FIFA 15 Strategy Guide

FIFA 15 Walkthrough - Guide and complete game strategy dedicated to the last installment of the license of FIFA football simulation EA. Discover many tips and strategies on FIFA 15, the best players, our solutions to get started, different game modes, but also many technical advice to control and improve FIFA 15: execution dribbling, celebrations, strategies kicks, detail and study of the different aspects and many others still as the establishment of a defense or an effective attack, you know while reading this FIFA 15 guide.

FIFA 15 is no exception to the rule and is once again shake the habits of players in some aspects. Improved graphics, the new Ultimate Team mode, intensity and emotions and many other things.

More realistic representation of the players
Talking about players first of all, that stand out in a somewhat more pronounced level gauge, but have mostly new facial attitudes used in the confrontation sequences where players seem to want to impress by pulling the face.

A new light effect was also added and details on improved faces. It must be said that this is the first real episode of the saga has received treatment specifically provided for consoles last generation. A graphical power that also helped instill - yes I know it's a detail - the movement in the hair of the players.

Finally, conclude on the jerseys of players who make the move and finally get dirty and change slightly during the meeting.

Movements and more realistic contacts
The changes are not only dedicated to the players of the game. The technique, thrust ball and dribbling, indeed allow a more precise control in FIFA 15 One feels well indeed when trying to pass an opponent without accelerating but by crocheting just before the contact area, provided that a sufficient technical player you control.

EA also continued his efforts on contact. We gain in realism, but the players seem to have a tendency to easily hurt suddenly (observation made by the first version of the game).

Behavior and team tactics
In Fifa 15, ends the teams that simply behave quietly, developing a similar game plan almost from beginning to end and whatever the context.

This time, it is possible to define a real general strategy based on various criteria.
This is by determining a value between 1 and 100 to its criteria that you will manage to establish a style of play that affect the construction and the opportunities you create.

Here is a summary of the elements of adjustable strategy:





Team management
In addition to offer you a whole new management team, FIFA 15 allows you to record up to 6 kinds formations.


It is now also possible to give up to 5 instructions to your offensive and defensive players on the field by determining in advance of the characters devices.


Finally, establish a collective tactic for each of your training by combining their collective Tactics (see our chapter on the behavior and team tactics).

A PC version finally Up

For the first time, the PC version is strictly similar to the consoles versions. Same game engine (IGNITE) same game modes, same features, FIFA 15 on PC is a real and not a FIFA margin version.

Also here are the technical details of hardware configurations:


OS: Windows V / 08/07 / 08.1 -64-bit
Processor: Intel 3.4 Ghz to i5-2550K
Space Required: 15 GB
Graphics Cards: ATI Radeon HD 6870, NVIDIA GTX 460
DirectX: 11.0

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows V / 08/07 / 08.1 -64-bit
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz
Space Required: 15 GB
Graphics Cards: ATI Radeon HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 650
DirectX: 11.0

Emotion and intensity

While previous FIFA marked the arrival of advanced behavioral interactions depending on the choices made in the field, FIFA 15 goes further with more than 600 different patterns of behavioral responses.

Already a player could stop playing for bitching to have been forgotten or to take the lead after a missed shot, it goes up a notch now. Players react differently at issues such games where many tense moments with players on edge, it will be observed. The reaction of your striker will not be the same depending on the time and context in which his goal.

Take over in the dying minutes of the game will lead by example much more explosive if you celebrate your 4th goal in the 1st half reactions.

But that's not all because EA has even planned to reproduce some typical reactions of the best known players, as is the case for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Improved Defenders
Strongest, but also more reactive on investments following adverse centers (as well as long Pitchouts centers), and the porters also benefit this year of more than 50 new animations.

The AI is clearly revised upwards and decision making are just better. On the way especially in the management of one against one, less stereotypical than in previous FIFA.

Best of all, new ways of acting and move defenders inevitably cause new attack moves and thus necessarily new ways to score like shooting between the legs, back and freestyle many more!

Return of the Turkish championship
Turkish Super Lig which had been missing since FIFA 12 is back! The opportunity to see 18 new clubs in the ranks.

Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are therefore joined by promoted Elazigspor, Antalyaspor and Kayserispor and all clubs will be represented with logos and official equipment.

Dynamic presentation of games
More songs and customized by stage environments have been implemented in FIFA 15 Spectators also their right to their redesign with new and more realistic animations.

Finally, all that is happening around the field also improved in FIFA 15

Advertisements on light panels, ball boys, reactions on the bench, enhance the realism of the game.

Newest fashion FUT
In a few years, Ultimate Team (FUT for short) has become the method of the most popular game among players. More reason to decide the folks at EA to make further improvements in FIFA 15.

The concepts and teams are arriving and will test and implement training dummy benefiting from the entire catalog of player cards. Impossible of course play games with cards that you do not have, but to provide a practical effective recruitment strategy!

A new fashion season friendly against 1 in 1 will defy all regularly see friends and keep your progress so to string matches at your own pace.

The arrival of loan players also entered the fashion FIFA 15 FUT These cards are for rare and therefore necessarily performing players! Each proposal, you can choose between the players more or less efficient. The number of games associated with the card depends on the level of the player chooses. The best benefit of a lower number of matches. To you to use it wisely in key matches!

Valid for Xbox 360 and Xbox One (at launch at least) versions only, FIFA 15 saw the arrival of 15 new players including legends PSG coach Laurent Blanc.

Most dynamic land
Beyond improvements to the ball physics and animation of the players, it is primarily the dynamic management of the land and their apparent wear to mark the efforts of developers this year. Plots deteriorate over the games, leaving unsightly marks on the ground, and finally, weather vagaries that are also for something (you can now get dirty and wear scars of sludge after a meeting).


