Alien Isolation walkthrough, all Collectible locations

Welcome to the Alien: Isolation walkthrough, here we will detail the progress of each of the 19 missions that make up the title to help you escape the xenomorph while offering videos summarizing all the items to collect, including 50 ID Tags, 151 Archive Logs and 10 Nostromo scattered in the main adventure, you can not recover all that during the last mission of the game. The game takes place in 2137, fifteen years after the events of Alien and forty-two before the events of Aliens, return. The game focuses on Amanda, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, who, having conducted investigation into the disappearance of her mother, is sent to the Sevastopol space station to retrieve data that could help to locate her mother.

Table of contents

Mission 1- The Awakening 
Mission 2 - Welcome to Sevastopol
Mission  3 - Encounters
Mission  4 - Seegson Communications
Mission 5 - The Quarantine
Mission 6 - The Outbreak
Mission 7 - Seegson Synthetics
Mission 8 - Haven
Mission 9 - Beacon
Mission 10 - The Trap
Mission 11 - Hazard Containment
Mission 12 - Synthetic Solution
Mission 13 - Consultation
Mission 14 - The Descent
Mission 15 - The Message
Mission 16 - Transmission
Mission 17 - Desolation
Mission 18 - Tomorrow, Together
Mission 19 - Isolation

***Walkthrough in progress***

Mission 1: The Awakening 

After the opening cinematic, Jr Ripley awakens from a hot sleep chamber. Begin by recording the computer facing you. History immediately take good habit for the rest of the adventure, loot all the compartments of a small light green, you'll need to survive later.

Engage yourself in the hallway and then take the first door on the left towards the dorms. In the right corner of the room you find a first terminal. These computers contain valuable information about the game world and more to be among the many collectibles title. So that you are a history buff or success / trophy, we will tell you all of their position during this journey. Read the first document "Missed by few."

Now go to the back of the room to find your locker and get dressed. Also located in the room the first recording terminal to save your progress.

Tell Samuels and Taylor
Now use your map to go to the infirmary and find Samuels, android Company. Taylor is in turn in the kitchen area.

Enjoy your presence in the kitchen to see the end of the second vessel and read files "Incident of Nostromo" and "Manifesto of the Torrens."

Go over the bridge to bridge
Now take the door at the end of the kitchen towards the bridge and find the entire crew. After the speech of the captain, he'll just pick up the briefing on the desktop to finish the first chapter of Alien insulation.

Mission 2: Welcome to Sevastopol

Find help
Arrival in Sevastopol station has clearly not gone as planned. Start by changing the first room. Once in a more comfortable fit go into the next room that lights your path and use the check-in machine against the wall.

Continue your way to a flaming pipe. To progress, enter the vent on the left. Crawl inside following the only possible path to finally get around the incident. In the next room you come across the first end of Chapter 2. Read the only uncorrupted paper "Dismantling".

Then play your way through the boards on the right but obviously it break in the middle of your journey. More frightened than hurt, get up and pick up the smoke on a crate to your right.

Brighten the smoke, take your progress and crouch down to go up the treadmill baggage. Then lower the ramp to baggage and the time it goes down, crouch down again to pick up some useful materials a little further .

Now climb the ladder you clear access. Walk across the room and go straight to the stairs. As the game tells you, remember to update your card by interacting with devices on your right.

Restore the current store
Enter the room next door and use the generator to the left using a contextual action. Current income, you can now access the terminal at the end of the piece. Read "Moved our stash" documents, "Goodbye Seegson" and the audio file "Cut power" that you select to be read aloud and that account for the success / trophy.

The utility of the terminal, select twice the Division command D-13: Departures select to restore power Departures. Now go back down to the level of the model and type the password 0340 to open the right door. This code is located in the "Moved our stash" found on the terminal.

Inside you find your first diagram and not least because you can now make Medi-kit (V.1). Build-a to obtain a pass / trophy and restore your life after the fall at the beginning of the chapter. All the elements necessary for its manufacture can be found in the room.

Now go through the door that is behind the terminal, the current return having opened. Spend the portico taking care well crouch to pass under the wire.

Blast down you in a great shopping street with a view of a distant planet. Climb the stairs on your right in front of the Chinese restaurant and cross the area to go down to the bottom with stairs. On your way Ripley sees the Torrens updating your goal.

Contact the Torrens
Enter the playroom Cred-Op and activate the generator against the left wall behind the pool tables. This will open up access to bar Chinese store.

Inside listen to the message of Julie Jones' Revolt to the terminal "located on the counter. Also use the terminal to the back of the room to read files "Remove the plug", "all the employees of the terminal" and "What is Apollo? ". Beware that from now on the terminals will have multiple documents in the same folder, the shared folder here. It all lire you need to get the achievements / trophies.

