FIFA 15: Tactics for Buy / Sell Ultimate Team Players

Fifa 15 has as one of its main modes Ultimate Team, where players must manage resources to buy players and compete online and offline tournaments. If you're afraid to take a loss but you want to sell or enhance your team? Check out our tips.

Search prices
Both purchases and sales, it is very important to research well the average value of the cards before leaving spending your coins. Popular players can have absurd variations in their values, which easily pass 100%.

Use the tools in the game to find the cheapest units. Another good idea is to keep an eye on auctions that are ending, since you can find some bargains.

Keep an eye on contracts and letters of chemistry

Besides the quality of the player, another aspect that influences the time to buy and sell contracts and are special cards used in the player. These items are inexpensive, and can not seem very important, but ultimately make much difference, since you save with them.

For sales, it is also easier to find interested in his letters, which in some cases may even be worth a little more.

Abuse of filters
Besides churning endless lists of auctions behind for good deals, you can save a nice time using the filters on the transfer market game. In it, one can basically find everything with just a few settings.

A good example is the search for players in one league, nationality, team, or even a value range. These filters are also useful when selling their players.

Observe the market
Like all financial markets, transfers of Ultimate Team also have abrupt and absurd price changes. These ups and downs can hurt some, but are a godsend for the most attentive.

Keep an eye on players with good performances in real life. They tend to rise in price in Ultimate Team, as well as the most sumed that often fall by the wayside.

Be calm when selling your cards
It will not be hard to get tired of some letters, or even your entire team, and want to sell it quickly in the market to buy new cards. Although tempting, this action can ruin your team.

All players sold in the market have 5% of their discounted values, as a kind of fee for EA . Soon, you will end losing many currencies, especially in more expensive players.

Use the casts of Concept

Add coins to buy the big superstars of the game takes time, and it can make you change your mind often. Before you start spending your fortune, use the concept of casts to form the basis of the team you want to mount.