D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die complete guide/solution

You are David Young, a young private investigator American former cop whose wife was mysteriously murdered. You have amnesia but still won the power to go back in time to investigate and try to understand what really happened ...

All that complicated! Do not worry, our present guide takes you by the hand and accompany you in this strange adventure tinged tunes point and click. Thus, the course of events will be explained from A to Z through the bonus missions that often provide access to mini-games.

D4 Dark Dreams Do not Die is completed in as developers and published under several acts play. Our solution will therefore be updated whenever the further adventures of David Young released on Xbox One! We are waiting to go, then!

Table of contents

Season 1 (Act 1)
- Episode 1: the Gordian knot
- Episode 2: The fourth suspect


You start with a short tutorial that gives you a huge frozen lake. You play as a girl and learn how to move and interact with the scenery. Consider the various medals present in soil is also important to complete this phase of the tutorial. Turn around as asked to see your father is waiting for you on the shore, and then advance to the owl (which is not a way, it's an owl) to push. This completes the nice little tutorial.

You then take control of David, the hero of the game You wake up in your bathroom and then must follow the directions once on the screen to complete this phase of the game you get your first reminder.. The heel. Go and look at the file on the table in the kitchen. This allows you to learn about the circumstances of the murder of your wife. This is a knock at the door. Open it to find a girl disguised as a cat, Amanda, who is attacking you. Follow the QTE not obvious to avoid dishes that you launch it; everything is shown in the following video. Following this, Teddy arrives and you have to choose what to say in conversation. Then snaps a lengthy discussion where your friend tells you about a man who died in a plane crash. You get the badge Marshal bloody.

Memento found: 01 stiletto heel
Memento found 02 bloody Marshal Badge

You can talk to Amanda who is sitting in his chair if you want to buy food or supplies. It is not helpful at this time. If you talk to Teddy in the kitchen, you can choose to answer you're hungry. This then triggers a dinner scene and a new conversation on the couple relationship between Teddy and Diana. At the end of the conversation, you unlock three new courses: English beer, clam chowder and pizza. You complete the mission and the people of Boston. This done, return to the bathroom to delve into the past. Again, fill the little QTE front of the mirror to be able to finish the prologue D4 Dark Dreams Do not Die. At the end of the mission, you get three new outfits: Keeping Mexican held amateur magician and monochrome outfit.

Season 1 (Act 1)

Episode 1: the Gordian knot
After plunging in the past thanks to flag brought by Teddy, you wake up in the bathroom of a plane, surely one that spoke to you and your friend that crashed in midair, struck by lightning. Your goal is to find the smuggler and the United States Marshal in the cabin. Leaving the toilet, you experience Olivia Jones, a flight attendant who looks a lot like Little Peggy, your late wife. It takes you to a stowaway and back to work. You unlock holding Olivia Jones. Progress in the driveway, get the peanuts on the seat to your left, and look at the meal trolley blocking your passage to the middle of the driveway.

You then go back and look at the man who sleeps with a mask of strange night. This is the United States Marshal who oversees the drug smuggler from dormant interests you. Obviously, you know and you death threat. At the end of the conversation, you get a new flag: the broken pen. Continue to examine the area and lift the headrest of a seat on the left. After making a comment on it, you have a new key character: Duncan, accompanied by his humanized model Sukey. It is very funny and keeps you a little chat. At its end, the truck blocking the road into the driveway advanced: you can continue the investigation.

Then you meet Deborah, a hysterical girl who is convinced that the plane is going to crash hard hit by lightning (gosh ...) and Philip Cheney, an asthmatic steward who seems to know you. That makes a total of three people whose names begin with a "D" ... Your new goal is to go first class, and for this you need to distract the steward that blocks the passage. Retrace your steps and go get peanuts in the luggage rack above the passengers' heads. Back behind Deborah to understand that this is not a window but a noisy bag hitting against the door of exit. At that time, Deborah crisis again and made a scandal steward who chooses to take her business class. That said, the track is not yet quite free ...

Because when the steward and Deborah disappear, a new character is introduced: a huge man with dark skin-clad white and wearing a surgical mask. Roland Walken. The conversation does not undertake because it does nothing but laugh rubbing so scary knife in his fork. That's when lightning will growl outside the unit, and the United States Marshal's screaming against his client, who is locked up for too long in the bathroom of the plane. There, the bandit out violently and begins to beat the keeper in a black suit. Then follows a fight between him and you QTE long enough that you be shown in full in the next video.

At the end of the stage, the Rabbit disappeared. You then need to find eight clues present in the aircraft cabin. Collect mini-pretzels in the bag above you. The little cat with bow on top of a seat is a store of Amanda, this can be useful if you have supplies or other items to buy! Especially if you want to refresh your vision bar with drinks, or your life after the violent struggle against Rabbit. So grab all the decorative elements highlighted to leave nothing to chance. Tell Deborah is in the throes of hysteria about his fear of electrocution, and help the (automatically) to put your feet on the ground and his hands on the armrests. You can now ask him questions about his book and in particular the people she suspects, including the US Marshal.