Open the door behind the counter and crawl into the duct to reach a new area of the chapter. Advance to the rubble in the middle of the room and interact with the robot to move and to crawl into the ventilation duct collapsed.

Continue straight until you reach a large door with the number 42 painted on it. On a cart to the right is a new audio recording "Last transmission joint." The door 42 is blocked by a kind of shoe that you can not withdraw yet.

Go through the main room
Take the right door facing the door 42 and activate the generator at the bottom right.

Back facing the door 42 and up the stairs on the far left. Go straight up to a small room with a new audio recording "Another break".

Save your progress and go through the door right next to the check-in terminal. In the room at the bottom right you find the lifeless body of a man.

Go through the pipe to the right and crawl to reach the room where the corpse is.

You recover "dead soldiers" a new audio message as well as your first ID Tag, the Zack Watson.

Then pick up the service tool that is in the hand of Zachary and put it on the test by removing the clip that locks the door.

Exit the room and use the maintenance tool to remove the attachment of the right piece. On the table you'll find the audio recording "Interview: Heyst".

Now go back to face the front door 42 and use your tool maintenance on the attachment blocking it. Trigger a cutscene introducing Alex, your new companion fortune. Remove the tie and move into the new room or you have two individuals.
Continue your drive to lift Alex unlock. Go inside and press the button to send goods before you reprimand by Alex! Enjoy the elevator ride to take stock of the situation in the station.

Keep up to a makeshift barricade made with suitcases. Squat down to the shelter and wait for two armed individuals spend. Alex opens access to ducts, follow him.

You Blast down in his hideout where you can recover materials but especially the flashlight. Also remember to take the batteries which are right next door and recharge the lamp.

Then follow Alex in the ear on the left. He wants you to use the flashlight to find a pipe that marked with red paint. Turn your lamp but take first left to find a second identity plate on the edge of a pipe. Good leads at the bottom left of the room. Once found, Alex unlocks and engages in, follow it, making sure to turn off your lamp.

You come across the two armed men of the barricade. Wait until they start to get out of the pipe and save your progress. Continue right until you reach the group of several people.

Create a diversion to distract looters
Watch them well protected in the dark until Alex asks you to create a diversion by turning off their generator. Hug the right wall to the generator room.

Then turn off the generator and enter quickly into the right side.

Progress through the conduit listening looters and when one of them said: Everyone with me open the duct and out of the room to the right, joining Alex!. Keep in linear corridors until you find the last terminal of the chapter. Read three documents "Close your eyes", "Rule of Two" and "Inventory".

A little further on the door is closed because of a lack of current. Made the turn and turn on the switch at the same time Alex.

The door opens to a robber who attacks immediately Alex. Run up to him and attack his assailant with the maintenance tool. No time to hang out as new looters arrive, follow Alex until a cutscene triggers.

Again alone, take the right path to the transit station and call one with the right button. After several long seconds, transit finally arrives.

Go inside and press one of the screens to take charge of the Systech Lorenz Tower and end the second chapter of Alien insulation.

Mission 3: Encounters 

Log: 4
ID Tag: 3
Nostromo Log: 0

When transport reaches the arrow Lorenz Sys / tech, up the stairs to the right to use the terminal to update your card. Continue towards the central hall where a ceiling-mounted satellite. You meet a survivor who is shooting at you before taking flight.

Go to the center of the island of office as satellite ground to find the identity of A.Hutchison plate and "Leave the office now" audio.

Then go near the elevator where was the survivor to get a tuner on the floor. Unfortunately it lacks a data cell to make it work. Once the tool is picked up very quickly climb upstairs to join without being detected technical lab. The door is located southeast of the card.

If you have any problem to get there because of the group of four individuals you can access the rerouting and activate the air purification at three locations on the floor to receive a vapor mist very useful to move quietly. The strong method is not recommended, except to remove a single individual. You will need at least two maintenance tool hits to kill a man in intermediate difficulty.

Go down one floor and take the time to update your card on the terminal. Descend yet to reach a floor office light on your right.

Update again on the card terminal at the entrance of the office then pick up the gun and the magnetic card on the desktop.

Use the keycard to open access to technical assistance. On the desk right by entering you find the ID plate C.Ward.

Dig out the area to find on a desktop diagram smoke bombs (V.1). In the office north of the map with a corpse in a chair you can also find the pattern of blinding grenades (V.1) against the wall.

Enter now in the archives of the work of Sevastopol. Ripley finds the black box of Nostromo but unfortunately the data is corrupted.

Use only green button on one of the shelves and do the same with the next two to allow you to recover the data cell you need to repair the tuner.

An alarm goes off and you must use your new toy directly on the door to leave. Now unlock the door to the right of the corpse on the chair.

