Ten Most Outstanding Video Games Soundtracks

You don’t realize, but it is always there. The music in video games is an element that often captivates the player. This form of art that combines sounds and rhythms, electronic games turned into something beyond the bright pixels and some noises. Check out a list of games with the most outstanding soundtracks from the games world.

Assemble a list of the most memorable soundtracks of all time is not easy, especially because not everyone got the same gamer experience over the years. However, try to reward long list of many games that made history with their soundtracks.

1. Top Gear

We begin our list with a peculiar case in the world of gaming. While Top Gear has not been a great success abroad, in Brazil, the game marked the generation of gamers who are older than the internet. Much of the success of Top Gear is connected directly to its soundtrack, which rocked the races with joyful and infectious rhythms.

Frankfurt, Las Vegas, Hiroshima or Bordeaux, whatever the music, you immediately begin to imagine cars dancing around the screen at a fast pace. Were only four songs for a huge game. But someone could have picked four better songs?

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

Compared to the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive had a debt in "sound department." The rival Sega had a chip with more audio channels in partnership with Sony. Still, the SEGA side 90s, composers were able to create rich melodies for dated (even for the time) audio chip the Megadrive. Among these melodies, none was striking as Green Hill Zone.

The music of the first stage of Sonic The Hedgehog will be forever in the memory of who was the owner of a Mega Drive. There are still several other catchy songs in the first Sonic, a proof that, although lower, SEGA knew use your chip Yamaha YM2612.

3. Castlevania Symphony of the Night

With the rise of consoles that could play audio from a CD, video games have lost quite a common charm, the ability to recognize the music of a game, and say which game console that belonged. But the fifth generation of consoles also brought the possibility of composers creativity loose, as was the case with Michiru Yamane Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

The most memorable Castlevania ever has compositions that rivals Gothic art of Ayami Kojima. The soundtrack was complete with music ranging from Rock to Baroque, including spending by Japanese pop. Had a better theme for Alucard, the protagonist of the game, the music of the Clock Tower? Tragic Prince!

4. Final Fantasy

Importantly, the "boom" of music games happened in the ages 8 and 16bits. So do not be surprised a few recent games list includes both any soundtracks. Although they are very well done, the truth is that the music within the video games don’t have quite as much "importance" as in the 80s and 90s, a time when a good soundtrack was virtually essential for any game.

When Hironobu Sakaguchi thought it would be the last time we produce a play, The prelude to Final Fantasy, created by Nobuo Uematsu, could not sound more appropriate. Over the years, and after the success of the first game, Final Fantasy has become synonymous with quality music and adventures. A legacy that continues to the present day reaching the remakes of Final Fantasy I, as the versions for Android and iOS.

5. Streets of Rage 2

Street of Rage was a series of beat'em up game that never came out of 16bits (only in the form of conversions), but recently Yuzo Koshiro is revered by the soundtrack of this game. According to Nintendo Power magazine "Without doubt, the greatest game-music composer of the 16-bit era."

Considered ahead of its time, the soundtrack of Street of Rage 2 was composed in order to extract the maximum possible chip audio Megadrive. Mixing different styles of electronic music, Street of Rage 2 has a climate of "Night in the city" which blends perfectly with the theme of "bar fight", something that happens a lot in this game.

6. Shadow of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a game for PlayStation 2 that can be translated into one word: epic! Much of this impression is caused by the lovely soundtrack with lightness and an air of mystery, can cause various emotions in the player.

In a game with very few dialogues, just a beautiful soundtrack could make the player understand the nobility of sacrifice. The poetic simplicity of Shadow of Colossus needed a soundtrack height. The songs composed by Kow Otani, for the game prized as the game itself.

7. Donkey Kong Country

One of the big questions that list was put in that position the soundtrack of Donkey Kong Country, why, frankly, there was no let off Donkey Kong Country. The Rare game released in 1994, came when the Super Nintendo was already established in the world and learned to extract the best of the SNES audio.

Besides the theme music, Donkey Kong Country is full of songs that suck the player into game. You can spend hours in aquatic stages to the sound of "Aquatic Ambiance" or feel the drops of stalactites in the caves with "Cave Dweller Concert". The music of the last boss is especially attractive because it combines perfectly with the mechanics of the final boss.

8. Megaman

Megaman is a platform game that needs no introduction. In Japan, the little robot created by Keiji Inafune and Doctor Light is known as Rockman. And to have such a distinctive name, the songs of their games could not refer to another musical style, but the good old Rock!

Megaman X is the debut of the franchise on the Super Nintendo. The game had several new mechanics, and, of course, the new look. The song also won an upgrade thanks to the audio chip of the Super Nintendo, which enabled even clearly hear a guitar soloing in Spark Mandrill stage.

9. Legend of Zelda

One could cite here several versions and remasters of songs from Legend of Zelda, but nothing beats the feeling of putting the cartridge into the NES and see up the narrative of a great adventure that awaits you, while listening to the theme song of the game.

Deeply immersive soundtrack of Legend of Zelda was small, but somewhat cloying way. Over the years, these four simple songs evolved and are present in almost every game in the franchise, bringing the assurance that the next game to be released Legend of Zelda will be unforgettable.

10. Super Mario Bros

It only takes two seconds for anyone to recognize the theme song to Super Mario Bros, even though he never played the game. Wired magazine described the theme of Super Mario Bros. as one of the most popular songs on the planet.

The joyful themes of the songs from Super Mario Bros contribute to infect the player in the early, light and fun levels. No matter what your favorite console, the initial theme of Super Mario Bros is a hymn of games

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