Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, story missions / side quests guide

What works on Pandora, works so far on Elpis! If you have any problems, questions, or desire to have some support during your journey on the moon, our extensive Borderlands-walkthrough is just right!

Table of contents

Story / Main Missions:

1. Welcome to Helios
2. Lost legion invasion
3. Left in lurch (Marooned)
4. Systems jammed
5. A new direction
***Walkthrough in progress***

Optional / Side Missions

6. Land among the stars
7. Follow your heart
8. Tales from Elpis
9. Last requests
10. Nova? No Problem!
11. Torgue-o! Torgue-o!
12. Why are you?
13. All the little Creatures
14. Recruitment drive

Welcome to Helios

After the bumpy arrival we realized the misfortune to land directly in front of a Claptrap unit. But the little pest passes us helpfully equal to echo that builds our Hud. Much we don't have at the moment yet, for example, we have no shield, which means that we should put behind us the first few battles quickly and safely - do not worry, it's not long until we get one.

Depending on which of the four classes you play, you start with two different weapons that are already equipped. You have previous scores of Borderlands 1 or 2 (or both), you will also get a loyalty bonus in the form of moon stones (a special currency, we will often need) and there may be special and quite effective for the beginning of weapons in your inventory, so check it and it upgrade if necessary.

Now it is time to follow the Claptrap. You can also look around, but apart from ammunition boxes, there is not so much to see. Instead, Claptrap brings you to the first few mercenaries. Do you have a weapon with good range (for example, Nisha with her sniper rifle), it will switch itself off from a distance, so you initially don’t take much damage. But the opponents here can also often red vials with health fall, so don’t hesitate to put your shotgun in their face. Incidentally, the mission is to defend the Claptrap unit, they can not really be damaged. Just makes the enemies flat.

After the robot has passed away and you have the last enemy defeated, go through the door and get to know Jack. He has a few minor issues, such as Legion boots dancing on his face. Again, there is no time pressure, kill the enemies just the way you want. When Jack contacted you again return to him on the middle platform back and revived him. If you are playing with others in multiplayer, this is also the method which you can help them with.

This should also help you to your first Level. Apart from more life energy and a little damage, there is not much happened yet - until the next Level you get skill points and it will be fun. Then Talk to Jack and complete the mission, get a shield (which is automatically equipped) and you can jump straight to the next mission.

Lost legion invasion

Jack wants to activate the station's own defense, but there is a problem: an interference signal that seems to have its origin in Elpis, the Moon of Pandora. Two guns that open fire on us and should be switched off quickly appear directly left and right over Jack. The left is activated slightly earlier, so here starts with the attack.

We have no choice, we must flee from the Helios. Follow Jack and he leads you to the escape ships, where a cutscene that introduces us Colonel Zarpedon and his strange companion. The escape ships are so out of the race. Jack leads you through a door to the outside, where fighter jet sets off a several Legion soldiers – stay close to Jack and pays attention to the Jet, which revolves about you. The jet is incidentally armored to be recognized by the yellow life bar. Normally acid weapons are very good against armor, but probably you don’t have them yet.

Continue to Jack and he has a new and pretty crazy idea: The Helios uses a huge cannon to shoot freight on Elpis - so why not fleeing programmers and Vault Hunter? In the next group of enemies, you should have the next level up and to unlock your action skill. Do not hesitate to use it in pretty much every fight from now on, he can be very useful. Or, in the case of claptrap ... unpredictable.

Follow Jack jumping off the platform with him and you will meet the first boss. Flame knuckle in a Mecha with a flamethrower, what should be a good signal for you, don't get too close. Jack uses as a distraction, use your Action Skill and claws Flameknuckle from afar. After a while breaks his mecha, now you have to do it again on foot. Should you go to the ground, try to kill one of the other soldiers, to get a second chance.