Inside the office you find the ID plate J.Williams and "Empty Box" audio.

Get out now or in the office you found the gun and go straight as the security gate was left closed. Down the hall enter the technical workshop with the tuner and take time to read the documents "Archives" and "An outpost of progress? # 1 "on the terminal.

Then use the computer at the center of the room with red screens to turn off the safety lock. It's time to meet the xenomorph! After he left roaming the vents take the left door and blasted the hoof blocking the door with your maintenance tool.

It'll just get to the elevator that the young woman was trying to hack. Along the way you hear the cries of the massacred by the xenomorph group made low profile and use the tuner to open the lift.

It'll just push the button to take the lead Seegson Communications and finish this third chapter of Alien insulation.

Mission 4: Seegson Communications 

Log: 12
ID Tag: 4
Nostromo Log: 1

Go to the Communications control room

From the beginning of the chapter, then come to the android behind the glass which is not very helpful. Then take the corridor to the right and put it back together in a room to the detector.

After recovering current income in the room, you can see the terminal behind you containing "Our manifesto" records "Disabling the door", "Together for Tomorrow. # 1 "and" I hope you will understand. " In Part utility select "Door Access" to force the mechanism of the door leading to the control room communications. Exit the room and go through the left door now unlocked.

Upstairs take the time to back up and pull the tab on the left door to get the sound emitter scheme (V.1) on a table. Continue down the hall and use the lever to unlock the door providing access to the main hall you.

Further, use treadmills to recover valuable resources crafting. As you approach the door to the communications control room for farm access. You'll have to find a hidden entrance. Go down the hall and use your tuner to open the door and enter the room ventilation duct. Crawling inside you witness a brutal murder perpetrated by an android. It will clearly have to avoid them for the rest of the chapter.

Get access to the elevator. Avoid detection

Get out the duct and enter the room that is next to the corpse. This is the monitoring station. Use the terminal on your right to play recordings "Your message sent" and "Apollo's eyes."

Now go up the stairs quietly still remaining crouched and grab the ID plate on the desk T.Curwen right stairs. Enjoy being on the floor to turn off the surveillance camera of the lift.

You can also take the elevator avoiding the radius of view of the camera if you want.

Contact Verlaine and Torrens

Once there, update your card to the terminal and back. Then go up the stairs on your left and enter the room right No access.

Use the tuner to the terminal to unlock and read the documents "Home Torrens," "Damage Torrens" and "RE: Home Torrens." There are three audio recordings, select them twice for it to be read aloud. Now use the communication link in the room in front but without success. You'll have to find another access to contact Torrens.

Descend into the main room and use the floor hatches to move to the secluded androids. Leave the room to the right towards the internal.

You receive a message Samuels, follow your objective marker on the detector by taking the room on your right "monitoring room" rather than the hallway. Then go around the outside lane west and update your card on the terminal.

Now enter the room "Human employee recreation". Inside you get attacked by an android apparently dead. Pass the contextual action that appears on the screen to kill.

Then use the rerouting against the wall and open access to the door.

Get out now in the hallway and enter the room on the far left you have unlocked. You find on the floor of the nameplate D.Turner.

Return to the hallway and enter the pipe against the left wall. This takes you to a room and a normally closed terminal containing the record "Receipt of transmission" audio. Reroutez now the current in the door away from the transmission origin of Samuels.

You will have to pass three minigames on. Each achievement you unlock the next screen, with each failed you go back. Once the three screens lit Ripley manages to communicate with Samuels.

Return by Communication Seegson to escape

An alarm goes off in the entire area. Enter the room on your right to save your progress and get the Mine EMI scheme (V.1). Then go to the elevator remained well squatting to limit the sound of your footsteps, and use the detector to avoid meeting. Once back in the zone early in the game made doubly careful because the xenomorph was attracted by all the noise and rode around. Watch yarns drool flowing from the ceiling and use your detector before each trip.

Pass the body of Hughes man who had been flattened head against a wall by an android. You no longer need to borrow the vent because the door is now open in front. Be careful however with the android that is in the glass room on the right. Reassemble the hallway and down the stairs at the end to reach the first corridor of the chapter. You come across an android blocking your path. Then enter the right room "Exchange Service".

Go around the room to join a small room at the back where there is a terminal containing the "morning Call History" and "Recent Calls afternoon" records. On the table to the right you also find the ID plate P.Brophy.

Then go through the corridor in front of you and after exit through the left door. Wait until both androids move for you to join the "Relay facility" room.

Inside you will find the first message of the Nostromo at the bottom left of the room and the ID plate T.Armer.

