Xbox One: Useful tips to Increase Controller Battery Life

Controller of the Xbox One brought a number of improvements to the already established version of the 360, with independent triggers as vibration, no apparent screws and an improved digital directional. Nevertheless, the controller continues to use batteries as its main power. Check out our tips to make it last longer.

Keep the Headset Unplugged

Even that is not being used effectively, the headset is responsible for consuming extra battery life. Remember to remove the controller peripherals while not using the same.

Disable controller vibration in the game

Some games allow you to disable the vibrate function, which is a major responsible for the energy consumption of battery control.

If you are playing one of those games that does not take advantage of the fine vibration system independent, or simply get bored of feedback, turn off the function and add a few good hours of battery life.

Disconnect the controller while not using

The One to control the Xbox has a function that turns off automatically after some time of inactivity, but nothing better than yourself off the joystick when you leave it for some time.

Just hold the center button and click on the option to cut consumption immediately. Take the opportunity to use the Kinect voice commands.

Use rechargeable batteries or the plug & play charger

Spare batteries can end up costing expensive then a good idea is to invest in a good rechargeable battery kit. Besides, the convenience to recharge them whenever you run out, they also usually have a great life.

Another option, a little more expensive, is the Play and Charge kit, which replaces the battery cover by a dedicated battery, also rechargeable.

Use the wired controller

You know those moments in which cells don’t account for, and control is without power? You can use a micro USB cable and plug it into any directly to the console.

In addition to requiring the use of batteries, the function still leaves the control bit more precise, since any delay of wireless commands is removed. Break, it is still possible to recharge batteries by directly controlling, using power supplied by USB.