The Sims 4 walkthrough

The Sims Complete Guide 4: Almost fifteen years these little avatars invaded our computer screens and are fun to make them live and / or torture them! Yes, now is the time for the fourth installment of the famous series of Maxis and Electronic Arts, and we never had enough to explore the world of these little fictional beings! Since last September 4, Sims 4 give us an appointment at Willow Creek or Spring Oasis for new adventures, dating, love affairs, disappointments ...

And for this occasion, DTG Reviews has decided to detail everything there is to know about The Sims 4: Aspirations, Skills, Traits, Ways of Creation, Emotions, Careers, Hidden Worlds, Cheats codes and much more! So let's go for a tour of more than complete!

Table of contents

Aspirations and long term Wishes
Child and Aspirations

***Walkthrough in progress***

Aspirations and long term Wishes

Aspirations are the desires long term and refer to the destiny, the purpose or the ultimate desire of your Sims. As in previous games, imperative that we select our Sims Aspiration during the creation of these in the mode "Create a Sim".

Therefore, ten aspirations are available in The Sims 4 and each is divided into one, two or three sub-categories, with added bonus of a "bonus feature."

However, and unlike previous versions, it is now possible to change the aspirations being. Indeed, the Lifetime Wish of your Sim has been completed or not and if you are not satisfied with your choice of initial aspiration, you just simply change it. For this you only have to click on the "Aspirations" tab (or G) in the bottom right of your screen, select the star and finally choose a new vacuum to your avatar.

However, think twice because once they changed, aspirations will be their first state, that is to say that you will leave Zero in your progress. Edit the desire of your Sim comes down to reset the Lifetime Wish. However, if in the end you're not very happy with your new choice, simply quit the game without saving.

In addition, each Aspiration is done in four stages and must be completed in succession and gradually through a list of things to do to your Sim. Once arriving in the long term, it will be a new "feature of reward" unique.

Now let's take a look at these aspirations, to what they require and the different traits they grant.

- Love
- Knowledge
- Creativity
- Deviance
- Family
- Fortune
- Nature
- Food
- Popularity
- Sport

Aspirations "Love" refer to the teasing side, flirty and flirtatious Sims. It's all about feelings in romantic relationships. And if for some looking for a soul mate comes first, for others what counts are the number of conquests and rencards successful.

Trait Bonus: Handsome (e)

The seductive Sims have more luck and success in love unlike any other Sims.

The "Love" offers two Aspirations:

Romantic series - Romantic series have only one desire: to have fun and go to rencards with interesting people. In order to become "romantic series," Sims will have to complete all four stages as follows:

1) Amateur (ice) in love

- Initiate 10 kisses successful
- Go to 2 rencards

2) As of rencards

- Reach level 5 of the charisma skill
- Winning the bronze 3 rencards
- Breaking with 2 Sims

3) Juggler (honest) the love

- Reach level 8 of the charisma skill
- Have a strong relationship with 3 Sims at the same time
- Kissing 10 Sims

4) Romance series

- Reach level 10 of the charisma skill
- Earn gold to 5 rencards
- Have a strong relationship with 5 Sims simultaneously

Trait reward: Sims Eater / Don Juan

These never make others jealous Sims, no matter what they do.

Soul Sister - As the name suggests, soul mates want, of course, find the "great love" and so live a wonderful life with it.

Here are four steps to achieve the ultimate goal of your Sim

1) Amateur in Love

- Initiate 10 kisses successful
- Go to 2 rencards

2) Good to marry

- Adult Become
- Being married to her best friend and her best friend for life

3) Pro love

- Earn Money 2 rencards with spouse
- Reach level 10 of the Soul Sister relationship with his or her spouse
- Present apologized to his spouse or his wife being angry

4) Soul Sister

- Have 200 romantic impulses with the spouse being soul mates
- Earn gold to 3 rencards with spouse

Trait reward: Couples

This feature allows Sims to have special interactions with their spouse and overcome various trials of life.

Aspirations "Knowledge" are thirsty for knowledge. Sims with these aspirations and yet still want to learn, that it is within the spirit, science and / or the manual.

Trait Bonus: Fast learner

Unlike Sims lambdas, Sims with this trait bonus have the facilities, thus they learn and develop skills faster.

"Knowledge" offers 3 Aspirations:

Sims multitalented - They have only one desire: to be proficient in several areas at once.

Here are four steps to becoming a multi-talented Sim:

1) Student prudent

- Finish reading 3 books
- Reach level 4 Logic skill

2) Rigged (e) in some areas

- Adult Become
- Reach level 4 of 4 skills
- Reach level 2 in 3 careers

3) cultivated (e) on all matters

- Reach level 5 of 5 skills
- Reach level 4 in two careers

4) Sim multitalented

- Reach level 8 6 skills
- Reach level 6 in 3 careers

Trait reward: Professor's

This feature allows Sims to develop a handbook in an area where they are gifted.

Exceptional brain - The exceptional minds want both shine in Logic DIY skills.

The four steps are:

1) Student prudent (e)

- Finish 3 pounds
- Reach level 4 Logic skill

2) Scholar (e)

- Win 5 games of chess
- Finish reading 8 books
- Reach level 6 of the Logic skill

3) Specialist rockets

- Reach level 3 competence rocketry

- Start or improve a rocket 5 times
- Have a rocket

4) Exceptional Brain

- Reach level 10 of logic competence
- Finish reading 15 books
- Repair or improve 15 items

Trait reward: Handyman (se)

DIYers can instantly repair and improve any object.

Computer Whiz - The computer nerds want to know everything about computers: games, programming, social networking ...

The four stages of this wish are:

1) Motivated (e) to learn

- Training to set for 10 hours total
- Possess 3000 Simoleons electronics

2) Expert (e) technical

- Stay focused (e) for 2 consecutive hours of video games
- Reach level 5 of the Programming Skills

3) Computer Geek

- Adult Become
- Reach level 2 of the Guru career technology
- Create 3 video games or applications

4) Computer Whiz

- Reach level 5 of the Guru career technology
- Have won 5000 S disseminating video game live on the internet or participating in game tournaments.
- Having spent 100 hours on the computer

Trait reward: Pro Web

As its name suggests, web pros know to make the most of their computers as they unlock extremely practical ways in their utilities.

Aspirations "Creativity" highlight the artistic side of Sims and develop skills in Comedy, Writing, Music (Piano, Violin, Guitar) and paint.

Bonus trait: Muse

Muses get better improvements in their skills when they are inspired.

The "Creativity" offers three aspirations which are:

Extraordinary painter - The Lifetime Wish Sims is here focused on art and painting, you could almost say they live for it.

