Guide to solve all Wayward Manor's puzzles (PC/Mac)

World 1

Level - 1
The first target of the adventure is Benny, a thief broke into the mansion and particularly hate being bothered while he is working to open the safe. In the game, there are many possible paths to complete a level, we will show you here one that works every time:

- 1. Bring down the central bottle once to draw then a second on his head to frighten
- 2. Attract to the left, opening the window for him to fall on the second bottle
- 3. Attract the right with the other window to drag the vial on him
- 4. Place the coat rack in the center and turn to make running into the buffet (twice if it goes the wrong way the first time)
- 5. Position the coat rightmost possible, who drove into the truck
- 6. Immediately after, start to do darken the plate

Level 2
Second capita frightening, it is the maid who is attracted by Dagmara cobwebs on the statues. To achieve this, here is the flow:

- 1. Attract the top left and then down by activating the rat tail in its path
- 2. Make it diagonally across the room to operate the bottles on the beam
- 3. Use the two statues at the bottom and traps for it encounters on its way a rat
- 4. Bring the on the left side and make it along this side to push it with a knight on his way
- 5. Use the second knight in stride
- 6. Finally, let him make the bottom-right top-left diagonal / for taking in the mousetrap in passing

Level 3
Even if they do not realize it, the two characters are in the same loft and counters must therefore add 6 acts in total in the scary part.

- 1. side of Dagmara, the most obvious is to attract him to the statue down to make him fall over a bottle
- 2. You can then run it through the journey between the two statues at the top to throw him a second bottle
- 3. Continue always walk for him to meet with rat (twice)
- 4. Make him after making the journey between the two statues leftmost to send the vial to the passage
- 5. Side of Benny finally push the barrel back by activating the knight and shake the coat rack so that it darkens

Level 4
The young Hubert now emerged, the brat with a nasty tendency to make the statues with which you interact explode.

- 1. Draw the right down to trigger the rat's tail in its path
- 2. Then touch the statue at the top right, Hubert put his dynamite, touch once again to attract Dagmara in explosion
- 3. Interact with the statue on the table under which is Hubert twice to scare also
- 4. He'll want to take refuge in the central table, the opportunity to trap him in the mousetrap
- 5. Push after the truck located at the top right and interact with twice the statue to scare two people at once

Level 5
Last level of the first chapter of the story, it is again the thief Benny need to impress.

- 1. Start simply by making him drop a bottle on the head first and then continue to walk around with windows to send the other two
- 2. In line, push the barrel right on him to scare another blow
- 3 You can move the chest after opening the window to side, Benny attract the same spot (right window) and push the trunk on him
- 4. Finally, use the coat hanger to make an explosive barrel on darken background

World 2

Level 1
New environments and new characters, here are Patience and Fortitude twins that have the distinction of not being scared when they are two, so you have to separate them so they do not believe that the other is simply a bad joke

- 1. Attract children to the pacifier so they fight and then move the remaining one to the right treats to scare the table
- 2. after Poison candy center for the child to sit back on his stool, so you can bring him down a bottle top
- 3. The Meanies are new sets, make them fight for central sweets then drop the other bottle on the boy
- 4. Separate them once again with the pacifier to exploit the bottle on the right
- 5. Finish by scaring two kids at once thanks to the second table

Level 2
The vain housewife, Mildred, has eyes only for his appearance, to give him a lesson so just try his balls dresses.

- 1. Click on the dress bottom and the liquid spill over to scare him once
- 2. Draw it then left to use the "statue to vomit" on its way
- 3. Push after the vial bottom and let them try another of his stained robes
- 4. Interact with the knight on the left to push the cart and draw it to the same dress for the trap on the way
- 5. Incidentally, the dress in question is now polluted, call it again to put
- 6. Do the same again with the last dress to try (the far left)

Level 3
Mildred Dagmara and a duo waiting for this third level although the latter can be completely spared

- 1. Start by dropping a bottle on the dress on the top left
- 2. Wait Dagmara come down right to scare with rat tail
- 3. Draw Mildred bottom right for the trap with the mousetrap on his way
- 4. Defile again the dress on the top left with the statue vomiting
- 5. Finally, push the cart on the right right by opening the window to use the statue on Mildred and let her try again to make the dress 2 in 1

Level 4
This time it was Hubert and the two children that are associated

- 1. Bring down the bottle and attract children in the grass left for them to separate and you can begin to bring the boy to the candy center and the trap in mousetrap
- 2. Separate them again if needed and frighten both haunted with Tables
- 3. Touch the statue on the right and the left going up there for Hubert put dynamite, once the children are still separate and run the two explosions
- 4. Finally, use the mouse trap by having the top in one of the two travel between the two trays of candy right

Level 5
To finish this second world are Mildred and the twins you must scare

- 1. Draw Mildred to dress right and flip the container in its path and repeat the same thing, using the statue
- 2. Do try Mildred dress left and also pour the liquid over
- 3. Push the carriage all the way down to send the flask in the candy tray, separate the children with the lollipop and send one of the two taste treats
- 4. Separate the twins again for a scare with Table
- 5. Finally, draw Mildred to dress in the bottom right to the trap in mousetrap

World 3

Level 1
Another new character to be found in the third world, it is the hunter who has the particularity to shoot the hunting trophies that you haunt but very scared when they begin to burn (and also when the candles s 'out).

