New Divinity: Original Sin DLC fixes bugs and adds characters

The much waited free DLC for Divinity: Original Sin was finally released by Larian Studios. Under the title of "The Bear and the Burglar", the package comes virtually divided into two parts. At first, the characters and Bairdotr Wolgraff can be added - for a gaming along with new companions can begin a new game should, however, be created.

New arcs are thus added to the game's narrative - which promises to make the experience of history intensifies further in Divinity: Original Sin. The second half of the update consists of an update to the correction of errors and improvement of certain features. One of the highlights was due to the talks: You can now listen to the talk in online cooperative mode.

Improvement effects of skills, repair the lost or missing sound resources and also several bugs that resulted in locking the game were some of the optimizations performed. The release of the DLC "The Bear and the Burglar" was accompanied by the publication of a video that shows, in practice, the co-op campaign title reserve players.

Remember that this turn-based RPG already surpassed 500,000 units sold - Divinity: Original Sin was funded through collaborative site Kickstarter. More content will be added by developers within the next months.