The four steps in this direction are:

1) Carry (e) to an easel

- Started three paintings being inspired (e)
- Paint for 5 hours

2) Good (not) artist

- Reach level 5 of the skill Painting
- Sell 10 paintings to collectors or art gallery
- Complete 3 canvases moving

3) Pro Brush

- Contemplating or admire 30 paintings
- Complete 10 paintings excellent
- Have 25 paintings exhibited

4) Extraordinary Painter

- Reach level 10 of the skill Painting
- Finish 5 Masterpieces
- Having sold 15,000 S artworks to collectors or art gallery

Trait reward: Expressionist

Expressionist capture the essence of feelings and can create highly expressive works of art, whatever their mood. Angel of Music - Being a musician and composer expert therefore is the ultimate desire of musical geniuses.

These are the four steps to realize this dream:

1) No musical ear

- Training to play music for 6 hours
- Listening to music for 4 hours

2) Although given

- Reach level 6 on an instrument
- Earn 100 S playing for tips
- Play serenading a Sim being flirtatious (se)

3) Harmonious (se)

- Reach level 8 on an instrument
- Composer 4 pieces
- Win 1000 S filed with pieces

4) Engineering Music

- Reach level 10 of a musical instrument
- Having played a musical instrument for 100 hours
- Teaching music for 15 hours

Trait reward: Musician (do) haunting (e)

They are aware of an arsenal of songs that have great power over other Sims. Try it and see!

Author of bestsellers - Become a famous author and write successful novels are the leitmotif of the authors of bestsellers.

Here are the four steps that will bring your Sims to its triumph:

1) Linguist beginner (e)

- Write 2 pounds
- Overcoming the fear of the blank page

2) competent Author

- Writing for 3 consecutive hours being inspired (e)
- Write for 15 hours
- Write 5 good books

3) Novelist (re) talent

- Reach level 7 Writing skills
- Post 10 pounds
- Write 5 pounds excellent

4) Author of bestsellers

- Reach level 10 of the Writing skill
- Complete 3 bestsellers
- Have won 25000 copyright by publishing books

Trait reward: Poetics

Poets know capture the essence of life in a book and use it to bring them to those they have lost.

Aspirations "Deviance" highlight the Machiavellian side of Sims. Interactions with others are often negative and harmful, which the gift of wonder.

Bonus trait: Ignoble

Unlike other Sims, Sims ignoble realize even more powerful and more efficient nasty interactions.

The "Deviance" offers two choices of Aspirations:

Enemy (e) public (that) - Have enemies and become a convicted criminal, this is what these aspiring Sims.

The four steps of this aspiration and develop:

1) Almost harmless (ve)

- Perform 25 malicious or mischievous interactions
- Being unpopular (s) Sims 3

2) Pest neighborhood

- Being unpopular (s) 10 Sims
- Insulting 10 Sims
- Being hated (e) by 2 neighbors

3) Criminal Mind

- Adult Become
- Reach level 4 of the criminal career
- In a fight 10 times by being angry

4) Enemy (e) public (that)

- Making pockets 20 sims
- Reach level 8 of the criminal career
- Having identified 5 enemies

Trait reward: Manipulator (rice)

Manipulators know exactly what to do and say to arouse anger, sadness and jealousy among their opponents.

King (queen) nonsense - These Sims have only one thing in mind: making jokes, lie and create chaos wherever they go, to the chagrin of those around them.

The four steps to be the King of the nonsense:

1) Almost harmless (ve)

- Perform 25 malicious or mischievous interactions
- Being unpopular (s) Sims 3

2) Jester (are) ingenious (se)

- Make Voodoo 5 times
- Perform 5 interactions being malicious player (se)
- Reach level 5 of the skill Malice

3) Joker (se) workers ()

- Do 10 jokes
- Try to hack 3 times
- Reach level 8 of Malice competence

4) King (Queen) nonsense

- Seal ducts in 5 different houses
- Successfully hack 10 times
- Reach level 10 of the skill Malice

Trait reward: Persecutor (rice)

Sabotage is the great specialty of the persecutors, whether an object or work of another Sim.

Aspirations "Family" place, of course, the relational side of the family in Sims. Hope these professional and personal success of their children and grandchildren, and want to spend as much time with them.

Trait bonus: Very family

The Sims family very quickly have strong family relationships.

The "Family" offers two choices of aspiration:

Successful offspring - For those Sims, the most important in life is the success of the family.

To do this, just follow these four steps:

1) Parent happy

- Adult Become
- Spending 1000 S objects in Children

2) Pro Care

- Read to a child for 3 hours
- Becoming a Parent
- Discuss with your child 20 times

3) Mentor confidence

- Helping a child with homework 3 times
- Having a child getting an A average in high school
- Having a child reaching the maximum level in a skill

4) Progeny successful

- Teach a child 10 times
- Having a child who finishes a draw
- Have a child or grandchild who achieved the highest level of career

Trait reward lives vicariously

If your Sims live vicariously skills their children enjoy theirs.

Big happy family - The Sims aspire only one thing: to found a great home full of love.

The four steps to realize this dream are:

1) Parent happy

- Adult Become
- Spending 1000 S objects in child

2) Pro Care

- Read to a child for 3 hours
- Becoming a Parent
- Discuss with your child 20 times

3) Guardian (guardian) magnet (e)

- Being a parent of a child with 5 friends
- Be friends with three of her children
- Adopt a child

4) Big happy family

- Have a married child
- Have 4 grandchildren
- Become good friends with 4 children or grandchildren

Trait Reward: Patriarch / Matriarch

The patriarchs and matriarchs can improve the skills of their children when they are nearby.

Aspirations "Fortune" emphasize the materialistic and ostentatious side of Sims. These love Simoleons and did not hide. 

Treasurers, stingy or extravagant, the Business is done for them.

Bonus trait: Gifted in Business

In their career, Sims savvy business earn more than the standard wage working.

The "Fortune" offers two choices of aspiration:

Incredibly rich - The incredibly rich Sims aspire only one thing: in addition to being rich, they want to lead a life filled with success.

To achieve this ultimate wish, follow the following four steps:

1) Soon rich

- Have won 5,000 S
- Have 10,000 in reserve

2) Learn to get rich

- Adult Become
- Reach level 5 of any career
- Have 25,000 in reserve

3) Affluent (e)

- Have won 75,000 S
- Reach level 8 of any career

4) Incredibly rich

- Have won 200,000 S
- Have 100,000 in reserve

Trait reward: Clever (se)

Each week astute receive a payment of funds from home.

Baron Real Estate - They just want to own the largest and most beautiful homes.

To achieve its goals, Sims should follow the four steps below:

1) Investor (is) in real estate

- Have a house worth 50,000 S
- Have 15 artworks

2) Large (e) landscape

- Have a home worth 100,000 S
- Buy for 5000 S exterior landscaping

3) Restaurateur (ice) to homes

- Have a home worth 200,000 S
- Have windows 30

4) Baron (not) real estate

- Have a home worth 350,000 S
- Buy 20 columns

Trait reward: Treasurer

Each week, saving Sims receive a 10% discount on all purchases in the building mode. This discount is automatically applied to the bottom of the stove.

