Shadowgate (HD), Complete Guide


Welcome to the Walkthrough of the reissue of the famous Shadowgate! Demanding, the game still offers to adapt the proposed choice of three difficulty modes challenge: the puzzles and their solutions will be more complex than they are Master in Apprentice. This guide was written based on the mode of the highest difficulty, here are the main differences you will notice if you play Journeyman or Apprentice:

-Your Torches last longer.
-Number Runic skulls to place in the first room of the game, at the entrance, will be less important.
-The Dragon will be more forgiving if you do go back to its nest.
'You do not need to recover the fate Runy'tr runes on the walls.
'You will not need an elemental lightning to cross the Catacombs.
'You can not meet the Djinn and will not achieve some optional items.
'You can not enter the barracks of the castle.

Finally, note that, regardless of the level of difficulty, many objects in Shadowgate ... will never serve you anything except to make you ruin towers action. Curiosity sometimes pay and help you find some secrets, but very few items are actually absolutely necessary.

 - Entrance
 - Antechamber
 - Alcove
 - Cellar
 - Dragon's Nest
 - Crypt
 - Mirrors
 - Gears
 - Grotto
 - Passage
 - Sewer
 - Wizard's den
 - Gears
 - Cavern lake
 - Gears
 - Waterfall
 - Footbridges
 - Waterfall
 - Mirrors
 - Furnace
 - Grate
 - Courtyard
 - Grand hallway
 - Banquet hall
 - Watch tower
 - West tower
 - South tower
 - North tower
 - Circle chamber
 - South tower
 - Library
 - Study
 - West tower
 - Entrance
 - Hideaway
 - Inner keep
 - Grate
 - Footbridges
 - Guardroom
 - Grotto
 - Battlement
 - Ornate chamber
 - Catacombs


Pick up the skull and the left key, use your sword on the roots and pick up right after the root with the headset. Finally, use the key to open the door and go.


Take torches on either side, hit the lever, use the key and unveiled on the left on the door and pass it.


Open and read the book on the altar to learn the fate Invokan, get the two torches and take the hallway to the right.

Open and go to the first door on the left in the hallway.


Use the torch on the ice block right, open and read the scroll to learn the fate Aggap, ignore the key trapped in the ice on the left, as well as frozen spider, and through the door.

Dragon's Nest

Equip directly iron shield placed on the ground to withstand the dragon's breath, pick up the hammer and skull with glasses, then beat a retreat before your shield melts.

Back in the hallway, through the door at the bottom center.


Hit the three torches successively starting from the left, open the two tombs from the bottom, use your torch on the body embalmed, obtain and equip a shield as well as the brand new engraved skull and down through the opening in the center.


Take the torches on the wall (be sure to use a new torch on your lit torch when it begins to weaken), choose your hero and make him use the big rock in the middle to reach an early passage. Finally, double-tap the second mirror from the left with your hammer to reveal a door, yet locked.


Then return to the dungeon entrance, in the first box of the game, and place your engraved in the first notch above the door head. Then use your Aggap on the hatch in Antechamber to open out, then come to the door in question, and then successively hit the first lever once, twice the third lever and the button on the left.


Then go back in the Alcove, use your torch on green candle flame, hit the far wall friable, enter the cave, pick up the arrow bouncing off your light shield and landed on the floor, then take the small passage To the left.


Cross the bridge on the left, use your torch on the green spectrum, pick up his cloak and the two torches on the walls and through the door.


Open and read the scroll to learn the fate Entraiz, open the hatch to the ceiling to create a shortcut to the hall of mirrors, pick up the metal bar and use it on the bars right to open a passage.

Wizard's den

Use the fate Invokan on the stele to trigger a scene, pick up the Silver Orb, which you can use to capture and use elementary and return to Antechamber to throw again a look at the levers.


Hit twice on the first lever once the second and once in the third before pressing the switch, then made their way to the Cellar.

Again, use your Silver Orb on basic ice to capture, return to the corridor and go through the last door still closed, the right one.