Should emerge that you die immediately, you shoot it on a nearby enemy, until he has very little energy, you can, if you go to the ground, quickly kill, to revive you. A useful tactic can be used even later in the game. Try to meet Flame knuckle in his pilot's seat and later, if he drops out, to shoot in the head. This causes critical hits and thus more damage.

Jack tries to call a lift, but he's stuck. Alternatively, he can lift one of the capsules of the Moon shot gun, in which we enter now - let you gently fall on the strut between you and the capsule and then enter it. Jack is now moves you up where left is a robot at the marked point, which blocks the lift. When Jack prompts you to do so, use your melee attack to destroy the robots and then Jack comes to you. Melee attacks are moderately effective, but some characters, especially Athena can learn powerful upgrades for the melee. A special feature of Nisha is the way that your melee attack has a bit more coverage, because it uses a whip.

Before Jack can use the console, a single opponent comes into the room, shooting down the console and is killed. There is no other option, one has to stay behind and fire the projectile gun manually, and Jack, selfless hero he is, volunteered. Go into the container as soon as it pops up in front of you, Jack will do the rest and fires you, if you press the action button at the arrow marked "wasteland of silence", after Elpis.

A helpful and slightly oblique mechanic named Janey Springs welcomes us, even before we can leave the container after landing. There's a reason: On Elpis there is no atmosphere with air, so when we open the capsule, we begin to suffocate. Game mechanically this means that we (albeit very, very slowly) lose life energy. Springs will help us to reach an oxygen bubble.

Use if you don’t already do this, you have the sprint button - indeed you have plenty of time, but you must not risk it. Oh by the way: If you play Claptrap, of course you have no problems with oxygen, even though the little robot has a psychosis and still gasping. Jumps with Springs (HOHO) down, do not worry, there is no falling damage in this game. Follow it to an apparatus that operate them in order to build up an air bubble. Look out in future for such mechanisms. Things are a little different inside and outside atmospheres, within, for example, you can better use the fire element (no fire without air is clear), but you can not shoot the helmet of the enemy.

Springs continues to follow, she will make a jump to the left, you go the easy path, and straight down. You come to a kind of garage door that Springs opens for you and the bluish glow indicating the start of a zone filled with oxygen. Breathe and speak with Springs, which strongly recommends you to obtain a so-called oz Kit nearby. Oz kits provide you not only with oxygen, you can also slip into the air with them, popping off the air to the ground to attack enemies and break their oxygen masks and also they have status values and special properties like all other pieces of equipment.

Run to the building marked on your map in the vicinity. Ignore the local population of Kraggons for now or do it quickly. Activate the air generator to the house and press the switch on the door. The door is locked with four terminals, you break beat with melee attacks. For the top two you jump, unless you are Nisha, which can destroy even from below.

Inside, expect more Kraggons. Here they are relatively harmless, but Kraggons come in all shapes and sizes, with additional element attacks and so on. The special thing about them is that the larger specimens burst upon the death in smaller Kraggons. See that you will not overrun!

Pick up the Oz-Kit and talk with Springs so that you now have a portable air supply and the additional maneuvers already mentioned. Don’t worry too much about whether your air runs out in combat - enemies can often drop blue bottles with air fall on your map numerous air reservoirs and the like are drawn and, as I said, it's not the end of the world if the stock is exhausted. You can try, by the way, if you have just completed the mission, time to test your jumping skills by jumping to the weapons crate on across the tab. Gun boxes are one of the most common and most enduring sources of good equipment.

Left in lurch (Marooned)

The next task is to kill a bandit called Deadlift for Springs and to take away a certain part of him, best together with Springs side quest "Follow the voice of your heart" that you get when you land among the stars" have been completed.

Keep out the shed, where you have found the Oz Kit, right or go towards North-East. On the way you will encounter some Kraggons, which then in turn meet their creator. Then it goes south to a gate that takes you to the Regolith Range. Right at the beginning of it is the camp and you will be attacked by some Scavs.

After you've killed them, then go take the jump pad move forward and clean doing the camp.

