can also teleport the enemies. Kill them all to win.

Banquet cruel
Lot of enemies are present on the card. Get out your best fighters and eliminate them. You can help a little by using the geo block on the side. At the end of the battle, the Tyrant resurfaced.

A distant promise
New chapter, new safes. Take a tour of the lab to recover some As always, talk with Nagi to move to the next battle.

Flames of War
Several soldiers encircle succubi. Neutralize them quickly to move on. Be aware that at every turn, the enemy will merge and become more powerful.

Burning sands
On this card, first destroy the green geo block, to create a chain reaction and remove any
géoeffets, both positive and negative. Then eliminate the enemies to complete this level.

Remains fallen
You must fight now for Prinnies and Sabrechats. Try to eliminate them quickly before they can do too Combimorpher. You can also launch explosive barrels if you wish to begin their life.

Crooked bridge
You start completely surrounded by demons and soldiers. Fortunately, the blue floor gives you one number of attack and care of 20% in each round. The fight will be very easy to win. The number of enemies are increasing, but Valvatorez appears again to sweep a hand gesture. While you attend to the promise made to Valvatorez Altina.

Rain reminiscences

Final straight to finish this adventure: you must stop the war! Three new boxes appeared in the laboratory, retrieve their contents before speaking with Nagi.

Dark path frozen
Many enemies again, but you have a size advantage, Valvatorez Tyrant is with you! The fight will be much easier.

Crossroads Devil
A large pack of black dogs blocks your passage. Three boxes are recovered within three ruins on the side. Take the opportunity to destroy géocubes placed here, it will facilitate the fight against Colonel at the end of the card. Battle your way then destroying everything in your path until boss Colonel, then remove it.

Perfidious designs
This fight will not be easy, but we will try to use géoeffets to get by. Pick up the red GeoCube Goodbye close to your base, create a tower of characters and place the cube on the yellow ground at the end of the card. With any luck, you will eliminate the boss and his two henchmen at the same time. It will do more than kill the remaining enemies.

Obscure church
This is the last fight to finish this scenario. The enemies are very numerous, very powerful and they have three starting spaces on top of that. On your side, you will unfortunately have no géoeffet to help. Therefore advance slowly, taking care to eliminate the enemies that will charge even if reinforcements arrive regularly. By gaining ground gradually, you will eventually destroy all enemies.

Unfortunately, the past can not be changed, and Altina is coldly murdered after the fight. After all these emotions, you are back in the lab. While the two sisters decided to stay a little longer with Nagi, the spatiotemporal watch racing and brings you back to hell, in your original time. Thus ends the story.