Ryse Son of Rome: Crytek reveals more details about PC version

In an interview with German website PC Games Hardware, Christopher Evans, technical art director of Crytek, and Nicolas Schulz, senior engineer rendering, talked a bit about the technologies involved in the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome.

In addition to higher resolution textures and a higher frames rate, editing computer game provides improvements in the level of detail of the characters.

In games, it is common for objects that are further away have a simpler construction, as they will become more complex as they approaching the screen. On the computer, the transition between 3D models from far and near will be more subtle.

The drop shadows seem softer, the company said, and here also the difference between the levels of detail will be less abrupt.

In terms of anti-aliasing, Ryse to the PC must have an improved SMAA used in One Edition for Xbox version. This is a more modern and effective method of reducing aliasing of pixels, but the game will also include one SSAA technology, 5x1.5 and 2x2.

The game will feature the SSDO (Screen Space Directional Occlusion), which allows more natural shadows. Crysis 3 already uses it, but it will be improved in the new game.

Ryse who want to play on the PC may have to invest in improvements in computer. The minimum configuration is a dual core processor with Hyper Threading or four cores, 4 GB of memory and an equivalent to a GTX 560 card have the requirements to run at 4k may require an eight-core processor, 8 GB of RAM and a GTX 780 or the like.

The game is due out for the PC on October 10.