Take transit to the tower SCIMED

Then join the lift at the entrance of the chapter, you should not have android between your goal and you. Also update your card on the terminal to the right of the elevator. Back at the turn Sys / tech Lorenz join the transit station and take a SCIMED towards the tower to finish the fourth chapter of Alien insulation.

Mission 5 - The Quarantine 

Back in the waiting room Systech, go take a tram to the Scimed Tour to find Samuels and Taylor up the stairs to the west and go north to direct you to the medical center. On site, you are facing a locked door but a voice tells you the way: therefore take the lead hidden in the back left, drop down and go to speak with the doctor.

Then press the switch to the left of the door marked "Psychiatric Ward" to enter ...and find that you are now stuck in this wing of the center. Friendly. Take the lead in your left, back into the room in front of you, take the time to pick up what you might be interested in the area and hack the office door Morley to access his computer and get an access code (1702 ). The alert will ring and the real fun begins: in fact, back in small steps where you come from, you'll cut your momentum by the dramatic appearance of the alien. 

Hide yourself in a stretcher until he goes to deal elsewhere, then when the coast is clear, from the top of the stairs, turn left and go unlock the most room south well marked on your map. Still heading south, look at the chart to record attendance rooms where was able to find Morley, go through the door directly to the right standing out and do the same in the hallway following to retrieve the schema of the pipe bomb on a table and save power, action oh saving.

On leaving, engulf you directly into the ear in front of you to minimize the risk of you being impaled on the way, and once arrived in the big hall C, go to the right to locate the room A-29 Morley finally asked where his luggage, take the magnetic card on his body, go around the other parts if you like and will use said card on the door in the far north of the corridor. Join Kuhlman west, rejoice at the idea to be accompanied, resign yourself to your loneliness quickly found, and then turn back to the hallway where you come to the elevator. 

Mission 6 - The Outbreak 

You find the previous mission stressful? Fill marshmallows as it will go. Save of course, grab the taser built into the door in the middle of the hallway and count to unlock the weapon of choice against the androids, get the cylinder in the cold room down the hall, then go to the place in the central part before to engage the four tubes and activate the utility on the terminal.

Get out, go into the room in front of the phone backup to open the duct rerouting via the module, engulf yourself in said duct and drop down after climbing the ladder and making sure the coast was clear . Once in the hallway in front of you, turn left, enter the first office on the right to watch an interesting program on the device and put your card up to date, then go through security in order to store and retrieve the diagram of the Molotov cocktail.

Use the code received on the terminal for the access card set under glass in this room, use it in the room right next to a new corridor C, in which a few survivors hanging a little belligerent, and go left to fetch the damn kit care in the most northern part, next to the corpse of zero patient to whom you need to be tracked by a xenomorph. Make ood use of a transmitter noise if you think you have an opportunity to attract the lien survivors for failing to manage the beast, head south by always extremely careful (the alien being more than ever on the lookout), then head north through the emergency room.

Go in the pipe on the ground as soon as possible, raise the level of the power plant, back on the north wall and activate the two generators on each side of the room. 

Then carefully avoid the android who sits at the party, wait until it goes to the bay window and go hack the terminal in the center. Once done, the alarm sounds like a tocsin to serve you clear out faster: take the time to save, do again and again to move in a ventilation where flows of the alien slime (very little recommended) and undertake the long and painful return to the south. You can not go through emergencies, however: therefore borrow all possible paths through to avoid simply walk down the hall C at the sight of all your enemies.

Please note, the alien will be very pressing during this transition. So pressing that even happen to fall into it once you arrive at your destination ... The return of the land of dreams, escape by grabbing you across the center, fill the Qty to reach up and you can finally a break after you fought your way to the elevator. 

Mission 7 - Seegson Synthetics 

Take the pipe on the left let you down at the end of the race in order to stay well and save crouching not to attract the attention of the survivors in the back room. 

Go in the pipe on the right, join the front door you through silently climb the ladder near where you come out, navigate quietly upstairs to get their hands on a few items and power up and back down the other side of the room, once again admire the purity of animal guts while survivors that you just "annoy" to avoid.

Go through the door in front of you, enter on the left to find a pattern, enter the factory down the hall, go back into the room in the far north while recovering an improvement for your tuner, turn back and go to the scale previously neglected to hack the terminal in the room in front of you. Do not try to approach the gas behind any attempt is useless without gas mask. Hacked the terminal, turn off to go android, follow him into the room it unlocks for you, but let it go burn out the circuits alone.

Instead, go lower rather the most right column to pass and go around the room without getting electrocuted, lower row northwest in order to recover the compression cylinder, press the button to cut off wall electricity and get the keycard on the body of the android. Climb the ladder on the way back to a backup of caution, go back near the damaged to repair lift and once in the central fluid along the wall right from cover to find housing rerouting that will allow you to open the door on the left and you will avoid climb the ladder.

