The Sims 4 beginners guide - tips to emotions, apartments, jobs

In this small but fine solution for The Sims 4, we give you basic tips for The Sims 4 in the hand that facilitates you to start the game. We offer you the access to the secret places in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek and tell you the influence of emotions on the development of your Sims. We also offer entry-level solution tips to the neighborhood, your first home and your professional career in The Sims 4. It starts with the character creation of your Sims.

After five years of waiting, the fourth installment of the popular life simulation game The Sims is finally on the shelves. Besides some missing features, there are also many innovations in the field of virtual beings that make life in the Sims world upside down. The most important aspect of The Sims 4 is the emotions that will leave your little proteges now even more realistic effect. Lest you lost in the mass of new options, we explain to you about emotions, jobs and other essential factors of Sim life.

Table of Contents

The Character Creation
The first apartment
Secret places in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek
Positive and negative emotions explained
Succeed in the job
The madness of everyday life

The Character Creation

Important when creating your virtual protege is especially the selection of the endeavor and the three different features. It is useful to think already in the creation of The Sims, which profession he later exercise or which he aims in life is to strive for. Will you, for example, that he "eSports" in the near future, he should have a certain affinity to this topic. For this reason, you choose him the desire theme "Knowledge" and the desire "computer geek". With the bonus feature "Fast Learner" will your Sim learn new skills with ease and in addition he has a keen interest in computers and video games. But also in the choice of the features you should precede carefully considered. For all life needs the Sims there are matching properties that you can reach your goal faster. For the above example "eSports" is offer the attributes "genius", "geek", and "Ambitious".

Welcome to the neighborhood!

The neighborhood, in comparison to the predecessors to a number of changes. It is now divided into different districts, to help you especially in the selection of your dwellings, for each district is characterized by different wealth distributions. Start a game with a new family, you are initially equipped with only 20,000 Simoleons and thus you do not have all houses as future home available. Especially the cheapest district is therefore recommended, unless you are planning to create your future residence in the building mode itself. Select in the neighborhood Oasis Springs either the "Creaky hut," the house "to lonely brook" or the dwelling "wallflower-hill".

Although the houses are not very big, but they correspond to your budget - you can also from time to time either to increase the number of square feet and expand your home or you draw with the entire household into a bigger house. Also in the other neighborhood, "Willow Creek", there is such a district. Apart from the residential neighborhoods, you also still stand the available city, consisting of four different contact points - bar, lounge, museum and gym. When street shopping, the city is unattractive, because seeds, books and tuning can order from her home on the computer. But before you buy you skills books for many Simoleons, you should pay a visit to the library. There you can not only use all the books for free, but also with many city dwellers make contact.

The bar is just starting point for Sims who want to meet new people, but also for anyone who pursues the comedy career and would like to practice before a live audience at a gig. Here musicians can develop their talent at the piano and thereby collect even gratuities. In the gym you will find all the sports equipment that you'd have to buy otherwise you have to spend a lot of money, and in the museum you can get your creative Sims educate on easels. In the local park you are recreational activities such as chess, fishing and barbecue available. In every neighborhood depending on a hidden place where you can find rare collectibles.

The first apartment

Especially in the beginning you stand with your new family is still very in the wings of life and have to make do with the given starting capital - this is useful when buying and setting up your domicile as difficult. Therefore, you have already set priorities at the beginning to find the best device for little money. For some objects it is worth, for example, to purchase a more expensive one, because this is not so often breaks down or because she still has your Sim. For this you can save in return of home furnishings in which you except a better appearance provides the expensive alternative no added value.

In your kitchen you need such as a refrigerator, a stove, a sink and two counters. At the sink you should be a little more generous, because it is frequently used items break down frequently, thereby pollute the apartment and worsen the mood of all residents. To repair broken items, it also requires time and skill. At the counter, the fridge and the stove you can access to inexpensive furniture. At a dining table you can go without, because the Sims sit easily with their plates on the sofa - which saves money and space. In the living room you will cost the sofa "mega two-seater" Although a few more Simoleons, but it also gives your ease Sims.

The TV is not the cheap, but will break down by five points in the "reliability". In the bedroom and in the bathroom you will probably have to spend the most money. The bed is one of the most important objects in the house and because you should not save. Do you buy yourself the sleeping place "Utopia" to your Sims relax in sleep faster and do not feel uncomfortable in the morning. Even in the shower, the toilet and the sink is considered as already in the kitchen: items that are frequently used, quickly broken. Make you so the "unicorn dream shower" the sink "The Patrician" and the toilet "ROH" to maintain long-term good quality. With your remaining money you can now buy items that are tailored to the needs of your Sims. Want your Sim become an artist, you should buy him an easel - he wants to become a strong bodybuilder, it is worthwhile to buy sports equipment.

Are you ready to take on learning a skill a detour in the city or in the park on you, you can buy for the money a computer. He has the satisfaction of many needs such as fun or the desire for social contact. Also, you can acquire skills such as "programming" or "Video Games" by him. Give your wealth not to the last cent out, but lifts you a few coins on. The first bills for the house will soon have to be paid and also for food and the use of an easel covered in many small amounts. Missing you at the end of a few Simoleons, you can check if there are possibly a better ground or a cheaper wallpaper for your home in the building mode. The purchase of cheaper doors and windows can also earn you a nest egg sometimes.

