Red Johnson's Chronicles 1 and 2 walkthrough

Red Johnson's Chronicles 1 and 2 Steam Special Edition is an adventure game developed by Microids and Anuman Interactive and published by Plug In Digital. This special edition includes two adventures of Detective Red Johnson initially release on PS3. Red will embark on an investigation into the murder of a certain Ed, murdered in a neighborhood of the city of Metropolis. You'll have to interview witnesses, look for evidence, analyze and solve many puzzles to unravel the mysteries of the investigation, and hang the guilty to justice. It's never easy to carry out such an investigation, so DTG Reviews offers the complete solution. With this guide, you will know the complete path of adventure and you will know how to solve each puzzle.

Table of contents

Red Johnson's Chronicles Path 1

Below you will find the full course of the investigation of Red Johnson. Solving all the puzzles will be available to allow you to finish the play.

- Drownedmen's Bridge 1
- Headquarters 1
- Drownedmen's Bridge 2
- Under the bridge

***Walkthrough in progress***

Drownedmen's Bridge 1

After the brief introduction, you find yourself in Drownedmen's Bridge, on the crime scene. This place is part of a tutorial that will allow you to learn the different mechanics of the game. Initially, talk with Agent Robert by clicking on it. You learn that there is a high probability that the murder was filmed by a surveillance camera. Following the explanation of the use of your notebook, click on the right of the screen to change position.

Now click on the camera in the upper left to see a scale that must be made to access it. Then click on the red button at the bottom left to try to break down the scale, but apparently there is more current that powers this device.

Go back and click the descendants stairs. Be interested in any housing right, which triggers a QTE. You then known to Saul, a very dynamic character that will give you clues if you get stuck on puzzles.

Click again on the box to begin a first puzzle to restore power. Look on the left of the box to find the 3975 code (use the V for Red confirms he has seen the code). Now look at the other side of the case and use the 3975 code to unlock the padlock. Once open, wipe the inside of the door to reveal a clue about how to restore the power. Be interested in this five red and green LEDs above. Place the switch in this order: Down, Up, Up, Down and down and snap the lever to recover from the current level of the scale.

Come back at the scale and press the red button to get it down. Now click on the camera to access it and start a new puzzle. We have to find a way to retrieve the tape from the camera.

Start by looking at the right side of the camera. Try taking out the cassette, but you notice that it does not work. So take a look on the other side and slide the plate. Then unscrew the four screws to access a printed messy circuit. The goal will be to put it all in the right order.

Whenever you move an item, if the green LED above lights is that it is in the right location. To solve this puzzle, move the circuits in this order:

Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Right, Down and Left. You can now remove the cassette.

Before returning to your HQ to analyze the tape, take the time to search the area in search of evidence. Start looking in the trash near the security camera to find a piece of black fabric. Return to the officer Robert and look at the blood on the ground for a new index.

Just to the left of the officer, interact with the machine to try to get a newspaper. Scour the area that makes the currency to recover $ 1. Look where the newspaper is supposed to drop to drop another room floor. Look at last with the magnifying glass on the bottom of the machine to pick up two coins. Check with a magnifying glass shining spots on the machine for several other parts. Insert $ 1.37 in the slot (without using the $ 1 coin is not accepted), and then pull the lever. Collect the last piece of newspaper.

Go back down the stairs to retrieve the ball socket to the electrical box, it is the last index. It's time to take a trip to Headquarters.

Headquarters 1

Once in your HQ, left-click on the computer at the bottom of the piece. This is an analyzer. Use the cassette you recover from the crime scene to start the scan. You will automatically get more photos.

Now click again on your analyzer and select the four shots to analyze. Now do a right click on the scanner to open the comparator function. Compare the photo of the passing and the one shown on the piece of newspaper to obtain confirmation of his identity.

Then search the drawers above the office to access the character cards. Look Lexter Eddy to notice that he is married with some Mitchelli Theresa. So look this woman in your records to find her address. We will now return to Drownedmen's Bridge for further investigation.

Drownedmen's Bridge 2

Now that you have analyzed the tape and found tracks to your HQ , you can ask some questions to the people of this area. Head to the small alley of the surveillance camera, then click the button next to the door.

A woman will then give you some new information about the events of yesterday. Go back, go down the stairs, then go under the bridge.

Talk to Ringo, SDF. During the discussion, you need to correctly answer before the timer. Then choose the answer 2, then 3. Pick up the empty can next to him, then click on the toilet. Ringo will not let you approach them! Then interact with the camera just left to start a new puzzle.

Look at the bottom of the unit to open a hatch. The goal here is to reconnect the circuit with resistors. Of course, you must place them in a certain order for it to work. See the following video to see the detailed steps. Then open the back of the unit to replace the film. Look ahead and press the button four times to get four pictures.

Still talk once with the SDF and exhaust all topics of conversation. Red will then consider the events. Select the answer "Not only Ringo is full as a skunk, but in addition, it is a pathological liar," and answer the questions in this order: True, True, False, False, False, False and True. Now go back to your headquarters to analyze the pictures that you just get.

Click on your analyzer and select the photo taken by Ring # 4.
Two important elements are the time of the photo, and the character just behind Ringo. Now select the destination "Under the bridge" to return to the SDF.

Under the bridge

Ringo is peacefully asleep, probably under the influence of any alcoholic beverage. Be interested in your toilet new friend.

Start by lowering the flap to access the lid of the toilet in which an object is hidden. Interact with the housing behind the seat to solve a small puzzle: the idea will be to put the intersections of pipes in the correct order so that water can flow again. Then pull out that hunting for water instantly returns. Look left of the toilet to find a small valve.

Turn to close it, and then use again the flush. Recover finally hid in the tank of the toilet revolver.

Ringo then attacks you, and you must perform a QTE to get by. After the fight, the SDF will ask you to find him a spoon that fell. Take a look at the grid, and you are interested at the pump on the left side of the screen.

Open the box in the top left, then unscrew the small plate on the right to access a little puzzle. You must replace the pipes. To do this, move them in this order: Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Left, Down, Right, Up, Top and Right. Then open the case to the right to turn the valve. Now, be interested in housing bottom for a new puzzle. This time you have to feed the little tank right with 4L of water. Start by opening the valve at the top to get 3L of water. Go 3L 5L in the tank. Fill the tank again 3L and send them in the right tank. Empty the tank 5L and make it reach the remains of the liter tank 3L. Fill the last time the left and send it right to get the necessary 4L. Evacuate water to finally get the right pressure. It'll just turn the valve at the bottom to move up the spoon and also retrieve a prison uniform.

Talk with Ringo and select the revolver. Then choose the toilet, and then tell him he may be indicted for the murder of Ed to close the dialog. Next step in your investigation: In Ed and Theresa.