Aspirations "Nature" emphasize the green side of Sims. Conservationists and environmentalists, respect for the Earth is for them obvious. Fishing and gardening skills and the collector side of the Sims are here emphasized.

Bonus trait: Collector

Rare collectible items are often found by Sims collectors.

"Nature" has three aspirations:

Independent botanist - Independent botanists have one obsession: to grow plants and get gardening experts.

To achieve this aspiration, just follow these four steps:

1) Hiker (se)

- Plant something 10 times
- Weeding and watering 10 plants

2) Love his garden

- Reach level 5 of the Gardening skill
- Evolve 10 different plants
- Harvest products from 20 different plants

3) Guardian Angel of Nature

- Reach level 8 of the Gardening skill
- Graft 10 plants
- Fertilize 10 plants

4) Independent Botanist (e)

- Reach level 10 of the Gardening skill
- Have 10 plants happy together
- Evolve 10 plants of excellent quality

Trait reward: Naturalist

Naturalists do not fear the fire. Indeed, Sims with this trait can not be reached by fire, however, they can turn it off easily enough.

Conservative (ice) - Conservatives aspire to collect everything the world has to offer more beautiful and wonderful.

The four steps involved in this pathway are:

1) Over hill and dale

- Find 10 collectibles different

2) Corn (honest)

- Find 8 crystals
- Find 8 frogs
- Find 4 fossils

3) Hunter (se) of treasures

- Send 10 elements on the board of geology
- Raise 10 frogs
- Find 10 items

4) Conservative (ice)

- Complete Collection
- Find 5 figures MySim
- Find 50 collectibles different

Trait Reward: Expert (s)

Experts can sell items (metals, crystals, fossils and items) to Simsonien museum.

Pro fishing - pro fishing Sims have an interest: everything about fishing.

To become a pro fishing, simply complete the following four steps:

1) Fish out of water

- Catch 10 fish
- Fish in 4 different places

2) Bit (e)

- Fishing for 10 hours total
- Catch 20 fish
- Reach level 4 competence Fishing

3) Fisherman (is) good catches

- Stuffing or put 15 fish in an aquarium
- Make 6 fantastic taken
- Reach level 7 of competence Fishing

4) Pro fishing

- Catch 20 fish using bait
- Having fished for 100 hours
- Reach level 10 of the skill Fishing

Trait Reward: Serenity fisherman

When fishing, Sims with the serenity of the fisherman feel that all their problems disappear.

The "Food" Aspirations are for Sims who want to develop cookery. These aspirations tap skills kitchen, gourmet cooking and mixology to the delight of your Sims. These have no other goals than to prepare and create tasty food and drinks and refined palate.

Bonus trait: Essence flavor

Sims with the trait do better flavor essence of the food and drinks and therefore have a leg up on other Sims.

The "Food" offers two Aspirations:

Chef - Chefs want to master at any point the culinary arts.

To become a Grand Chief, just follow the four steps required:

1) Head of aluminum

- Prepare 5 excellent meals
- Prepare 5 flats Cheese

2) Head accomplished

- Reach level 10 of the skill Kitchen
- Prepare 10 meals being inspisé (e)
- Earn money at a dinner event

3) Culinary Artist

- Adult Become
- Reach level 5 of the culinary career
- Create 8 types of excellent foods

4) Grand Chief

- Prepare 20 large excellent meals
- Reach level 5 of the skill gourmet cooking
- Prepare 5 gourmet dishes at an event.

Trait reward: Fresh Chef

The costs are the best chefs and cooks their dishes never go wrong.

Grand (e) mixologist - Major mixologists want to know everything about mixology and preparation of potions and drinks.

These four steps are necessary to become a great mixologist:

1) Small (e) new (it) bar

- Prepare 20 drinks
- Owning a bar and 2 bar stools

2) Electric Mixer

- Reach level 5 of the skill Mixology
- Prepare 10 drinks at a social event
- Prepare 3 different strong drinks

3) As drinks

- Adult Become
- Join the Mixology branch
- Reach level 7 of competence Mixology

4) Large (e) mixologist

- Reach level 10 of the skill Mixology
- Prepare 10 excellent drinks being inspired (e)
- Create 10 types of delicious drinks

Trait reward: Pro potions

The pros can prepare potions powerful drinks that influence the emotions of those who drink.

Aspirations "Popularity" are sociable for Sims who want to have friends in the long run, in other words, friends for life. Charisma and comedy are the skills needed to Sims with this aspiration.

Trait bonus Sociable

Sociable Sims knot faster friendships.

The "Popularity" has three aspirations:

As jokes - Telling jokes and become a famous comedian is the purpose of these Sims.

To become an ace jokes, Sims must complete these four steps:

1) New (it) in town

- Report to 10 Sims
- Making friends 5

2) Amateur Comedian (ice)

- Complete 20 funny interactions
- Spend 10 hours writing jokes
- Have a microphone

3) Sim funny business (e)

- Have won by 2.500 S skits
- Write 5 skits
- Reach level 5 of the skill Comedy

4) As of jokes

- Achieve 100 funny interactions
- Interprets sketches 20
- Reach level 10 of the skill Comedy

Trait reward: Hilarious (e)

The Sims are always hilarious laugh with their jokes (even when they are not funny) and still have some in reserve.

Party Animal (e) - Revelers want to go at great festivals and of course organized.

To access this Lifetime Wish, follow these four steps:

1) New (it) in town

- Report to 10 Sims
- Making friends 5

2) Host (ess) perfect (e)

- Organize 5 festivities
- Earn money to three social events

3) Specialist galas

- Making Money 3 parties organized
- Go to social events at 10 unique locations

4) Party Animal (e)

- Organise 15 social event
- Go to 25 social event
- Earn gold to 3 parties organized

Trait reward: Host (ess) perfect (e)

The perfect hosts get a higher score for all social events they organize.

Ami (e) of all - friends all want to make a maximum of friends and keep them.

The four steps are presented below:

1) New (it) in town

- Report to 10 Sims
- Making friends 5

2) Appreciated (e)

- Getting a (an) best (e) friend (s) for life
- Meet someone new in 5 different locations
- Be friends with two neighbors

3) Superamical (e)

- Have 12 friends
- Having good friends 5
- Reach level 6 of the Charisma skill

4) Ami (e) of all

- Have a friendly relationship with 25 Sims
- Have had 5 best (s) Friend (s) for life
- Reach level 8 of the Charisma skill

Trait reward: Beloved (e)

Everyone remembers Sims loved. They are unforgettable.

Aspiration The "Sport" is made for Sims who want a perfect body and metabolism. The Fitness competence therefore needs to be controlled. In addition, this aspiration makes it possible for Sims to train his fellow men.

Bonus Trait: Good metabolism

When Sims have a good metabolism, it helps them stay slim more easily

The "Sport" offers a unique choice of Aspiration:

Bodybuilder - The Sims bodybuilder desperate to train and become the strongest possible.