Borrow diverted to slip away through the door west of roads where there stand the two survivors (or eliminate them simply by ensuring you then hide) search the area as much as you want and take the elevator to reach the tower and Scimed area transit, where you made the meeting Marshall Waits. 

Mission 8 - Haven 

Follow your objective in the station to find a lock to jump and take the elevator and released. Pretend to use the center console all the lights begin to see red, you stash next to the stairs and wait for the survivors are going before you to deal him some shots wrench to have peace. Then turn the handle on the wall, strum on the screens lit and the center of the outer row of monitors and get ready to receive a synthetic guest, you can slay with a taser shot and some maintenance tool blows.

Finally turn the terminal you want to use in the beginning, go get the torch and some items in the reserve out of which the android, back to the passage and cut the orange panel in front of you standing out. Return around the transit station, call the car that will take you to the living quarters and hide in a corner four survivors lurk in effect in the area and will be alerted by the arrival of the vehicle. Sneak quietly or Draw your revolver if you do not have a choice then to avoid impalement in order and then just visit the office of Marshall on the right.

Mission 9 - Beacon 

Take a tour of this haven of peace and Marshall's office will speak with him and then to talk to Marlow, the driver Anesidora selected cell. Then follows a flashback sequence in which you control the latter exploring the famous LV-246 after passing the Nostromo. Too bad the outcome of early exploration crew has not turned out differently than the friends of Ellen ...

Mission 10 - The Trap

Right out of the flashback, contact you again to Waits and it will probably give you the greatest gift in these circumstances: the flamethrower. This indispensable tool for every good Ripley who respects you will repel the alien as long as you have spotted before it is too late. Fill materials and fuel while exploring offices now fully open, pull your little haven of peace and appointments Lorenz Systech by the tram network. Once there, make mine to go to the waiting room to get stuck with an explosion on the road, approaching the android on fire before you quickly away from him to let it burn, then cross the two rooms to activate the fire right next to the door to open with a lever system.

Finally join the waiting room, where survivors for the very friendly once you greet in passing, go upstairs to go into the stairwell and go down, go back to the reception desk and turn the utility on the terminal to open the door at the end of the driveway. Just let go the android to go behind his back, get into the new stairwell in not caring you no android, which will just record your presence, and enter the room at the top to go close a first latch. Please note, the alien is alive and well even if it does you may not be the first to occur at this time.

The first latch closed, so get a level to go close second in the only corridor available for the moment (but take time to recover items and records behind the door you'll seal) and then back in stairwell, sneak up to the third and final lock, right next to the closed door in front of you. Have said for once it opened, go to the bottom terminal on the desktop to retrieve and use at the same time the access code, and initiate the lock with the utility.

Go into the next corridor avoiding cross android who patrol sneak around the room to the right of big red engine on a table and use the remote to turn off the gas rerouting that prevents you from moving forward. Go remove the lock on the right door, turn on the housing rerouting to open the door and bring the gas at the same time and walk around with your shortcut to move forward in safeguarding the passage. Head to the window containing the access card you need, solve the piracy game to recover, then put you on the road for clusters of server room to the northwest.

In the first room, go along the right wall well, engulf yourself in the leads close to the body on the table at the bottom, continue along the right side of the next room remaining attentive to the remarks androids that may indicate the presence of you alien and you sneak between bins collapsed. Go through the door and down the stairs to create two shortcuts, one of them points to a backup, and then retrace your steps to hack the door to the control center of the clusters. Hack the terminal that you find, then you quickly hide under the table behind the time Ricardo makes his little manipulations. You thought the alien confined? Not yet, ladies and gentlemen.

Reopened the doors, sneak you out of here on the way back to the waiting room Systech, climb straight ahead into the little room and take the elevator towards the Gemini laboratories. Save of course once there, go through the door on the left down the hall, then you should always have a stash on hand in case your friend decided to say hello to you in the next area. The guy is indeed more teasing. Bypass anyway the lens of the camera to be able to disable it and recover better for your torch and inaugurating it on the door next door.

Update your map on the left, call an android via the terminal interface to sneak behind his back, turn on the distribution system using the terminal you are accessing, unlock the door and go down the corridor to the south. Turn left to reach a large room, go back to the left, climb the ladder and go through the door on the right down the hall.

Collect codes on the device, go under the camera in the room adjacent to disable it, go down the lever at the bottom of the next room to activate a circuit breaker, remove the door lock to also dry down, back and back course in the corridor to the north.