Secret places in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek

The exact positions of the two secret places in The Sims 4 we describe to you at this point. To access the "Forgotten Cave" in the desert blossoms Park in Oasis Springs but your Sim requires the ability to "skill" level 10. To follow the path to the "clearing" in Willow Creek, it needs, however, no special skills required. Look for it only the conspicuous tree right next to the "creaky shack" repeatedly to. Sometime open a secret door in the tree that brings you to the glade, where various collectibles place. In the following pictures we show you the access to the secret locations in The Sims 4.

In Oasis Springs finds her in the desert blossom park the entrance to the deserted grotto

The road to the forest clearing is on the property "Creaky hut" in Willow Creek

Positive and negative emotions explained

The new feature of the fourth part of the series brings over 15 positive or negative emotions to affect the lives of the Sims. There are positive feelings that are extremely useful for virtual creatures and bring them not only many advantages, but also completely new possibilities for interaction. Therefore, it is desirable to promote exactly or they elicit targeted in certain situations these emotions. Want your Sim, for example, one of his abilities, about skill, expand the attribute "Focused" is supportive. As in real life, you learn faster and more intense when you are focused.

Here you should create the right mood in order to optimally exploit the time. For this purpose, you can select the interaction "Web" and then "Browse Simpedia" the sub-item as an adult, for example, on the computer. Once the Sim has performed this action, he receives for a certain time "concentrated" the emotion and can make good use of these by other activities. Teens and kids on the other hand can have parents, siblings or other Sims present help in doing the homework and thereby experience a concentration boost. In order to maintain a feeling as long as possible, new actions must be performed, which cause the same emotion.

Positive Emotion

Take a refreshing shower
Drink energy drink

Perform romantic interactions
Search chat up lines on the web
View Romance on TV

Take bubble
Watch Funny videos on the Internet
View comedy channel on TV

Play chess
Browse Simpedia the Internet
Get help with homework

Help with homework
Save lives
Cook something good

Pensive take shower
Browse Art on the Internet

Meet needs
Kindle fire
Close friendship
Be transported
Create decorative surroundings

Negative feelings


Succeed in the job

Do you want that your Sims rise in the job as quickly as possible, you should have at character creation choose the appropriate attributes. A Sim who wants to be an artist, comes quickly to his goal when he is creative and loves art. Do you have your protégé given the attribute "lazy", it will take longer to learn certain skills. Has the virtual creatures then found a job, it's about to be promoted. Keep it always the tab "work" in the bar at the bottom right in the eye. There are all the quests that must do the Sim to rise. He begins, for example, the career "sweet tooth", he has three times washing dishes. Has he done, the filled object is marked with a tick.

Thus, the foundation is laid for a promotion. Ride their mouse over the color display for your job performance, you can see where your day job. In the aforementioned example, your little creature must prepare several times a day eating. Completed her this behalf, the performance improved - you have your tasks fulfilled and the power at the end of the day arrived far right of the bar, you will transported. A final important aspect is the mood in which the Sim is located at the beginning and in the course of work. In any career, the quality of the activity is favored by a certain emotion. 

Can you manage your Sim to move and then maintained throughout the work before starting work in this atmosphere, thus increasing the performance. As your Sims work, you can control it by only a few interactions, but will help you in obtaining certain feelings. Click the mouse pointer on the face of your working Sim bottom left. Ride her then about the interactions that you see, which supports activities that emotion. Then select the appropriate action to maintain your state of mind. It is always helpful if the needs of the Sims are filled before starting work as possible. Is the hygiene at the beginning very low, they will not increase in the course of the working day, and thus deteriorates the mood. In children and teenagers play feelings already a big role, because in school the appropriate moods can promote a better grade. Ride with the mouse in the tab "work" on the colorful power display to see what emotions you get a better grade. 

The madness of everyday life

Even in the everyday life of the Sims, there is much to be considered. In Sims 4, there is no service more inter alia, repairing broken items of Sims. Your charges are so on their own and their technical skills. So make sure that at least one person in your household has an affinity for the ability to "skill" has, so they can keep in your household ever shot. But life together is even more difficult by other factors. Sims run, for example, straight into the bathroom - even if it is busy. Therefore, in such situations, you must ensure that your protégés remain undisturbed in the quiet village. Thus it prevents the feeling of "shame" that can last for hours and sometimes everyday life impaired. Help the Sims here also to use the new multitasking feature useful.

Your residents are hungry and want to have some fun? Put them with her plate just in front of the TV and switched as a comedy channel. Also from toilet can make many errands, phone calls, such as read a book. The daily food should take your Sims always together. So they satisfy their need for hunger, for social interaction and learn at the same time know their roommates better. Also meets regularly the desires of your Sims to get valuable points. With them you can buy in the "quest" menu you useful items. Did you eventually enough of a Sim, you have two options available.

You can split the household and can be a city dweller the unwanted inhabitants. A drastic, but all the more effective way to get rid of him is death. Let's burn or starve to finish once and for all with him. However, an unexpected death, such as by an electric shock, can a Sim from the life tear - by the new emotions new forms of death are also available, such as the hilarious or the ultimate humiliation. This death, however, you will be able to foresee and prevent. Has your Sim suddenly the emotion "Hysterical", he is about to bless the temporal. Let him calm down, so that his mental state returned to normal.