At the end of the camp, it presses the button stupidly. The circuit is interrupted, but Springs has a stupid idea: to get short time in the electric arc. Do not do this too early (otherwise it counts for the mission) and especially not for too long, it is namely swinish damage. Thus, the pad works again. You won't have to go back through the whole base, you see a platform with a weapon crate which can reach via jump and as a shortcut from up.

Now use the jump platform that hurls you very far into a Deadlifts base. Freshen up your supplies and then go forward to meet Deadlift and start a boss fight. The fight can be pretty tough. Deadlift jumps much through the area, you raked from a distance and use multiple levels of power, so that you continually take damage, so... you know, think you are on somewhere else. He also uses ball lightning projectiles, which although cause the damage, but are very slow and therefore where you can dodge well.

Deadlift also has a protective shield, but fortunately not recharge when it is damaged by you. Use your Action Skills dodge and, most importantly, the diving platforms in the area, keep moving and shooting. If your life energy is low, you embark in the vicinity of a smaller opponent so that you can kill him and revitalize.

niper rifles and head shots help very much against the Deadlift, but hard to use in conjunction with the whole jump platforms. Depending on who you have in the group, should Nisha make the bulk of the damage with her skill, Athena and William drones should distract, and absorb Deadlifts damage and Claptrap ... is what makes whatever claptrap..

Deadlift has the chance to drop a very good and unique energy weapon that can serve you good on some level. It is a weapon that fires a continuous beam - the damage looks low on paper, but if you hold it, it adds up very quickly. There is also a Tediore weapon - if you reload the weapon is thrown explodes if it hits an enemy it causes more damage.

Move to the top platform, turn left around the corner and next to some loot, among other two gun boxes, you will find the component regain of springs in ... a toilet bowl. Continue the course and you come back outside. On the way to your next destination, the Moon-Zoomy station, you will have to defeat more Kraggons. Also note the optional quest that there are in this area (with the yellow exclamation mark on the map).

First you have to pass through the Kraggon and then, after a big jump over, struggling through a Scav camp. If you got the weapon from Deadlift, this is a nice opportunity to try them out a bit. The Moon-Zoomy station waits on the other side of the camp. Use the part, activate the console, hits it once vigorously and now you can bring on such stations of moon buggies and curves through the area.

Spawn a buggy ride it through the right gate to ravine. When you activate the Turbo, you can across jump at full speed in the Middle, or you get off and jump over, then you go to the gate. Then return to Springs, to bring you the Orbatron and complete the quest.

Systems jammed

It's time to travel to Concordia. To do this you need a buggy with north direction over a ditch jumps over the large ramp near the town of springs' workshop - use your Turbo with your Actionskill button and enough speed to get it. From there it is not far to the gate to Concordia.

Our task here is to find Jack's former colleague Huxter. You will soon get an explanation and will regret to have heard it. For now we have to come in, and let's talk at the entrance with the police claptrap and accept our ticket for the swearing. On springs' command and we give him the Orbatron and when he is on the trip, we must through the decontamination.

Here we meet sister Nina, who will check us out. We meet in the bright field, and when the beam comes, we do the exact opposite of what Nina told and move us. We are hurt - bad idea. Nina gives us a health vial, enemies also drop such vessels and they brush up on our health. Nina also shows us once again that we can buy health at machines as well.

We leave Nina’s station through the side exit and go to Concordia. If you have a look around you, you’ll find centrally located and labeled elevator and pressed it. Well, Nope, no one comes. Grumpy Jack recommends us to go in the bar nearby and there to visit his other contacts. First, we should talk to Roland and Lilith, who just have a holiday and are on the dance floor. Roland does not want to help so it is probably... Moxxi.

Moxxi advises us to install transmitters on high-altitude in Concordia. Unfortunately, neither she nor we have this transmitter, but we have to buy with moonstones. She has stashed away the Customs claptrap familiar to us somewhere. If we return to him, he presents us the safe, where we can store things, and the subject in which we accommodate items that we want to pass on to our other characters - very useful.