Take then the long path that opens in front of you to cross over to the area with security, turn off the camera before inactive in the initial corridor in order to explore the room which had previously been closed and the second reset circuit breaker. Then back into the large room on the northeast via ducts to the maximum, give it a shot flamethrower if the need were to break once and come back again. Then go activate both utilities on the terminal in the center, go around the structure to lower two handles, back once more if you like and walk through the doors now open to the south.

Go down the stairs, move the troublesome containers in the production line to the right in the next room by pressing the button to pass, cross the smoky room with as much cold as possible so as not to unnecessarily attract the xenomorph blood, do not take worth climbing the stairs unless you specifically want a shortcut for later and take the elevator to your left towards the project 348. Yes, it is always the same mission. Nothing.

Arrived at its destination, collect all scattered here and there materials, back in the hallway on the left, if you want to explore the kitchen southeast and take the corridor otherwise northward. Open the door on the left if you have previously recovered the magnetic card to retrieve a few items, otherwise use the torch on the door at the end, update your card before going down and enter the arena. An arena that, like all other areas of the game, will test your stealth. The alien lurking in fact more than ever in this circular hallway and go through all the channels that you will find on the ground will be a necessity: So start by making a full turn to go back and reset the circuit breaker on the road and join the previous room through the newly opened door to shorten your path.

The alarm activated yet made the turn to leave quietly and mine ... Oh, I am told that you are actually stuck in the lab with the alien. Definitely. So do the tour again through all channels available on the ground to activate the lock, hide yourself more beautiful during pressurization up and go for your salvation: a combination of cosmonaut. It's good, right?

Mission 11 - Containment of danger

After you have changed, get the materials in the room right before you use your torch on it in front of you, walk in the corridors recovering the shotgun by the way, very useful against the standards now that the alien androids no longer part of the decor, and inaugurate it if you have no other choice against both synthetic that block the road leading to the elevator, towards the living quarters.

Arrived at the door behind which metal you expect well-armed survivors, enable food processor front by fitting him not to rush you into a pipe, then another, and unlock the door. Do the same with the door to the right of the long hallway, back in the bar before going through the door on the ground, do start the generator in the small room where you land and see androids support survivors previously seen. Prepare your shotgun aimed at his head to get rid of easily, walk the corridor to the northeast, taking care to potential survivors, well armed, you can easily slay for the occasion with the revolver, and draw your route through the metal shutters to the office of Marshall.

The entrance to which you arrive is close: therefore turn back up the stairs, follow the signal of your motion detector to guide you and go through the door that opens to the floor and the metal flap on the left save and go through the door at the back of the room and the next. 

Beware of androids, ubiquitous in the area, go down the stairs right in the corridor will take the lead in the far east of the next corridor and you will reach the office this time for good. You will find Ricardo alone. Your list is dwindling allies. Then out of the office and you still wary of androids who prowl, join the transit station to go to the Scimed turn.

Mission 12 - A synthetic solution

At the Scimed turn, take the elevator to Seegson Synthetics north, grab the code on the device on the desktop, use your torch on the locked door to use the code in question (8382), take the pipes to find yourself in the elevator shaft and climb the ladder on the left after crossing. The next crossing sign the one-way nature of your visit: stand on the roof of the elevator to reach the pipe, walk the corridors full of androids for some not quite off (watch out for your ankles) and save before you sink into the dark room.

You'll have to activate four devices to be able to open the door to the center on the left: two are just close the door in question while the other two are each in an adjacent room. Be careful because every device off, an android will likely be reactivated to come annoy you. The open door, pass the course, go through the pipe to the right of the door that slams you in the face and out of your closet after seeing Samuels give a correction to an android Appollo.

After a ride on the terminal lobby below, make sure you have prepared a pipe bomb to a minimum and get ready to push the button behind the pillar right next to the office. 8 androids hall will then start to come alive and be as hostile course: therefore run into the next room, go quickly into the small control room on the right to create a jet of flame through the rerouting module, then go ask your pipe bomb in front of the flames. When the androids arrive to spend the doors, in addition to being burned, will be greeted by a bright explosion and you only have to worry survivors shotgun in helping you, if necessary, a mine IEM. On one of the body, you will get an access card.

It shot past pressure on supplies made in the room right by saving the passage, use the map on the locked door and go cut the device in the room where you preview Samuels to borrow the elevator. Then cross the production line by sticking the ledge to the right, avoid the steam to avoid any inconvenience and jump right journey to climb the ladder. Save the middle of the corridor that follows, go quietly to the left of the next room to take a pass on the ground in the office that you avoid rubbing your four androids that will awaken if in successive rooms and turn off the camera back.

Hack the door to the east, made the grand tour to join Samuels and when things start to go wrong, follow the red wire to ground to disable the device first. Follow the blue wire for the second, and when the colors no longer serve you for nothing, turn off one side of which lies in an android then the last face to the glass. Then retrace your steps using the functional slide this time to cross the chain and take the elevator in front of you in order to reach the tram to the Apollo core.

