Learn to Survive in The Evil Within – guide

The Evil Within is one of those games designed to test the limits of the player. Directed by the father of terror, Shinji Mikami, best known for having created the iconic Resident Evil series, the terrifying journey of Sebastian Castellanos can make many people die too. With that in mind, we have prepared a survival guide for you not to freak out so much about the game. Without further ADO, check out our tutorial below:

Use the scenarios in your favor

Unlike Resident Evil 4, the last great success of Mikami, The Evil Within wants the player to learn to cope with limited resource. Therefore it is import to use the trappings of the scenarios to annihilate the disfigured creatures at once – and mainly to save the valuable supplies.

First, make a trap to lure enemies to a point around a Deathtrap. Once this is done, destroy all creatures and fire all bodies. After the slaughter, you certainly will have saved a lot of ammunition and matches.

Be patient and find the right moment to strike

At various times, the game will leave you free to stop preparing combat tactics. Whenever possible, walk and act stealthily crouching to avoid detection. This way, you get approach of enemies without being known to run them without fanfare.

Another important tip is to never use matches in all creatures, after all, there's no reason to burn them if you're just leaving that environment. Place in a freak fire only if it is bothering you during your hunt for items.

Explore every inch of the game

Always try to explore the macabre game locations to open drawers, chests and cabinets. In addition, break all wooden crates and barrels to get ahead. Scour every inch is a rewarding task, since you can find ammunition, matches and bottles of "Green gel", the component that is used to enhance the skills of the protagonist and also to purchase important items.

Spend your "Green gel" bottles whenever possible

Without the valuable bottles of "Green gel", you will not be able to hone skills and weaponry. To make upgrades, always look for a place surrounded by a beautiful classical song. There, you find a mirror that can carry Sebastian to the side of the mysterious nurse Tatiana Gutierrez, charged with introducing him to the Chair of the upgrades.

During the first few opportunities to improve the character, choose to enhance the life bars and sprint. That way, you'll be able to handle a greater amount of damage and still run fast to escape from threats.

Don't be a hero

Be on casual difficulty or in survival, never try to play hero. In short, avoid melee attacks at all costs – unless you're in need of some extra time to escape or perform some dazzling action. Castellanos is not strong enough to knock enemies into the punch, so the punches only serve to delay the aberrations.

Find all the statues

During the journey, time or other you will come across sacred statues. Don’t hesitate to break them, since they provide keys to open the cabinets from the hospital. Each bracket has different items, which will certainly help you during gambling, so don't miss any sculpture.

Disassemble unusable traps and create "Agony Bolts"

Disassemble traps to collect parts and assemble "Agony Bolts", the powerful arrows that are capable of poisoning, burn and explode enemies. Special munitions are efficient against the common enemies, but indispensable against bosses.