Four: One Direction release tracklist for new album

One Direction released the track list for their fourth studio album, "Four."

The standard edition of the album includes 12 songs while the deluxe edition features four additional songs.

The album hits the stores on November 17, but for fans who pre-order the deluxe edition will receive five tracks before the official release of the album, the group announced in a video posted on Youtube.

The material already has the single "Steal My Girl" and the promotional single "Fireproof".

Check out the tracklist and the announcement video below:

Standard Edition

1. Steal My Girl
2. Ready to Run
3. Where do broken hearts go
4. 1 8
5. Girl almighty
6. Fool's gold
7. Night changes
8. No control
9. Fireproof
10. Spaces
11. Stockholm syndrome
12. Clouds

Deluxe Edition

13. Change your ticket
14. Illusion
15. Once in a lifetime
16. Act my age