Fifa 15: Use Kinect to adjust team on Xbox One

FIFA 15 comes to Xbox One packed with features that make the game even more intuitive. Learn how to use the new enhancement in the interaction system to blow up the other teams. Check out the tutorial!

Before entering the game, select your language in the Kinect activation screen. Voice commands only work accurately if the sensor is connected and calibrated. You can also change the device settings by pressing the menu button and then select the "Options" tab.

To make a change with the game in progress
You can make substitutions with the game in progress using the Kinect. For the changes to be implemented just talk "Replace", "Replace" or "Replacement". A bar at the bottom of the screen indicate the starting players. Say the name to be replaced and then tell who will come. Once the ball stops the exchange will be realized.

Changing the layout of play
Those interested can also change the tactical system of the team through voice commands. To change the way your team behaves say "Scheme". The title will offer five models of schemes in a bottom bar. The pre-defined systems can be altered by the player before starting the game.

To configure specific voice commands schemes, press the Menu button, click Options, and then click Settings Kinect Schema Settings. Set in the order you want the five preferred schemes to be able to switch between them during matches.

Changing the behavior of the tactical team
In real football, some teams have specific characteristics that differentiate their style of play of the other. The Barcelona exploits the ball, Real Madrid works quick exit wings and Bayern Munich has the strength of their quarterbacks both in defense and in attack.

In FIFA 15 players can opt for different types of behavior of teams, including triggering such measures through the Kinect. To change the attitude of the team say the word "Tactical". A lower bar will offer a number of interesting options, including score under pressure, reverse the ends, sending the defenders to attack and work with offside trap.

In addition to the more elaborate tactics, the game also allows for a number of more urgent requests genre. With the rapid tactics players can activate played with just an expression. The options currently available are: Counterattack, Possession, Release and Total Pressure.

Posture team during matches
The position of the staff in general can also be controlled with the sensor. In Mentality option players can coordinate actions of the whole team, making the team ultradefensiva, balanced, offensive, etc. For emergency cases the player can trigger the boom command full or so from up the opponent with the All command in the attack.

Combo settings
All the commands mentioned above can be explored through combos. Enable the "Headline combo" option in game options for attaching tactical issues, schema and only a change in mindset. With one sentence you can change a number of factors of your team and can surprise the opponent to completely change their style of play.

In addition to changes directly related to the gameplay of the games, players can also change the camera position through Kinect voice commands. The commands of the sensor can also be operated in a professional manner Be. There players can call for the ball, ask another athlete ends, or until the request output of the keeper. All rather intuitively, and without compromising the dynamic experience.

Fifa 15 will be officially launched in Brazil on October 9. The game will get versions for the PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One. Smartphones, tablets and laptops will receive a leaner version of the title.