- 1. Start by pulling the tiger left to ignite
- 2. Then open the window from the bottom to move the chandelier, which also makes him fear
- 3. Wait until the butler comes relight the candles and open the right window
- 4. Slide the bottle right to the hunter shoots the explosive barrel then wait until it moves to the right, rotate shields and haunt the tiger: the arrow will bounce off the passage and a chandelier
- 5. Turn the central statue (shield to the right) and then interact with the tiger when the hunter is on the left so that the other candlestick off
- 6. Do the same by directing the central shield to the left this time to put out the last candle

Level 2
Theophilus Dagmara and a duo awaits you for this second level of the World 3.

- 1. Turn the statue at the bottom left and haunt the tiger for the hunter off its first batch of candles
- 2. Push the little warrior's armor right then rotate it: by drawing attention to the tiger once again you can touch the housekeeper (attract it with the dusty statue if it does not go there itself)
- 3. Push a little further and make the warrior again take it to the hunter off the candles and detonating the barrel
- 4. Draw Dagmara to the statue on the right and open the window for him overthrow the carriage plates above
- 5. Slide the vial right once to attract the housekeeper (the passage is now free) and a second time to scare him
- 6. Conclude by interacting with the lion head when Theophilus is on the right for the burn

Level 3
Theophilus's turn to meet Hubert and now another of the many empty rooms of the manor

- 1. Start with the tiger head
- 2. Then push the cart with the vase and have it explode interacting twice with but expect that Theophilus is on the right so that the boy will make him afraid by changing cache
- 3. Fool after the statue with a dynamite Hubert then drag and explode when Theophilus comes to stand next
- 4. While you're there, pull the tiger's head to ignite the chandelier cell in the path of the arrow
- 5. Turn the two little warriors then drop the bottle at the bottom for the hunter shoots an arrow that will ricochet to the explosive barrel

Level 4
And it is now the turn of Mildred accompany Theophilus in a level

- 1. Draw Mildred to dress then spill liquid on it to scare the first time
- 2. then wait until the hunter is on the right, turn the central statue and made him pull on the statue
- 3. Push the candle left, wait Theophilus or left and lure him with the trophy
- 4. Keep left, turn the central statue, wait for the butler relights the candles and drop the bottle on the far right
- 5. Repeat exactly the same thing but this time to attract Mildred left before the wedding so that it receives the arrow
- 6. Finally, open the window to push the cart, draw the lady once more left and operate the dancer who vomits

Level 5
For no apparent reason, the camera go for it now although the principle remains the same.

- 1. Pull the totem to ignite the first torch
- 2. Take after the tiger head on the bottom right to make the barrel explode
- Use after 3 to draw a totem you can bounce on the shields of the statues to touch Theophilus (right path) "ball of energy", it will react by pulling himself an arrow
- 4. Stand on the left, turn the statues so that the arrow takes the left side this time and haunt the tiger head for Theophilus takes it (repeat it two more times to finish)

World 4

Level 1
For this fourth world, yet a new character is introduced, the father who likes to read the paper and drink wine without being disturbed.

- 1. Use phonograms to attract and make him fall over bottles
- 2. Knock down the third bottle in the bowl and then flip the glass that serves him a new one. Click after the music right for them to start dancing, when the little girl comes back he fucks shame (which is worth one point)
- 3. Finish by slip three times the vials after luring everywhere thanks to the 5 phonograms

Level 2
Polly is the second new character in this world, a little girl who serves visibly slave to the other inhabitants of the mansion and that we must help to score points.

- 1. Bring down the stuffed bunny and attract both characters down
- 2. The housekeeper pulls his hands but using traps rats can bring back pronto
- 3. Draw Mildred top right and then operate the rat tail to scare him
- 4. Make it down and then back to the left to take the passage through the trap
- 5. As long as it is left, the rat made navigate between its two doors to frighten again
- 6. Knock once again bear that Polly can pick it up (which still has a shot and allows you to launch the final attack)

Level 3
It is now the turn of Herkimer and Mildred to come together in the same room to haunt.