Mission 13 - Consultation

Follow your goal and drop, willy-nilly, your little arsenal on the left of the portico of security. Inside, turn right table to bring up the 4930 code marked in red above the door with that code and go to the bathroom down the hall indicated to hack the terminal. You see the android orange outfit below? Well, you can not in any case remove it with your existing equipment, less spending valuable pipe bomb. 

See you in the next room away from the first to hack a second terminal, turn back to quickly climb the ladder in the aeration now open conduit, said conduit to come back and go through the left door and immediately the right to get their hands on the gas mask, you automatically approaching a danger zone. Turn back to get in the left hemisphere of the servers, get your detector not to come face to face with the android on patrol and enable the utility to the terminal at the bottom of the grill with the ground water.

Then join in silence to the central room is back up and hack the terminal, go in the right hemisphere, avoiding contact with the androids, turn three orange terminals that you find around the room and use a pipe to sneak to the central dome. Back up, press a button next to any conduits for power hack a terminal within these, return to the dome to hack the console in it and enter the nucleus to view Appollo. After the question and answer session early, get on the scale appeared outside the nucleus and then to the next before taking the elevator to the engine room. 

Mission 14 - The Descent 

After passing the gate, turn left to the device to start the generator on the right and move the load, save, and then sneak up on the right in the corridor to avoid android and off camera with rerouting. Cross the corridor to reach the room opposite and recover better torch, avoid the following two cameras to go cut the orange plate in the bottom of the corridor, and then arriving at the other end of the pipe, back before deleting the android waiting for you at the bottom of the next room.

Then feed the workshop by activating two devices placed in the room (one hidden in a corner of tubes), restart the generator to move the vehicle and to use the passage on the ground and revealed, then cut the panel on the locked door to create a shortcut and save power. Then go south through the alleyway below, avoid android passing combination in the office to get the nail gun and inaugurating if necessary on the android to the head.

Go take the elevator down the corridor to the east to reach the reactor, pick up what can be around before going up the ladder, back and down to the lower level in the reactor room itself. The area is crisscrossed by no less than four androids combination that is difficult to avoid reaching your destination, is just: therefore pull the nail gun families and to align them as in making sure to load each shot. The open road, take the elevator to reach the base of the reactor.

What lovely view, is not it? Recover your flamethrower on the left before moving forward, keep your eyes open for burning the eggs that have not hatched yet, back up and take the left path. Strum on the keyboard in the left corner, turn turn the two knobs on the cylinder in the center, do not leave your detector not to panic and not to turn back in silence and being ready to draw your flamethrower needed. Yes, it's official, the alien is again out of your concerns. Save the passage, take the right fork, sneak you in the ear on the right and stay tuned.

Head to the right out, continue until you reach the core beta where you can save again, go to the end of the cul-de-sac southeast to recover from current and back to the nucleus to activate the console on the right and the two levers on the cylinder in the center. Do you have then just go back to the elevator to the south, which will not be an easy task given the oppressive presence of the alien. Back to the reactor, your troubles never end, as new androids have replaced previous: make good use of your nail gun or possibly a pipe bomb, then press the joystick to one side or another. 

Go to the center of the reactor to confirm the overload limiter on and off, repeat the procedure on the other side, then scoot eastward to attract you to the androids that appear in your back and go to confirm the overload. Battle your way running towards the door now open to the west, do see the lines of code down on the device on which you emerge out into the duct and observe the result totally ineffective for your business. And yes, there are several you have not squinted.

Go get annoyed elevator that takes you to the transit station, from where you can start to turn Scimed. 

Mission 15 - The Message 

Take the elevator to the west towards the medical center of San Cristobal, then undertake the journey into the northern part of the center by making the grand tour of the corridor C (access to emergency course being convicted). Pay attention to the android combination that monitors said corridor, and especially the alien that could land if you blow your brains synthetic enemy, get your tuner for improving the far north and inaugurating this new electronic force the locked door.

Then take the shuttle to the Anesidora, save once on site and follow the corridors of the ship to fall on a locked door: retrieve the access code on the terminal just next door, and then turn the generators en route to to recirculate the energy in the vessel. Turn back to pass before the closed door leading to the east, take out your flamethrower to toast the facehugger file to which you wander between the boxes and the following corridors until you reach the engine room. Check out the black box to the right to listen to a message for his daughter Ellen, replace the generator left road, hack the console once Taylor has done his part and activate the device to try to stop overcharging.

After the explosion, only remains for you to regain your shuttle speed to finish fourth. 

Mission 16 - Transmission 

You start the mission Seegson Communications. Be aware that this is your last chance to retrace the station as you like before the events rush and some areas are inaccessible to you. If you go back and forth to do, so it's now or never.