The four steps to become a bodybuilder are:

1) Coach (honest) basic

- Working out for 8 hours
- Owning two facilities to train

2) Pro for the year

- Go run for 10 hours total
- Pushing the limits for 1 hour being energized (e)
- Working out on 3 different terrains

3) Body dream

- Reach level 6 of the Fitness competency
- Frimer to 15 Sims
- Exercise for 50 hours

4) Bodybuilder

- Teaching Pool 15 Sims to the gym
- Reach level 10 of the Fitness competency
- Achieve the maximum potential of the body of Sim

Trait Reward: Long service life

The durability allows Sims to live longer and avoid accidents.

Child and Aspirations

Like the Sims Adults, children Sims also have a small range of four aspirations. But their aspirations are totally different and in any way from those of their elders because they are designed for children only. Also, unlike the Sims adults, children do not receive "bonus feature." However, the aspirations they have, they will get specific and inherent traits to their aspiration reward.

However, as with adults, children Sims will also perform a number of steps and develop certain skills to achieve their goal. These steps are 3 in numbers are required to arrive at the last address of the aspiration of your choice.

But be careful because once the child reaches adolescence, these child-related aspirations disappear and give way to the wishes long term, seen in the previous sections.

Here are pictures, aspirations related to children:

- Creativity
- Psychiatric
- Motor skills
- Social skills

Creativity - Artistic Prodigy

The Aspiration "Creativity" childhood allow them to become "artistic prodigies" and ensure their success in the arts.

The three steps to becoming an artistic prodigy are:

1) Active Imagination

- Have an activity table
- Make 3 drawings being inspired (e)

2) Dreamer (se)

- Reach level 5 of the skill Creativity
- Telling stories 10
- Daydreaming 2 times

3) Art Prodigy

- Play instruments for 10 hours
- To the 5 types of drawings on the table of activities
- Reach level 10 of the skill Creativity

Trait reward: Creative genius

The creative geniuses develop Creativity faster jurisdiction.

Mental faculties - Small Engineering

The Aspiration "Psychiatric" creates "Little Geniuses". That is to say that gifted children of this aspiration will have only one wish: to be the smartest in school.

There are three stages to become a genius:

1) Early

- Win 5 games of chess
- Making reading a book by an adult for 3 hours

2) Junior Scientist

- Reach level 5 of the skill Psychiatric
- Read all 3 books (e) only (e)
- Finish homework 2 times being concentrated (e)

3) Small Engineering

- Get an A average in school
- Build 5 potions of emotion
- Reach level 10 of the skill Psychiatric

Trait reward: Gifted (e) mentally

The Sims mentally gifted develop mentally competent adults sooner.

Motor skills
Motor skills - Child turbulent

The Aspiration "Faculties drive" generates "unruly children" who have only one desire: to play and be agile.

To become an unruly child, just follow these three steps:

1) Dynamic

- Play in a chicken coop being player (se)
- Dancing for 2 hours

2) Agile

- Reach level 5 of the skill Faculties drive
- Playing video games for 10 hours
- Training to hit 3 times

3) Child turbulent

- Cross the horizontal scale 10 times
- Get the highest score typing game
- Reach level 10 of the skill Faculties drive

Trait reward: Physics advantageous

The Sims physique to develop physical skills adults faster.

Social Skills

Social skills - Children very sociable

The Aspiration "social Faculties" developing "very sociable children" who want to talk to everyone and make lots of friends.

The three steps to becoming a "very sociable child" are listed below:

1) Pipelette

- Friendship Link
- Meet 10 Sims

2) People's Children

- Reach level 5 of the social competence Faculties
- Complete 20 funny social interactions
- Getting a (an) best (e) friend (s) for life

3) Child ultrasociable

- Make friends with five other children
- Make friends with 3 adults
- Reach level 10 of the skill social Faculties

Trait reward: Socially Gifted

Gifted Sims socially adults develop social skills more quickly.


In this comprehensive guide to Sims 4 you will find among others all traits that can grant your Sims. This will be primorial to know how to handle it at first: A malicious Sims will not agree with a caring Sims will often make donations to associations him, etc. This section will explain the many paintings through bonuses and penalties that will provide possible character traits.

Life style

Active: The Sims tend to be energized and can put other Sims in shape: their condition may deteriorate if they do not exercise for too long.

Creative: The Sims tend to be inspired and can share creative ideas with other Sims: their condition may deteriorate if they are not creative for too long a period.

Engineering: The Sims tend to focus easily and can share ideas with other Sims: their condition may deteriorate if they do not improve their mental skills for a long time.

Happy: The Sims tend to be happier than other Sims.

Morose: The Sims tend to be sad and melancholy can share their thoughts with other Sims. Their competence Creativity is especially improved when they're sad.

Pitre: The Sims tend to be players.

Romantic: The Sims tend to be smooth-talking and might be sad if they have no social interaction romantic for too long.

Hot Blood: The Sims tend to get angry, can annoy other Sims and can also get angry when they are the target of malicious acts.

Confident: The Sims generally trust them.

Loves music: These Sims get powerful states of mind and improve their need Fun listening to music: they are happy when they play an instrument.

Art lover: The Sims get powerful states of mind by seeing works of art and can admire them and discuss art in a unique way.

Geek: The Sims are happy when they read science fiction or playing video games and can become stretched if they have not played much. They are more talented than other Sims to find collectibles and can discuss things with other geeks geeks.

Gourmande: These Sims are happy and spend good time when they eat good food, have difficulty using when they eat bad food and can watch cooking shows to find new culinary ideas.

Perfectionist: The Sims take longer to make items but these are usually better: they get states of powerful mind produce an object of high quality and negative states of mind if they make a subject of poor quality.

Bookworm: These states are getting powerful mind reading books they can analyze and discuss books uniquely.

Life style
Like nature: These Sims can get excited about nature before other Sims and are happy when they are outside.

Ambitious: These Sims get powerful states of mind with their professional successes and negative states of mind in case of business failure: their condition may deteriorate if they do not get promotions.

Filthy: These Sims do not mind a dirty environment and messy faster objects home.

Mad: These Sims can talk to themselves and unpredictable emotions.

Gluttony: The Sims react more negatively to hunger than other Sims, still enjoy eating (regardless of the quality of food) can eat spoiled food and can forage for food in garbage cans.

Immature: These Sims get states of powerful mind when looking at the children's channel, become players when playing with children and are happy when they play with toys for children.

Awkward: The Sims tend to fail more often during physical activity and laugh at these failures instead of evil take.

Materialistic: These Sims can enjoy their property and brag, and are sad if they have not bought anything new for too long.

Lazy: These Sims get states of powerful mind watching television, napping or settling on comfortable furniture: they are faster if they are tired of the exercise and when they are stretched doing chores of the household.

