Review Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

There is only one word to describe it Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution NS: UNS Revolution: addictive! with over 100 characters to choose from including a brand new combat system. Every fight is again a completely new adventure with teams of three characters and three different specializations to choose from.

Ninja World Tournament

The game also has a new mode: Ninja World Tournament. You fight in this mode through the various ranks around (from D to S +) to be the very best. Ninja world between fights you walk freely on the Island Festival, or new teammates freely through special commands to implement them. These commands sometimes consist of fights, but also mini-games such as a quiz.

The fighting in the Ninja World Tournament are different than in the rest of the game. Rather than fight to your opponent Bob explains, the aim is to collect as possible. Orbs Moreover, you fight with the four instead of two of them and it's every man for himself. Each ninja begins with a thousand orbs. By bombarding with your best ninja moves your opponents let their orbs fall, which you can pick up. Then quickly the fight continues until the time is up, or as one ninja all the orbs of all opponents have won. The winner is the one who at the end of the match has the most orbs in hands.
Most of matches in the tournament happen in a team. You always play two or three jars (each with one ninja on your team), where their teammates orbs still pass to the next player.

Mecha Naruto

Who has completed the D-rank plays a special story mode free: Mecha Naruto. This story is partly set in the Hidden Leaf Village, and partly at Festival Island. During the story introduces you to an exclusive new character designed by none other than the creator of Naruto: Masashi Kishimoto. If you finish the Mecha Naruto story, you get access to the Mecha Naruto character and you can play it in the Freecom or Online Battle mode. It's definitely worth the amusing to walk, which in addition to a new character is also good for a few hours of additional gameplay.

The genesis of the Akatsuki

The three short stories, in the Ninja Escapades mode to play, have a nice experience to go through. Naruto fans see in the Origin of the Akatsuki episode for the first time how the Akatsuki was created and given the opportunity to fight with some notorious members and they immediately unlock, including Itachi, Sasori and Orochimaru.

It is unfortunate that Ninja Escapades only has three episodes. Within an hour they have played all three, and because the teams in which you fight in this part of the game are fixed, there is no replay value in the Escapades. In the third episode is not even a single fight for and look purely at a few minutes past Naruto's parents.

Renewed fighting system

In Free Battle mode you can without narrative frills fighting until you drop at a time. Do not be afraid that fighting is boring. At one point the combat system has been upgraded and now has three different specialties: Ultimate Jutsu, True Awakening of Support Drive.

With the Ultimate Jutsu specialty you have the opportunity to work with your two support ninjas perform (Team Ultimate Jutsu) that you administer a large amount of damage. A super attack some teams have a special Ultimate Jutsu combo, so be careful who you put together the team. So Naruto has with Sasuke and Sakura another Ultimate Jutsu, then when you stop it with any other characters in a team.

The True Awakening transforms your player for a limited time in a much more powerful ninja, with stronger jutsu and combos. The Drive Support calls have two teammates with you for a Seal Barrier to perform, after which the opponent has his specialty. Briefly lack access you can then perform various combinations of the three.

All of these different ways to go along with the infinite amount of teams you can create a fight, making each battle is unique, so the game really never gets boring. The hunt for the best team and your favorite specialization is endless and very addictive!

Network Clone

The Online Battle mode has also a new feature in. You now have a Network Clone that you can send to train and so rare items for you to take. Heading back you can use Network Clone stronger by assigning you unlock through in all other modes of the game to win.

The stronger your Network Clone is, the rarer the items that he collects. You also have chance you run a Network Clone of another player bump. This can happen in the Ninja World Tournament mode, but even after an Online Battle. You'll fight with a team of your choice to the Network Clone of someone who at that moment is online, but the clone is simply controlled by the computer.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution is a game that you absolutely should not miss. But even if you're not familiar with the series, it's a game where you're sweet hours with it. The combat system is easy to get through convenient modes like Ninja World Tournament and Free Battle leagues or tournaments in which you can start easily and can lay the bar ever higher.