The Claptrap has the moon rocks all the whole time. ARGH. Anyway, we go with them to the door with the peep slot behind Moxxis bar to buy an upgrade. It is always useful to have more grenades and spaces in your inventory. Safe places only if you tend to be much bunkering. Otherwise, it also does a Reserve Munitions upgrade for your preferred weapon type. As bonus we get the transmitter and must install it now.

You can spend here more moon stones, but there are other uses for them in the future. For example, there are boxes that can be opened only with 40 moonstones, but only blue and better items for that type - often have several purple here. Even if we later use the chopper, we need moonstones (with it we can better turn in old booty). And you can get time-limited but useful buffs for the moonstones to Moxxis counter. Very nice, if one does not get further times.

Time to attach the transmitter, we need to on several rooftops. If we wait Moxxi makes us a possible jump-passage for the first roof - follow the signs into the alley across from crazy Earl's black market, then it goes up through the garbage container.. Later you stand before the site, which you should attach to the transmitter, which also makes it a double jump. Give it another stroke, then it also works.

We must now onto the second roof. Jump best do not back down, but you turn right / East and make a double or sliding crack on the roof right in front and above you. On this, you move further to the East, and jump over to the second location. This is protected by an electric fence - literally a fence of electricity. If you see where the cable leads, that leads away from the fence, it leads you to a switchbox. You can either jump over and turn it off or when you see it, shoot it several times to let the electricity disappear. Watch in the future for such electric fences - weapon and similar treasures are often hidden behind them, so it is worth sacrificing one minute for finding them. Sometimes there are also other mechanisms, such as a printing plate on which you have to smash down.

The third point is the highest. Jumps directly to the roof of the small building in which you have just installed the second transmitter. Do not go too quickly to the mark, it needs three gun shots to destroy, which makes rather from a safe distance. The third transmitter is missing a part, you can find it in one of the wrecks under ruined towers just bringing install it.

Now we need to activate a console on the roof of Moxxis bar, we can achieve it with a sliding jump from here. Apparently, the noise comes from an old Dahl-factory named Scar Crisis, to which we should travel now - but at the moment locked the Büriff from the city. Annoying. Return to Moxxi.

It is behind the counter. Your service Claptrap reveals that she works in her secret workshop and that we need to press the lever of the one-armed bandits in the backroom upwards and then the released button. What we see then ... is something special. Moxxi lets you out of the city, which also simultaneously completing the quest and your (probably) will give you as a reward first class mod. These useful parts give you bonuses, status values, or extra points in your talent trees. Before going further, the best yet on the bulletin board next to Moxxis bar the optional quest "Why are you?" To - it is always on the way.

A new direction

Travel through Moxxis back entrance to Triton Flats. The Helios, brought under control with bombarded Elpis Zarpedon. You have to gain access to Crisis Scar and you have to talk to a local Claptrap, the bandits have under their control. If you have already met side quests in this area, it may also be that you have already made contact with him - we are not sure if this is a feature or a bug.

Anyway, you send the Scav trap to kill some members of a rival gang called Darksiders, collect prisms and to whistle Pink Floyd - the latter part is up to you. Access to the area of Darksiders via the marked garage in the middle of the Triton Flats.

In the first room we encounter the first Darksiders, another who answers to the name "magma flows" and drops the first Prism. In this room there is a pad it goes further, but at the moment it is too weak. The pad is connected to a small rectangular element is on the bottom, if you shoot with an any weapon that, sprays it sparks and overloads the pad. If you just now get the pad carries you high enough and into the next area.

The path leads up to the roof, where the second wave is killed by Darksiders, including a "Wally Wrong", which drops the next Prism. Use the surrounding barrels if you have problems with the Darksiders. Also shotguns and similar weapons are effective because of the limited movement possibilities.

As you approach the large gate on the other roof, Fair Dinkum comes out, along with two accomplices, is killed by you and relieved of the last prism. Return now to the Claptrap, which although broke the door to direct access, but gives us the password for the side entrance. It is "Arrr". What else.