Snob: These Sims can criticize objects of poor quality, are complacent about the television without intellectual pretensions and improve their confidence in the presence of other snobs Sims.

Careful: These Sims are happy and have a good time when they are cleaning in the home, may have a frenzy of cleaning and are very uncomfortable in a dirty environment.

Caring: These Sims are happy now Sims with positive states of mind can make donations to charity are sad when they interact with malicious Sims and can discuss peace in the world.

Hates children: These Sims are angry when children are strained after trying to make a baby and peuvet be mean to children.

Extrovert: These Sims get statements when discussing powerful spirit in a friendly manner, have a Social need rapidly deteriorating and getting more negative than other Sims moods when the level of satisfaction of their Social necessary low.

Malicious: These Sims are happy when surrounded by Sims with negative states of mind can laugh so evil and evil discuss projects they get angry when they interact with caring Sims.

Member of a group of pals: These Sims can make a manly hug their friends, build self-confidence when they are with their friends and become energized by watching sports.

Wicked: The Sims find happiness in being evil or malicious towards other Sims and become confident after winning a fight.

Close to his family: These Sims are happy when they are surrounded by family members and sad if they do not interact with their families for too long they can show off their families.

Reluctant to commit themselves: These Sims get strained if a job or a relationship to last for some time and are happy when they resign or terminate a relationship: they waiting longer before making a marriage proposal and may discuss their fear of commitment.

Solitaire: These Sims are happy when they are alone and do not receive negative states of mind when their Social need is worrying: they are stretched in the presence of strangers and are often embarrassed by social rejection.


As always, Skills - new and old - are waiting for you in The Sims 4.

Skills are important in the lives of Sims as they allow our little ones to develop their knowledge and to teach other Sims the knowledge they have acquired once the maximum level (10) reaches.

Sims can learn the skills of several different ways: by reading books on them, using the objects provided for this purpose, while watching TV, at work, chatting with other Sims, etc.

Moreover, certain skills are required to advance in careers. For example, the job of a journalist asked that the Charisma skill your Sim is developed.

However, in the Sims 4, children are different from those of adults Sims completions skills and are four in number. These skills correspond to the aspirations of the latter.

This chapter lists and describes the rapidly nineteen skills available in the game.

- Charisma
- Comedy
- Kitchen
- Gourmet Kitchen
- Writing
- Fitness
- Rocketry
- Guitar
- Gardening
- Video games
- Logic
- Malice
- Mixology
- Painting
- Piano
- Programming
- Sin
- Violin

When Sims Housing acquire competence, they can repair any plumbing items, and some elements of appliances and electronics. They can also improve them so that they become permanently unbreakable, to build fountains, faucets, etc.

Moreover, in this sequel, where Sims improve or repair an object, a pile of coins appear once the thing in question repaired. They can then search through these piles to get some plumbing parts that they can use to improve other objects. However, always remember to clean these small piles for domestic you hire temporarily or weekly tend to neglect them.

It will also be possible to sell the parts from inventory Sims (J).

However, some items require plumbing parts, and often, it will fail. It just simply rummage through the garbage of your neighbors or the city to recover.

Also note that Sims can also use the "established cabinetmaker" to improve their DIY skills, to buy into the Purchase and fashion> Activities and Skills- Creativity.

Sims acquired the Charisma skill when discussing with other Sims, when they came to make a speech in front of a mirror or when reading a book on that skill.

Charisma then allows Sims to make friends quickly, and social interactions are more fluid, proposals conversation becoming more complete.

Indeed, in addition to easily make friends, charismatic Sims will also appeal to more comfortable and above all calm down the other Sims angry.

And in addition to unlock most comprehensive social interaction, Charisma skill also enlarges the possibilities of interactions related to media and social networks.

This skill will be necessary and useful to Sims with aspiration-related Popularity and Love.

Comedy skill is acquired when the Sims make jokes to their cronies, when they write a skit on the computer while watching the chain humor on television, when they use the royal microphone or when reading a book on that skill.

This skill unlocks new interactions related jokes, in addition, Sims can also do in improvisation skit when facing the mirror.

Sims with this skill at its best can claim to make jokes that will always be funnier than the other to his interlocutors. Finally, comedy skill is necessary for Sims who want to become comedian and / or a Popularity Aspiration-related.

As in previous games, Sims can learn the skill kitchen preparing meals (stove, fridge, worktop), watching the cooking channel, reading skill books for that purpose.

Kitchen competence is important because firstly, it allows your Sims to eat properly. If initially, you will be dealing with basic recipes, as and as your skill progresses you unlock new recipes.

Kitchen competence, as the new competence gourmet cooking is more than recommended for Sims with an aspiration linked to food, but also greedy and gluttonous Sims. In addition, this skill makes it possible for your Sims to have conversations on the culinary field.

Gourmet Kitchen
Like the kitchen competence, competence gourmet cooking is acquired when Sims prepare a meal (stove, refrigerators, work), watching cooking channel, read a book or watch the competence chain Kitchen. However, note that this skill is unlocked once the kitchen of your Sim skill has reached level 5.

This skill allows Sims to prepare excellent food whether for themselves or for their guests. Moreover, improving this skill, Sims can unlock new techniques related to gourmet cooking. Of course, gourmet cooking is more expensive and takes a little more time to prepare. However, she has the gift to satisfy the appetite of your Sims.

Sims can acquire jurisdiction Scripture using the computer and reading books on this skill.
The Writing skill makes it possible for Sims to write books, unlock new interactions related to Scripture on the computer, to publish their work and to enjoy copyright. This skill will delight Sims with an aspiration linked to creativity and wishing to become a bestselling author.

The Fitness competence (formerly Athletics in the Sims 3) is acquired while playing sports or reading books dedicated competence. Several sports equipment are available in Buy Mode, however, if you do not have enough money, you can always go to gyms Willow Creek and Spring Oasis. You can also click directly on your Sim and click on the "Run" interaction.

However, if you have decided to grant your Sim trait sloth, you can always do read the Book of competence; Note that this option takes longer than the basic trainings. Once the level 10 of the Fitness competency achieved, the Sim will give lectures and lead other Sims, whether at home or at the gym.

Rocketry expertise is new to the Sims 4 It is acquired in two ways: either by reading skill books (which is easiest) by buying the "Rocket kit retro-futuristic" in the User purchase worth 5000 Simoleons, excluding 1000 Simoleons and more to pay for the construction of the rocket ...
This skill allows Sims to build rockets and space travel. Gradually, as the competence evolves, new interactions related to the rocket and unlock Sims can explore more places in space, meet aliens or do "WooHoo" with their half. However, be aware that the rocket can be destroyed when landing for example. This means you'll need to re build a new one and thus pay 1000 Simoleons. This skill is useful for Sims who want a career as an astronaut.