Whatever the team in FIFA 15, it has a style of play of its own and wants to be as faithful as possible to deploy in reality style.

In FIFA 15, you can now edit these styles of play and build several strategies to change the collective behavior of your team based on the context of the game.

The pre-game strategies are defined in six areas that we try to define in the following chapters of this comprehensive guide. This is the construction, opportunities, defense, defensive and offensive attitudes and strategies during the game.

- Construction

In the design of pre-game FIFA 15 strategies, the construction is based on three criteria are speed, passing and positioning. Policy changes on a team helps build a customized strategy that can better fit with his style of play.

Change the values as follows to modify the collective behavior of your team.


Construction speed can change the speed of your movements leading to achieve the opposite goal.

- Slow (1-33): Establishment of a slow game where the ball will tend to move back to the defender until the team finds a solution.

- Balanced (34-66): Development of a balanced game phase alternating slow and fast construction.

- Fast (67-100): Implementing a fast game where players will ensure that a maximum of balls deep in order to accelerate the offensive phases.


By adjusting the distance of your passes, you affect the natural placement of your teammates.

- Short (1-33): The players will tend to move towards the ball carrier, offering short solutions but less risky in terms of lost balls.

- Medium (34-66): The players located around the ball carrier will alternate between short passes and long passes.

- Long (67-100): the players waiting the ball will tend to systematically search depth and stand out.


The positioning of your players allows the establishment of more or less movement in the game.

- Organized: Investments of your players will respect strict areas and they take less initiative in favor of a system that is less permeable and thus play a diminished risk-taking.

- Free: Players tend to leave their areas to increase calls around the ball carrier. This is a configuration necessarily riskier but more dynamic.


By taking the time to set the criteria for the Events related strategies you affect four criteria that are passing, center, shooting and positioning of the attackers in the opposite camp.

Adjust the values of the following criteria to change the offensive behavior of your team:


The setting of passes determines the degree of risk that your players will face the opposing goal.

Conservative (1 to 33):
Normal (34-66):
Risky (67-100):


This setting allows you to determine the tendency to use the facilities during the offensive phase of your team.

Bit (1 to 33):
Normal (34-66):
Many (67-100):


This setting affects the trend of your team to try shooting in the last thirty meters.

Rarely (1-33):
Normal (34-66):
Often (67-100):


Determines the initiative regarding the movement of your players to the ball carrier in the opponent's end zone.


Trophies and Achievements Guide

The list of achievements / trophies for FIFA 15 will find all the goals and their descriptions and sometimes even help / explanation that should help you to unlock the success or the trophy easier:

Platinum Trophy

FOOTBALL LEGEND: Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

OR Trophies

Fan Pack: Open 20 packs in FUT (100G)

Best in Show: Winning a Division title in style FUT Seasons (100G)

On the Rise: Get promoted to the Seasons (75G)

MONEY Trophies

You Got That Flair: Score a goal with a Flair Shot (50G)

The Wanderer: Manage three different clubs in three different countries in one career (50G)

Still Bros?: Win season friendly in FUT (30G)

On Your Way: Reach at least level 15 in EA SPORTS Football Club in FIFA 15 (75G)

Keeper's Best Friend: Prevent a goal being scored by performing a clearance off the line by dragging (50G)

Going All Out: Against the CPU AI on Legendary, score a goal after the 80th minute (Attack mentality of madness) (50G)

BRONZE trophies

Woodwork!Mark in a game after hitting a pole or bar with the ball (15G)

Window Shopping: Recruit a player ready for the catalog EAS FC (5G)

Weird Science: Apply the first consumable Style in FUT (5G)

Underdogs: Stars defeat the CPU AI team 5 on Legendary with a team 3 stars or less (30G)

Tournament Time: Create a personal competition and win with more than 16 teams (10G)

Toe Poke: Score 1 goal with a sharp (15G)

Thoughts? EA SPORTS comment on an activity Football Club (5G)

Tag Team Back Again: Seasons play with a guest (10G)

Tactician: Change tactics to screen management team during a match (5G)

Supporter: Play a day game (10G)

Stylin': Enable style Penalty Shots franc or customized for its Virtual Pro (10G)

I'm Better: Unblock a technical challenge (15G)

Round the Keeper: Beat the goalkeeper and score one against one (15G)

Park That Bus: Against the CPU AI on Legendary, not conceding a goal after the 70th minute. (Defense sick mentality) (15G)

Packing Bags: Leave his club after a loan or transfer in a playing career (15G)

Oh Sure, blame your captain: Change captain in FUT (15G)

Mr. Manager: Create a new lineup (5G)

Knuckle Ball: Score 1 goal with a shot without rotation (15G)

Just One More: Play two consecutive matches Seasons (5G)

I'm not afraid of you: Challenge Team of the week in FUT (10G)

I'm Better: Beat the score of a friend in a technical game (15G)

Here's What I Think Of This: EA SPORTS activity noted a Football Club (5G)

Good Start: Unlock 10% of exploits with his Pro online (10G)

Getting Specific: Change the instructions given to a player in a lineup (5G)

Generous: Give a part of EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue (15G)

Friends to the End: Coop start a season with a Friend (10G)

Cool Squad Bro: Copy a team at the end of a match online (15G)

Extra Effort: Perform 10 times a slide tackle and keep possession of the ball (15G)

Clubbin': Win his first championship match in Pro Clubs Seasons (10G)

Check Me Out: EA SPORTS activity share a Football Club (5G)

Borrowing Ideas: Import lineup (5G)

Big Spender: Buy an item from the catalog EA SPORTS Football Club (10G)

Here's What I Think Of This: Winning the confidence of a player in FUT playing 10 or more games with him (15G)