You drive around the curve by car, using the intercom and will then be admitted. Get to the pad and kill a few Scavs after your arrival. Over the radio, makes her acquaintance with Red & Belly, two very peculiar types. Battle your way across the bridge in front of you (you will from the top right attacked her, some enemies will jump down to you) and use the next pad. Fight your way to the top right now to the house, where you will find the gate alongside two vending machines after crisis scar.

Makes the first few steps through Crisis Scar, kill a few Kraggons and witness a further attack by a giant laser. Here nearby there is an optional task "The empty Billabong" that has to be done very quickly and should therefore make it. Otherwise you jump when you are on the initial cliff, on the raised platform in the lava to the other side.

To our right we can open the gate to Triton Flats that blocked the claptrap and have so for a shortcut back later. Otherwise it goes in exactly the opposite direction, the first complete Scavs and then the two laser guns left and right above the door - use the large boxes as cover, the laser cause widespread devastation. The group of Scavs that comes right through the gate, is welcomed with a grenade.

Fight your way through the base, approach the marked up door and defeat the Badass that emerges - if you have shock weapons, use them which shield him quickly or else you can use barrels near you to defeat him quickly. Inside you'll find a weapon next to the stairs, then you go up. Back outside, you battle to the gate in front, coming from the two successive groups of enemies - the second is led by a Badass, welcome both groups with grenades Inside freshens up your supplies on the machine and enter dei arena to provide you and Red Belly.

First, fight the two strange types together, but you have done some damage to Red replaces and flies from now on, while Belly remains on the ground. You need to decide which one you want fight first here. Do you have multiple play along, you can also divide the work. Belly has a lot more life energy, is on the ground but much more aggressive. You can also meet him, compared to Red, good with grenades.

So take cover before the flying opponents and make first of all his colleagues on the floor. Then Red's turn. Use the remaining enemies in the area to revive you if necessary. Should bring you too much on the Pelle belly, slip away from him and go back to the ranged combat. Caution, the damage potential of both enemies is very high, do not afraid to use big guns and your Action Skill. Red, the flying of the two, you can briefly stun her way.

Go upstairs to the marked roll-up door and opens it. Directly opposite you will see a weapon, above you can still find a weapons crate, but this is special: you can only be opened by spending 40 moonstones. For this you will never find in such cases something worse than blue equipment and often is also an item or even more purple. This may well be worth it, so if you have left the moonstones, try it out yet again. Alternatively, you can also save it, you get access to the shredder namely soon, so you can then apply some targeted the stones to get better equipment.

The control is broken, go through the door that opens behind you, outside. Here you pressed a console that lets the round structure before you show up three relays - watch the greenish tinge to identify them. You must destroy the relay now, but it will attack. The most dangerous enemies here are the Jets that encircle you, if you have a weapon with corrosion damage, you should turn it off quickly with this, otherwise you do it the old fashioned way and with normal balls.

Then return to Concordia -springt back from the tower, take the unlocked Shortcut to Triton Flats, then we use buggy or quick travel. In Concordia Jack welcomes us. The Buriff was behind the jamming signal, unfortunately the lift to him is still locked. We go to the Claptrap (behind Moxxis Bar / beside the upgrade shop), go with his help to the Buriff, final by a few troops, fight to get into the Office and then, Jack has a new Office.

The next part of his plan is to build a robot army, to reconquer the Helios. Moxxi listen to us and we talk with springs (across from Moxxi or next to it is your shop) about an AI.

Optional / Side Missions

Land among the stars

Go to the marked position in the vicinity of springs' garage, a pad is located here and in front of us there are number of cameras. Jump pads are very useful (and fun), they propel us through the area. This one will throw us straight upwards, we can control in the air, that's still just not necessary.