Playing the guitar, Sims can acquire Guitar skill. They can also buy skill books for this purpose. Whether they are artists, all can play this instrument. As with all musical skills, as and when Sims play the guitar, their panel of music titles increases. They can learn new songs and then play against tipping.

The Gardening skill is learned by planting seeds purchased either via the computer or with "flowerpot" (85 Simoleons) and the "outer garden" (200 Simoleons) in the Purchase and fashion - Activities and Skills- Divers, reading skill books for that purpose, taking care of her garden or garden, or harvesting fruits and flowers to the neighbors with plants or in different places of the worlds offered (Willow Spring Creek and Oasis). Sims can also learn or enhance this skill by purchasing the "Bonsai plant" (425 Simoleons) available in the Purchase and fashion - Activities and Skills-

Gardening offers no less than 31 plants collectible. For now, no trade requires this skill, however, Sims with a suction on the Nature and wishing to become independent Botanists have to develop Gardening skill to carry out their wish in the long term.

Video games
Here's a new skill Sims 4: Video games. Despite the disappearance of consoles in this new opus, Sims can learn and master the video games skill by simply playing games from the mobile phone, their computer, their tablet or the "play mat ContrôlExercice" (4500 Simoleons) purchased from the Purchase and Fashion - Activities and Skills- Recreation. Not forgetting of course the ability to read skill books.

While initially few games are available, as and when your Sim will play the games and the same, will increase its competence, new will be be released. Besides being a completely new skill, that playing video games will also increase the level of entertainment for your Sim. This will allow the mix business with pleasure. This skill is useful for Sims who wants to work in the field "technology guru" over this skill is very popular with Sims Geek.

Logic competence, as in previous versions of the Sims, is acquired by reading books on competence, playing chess, using the "Observatory of the garden" (1500 Simoleons) or "Life Microscope" (1630 Simoleons) purchased from the Purchase and fashion - Activities and Skills- Knowledge.

The Sims can play chess in parks Oasis Spring and Willow Creek. This allows them, at first, to learn the skill, but also to socialize with other Sims and entertained. The "garden observatory" (formerly telescope) makes it possible for Sims to contemplate the stars in the sky and thus increase their competence.

As for the subject of "Life under the microscope", this unit can analyze samples of plants and other collectibles that Sims have previously taken. Logic skill will be useful for all who have an aspiration Sims related Knowledge and want to have an exceptional Brain.

Malice competence is achieved by making related to Malice social interactions. Malicious Sims love to play pranks, play tricks, lie and are a bit vicious and devious at the edges. Sims can also learn this skill by reading skill books planned for, but the best way is still the practice. Malicious Sims love to joke and throw ridiculous rumors.

In addition, once they have achieved Level 3 of this skill, it is possible for them to order one or more Voodoo Dolls via the computer. The latter will be placed directly in the inventory of Sim. To use the Voodoo Doll, simply assign it to a Sim. But it must be on the same property as your avatar. Once paired, you can interact with the Voodoo Doll. The actions you will subject it will impact and affect gradually Sim you choose.

However, shares may also turn against your Sim. Also note that it is possible to involve voodoo dolls any Sim except children of course. Sims with aspiration-related Deviance and want to become King or Queen of nonsense will have to put this skill to contribute to reach the end of their wish!

Sims can learn the basics of mixology skills using the bar by preparing drinks. They also acquire this skill by reading books that refer. If your Sim has not yet afford to buy a bar, you can just go to a bar, a cocktail bar or a nightclub and just go behind the bar preparing drinks.

Once acquired skill you can hold the bar at a party or at any time while chatting with your friends: a great way to socialize and learn the skill. Culinary Careers (branch mixologist) require that skill. It is the same for Sims who aspire to be great mixologists. More Sims will practice this skill and the more they can learn to do a variety of drinks that will unlock as their level increases.

The basics of painting skills can be learned in practice on a bridge or reading books on the same skill. If for some Sims painting is a calling, for others, it remains a great hobby which can increase the gauge of entertainment. However, painting is a solitary hobby, and do not forget that some Sims need socialization. In addition, when you want to make your Sim a canvas on the easel, you will pay a certain amount (50 Simoleons for small paintings, 75 Simoleons for medium paintings and 100 Simoleons for large canvases).

At first, like all other skills, your Sims will have only a small selection of paintings but gradually and as their skill increases, new ranges of styles will appear (pop art, abstract , realism, surrealism, art, impressionism). In addition, when Sims are inspired, they often want to paint outside the common fabrics (mathematical figures, geometric, etc.).

The Sims inspired can also develop their skills; By the Painting; faster: their paintings will therefore have a greater value and be better qualities. Now a Sim is confident he can paint a picture confident. Therefore, the canvas will be an emotional aura that increase.. confidence of other Sims in the room where the painting will be on display. Finally, when Sims have finished painting a canvas, they can frame it and put it on the wall, to resell to collectors of art, even the art gallery or simply place it in its inventory.

The Piano skill is learned by practicing the instrument or buying skill books related to it.
Of course, early in the game it will be quite difficult to buy a piano because of a lack of Simoleons.
But it is possible to remedy this by simply going to a nightclub and to practice the instrument.

If at the beginning you can only learn strumming and playing songs that are quite traditional, as your skill increases, new songs and styles will be released. Also, if the Sims persevere on this path, new interactions related to piano skills will emerge in conversations with his friends and then they can give them advice.

And as for the other skills related to musical instruments, Sims can make money playing for other Sims. Arriving at Level 2 of the jurisdiction, it will be possible to use the computer to improve the competence Piano: Sims can, indeed, write songs and even resell the past if they wish. Know that when Sims are inspired, they have an easier time in learning and the way they play will be better.

Programming skill is learned when Sims use the computer (Programmer) or when they read books on jurisdiction. Some careers as Agent Secret Guru or technology for example require programming skills.

As Sims increase their skill level, new interactions will unlock (hack, create or modify games, create a virus, etc.). Whether hacking, working independently, etc. Sims can always make money. Also, when creating a game or an application, they will receive royalties. In fact, programming is very lucrative.

As in previous games, skill Fishing is acquired simply by going fishing. However, it should be noted some difference: if before you could click on the seas or lakes of all kinds, now you have to click on a sign indicating a fishing area. However, different places are right: in parts of Willows Creek and Spring Oasis, in parks and in the course of some houses back. Sims can also learn this skill through the books provided for that purpose.

Fishing is a hobby that allows Sims to relax and have fun. Earlier competence, it is rare that the fish are biting. It takes persistence. Also, if initially the Sims can not catch fish as common as and as their skill level increases, they can tackle larger and rare calibers, then review and choose the water good bait to be sure not to come back empty-handed.

In The Sims 4, there are no fewer than 22 different types of collectible fish. To catch a few fish, it will be helpful to have a high level of competence and to try different types of bait. Once your fish in your inventory, you can resell them, reuse them as bait, hang them on the wall or put them in a jar. Finally, note that more fish is scarce and its price is high.