Set your business, bypass the relay zone where well equipped to avoid survivors patrol (or take the risk of calling your friend xenomorphic reinforcements, your choice), take the drive if necessary previously inaccessible to the west by cutting the orange plate, get into the stairwell fire east, back up and go join Ricardo. 

Call the elevator to control communications a step further by remaining vigilant, go through the doors on the ground to avoid attracting the attention of the survivors in the room, go down the hall to the north, then climb the ladder soldered after the door.

Completed piracy three consoles to configure the antenna back down, enter the room left Retracing your steps once you Ricardo opened it and put on a combination on the lower floor to get out. In space, after borrowing a truck over, open the cylinder shown on your map to see a new shell you just make life and get off the bridge on the right to go dis-engage the lock of the antenna. Turn back to enter the coordinates 35 and 75 with needles, go back to the station for you to change and save and admire the work of the beast when it starts to cut the surviving pieces.

Get little to go back to Ricardo and rencarder about his fate and retraversez again Seegson Communications to reach the designated elevator on your card and move on. 

Mission 17 - Desolation 

A well-armed survivor awaits you in the room, and the aliens are always on the lookout for much less shot: avoid it as much as possible so you sneaking in on the left to desolder the door, grab the code 1851 on the terminal and will use it on the door on the right standing out. Restart the system console on the bottom, will now open the active door next to the save point in preparing your flamethrower to toast the facehugger that falls on you, and then turn the power.

Then go call a tram holing you into a corner time to see what happens come the alien and, if necessary, he burn his face skate, take the elevator designated once arrived at destination, then engouffrez- you in the ear on the right to avoid the android on fire or finish him on the spot with a nail. Wander the corridors on fire, be especially careful crossing the canteen where the alien especially appreciate you taking a traitor and go read the report on the terminal.

Will use the 1984 code on the window near to retrieve, among other things, a magnetic card, use it on the terminal from which the son and go under the lift and moved. 

Darkness prevails in the hallway following: going to use the torch on the housing north to open the door, go down the hall to get around and reach a save room in the north, take the lead just left to reach the adjacent room and grill the facehugger gushing boxes in the small dormitory.

Then collect the access card near the body, use it on the terminal nearby, put yourself on the way to the south room now open, back faultless the way, reject or avoid the alien in the adjacent room when he jumps over the barricade of fortune and lower the lever to get out of there. Ah, finally no, we whispered in the ear that you need to redo a return to the previous room generator. You know, the part to the north, after the interminable corridor. If so. So take your courage and patience with both hands, will restart the generator and back in one piece to open the damn door.

Throw yourself into the ear, go take the elevator right to spaceflight, then cross the terminal to the bottom is to desolder the door and take the elevator, towards the last real mission. 

Mission 18 - Tomorrow, Together 

This piece, well now you know: go and hack the two terminals indicated in preferably through the floor hatches to take any unnecessary risks, follow the wires in the conduit when the power runs out to raise with the using a joystick, will enable the utility on the device slightly right of the room, then go upstairs and watch carefully dating the stairs, through which it is possible to see.

Upstairs back without fail, use the terminal in the control room, and undertake to reach the lock on the lower level on the side. This passage is critical in intensity, since it is not less than two aliens that will give you the hunting path. Do not give in to panic running foolishly, take as soon as possible a trap on the ground to reduce the risk and make mine to don your suit. Unfortunately, the alien refuses you out and makes you fall: after taking over your mind, take the fuel you can find around, burn the eggs and closed after you crouched to go out, get ready to slay two of facehuggers More.

Whatever you do, after opening the next door, you will be charged an additional facehugger from the back: so be quick about-face for the grill there, sneak up from the rubble left, toast a new parasite, then do the same with one of the two aliens that appeared in front of you if and only if it notices you. After the fall of the elevator, go down the ladder, carefully cross the tram tracks in squatting in the hollow to avoid getting hit, enter the drive on the left after passing the office, ready to burn two more parasites in the corner and hang onto the scale to cushion your fall into the elevator shaft.

Back in the hall of communication, keep your medikits handy in case the flames threaten your life, go into your suit, for good this time and join your goal at the end gateways. There, under the admiring eyes probably look forward to some of you pierce the skull anhedral, take the access cards in their respective slot to unlock the levers and pull out the four-cylinder in the center to allow the Torrens come off and you take with him at the same time. 

Mission 19 - Isolation

During this very short final mission in which you keep your strange combination, you will reach the cockpit which is supposed to expect Verlaine. A pleasant surprise awaits you there. So fill in the Qty to politely refuse the gift that is done you (ie a horrible death) and enjoy the course credits.