For the first round we just have to let only high spin, where our character discharges a silly saying. In the second round Springs shoots two rubber ducks in the air that we meet in flight. This is not particularly difficult and we can try it until it works. If you should have problems, try a different weapon, maybe a shotgun or an automatic weapon with fire, then the ducklings should be wiped away soon.

In the third and final round we learn the very useful smash maneuver. If we are high enough in the air and press the Crouch button (and even oxygen in our Oz-Kit have), we crash down and face an area attack. Depending on Oz kit this may also have an element or other properties, but always make damage and hurling enemy defeated in the low gravity away. Fun!

Smash on the plate in front of your Jump pad and you will be rewarded with a whole chunk of money flows out of a kind of valve before you. Then go in Springs' garage, rear in the lower floor and operates the printer. Then Talk to Springs to complete the mission and to begin the following.

Follow your heart

Client: Janey Springs

Deadlift, the Scav, we should kill for springs, has a stack of motivational posters that we should hang in his camp. While you're doing the story mission "left in the lurch" also, where you kill your Deadlift. Collect posters next to the printer and go to Springs and take the clipboard and continue - from the building where you found the Oz-kit, to the northeast, then south and through the door to the regolith-chain.

If you enter it, you will get the same duck against some Scavs that makes you flat. Jump right of you to the upper floor of the small building and you will find a Scav with melon, let him sign the delivery. Then you shoot him in the face. You must now paste the five motivational posters even in the base of Deadlift on the walls, first of all you have to collect it from the floor. So you don't double back and forth runs, jumps over to Deadlifts pad that he has disabled for the mission "Let down" to fix it, you must run exactly the route, along which there are also the points for the posters.

The first poster comes in a small hut to the right of you. The second is at the top of the large ... device directly behind. You must jump and then stick the poster in the jump. The third must at the Tabernacle, which directly at the bend above hangs on the cliff and overlooking the area. First jumps on the roof left and from here to the poster site.

The fourth poster site is high on a pole directly opposite the canopy, you have just used as a crack help. The last one is easy again at a hut, just before the switch and electric arc, you have to activate the main quest. Return now (or after the boss fight) back to Springs to complete the quest.

Tales from Elpis

Springs has been tried as a children's audiobook author, but his audiobooks are scattered throughout the area. The quest is not particularly long and difficult and also we get a sniper rifle as a reward, so it's a good idea to do the same.

From Springs' garage run to northwest, depends on a kind of wreck the ECHO with the book and is not accessible from up here. You could try to catch it, but there is a far simpler method: you drop to the bottom left of the wreck and smashed the here under rocks. He releases a geyser that not only can refresh our air supplies, but also take us up so that we can try any number of times to catch the echo.

Just be careful not to fall into the lava when your way down! use to float after gathering up again in the direction of the geyser. Then you use the geyser to by the other part of the wreck (where the bed and the portable radio) back train long.

After this literary outpouring we go next straight to the oxygen bubble, kill a few Kraggons and open the door in the new wreck. The next ECHO waiting behind the door and Springs tells us that the son of the poem sung in Kraggon is close and should be killed.

We are approaching the nearby cliff and Flameys son jumps down. It could be that other Kraggons appear when they surround you, use Spiking, to defeat them quickly. Flameys son leaves the last echo fall, take it on and then returns to Springs back to finish the job.

Last requests

Client: Captain Thorsen, dead Legion soldier in the regolith-chain

After you have defeated Deadlift and are on the way to the Moon-Zoomy-station, you can find a dead soldier of the Legion at a downed glider which has dictated a few last wishes on an ECHO. Because we are so nice, we fulfill his needs. Looking through his body and get in the ECHO.

His first wish is to deliver the message of his death to Colonel Zarpedon. Crossing the Kraggon-pass, then jump over to the Scavlager and now you have on the roof of the first major building, just to the left after you arrive. To get up you go on the back, here is a small container that you use as a stepping help. Up here, you can transfer the ECHO and open a weapon crate.