In The Sims 4, there are three skills related to music: guitar, piano and violin. Violin to acquire competence, Sims should be practicing the instrument by buying it either read the books dedicated.

More Sims play the violin and increase their competence: this will allow them, as for other instruments, unlock new songs and new styles. In addition, as and as their level rises, Sims will start writing songs through the computer and of course, sell them.

As with all other skills, inspired Sims will have more ease in learning and will enable them to play better but also write songs best qualities and sell them at much higher prices.


One of the great innovations and features of this new album is the addition of Emotions. Indeed, if you are concerned about the welfare of your Sims, the Emotions will be there to show you what state of mind they are exactly.

These emotions are based on several parameters: the environment, what your Sim on the dealings of his fellows, their careers, etc.

They can also be the result of some interactions: If your Sim takes an invigorating shower, it will be "energized" and will, for example, sports. If he takes a steamy shower, it will be "winning" if it takes a meditative shower, it will be "inspired", etc.

Emotions are also the result of some conversations: Your Sim can then be "angry", "sad" or "very sad", "player", etc. The environment thus a major role in these different states of mind.

Thus, emotions and your Sims can affect many things such as careers or skills for example. If your Sim is inspired, he can better perform tasks such as writing on the computer, painting or music. If it is "concentrated", he will certainly want to improve their logic skills, among others.

Indeed, based on their emotions, Sims can develop skills more quickly, they can produce products (novel, painting, fruit, vegetables, etc.) better quality, they can make progress at work leading to a new promotion, etc.

However, some emotions also have a negative effect on certain things. If your Sim is Caring nature and that it is an evil (bad), it will be "embarrassed." For some Sims, anger can have positive effects, but it can also have negative consequences. It also depends on the traits and personality of your avatars.

The emotions of your Sims are to be considered. Knowing that some interactions allow to obtain certain desired emotions, if you want your Sim improve a particular skill, it will suffice, for example, to make him a "steamy" or "toning" "meditative" shower.

Note that Emotions are shown at the bottom left of the screen, each with a predefined color.

Here is the list of fifteen different emotions in the game:

1. Although 
Being Good is the emotional state by default. When you start a new game and your Sims are moving for the first time, they all have this condition.

Being Good is a relatively neutral emotion because it is neither positive nor negative and does not affect the emotional state of your Sims.

2. Blase
Sometimes Sims are jaded and are bored when they do the same thing for too long or if you are still using the same social interaction. For your friends virtual life cease to be, let them:

Watching TV,
Read a book,
Play video games,
Play chess.

Often bored is also caused by the lack of entertainment, so have fun when your Sim is located in this state.

3. Concentrate
Concentration is related to the intellectual aspect of the Sims. When they read books or when they use the computer to write or program, they become Concentrates.

When Sims are concentrated, they can improve their skills faster Housing, Logic, programming or video games. Moreover, when concentrated Sim, it more easily gain chess games.

Also note that if your Sims have embarked on careers Guru technologies or Astronaut, send them to work with that emotion will benefit them.

Geniuses are more concentrated than most other Sims.

4. Confident
When a Sim is confident, it can socialize and make friends more easily then use the Charisma skill when your Sim is confident. This will enable him to improve his skills more quickly.

5. Embarrassed
The Sims become Embarrassed when they are surprised in the shower, in the bathroom or in tender moments (when doing crack-crack). The discomfort is felt by both Sims surprised by those who surprised when these embarrassing moments.

If a Sim is denied a kiss, it will also be embarrassed.

To remove this emotion, just as your protégé is hiding under the blanket, make a self-disparaging joke or excuse.

6. Angry
The Sims are Angry at some annoying or negative ways their conversations. In addition, Sims with the trait "warm-blooded" are more prone to anger.

Generally, when a Sim is angry, he tends to want to fight or to take his anger out on other Sims.

Anger can be positive or negative: Positive because it can improve Malice jurisdiction. In addition, for Sims who work in the field Criminal, being angry can improve certain objectives related to his career; Simpart negative because if your work in this spirit, it may very well be fired.

To reduce or eliminate this emotion, just the calm before a mirror or make him take a shower.

7. Energized
The Sims Assets can be energized faster. This emotion helps improve fitness expertise. For your Sims are energized, let them:

Take an invigorating shower,
Playing sports (click your Sim to do "go running" if you do not have sports equipment at home)
Listen to electronic music and rock
Drinking coffee
Watch chain "Action" on television.

In quarries and Criminal secret agent, be energized before going to work increases the chances of promotion and success at work.

8. Flirty
When Sims are emotionally beguiling, they are more romantic mood. Moreover, Sims "Romantic" are more easily coaxing.

For this emotion, let them:

Watch a romantic show on TV,
Read romantic books,
Listen to romantic music
Take a steamy shower.

In addition, the smooth-talking Sims are more likely to crack-crack and make their application to the elected (e) their heart (small (e) friend (e) for example)

Also note that it is more advisable to make marriage proposals when Sims are bewitching.

9. Dazed
It is rare that the Sims are Dazed. However, if he drinks too many drinks at the bar or coffee too, if he loses a fight, your Sim can then be dazed.

It also happens that if a Sim gets electrocuted while repairing an object, or when the rocket crashed during a landing, it is stupid.

10. Happy
Your Sims are happy when responding positively to all their needs and expectations when they do things they like, when they eat good quality food and drinks when drinking good.

Your Sims can make others happy Sims through this emotion-related interactions. Also, a happy Sim will feel less affected by emotions or negative feelings.

11. Inspired
Inspired Sims have more imagination and are more creative. Moreover, Sims with the character trait "Creative" are more easily inspired. So your Sims get this emotion, make them Read books,

Contemplate paintings or works of art
Take a meditative shower.

This emotion helps to develop several skills such as kitchen, gourmet kitchen, Scripture, Mixology, Painting, Guitar, Piano and Violin.

In quarries Comedy, Food and Scripture have this emotion before going to work is a plus.

Finally, inspired Sims may prepare meals and drinks better and works of art (paintings, novels, dramas).

12. Player
When Sim Player, it tends to want to tease, to be malicious or making jokes about him (friends, family). For this emotion, just:

Watch chain Humor
Read a book on Comedy
Write skits on computer

Sim player improve his skill Comedy faster. The Sims "Immature" tend to be more players than normal.

13. Uncomfortable
The Sims Uncomfortable when some of their needs are neglected, are not being met or are at their lowest. This applies especially to needs such as Hunger, Hygiene and Energy. In this state, it is difficult enough for them to develop their skills.

To address this malaise, it will suffice simply to meet their needs.
However, if the discomfort persists, buy a potion to your Sim in the shop reward.

14. Tendu
The Sims Tense when they work hard and this has the effect of greatly reducing their progress at work and see their chance of promotion and fly away. For this condition disappears, your Sim must relax or chat with colleagues.