Cavern lake

Use your orb containing elemental ice on the lake to freeze, approach the skeleton stuck in the rock, take the key around his neck, go back to the lake and use your torch on your frozen orb for power take it back.

Move then straight ahead twice to reach Hideaway, pick up the skull carved close to the body and return to the levers under the hatch.


Hit this time twice the middle lever once and the right one before you press the button, use your metal bar on the gear at the bottom left to get it back, back to the entrance, place your second skull in the second notch and get the first again using your bar above.


Then go back into the room after the lake for the presence of a waterfall and a water elemental, capture it in your orb and go at the two bridges.


Again, use your orb to the fire the fire in front of you to turn it off, hit it with your hammer and get the grapple metal before turning back.


Capture again the water elemental and back near the lake, use your cloak in the water to wet it: you'll see why later.


Back in the hall of mirrors, use the key obtained on the skeleton of the lake on the door revealed earlier and go through it.


Do not try to reach the back door and instead use your orb over the flames around you: otherwise, a dragon would make his appearance and your Water Elemental would be powerless against him. Open and then proceed anyway the door at the bottom.


Place the gear recovered earlier on the left, use the spell Entraiz on the grid for the lift and use your metal bar on your gear to retrieve it. Then cross the room of the circle to the entrance of the castle.


Go to the wells, equip gauntlets you find there, go back and take the rope that you used to go down. Use it with the grapple previously obtained in order to have a functional object and use it on the left window above the drawbridge.

Climb, simply hit the lever and back down to gain entry.

Grand hallway

Simply hit the goblin that will bar the road with your fist gantelé, finish him with the sword, loot him to get a red crystal, pick up his cape and grab the torches here and there before passing the third door from the left.

Banquet hall

Here, simply pick up the poker on the left before crossing the center door at the bottom. You pass by this place several times to access the various towers.

In the following passage, again hit the new goblin gantelé your fist, grab his helmet and through the door on the left down the stairs in stride.

Watch tower

Pick up the bow on the ground, open the bag to retrieve a key and a scroll learning the fate Flumoris you then return to the banquet hall for using said key on the left door at the bottom.

West tower

You are now faced with two goblins: use the spell obtained earlier to stun Flumoris, hit them with your fist and finish them to the sword to smoothly conduct the case. Retrieve the piece of armor, loot the bodies to get their hands on a red crystal, take the torch on the wall and go up three times.

Open the door on the right once you reach the top to trigger a scene and find yourself facing a werewolf, combine the bow and arrow recovered in the cave there is a long time for this now, then use the bow and armed on the creature. Open the right office to retrieve some useful items, including a key, open the bag and got to get a second key and return to the banquet hall to use the first key obtained on the nearest door to the left.

South tower

Mount two levels, open the door to find the music room, pick up the flute on the desktop, open and read the scroll on the right to learn the fate Ascensur, go out and get a level to get into an apparently empty room .

Then use the spell Flumoris to reveal the contents of the room, take the scroll and the two torches, read the scroll to learn the fate Sparrx and return to the banquet hall to spend the last door still closed.

North tower

Climb to the top of the tower, use the second key obtained against the werewolf on the left door, start the Sparrx out of the sky to attract wyvern Use the steak on the creature to bait, take him the Bladed Sun hanged about his neck and pull. Open the right door, take the lightning rod on the right and retrace your steps back to the bedroom of the circle.

Circle chamber

Use Ascensur out on the slab in the center, approach you, and then bring a sweet way to climb to the top of the south tower.

South tower

At the top of the tower, hit the brambles that block the door to destroy them with bare hands, type, approach light from the ceiling and grab the Golden Thorn, one of the artifacts needed to finish the game. Go then into the opening at the back of the room, open the chest to get their hands on the scroll containing the spell Runy'tr and a key, then return to Grand hallway to get through the first door on the left.


Pick up the book right on the desktop, read the left, making sure to equip glasses dislodged skull found in the nest of the dragon to be able to read and learn the fate Placleer, then approach the shelves just right cards nailed to the wall.