The second job is to kill the Scav Squat, which is very close. Squat is nothing special, not a difficult fight, just shoot him in the turnip, then he is quickly over. The third and most difficult job is just a few meters away. Here is a man named Nel waiting for you. Walk over to him and tell him that he is an ass. It hits him hard. Critically, more or less.

Throsen can now rest in peace, and since Zarpedon is a noble woman, she rewarded us for our service. With the jump platform near the map marker we reach the top, where in a container labeled "I9" prey waiting for us. Another saying, helpfulness is not worthwhile.

Nova? No Problem!

Client: Janey Springs

After we are back from our trip to Deadlift and establishing the Moon Zoomys, Springs has a new mission for us: we should crack a safe for her, to which she forgot the password. Springs has a somewhat her own idea of how we should do it.

Follow her and she opens a container with a weapon crate, in which a Nova plate located. Nova shields trigger an area attack when they are emptied. You must fully charge once again after each triggered Nova, before the next Nova can be raised. Very handy against melee opponents.

Pull up on the plate and return to the regolith-chain and locate here Scav-bearing. The room with the safe is located in the warehouse, use the switch to open it.

The next part is a little tricky. Must be disabled at the same time in the room to open the safe five security systems, easily recognize by the security cameras that hang around here. To do this we need to take all at the same time with a Nova. For this purpose, flow equal Scavs in the room and shoot at you. Put you in the vicinity of the safe, approximately where the first notch in the soil so about a meter of the shut-off away the Scavs empty your plate.

Now can extract the contents of the safe - including the missing of Springs password. Whoops. There is also a weapon in the fact that we take with us. Then we return to Springs to complete the quest. When payment receive their moon stones that are quite valuable for certain upgrades and special as currency.

Torgue-o! Torgue-o!

Client: Janey Springs

Also, this mission becomes available after the escapade with Deadlift. Springs wants to build a laser weapon and it needs a light reactor, which is buried in a nearby building. It gives us a Prod-Gun, a very weak weapon that we need for this job. On the way to Mission Point is also an old acquaintance reports: Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington, CEO of the highly explosive Torgue weapons company.

He offers us an alternative reward, if we do not bring back the light reactor, but destroy. So there will be something in quests often times, do not worry, you forfeited it to you with anyone if you prefer the other Quest givers. You can think about, whether you would rather want a unique laser weapon or a unique rifle that fires three mini rockets with each shot.

To get to the quest location, you need to jump into a Moon Buggy on the big ramp in the vicinity of springs' workshop, the small building is very near and, as I said, the entrance is spill. Close to the entrance, a few peaceful Kraggons - are recognized by the Green health bar. One of them with the Prod-gun shoots and puts you in front of the entrance. The kraggon will perform a roll attack on you, jumps to the page and hitting the debris. Repeats this twice and the road is clear, inside you will find the light reactor.

If the reward direct–drive missile with you close insert the light reactor simply on the point marked in the vicinity, Otherwise it returns the light reactor to springs for your laser gun.

Why are you?

Sponsor: Black board in Concordia

This mission is available after you have "disturbed signals" completed the story mission. Myron misses his wife Deirdre, who is apparently disappeared in the wilderness, we should find he. It's best you take this quest, before you break up the story mission "A new direction" and in the direction of crisis scar, because this quest is on the way.

We go through Moxxis bar to the Triton Flats and head into the large area marked on the map - best with a buggy, because it is here Scav buggies and Shuguraths traveling, flying beasts that hit hard and summon more winged enemies. On the other hand, there is more experience when they defeated their walk, but tries not to let you run over.

In the south of the marked area you can find the vehicle of Deirdre and with him an ECHO. Deirdres last message sounds like she would be kidnapped by Scavs. Myron knows a Scav-camp nearby, which he marked for us. There we fight Scavs - caution, a Badass, a particularly strong opponent, is also among them, go through the air-door (there is no better word for it You know, the blue box that displays an atmosphere?) Right of input and find in one of the rooms Deirdre...