Sims can still be tense when learning a skill or when some little fun interactions. To counter this feeling, just that your avatar is watching TV or listening to music.

Finally, Sims get tense if the character traits that you have allocated their conflict with the life you lead them. Indeed, if a Sim "Love Nature" and you, lock them home it will be tight.

15. Sad
When a Sim is Sad, he may feel depressed. In addition, Sims are more often depressed sadder than others. The causes of sadness are several:

Rejection by other Sims
Malicious social interactions experienced
Job loss (reference)
Isolation (speak and see no one)
Loss of a loved one

However, this emotion is a mixed blessing because if one side is detrimental to the development of skills and career, on the other hand, it is positive on the development of skills Writing and Painting. Indeed, a sad Sim can paint or write a work of art.

To erase the sadness, a Sim can cry in bed or talk to other Sims.


You will find in this part of the comprehensive guide to Sims 4 both currently playable cards: Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. This will let you learn about the different playable families early in the game, the locations that you can buy as well as the location of all recreation centers like the weight room, the bar or the City Museum.

Map of Willow Creek:


01: Family-Kim Spencer-Lewis; Place cypress (40x30)

02: Chênair ($ 261,153); 50x50, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

03: Manor skittish ($ 176,277); 40x30, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

04: Park Shore ($ 107,906); 40x30, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

05: Family Gothik; Villa Ophelia (30x20)

06: Bungalow Creek ($ 97,376); 40x30, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

07: Area potters ($ 2,500); 30x20

08: Family Pancakes; Home disappointed (30x20)

09: Wild Rose ($ 36,774); 20x15, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

10: Cottage torticollis ($ 13,663); 20x15, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

11: Slums daisies ($ 16,421); 30x20, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

12: Best Friends for Life Family; Petrol Garden (40x30)

13: Cottage of the rivulet ($ 15,965); 20x15, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

14: Corner Cheap ($ 2,000); 30x20

15: Magnolia Blossom; Park

16: Municipal Muses; Museum

17: Blue Velvet; Nightclub

18: Move-your-body; Gym

19: Archives of Willow Creek; Library

20: Deep Marais ($ 5,500); 30x20

21: On the Waterfront ($ 41,704); 30x20, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Map of Oasis Spring:


01: High of Yuma ($ 271,394); 40x30, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

02: Family Plènozas; 50x50 area Affluista

03: Family Zest; Mesquite neglected 40x30

04: Apartment Sandtrap ($ 17,032); 30x20, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

05: Shack stones ($ 13,064); 20x15, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

06: Terrier with pebbles ($ 16,955); 30x20

07: Family Lefebvre; Remains agave 20x15

08: Family roommates; Casa Cactus 40x30

09: Grass and dust ($ 3,500); 30x20

10: Quinta raffia ($ 39,122); 20x15, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

11: Spring ($ 64,973); 30x20, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

12: Family Bonnet; Career Vista 30x20

13: Desert Bloom; Park

14: Rio verde ($ 176,637); 40x30, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

15: Ridge arid ($ 5,500); 40x30

16: Field Granada ($ 120,150); 30x20, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

17: Caliente Family; Spring burning 30x20

18: The past of the future; Museum

19: Solar Eruption; Cocktail bar

20: Sporting and dilettantes; Gym

21: Juice rattlesnake; Bar


Collect Bay plant cow

For a Bay plant cow, you must first of all go to the park to Oasis Springs named "Desert Bloom". To access it using your mobile phone ("Go ..." or "Travelling with ...") and once at your destination, you have to go to the far right of the area where find a pond. Fish with your Sim in it to end up getting the seed in question.

You just have to return to your home, or on fertile ground and then plant the seed. After watering it several times and be busy, Cow Bay plant will eventually grow to reach its maximum size.

Entering the Forest Glade:
To enter the Forest Glade, you must go into Willow Creek near the house called "Cottage of torticollis". Once in there, you will see a single tree located on the right of it, examine it. After examining several times ... be sure to make the right choices of responses as follows:

- Follow the sound
- Get off the stream
- Enter in the mist

Here's a secret passage opened! Passage that leads to a clearing. Go inside and follow the progressions as the video below shows. You will arrive in the Forest Glade. Inside you can interact with the scenery and fish.

Entering the Forgotten Cave:
To enter this cave, you will first need to reach level 10 in DIY. For that you can "tinker" your furniture or read books on that skill. Once the maximum level reached, go to the park to Oasis Springs named "Desert Bloom". You will find the entrance to the cave on the right of your original position after the small lake.

Have your Sim to force the door and run the path as shown in the video below. You will arrive in the Forgotten Cave, a quiet little place where you will be able to fish and relax especially in this paradise!


For these codes, you must hold down the SHIFT key (SHIFT for English or COMMAND if you play on a Mac) and clicking on the object / Sim once the code has been activated.

Codes for your Sims
- Object Reset - resets the selected Sim
- Add to Family - adds the selected sim to active family
- Cheat Motive - change all current moods and turn them into fun.
- Disable Motive Decay - disables mood changes (if enabled)
- Enables Motive Decay - active mood changes (if disabled)
- Teleport Me Here - when a location is selected, press Shift + Click on the desired location on the map to teleport your Sim there.
- Modify in CAS - Opens the editor Sims CAS

Codes for Objects:
- Object reset - reset the object
- Make Dirty - is dirty object
- Make Clean - makes the proper object

Aspirations, skills and editing menu:
To use these codes, you must open the cheat window by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + COMMAND + SHIFT C or C + if you play on Mac. Both codes will help you achieve the Lifetime Wish of your Sim and change the level of skills:

aspirations.complete_current_milestone - validate the Lifetime Wish of your Sim.
stats.set_skill_level [skilltype] 1-10 - type this sentence by replacing the name of the skill "Skilltype" and giving the level that suits you.

Name skills "Skilltype"


Editing Sims here:

testingcheats true
testingcheats false

By opening it, you will get the options for editing the game for Sims and be able to change the age, motivation, goals and emotional state of your Sims.

Cheat mode. When you play the Sims 4, press CTRL + SHIFT + C, it will aim to display the cheat the game in this text box appears in the corner of your screen, you will then type the following codes and press ENTER to confirm:

Help - List all available commands with the cheat console
resetSim {FirstName} {LastName} - Resets the Sim
fullscreen - Enable / disable Full Screen Mode
headlineeffects {on / off} - Cache effects above the head of your Sim (prisms, bubbles, etc.)
Death.toggle - Turns death, your Sims then become immortal
FreeRealEstate {on / off} - The houses become free (can be written in the neighborhoods or the game world)
motherlode - Gives 50,000 Simoleons
kaching - Gives 1000 Simoleons
rosebud - 1000 Simoleons Give
vein - Gives 50,000 more Simoleons
Press SHIFT +] - Increases the size of objects
testingcheats {true / false} - Enables other cheats

To close the cheat window, you can simply press again CTRL + SHIFT + C.