Place the sealed into the notch at the top right book, then open the books shown on the image below in the following order: 6th in the bottom row, third from the bottom row, 17th from the top row 19th from the bottom row, 13th from the bottom row and then 5th in the top row. Then activate the book sealed placed earlier and you will open a secret passage.


In this little secret lab, use your torch on one of the homes to start a fire, throw a log burned in the fire in question to have a fire elemental and capture it in your orb. Then use the spell rune Runy'tr on the ground to retrieve it, then use your blank parchment on the globe to print a map on it. Then towards the first floor of the west tower.

West tower

Enter the room filled with darkness on the 1st floor, cast the spell rune Runy'tr on the top right, use your Fire Elemental at the center of the room for him to fight with the basic shade, double-tap the wall with your fists gantelés, hit the crack at the horn with your hammer and get the Platinum Horn.

Get out, go up two floors, enter the prison and talk to the Djinn to you that states puzzles. For the first, use your torch on poker to make him blush before using the Djinn, the second show him the map printed on parchment, for the third give him the root harvested at the beginning of the game and Finally add any object to the fourth to return to the beginning of the dungeon.


Give yourself a field day by drinking the contents of the vial violet to heal you from the curse of the banshee, then place your engraved in the first notch above the door before entering the skull. Look in the door, replace your gear, make a left-left-middle-right sequence with the levers and go back to the first skull.


Back behind the waterfall after the lake, use the spell on rune Runy'tr left to recover and go into the hall of mirrors while passing through the fifth from the left to be transported elsewhere.

Inner keep

Open the bag close to the body to recover a scroll that will teach the fate Crysalys, use the spell on rune Runy'tr near dilapidated stairs and exit the room. Outside, turn the woodpile with your torch, climb to the top via the stairs around the dungeon, and then use your knife three times on the flute recovered previously before using it.

The tornado subsided, capture the air elemental with your orb, then return to the hall of mirrors.


Make a small detour to the box just before the chamber of the circle, to use the rune Runy'tr on the wall and turn back to the two bridges.


Use your air elemental hero to levitate, cross the dangerous bridge right in order to reach a secret room, and place the runes in your possession as in the picture below.

Then pull the string to the far left and use the Golden Thorn on the stick created to save time. Then go back into the great hall of the castle.


Make sure to wear the three pieces of Goblin equipment and through the door on the far right. You then have no time to lose if you do not want your disguise is discovered: take the crossbow and the two tiles on the bench in front of you and back out towards the Grotto at the beginning of the game.


After clearing the arrow is for you, arm and shoot your crossbow twice in the opening height: so you can eliminate both and goblins can go claim the black ax on the head of the ancient creature. Then towards the banquet hall in the castle and the esplanade.


Place the lightning rod in the hand of the statue of the environment to attract lightning, capture elemental lightning in your orb, return to the previous hallway and open the right door adorned with a lion key.

Ornate chamber

Hit the left statue with your hammer twice in a row to create a safe passage to the catacombs and take a look at the mural at the back of the room before you rush.


First go straight down the ladder, go straight and use your iron bar on two large blue crystals to extract and recover. Turn back three times, go right, use elementary lightning on enemies to send them back into their holes and can move, open the bag to find another crystal and go left.

Go straight, turn up, collect a black crystal, enter the room right in front of a white crystal to recover ground on the left and back six times back and this time take the right lane.

Collect two red crystals before descending, reap in two more, then continue straight before finally take the right fork to reach the chasm.

There have your crystals like the picture below after you have approached the pillar, cross, turn left at the fork and continue until you reach the giant skull. Use Invokan on the obelisk to trigger a scene (be sure to remove your equipment Goblin if applicable), capture Lakmir in your orb, combine it with your stick, place the Bladed Sun on the fourth finger from the left and use the Platinum Horn to finish.

In the final room, then use the Rod of Ages on one of three flying entities and enjoy the end of the Shadowgate, after already announced.