The leader of this Scavs tells us that she has staged her death to get away from Myron, that's totally crazy. She has a plan: We should kill her and also mentally ill twin sister Maureen and finally with her persuade the death of Deirdre. For the rest of the mission you should definitely take a buggy - the path to Maureen is far, it is located close to the Crisis-Scar-input and on the way are plenty of Shuguraths.

Even if it does not scare: Maureen himself sits in a buggy and will try to flee from you. A Missile Buggy makes kindling of Maureen, with a laser-buggy it does not take too long. Rest after her, her car explodes and Myron accepted that Deirdre is dead - and makes it her right after. Now we must return only to Deirdre and pick our reward.

All the little Creatures

Sponsor: Black board in Triton Flats

An animal rights activist named Cybil asks us to help in the rescue and release of a certain type of animal. For this purpose they send us data on our ECHO, which leads us to Stanton's liver in the north of Triton Flats. You must use a pad to achieve the goal.

On the way through Stanton's liver, we must fight through some Scavs. Cybil lets us know that we are in search of toxic sewage sludge, which apparently threatens the habitat of a super cute animal species known ... "Schnuckels" us. Oh dear. Anyway, we fight ourselves to the pump station, where we have to turn valves to let the mud disappear. The valves impressionable each other according to a certain scheme. If we number the wheels from left to right with 1 to 5, you turn the fifth and the third wheel and all the lights are on red.

Thus, the mud is gone and we can move on to the actual Sairi rescue. Go outside and to the marked area to meet the Schnuckels. The critters are actually referred Tork, are a kind of beetle and quite aggressive. But you will meet more often. Suddenly it is with Cybil's love of animals not too far away and they ordered us to kill the critters. First, we are dealing with a swarm of smaller Torks. Since they are melee, is a good tactic that you remember for later, just always use Spiking in order to thin out very quickly.

Then comes a larger, also not really cute Tork, who is also quickly shortened lifetime. Here you fight best as usual, he is tougher and stronger, but nothing special. Are all "Schnuckels" dead, Cybil is very relieved. Now we just need to return to the black board, from which we also get the quest to complete them and get our reward. We might as well begin the succession Quest "recruitment round".

Recruitment drive

Sponsor: Black board in Triton Flats

This mission is available after the mission "All the little creatures" is completed by the same bulletin board. Rose of the Front for the Liberation of Concordia (Or was it the Concordische Liberation Front? Never mind.) Asks us to pick up a few new recruitment posters at her colleague Gabby and distribute. Gabby is at the other end of the Triton Flats.

Since special about this mission is that it may fail. You have a time limit, and if we pass this, we must take back to the black board and the mission again to get it to try again. You have a time limit of 4 minutes, which is not immediately goes off, however, but only when we have done the first step, the collection of posters. Make your way to the building marked on the map. You must break in same through the roof with a smash attack and take the posters inside. Rose begins a rather long monologue and only when it has finished it, the 4-minute countdown begins. If you do the next phase of the quest want something easier, ride back to the Bulletin Board and stand right out front - you will need to install here the same one of the posters.

The next phase of the mission, with the time limit, has two goals: you must install three posters of roses compound and burned three posters of the competition. Rose will tell you that to a firearm would be good, which is also true, but it is not necessary – in addition to all the competition posters is a fire barrel, which you can easily bring it to explode by fire.

Start at the bulletin board where you started the mission, sticking a poster directly to the Board. The second focal point is the small outpost right the single bridge over the Gorge, the poster must be placed in the upper Etgae, jumps up and stick to it. Then drive over the bridge and think you're right. Goes through the air gate ind ie garage and shoots right next to the Moon-Zoomy station on the fire barrel to blow and the first poster to vebrennen.

Directly northwest of here, you have to jump over a ditch, beyond the second barrel fire and burn the second poster. The last poster is to be burned in the north, with the eye-catching Dahl gate. By the way: This mission is much easier if you have multiple people in the party and can be divided. Anyway, Rose is satisfied and we can then leave the Quest on the bulletin board.