Go talk to the United States Marshal who is more at the front of the unit. He looks at a picture of his wife and daughter ... and obviously does not know you anymore.
Strange ... Continue investigation by lifting the tray of a seat even at the front of the vehicle. You find a ticket for a Boston vs. New York game; it is a new index.

Then talk to Duncan, who is sitting next to her Sukey. There you have two choices of conversation, both lead to getting a clue! While beneficial, therefore. Once this is done, a third spur conversation Annex releases.

It is optional. Beware your stamina gauge that keeps falling and that we must regenerate by eating food! A new index is the examination headrests they were reversed! The season is it therefore not the same?

Then talk to the black giant dressed in white to unlock a new index. Then you must see for yourself that the reactor of the left wing of the plane did not explode. You can also access an annex conversation clovers that remind you of Little Peggy. This is a mini-game in which you must catch falling clovers avoiding lightning and ice flakes (they are announced by an audible noise and a small red arrow). The cherry petals are a bonus that allows you to retrieve various clubs at a time. Everything is shown in the following video. Then talk to the steward by pushing to unlock a new index. The last clue to recover is by examining the door and the door on your left, the direction of the plane is around ... After all indices recovered, you can watch the cinematic end of the first episode. You get a new suit: conducting surveillance.

Episode 2: The fourth suspect
At the beginning of this episode 2, you wake up on the same lake ice as the prologue of D4 Dark Dreams Do not Die. Accompanied by the same person that was there before, that is to say, Little Peggy version young ... Who does not know you, but seem to react on hearing your name, what would seem that it knows you by reputation; strange. Advance on the ice by getting all the symbols and detaching the panels, and sit on the covered snowdrift. Unfortunately, there was only one ... one ... Anyway, this was not true, since Little Peggy appears in person to his adulthood and reminds you that she is dead and that we can not change the past. And you wake up in your bathtub in your en-suite bathroom.

You get out of the en-suite bathroom and notice that Teddy is gone. Amanda is present only squatting on a piece of furniture in chat mode. Examine the laptop Teddy to first take a look in the paper file, and then you focus on the laptop. The good word-of-password to be entered is "clamchowder." Once done, you join Teddy and you can ask him about what he did the night before. Damn fishy type ... You examine the box of evidence to discover a memento. Unfortunately, there's nothing in it ... You should see Amanda playing with a baseball. After talking to him, push to retrieve the object that happens to be your reminder. Unfortunately, the little cat does not let himself get like that and confronts you again in a friendly battle of furniture and QTE. The following video illustrates all!

Memento found: 04 Baseball

Once done, go to the bathroom to return to the past. You are now in the cargo bay of the same flight as in the previous episode. You will also find that you Olivia gunpoint and asks you who you are. It looks like a work for the United States agent ... She finally agreed after spun her pantyhose to join you. Now, you find six clues, like in episode 1 Go ahead and open the suitcases. In Violet, you find the expensive tequila that you regenerate 10 points of view. In the rose, chocolates that regenerate your stamina. Plug the leak kerosene with your chewing gum a first and a second time. Before opening the back door, unlock the truck on the left pushing the garden gnome, and so access to an index.

Then enter in the small storage room. There, the aircraft was a jerk and you lose your flashlight which breaks into several pieces. To you to find them in the dark groping. The best thing for this is to use the vision to highlight items to recover. Please note that said, many of the items placed on the ground are hazardous and you do damage if you get your hands on it. Once the two pieces of the lamp recovered, missing you more than batteries: will take them into the radio is turned on a crate. You can get out of this place. In the next room, you find a cat Amanda to refuel care if you need it.

Restore power to speak with Olivia and get a new index.

Observe then through the door to try to recover a crank. You will see the steward mode well into the dark corridor ... Focus then on the fuse box. After cleaning the glass, you have to solve a small puzzle to restore power. Everything is shown in the following video. Later, Olivia you suspect to be criminal about the murder of Little Peggy and asks you to get you down. Fortunately, an electrical current is coming to save you and you protect the life of the lovely lady. There followed a period of friendly QTE to get out of death row as we will also show video. Then you meet the black man in white and the last clue: the jacket of the US Marshal bloodstained ground.

After a short cutscene on the resolution of the investigation by the clues and discover the true motives of the United States Marshal, it is killed and you find the steward who lands in many dark Darth Vader mode, Olivia prisoner in hand . He then throws at you to kill you and ... "To Be Continued" You get the costumes Article hockey protective Muffler.

Congratulations! You understand the true intentions of the United States Marshal, elucidated the mystery of flight Boston-Washington and finished Act 1 of D4 Dark Dreams Don’t Die!