Square Enix launches Dragon Quest series on iOS and Android systems

Alongside Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest is one of the great Japanese RPG video game franchises. The self titled first edition of the game was published in 1986 - almost three-decade ago - and, since last Wednesday (10), is available for handheld devices with Android and iOS systems.

The classic that exudes fights, spells and monsters in a fantasy world, was redesigned so it can be enjoyed in the vertical direction in smartphones. The option to change the position of the controls was freely available, making it possible to play with one or two hands.

In the game you incarnate a descendant of legendary warrior hero Erdrick, and your mission is to defeat the Dragonlord hateful villain, who has freed himself of the power of the Sphere of Light and now wants to shatter the peace of the land of Alefgard. The player will have to explore various maps and caves, unravel puzzles and, of course, kill many slimes - iconic monster of the game.

Yuji Horii created by the RPG that swept millions of players has soundtrack signed by Koichi Sugiyama and character design of Akira Toriyama world famous author of Dragon Ball. The game joins other titles in the series ported to mobile systems, like Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest VIII.

The mobile version of the game costs around £ 6 to £ 7 and will require the iPhone 4 or higher for Apple devices and devices running on Android since version 2.3 (Gingerbread). In the world of video games, the franchise should mark its return with Dragon Quest Heroes, planned for release in 2015 on the PS3 and PS4.