Hilary Duff reveals new track Tattoo features Ed Sheeran

Hilary Duff has revealed in an interview published by MTV News that she had recorded a duet with Ed Sheeran for her new album.

"He was promoting his album in Los Angeles and told me 'I know you have a two years old child but could you please come and record at midnight?' I was like ... I'm usually asleep for three hours at midnight, but of course I went for it. I'm a big fan," said the singer.

"He also produced, and entered the recording booth with me. I was very intimidated, thinking 'you are Ed Sheeran and I'm singing a song you wrote, and I want to make it right! '"said the blonde.

"In like 15 minutes he recorded all the bass and harmonies and background vocals. Musically, he has to put in no effort it seems, it's just him," praised the voice of "All About You".

"Tattoo" will be included on Duff’s new album, scheduled for release in January 2015.