- 1. Bring down the bottle on the lower robe and send the lady to try
- 2. Do also try the dress up using in passing the statue vomiting
- 3. Knock down a bottle in the bowl and invert the glass of Herkimer for him to get used again. Send it then dance and remove the screen for it to have shame.
- 4. Push the right carrier to drop the second bottle in the drink and do the same again
- 5. Then push the carriage back and slide the vial on him when he returns to sit (use the last phonogram to make it move if you miss)
- 6. Draw it again to music for him to drop the last bottle on the head

Level 4
Another duo of characters awaits you now, Polly and Theophilus.

- 1. Start by dropping the rabbit and then ensure that the hunter shot at activating the tiger head (Polly will then go get it)
- 2. After Open the window from the bottom to extinguish candles
- 3. Wait Theophilus back to the left and have it pull the tiger left
- 4. When it's right, turn the statue and make it target the trophy right (arrow catches the passage rabbits which will give you a point for making it to Polly)
- 5. Simply drop the bottle on the head of the hunter during one of his trips usual Returns
- 6. Finally drag the vial in the same way by anticipating a little its movements

Level 5
To conclude this fourth world, Polly and Herkimer are associated

- 1. Bring down the rabbit and attract the girl to the truck
- 2. Poison brew and serve drinks in Herkimer and do dance after having folded the screen (extend it for the little girl giggles with him)
- 3. Repeat down the rabbit push it with the shield and lure him to Polly by interacting with the tureen
- 4. Draw after Herkimer to the PA left for him to drop a bottle top
- 5. Open windows to bring the rabbit in the same place as before
- 6. Finally, open the window to the right of the truck to push the vial in, so you can do the usual technique of the "dance behind the screen"

World 5

Level 1
In this fifth world, you do not have to scare the characters but to help face the butler makes them even more afraid that you (note reversal screenplay). We begin by Theophilus you can advance relighting candles

- 1. Interact with the totem once
- 2. Push the little warrior with armor and pull again to destroy the barrel and repeat it again to turn on the chandelier
- 3. Rotate the warrior and shoot with the new totem
- 4. Push the warrior, send the vial into the bowl and shoot with the totem of light up the next
- 5. In the next area, push the carriage to the left and made it down to drop the bottle into it. Interact with after the totem right to advance Theophilus
- 6. Finally, push the top of the candlestick and point the little warriors go for the flame to light the candles

Level 2
It is now Dagmara you have to defend against the horde of rats threat

- 1. Use the first trap to move it a little
- 2. Click on the bell to bring the cat
- 3. Knock down the bottle to stop another line continues to rats
- 4. Push the fag right with the armor to trap rodents diagonal
- 5. In this part, push the bell twice and turn the cat
- 6 Finally, open the window to shift the truck and drag the vial

Level 3
It was then the turn of Mildred:

- 1. Interact with the broom to clear a path first
- 2. Use after two bottles of water
- 3. Push the powder keg and then use the other brush
- 4. Push it with armor and then use the water bottle to finish this simplistic level

Level 4
Here you are now with two children Patience and Fortitude, each in turn can help each other to progress

- 1. Slide the red vial and then interact with the apple to the girl go eat
- 2. Repeat the same on the other side pushing the cart and by dropping the liquid
- 3. In the second section, also push the apples to color
- 4. Same of the other side with the carriage and the vial
- 5. Always the same technique to move from the right basket and bottle
- 6. barrel that destroyed barriers, send one last vial and attract both children to the candy tray

Level 5
Hubert continues to share her always to hide under the table, but this time it will move every time, so you have to redo it a path to it

- 1. Blow the first statue
- 2. Push the carriage at the top to allow it to go under the table
- 3. Make him put a dynamite in the vase and then open the window and shoot down the explosion to destroy unions
- 4. Reassemble the truck up and place it next to the static vase for a new vessel and repeat the process three more times to finish the level

Level 6
A Herkimer now is once again using the characteristics of the character you can finish this level for false air boss, namely his ability to dance.

- 1. The process is always the same: drop or slip a bottle into the water barrel (you can also move around the room) and then drink and go dancing in front of the tentacles to make them disappear one by one.

Level 7
By elimination, you understand that the last remaining character is Polly, she has the daunting task of preventing the butler finished his ritual. Like a boss fight, this particular room requires you to be fast enough not to have to go back.

- 1. Send bottle bottom on the tentacle
- 2. Open the window to push the cart and wait for the tentacle bottom is the mousetrap to turn it on its way
- 3. Turn the little warriors for the butler resume the kind of black projectile
- 4. Wait for the right moment and push the barrel out to destroy a tentacle (repeat the same with the second barrel)
- 5. Finish by directing the warriors from the bottom to the butler

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